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    1. So? Now if you were showing smoking meth I might be concerned, but pot? Natural plants that are outlawed for political reasons? who cares?

        1. Let me get this straight. You are going to call the feds and tell them you have a picture of some guys “smoking bowls”? I am sure that will get them sent to a Guantanammo Prison in no time.

  1. Wow. That’s all ya got these days? Someone has too much time on their hands.

    SlideBar was rocking today.

    Talk was they loved the 10 protesters yesterday too.

    Party on. Carry on.


  2. The estrogen mimicking compounds in the plastics combined with phytoestrogens in the soy products, the estrogens in all the dairy products, the petrochemicals and metals in the cosmetics and the years of birth control pills have created a new breed of strong older women the likes of which very few will ever understand. Sadly the breed is becoming more and more common as society disintegrates. I wonder if the mercury amalgams and the prions in the meat are contributors as well or perhaps the ammonium carbonate accelerants in the wine reacting with the anti perspirants. Could it be the bad advice that Cosmopolitan has been dispensing all these years? I am afraid we may never know.

  3. That shit was hilarious. Lol @ the poster threatening to expose this site. It’s common knowledge who runs it so it doesn’t take an FBI agent to give you that answer. Besides, many of them are busy investigating the Kelly Thomas murder. I hope Seriously releases those pics/videos of the FPD smoking the blunts with TB. It is going to do a lot more damage to their reputation than his.

  4. I can’t stop laughing at the old lady who kicks over the sandcastle. So that’s where all the sandcastles have gone….

  5. for those critics of this Flory video, they must realize that only a silly, pointless response like this one is worthy of Flory’s mini diatribe against FFFF.
    If flory ever had pertinent comments,instead of cheerleading for herself, Bankhead, Jones and McKinley, then FFFF may have an intelligent discussion.

  6. HA HA HA

  7. The acronym for strong older women is sow, which the dictionary defines as…


    An adult female pig, esp. one that has farrowed

    Enough said.

        1. Yes, it’s not pretty to call a woman a sow.

          In what sense am I a “shill”? No one’s paying me for my political activism. You can call me an ideologue, I suppose, but I’m pretty moderate for an ideologue.

          Saying that Flory doesn’t “understand the power of love” is just weird. I don’t even know how to react to that. Does Tony? Does Travis? Does Norby? Does … Ackerman? I suspect that this boils down to “I like X, therefore X understands the power of love.”

      1. I’ll even be more succinct for you Greg as to what I think stinks about Jan Flory.

        I want an elected representative that understands the power of love, and not the councilman that simply loves the power.

        1. You are so right FL. Flory’s comments show just how insecure she really is. Winning another council seat is her way compensating for whatever is lacking in her life. It gives her pseudo self-esteem.

  8. The only thing Flory has to offer are her practiced services as a proxy signature or professional witness, paid for by taxpayers. She’s disarming on the surface as are most sociopaths, and this gives her appeal to bosses who can use her as a a firewall when needed. I worked with an individual lie this a decade ago. They are treacherous. Agenda 21. Negative core is oligarchy layered ‘neath denying you your rights and feeding their children, and in her case her dog, from the herd.

    1. LDX this is a very concise description of our elected reprehensatives in general. To keep the electorate acclimated the food and water is dosed, the population is put in a trance by the TV, and the booze and the pills numb thus ensuring seamless transition from one sociopath to the the next. Fortunately grass roots is alive and well in Fullerton and it is not backing down.

    2. “Agenda 21”? Mention it again and they’re going to poke you from underneath your bed, from which they surveil you at night under the invisibility cloak.

  9. Boy is Greg gonna be pissed.

    prepare for a 1,400 word lecture……or a quip snip which he thinks is catchy but, leaves most of us thinking WTF (or thats why the mail order bride business flourishes in America).

    Funny stuff.

  10. Please shoot me, if I become like this…..Please…..Flory needs to shut the F__K up….She does not stand for all women in Fullerton, just the really old ones..
    Great Video, LMAO!!!!!

  11. Strong older woman, NO!

    Pathetic, immature, greedy witch!
    Lying comes naturally, so she says the exact opposite of what is true, its a very natural part of Disorders.

  12. Brilliant piece of work! Jan may try to be as “cute” and amusing as FFFF, but she is clearly out of her league.

  13. Isn’t the guy on the right in that picture the former Director of Planning? You mean Flory is dumb enough to pose with the very same person who negotiated with the City to retroactively spike his own pension while Flory was on the City Counci and voted to give that windfall to her best freinds? Wow, they she must think that the public are idiots.

  14. OH NO’s!!! smoking bowls and owning a blog?!?! The horror!!

    LOL, no one cares Jan. You are a crony joke that needs to get out of Fullerton ASAP.

    We don’t want you and your people in charge of anymore public money.

  15. Porky Pig :Wow. That’s all ya got these days? Someone has too much time on their hands.
    SlideBar was rocking today.
    Talk was they loved the 10 protesters yesterday too.
    Party on. Carry on.

    Sir again you lie, you havent been there, O malley you werent at the slime bar, even they have standards

  16. O but Iam supported by the BACK ALLEY, where all the stoners and booze hounds hang out. So its like I support it, but not really, snicker.

    1. “you people”

      1. Disdainful epithet for citizens and voters, as used by the richest 1%.
      2. The “little people” who dare seek accountability, as seen by wealth leaders.
      3. Voters who actually want to be informed.
      4. We, the People.

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