Slidebar Slides Into Litigation


For almost a year now rumors have been swirling around the role of Fullerton’s Slidebar in the death of the mentally ill homeless man, Kelly Thomas, last July. Specifically, did a Slidebar employee at the behest of his or her boss, owner Jeremy Popoff, make a phony call to the cops to give them a pretext to roust Thomas.

Staring into an uncertain future...

Despite all of his protestations of innocence and donations of canned food to the homeless, Popoff’s story never quite rang true.

A couple days ago the other shoe finally dropped: a lawsuit for wrongful termination by a former employee named Michael Reeves that goes into elaborate detail about what happened on the night of July 5, 2011, and the cover up that followed.

The guy claims the fateful and false call to the FPD that triggered the events leading to the murder of Thomas  was made by Slidebar manager Jeanette DiMarco at the behest of owner Jeremy Popoff.

Later, when he wouldn’t play ball, Reeves claims he was demoted, then fired. The guy is suing for $4,000,000, a tidy sum, to be sure.


Read the complaint

Well, there you have it. Is any part of this tale true? I don’t know. But I do know that the other, even more sinister part of the story is still looming on the horizon like a nasty weather front; and that’s the disturbing possibility that the bar was in cahoots with one or more of the police before hand, complicit in a criminal conspiracy to deprive Kelly Thomas of his Constitutional rights and even his physical well-being.

We now know that the DA has decided to look the other way in his haste to kiss and make up with the Fullerton cops, but the possibility that the attack on Thomas was per-arranged does indeed explain the antagonistic behavior of Wolfe and Ramos, and perhaps even the seemingly inexplicable violence of Cicinelli.

All this is now bound to come out in the civil proceedings against the City by Ron Thomas and Garo Mardirossian. The latter may be pressured to cut a deal to avoid embarrassing the City too much in a public trial, but the new council needs a vehicle to get all the facts on the table once and for all. A trial is just the thing.

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  1. The truth continues to unfold, and it looks very much like there was a conspiricy to execute Kelly. Why no charges for filing a false police report?

    1. You know what Janet Napolitano says on the Orwellian flat screens at Wal mart-“if you see something say something”- Is it possible that Kelly did see or hear something and someone was afraid he was going to say something? This thing is like an onion-every time you peel off a layer there are more layers and to anyone with a conscience makes your eyes water.

      1. I’ve been wondering about that, too. Did Kelly witness something he wasn’t supposed to see? Was the beat down meant to kill two birds with one stone?

        1. @ truthseeker and Fullerton Rudy, I believe this theory. I have a feeling that he may have witnessed a dirty deed by FPD and he was the only witness. Without a witness, there is no crime…. it makes perfect sense. It is interesting this should arise. I met a man back in May at Kelly’s corner who said the same exact thing. He was a victim of the FPD as well.

    2. HOW ABOUT THAT GENNACO???? YOU HACK! Report that Steve Gregory you dweb!

      Ron Thomas needs to sue the Slimebar too!!!!

    3. Really stop all the nonsense Kelly Thomas was not all that important, conspiracy, really, you guys hate cops but you can’t stop watching all those cop shows. If the cop really wanted him dead they would have taken him somewhere and did it quietly. After all no one cared about him back then and only god knows when someone would have noticed him missing. So again what compiracy, really!

      1. Let me just review what we know… no conspiracy about it. Police throughout the country have been getting special training from ADL funded and ADL taught courses. Some of this special training has been conducted in Israel. Police have been getting increasingly aggressive over the years… so much so that many firemen refuse to call them when given a choice, knowing the police will always escalate the violence. It is also a known fact that police have been given free military grade equipment from our wonderful Federal government… everything from tanks to troop carriers. It’s also pretty well documented that our police are at least as corrupt as our politicians… and that’s pretty corrupt. I don’t know what watching cop shows has to do with this but I don’t watch any TV at all. Haven’t for about 15 years.

  2. Could it be that our speculations are true? I remember having a gut feeling about all of this.

    The $4,000,000 doesn’t bother me at all. As a former LA County employee, I was witness to an altercation between a library employee and a patron. The patron suffered permanent head injuries as a result of being pushed by the employee. I received a call from the administration telling me that my story needed to be changed, and that certain things were to be left out. I was angry because it seemed that the only concern was the library’s liability, not the person injured. He was a problem patron, but he won just under a million $$ for his injury.

    My experience with this type of cover-up in government left me completely and permanently disillusioned.

    I suspect this FPD corruption goes much deeper.

  3. What’s with that popoff dude in the photo? Is he trying to look tough?

    He looks like a clueless wasted doofus. The top of his head looks like a campfire.

    Evidently some downtown Fullerton chickens are finally coming home to roost, based on this civil suit against the Slidebar. This is the first one, but I figure it won’t be the last.

    The good people of Fullerton have kicked over the rock, and all the roaches, bugs and slugs are on the move. This is a good thing.

    RIP Kelly Thomas, and blessings on you. You never wanted to be this, but you are a hero in your cruel, murderous death.

    1. Campfire! lmao That was very very good! I do agree with all you have said — the murder of Kelly Thomas was just the start — all the creeps and crawlies are running for cover! This is what happens when the good folks stand up and shine the light on evil. The good people in Fullerton need NOT let up on this — keep pushing till ALL the creeps are removed from their cushy city jobs!

  4. I left a post on Slidebar FB page last night asking for their comment on the accusations. It was deleted when I checked this morning as were the others I saw last night. Looks like some posts made in the wee hours are still up.

    Hope the Slidebar experiences a plunge in business

    1. MJ,
      Help me out here? Check out 24. It implies that the slidebar used 911 for a purpose other than an emergency. I thought the FPD provided records to prove there was no 911 call. I’m assuming the FPD couldn’t doctor the land line of the Slidebar. Do you think this is more evidence concerning an FPD cover up?

      1. #19 states that her call went direct to the dispatcher-it must be considered 911 even if they do that.

        1. You can call the FPD dispatch directly and have the phone call recorded: (714) 738-6800, extension 0.

    2. It’s all disturbing. It’s feels like when your worst fears come true. I felt that way when I saw the video too.

  5. This is all so disturbing. I’m really glad this was brought to the blog for all to read.
    In addition to these documents has anyone heard KFI’s special report on the Kelly Thomas story? It was reported yesterday – here’s the info:

    “KFI’s Steve Gregory has produced a 4-part series on reaction from the family of Jay Cicinelli, one of the officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas. This is an exclusive interview and the first time the family has spoken publicly about it.”~ KFI website under Bill Carroll’s page
    Read more:

    1. That’s the beauty of the FFFF blog… if we shared these accusations as individuals we’d be viewed as evildoers instead of citizens who really care about our community.

      United we stand. Divided we fail.

    1. The only bars they should be working at are the ones they have in prison.

      Don’t forget to add the others who worked there and covered up for the boss.

    2. Where do I know Jeanette DeMarco’s name from? Somewhere else? Anyone read her name on anything else in the news?

  6. I sure hope they can get rid of all the FPD and hire in Sherriffs (sp?)… think of all the money we’d save.

  7. It would be great if there was solid evidence like the 911 recording for that call or police log of that call…

  8. Lyrics from Jeremy’s big hit…

    “It’s no suprise to me
    I am my own worst enemy
    ‘Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me”

  9. If a homicide occurs in the commission of a felony it is a murder.

    Rackauckas has lots of reasons to avoid this issue. He was trying to look proactive while actually doing a little as possible. It now looks to me as if Popoff committed a crime; so were members of the FPD involved.

    We need a list of the FPD frequenters at the Slimebar.

  10. If Rackauckas does not persue charges and take this to the next level of prosecution, his political career will be surely over. Let’s she what Susan Kang Schroder comes up with now to save Tony.

  11. “Around July 23, 2011, media outlets began to disseminate a photograph of Kelly Thomas in his UC Irvine hospital bed after being beaten by Fullerton Police Officers. At SLIDEBAR, employees and managers, including JOSH SOBOTIK, gathered around a computer and looked at the photograph. JOSH SOBOTIK shrugged off the photograph and said, ‘Who cares? It’s just one less junkie to worry about.’ JOSH SOBOTIK also made jokes, such as ‘Don’t mess with Slidebar,’ in reference to the logo on merchandise that Slidebar was selling at the time. “

  12. What kind of good could possibly come from an establishment owned by a guy who looks like a circus freak from Bangladesh? Maybe there should be protracted protests at this hell-hole of an establishment!

  13. The feebies should have been all over this like stink on dogturds and interviewed all interested parties. If true, this goes right to the heart of the problem. This is what kicked off the beating and killing. And if it is true that there was a friendly secret deal between FPD and the Slidebar to go after the likes of Kelly Thomas to protect business interests heads are going to roll. If there more extensive skullduggery than what meets the eye the DA might overlook it. I don’t think the feebies would though – unless the nation has gone straight to hell. Let’s pray for complete and thorough justice and watch which direction this moves in. But if the feebies uncover more trash that the DA overlooked – it is really going to make the DA look bad.

  14. This is all Tony Bushala’s doing. He probably paid this guy to file the lawsuit. It was most likely Bushala himself who made the 911 call. Can’t you see how he’s manipulating all you people and this whole situation? I’m going to stop reading this blog!

    1. Nice try Monkey brain! No one’s buying your spew…
      And you will NOT stop reading this blog because it is so informative. That’s what brings you here in the first place ya turd.
      Please don’t stop reading this blog…lol asswipe!

      1. @Monkey C – Please refrain from consuming adult beverages or any other mind altering substance before posting to this blog.

  15. Ooooh!
    I just saw a photo with a bunch of “Boycott Slidebar” signs at the Kelly Thomas memorial.

  16. Hey Joe, when all these dots are connected, why doesn’t it equal premeditated murder? Even if the cops didn’t mean to kill Kelly, there was definitely a conspiracy between the Slimebar and the FPD.

    1. The murder wouldn’t necessarily be premeditated but the killing perpetrated in the act of a felony would be murder. At least that’s what the cops and DA are always saying.

    2. Kelly’s mob love that word “conspiracy” you sound like a broken record. What conspiracy douche bag?

      1. Cops love JD because he sashays when he walks and talks with a lisp.
        His lips are in constant pucker for his boys

      1. When two or more people work together to commit a crime, it is called a conspiracy. If two peopleworked together to prevent a third from testifying to the DA, It would be a conspiracy. If two or more people worked together to deprive Kelly Thomas of his civil rights, it would be a conspiracy.

  17. Yeah, tony called the cops on me when I took a shit in front of his office. He then gave the cops an envolope and told them to kick my ass while he snorted a line of coke. Tony could of atleast offered me a line of coke after the cops roughed me up!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts.

      Pig shit really smells horrible! I hope you get a great view of freedom from behind your bars.

  18. Dear FPOA members,

    The other night we learned that lawsuits can be baked. We have all eaten at the Slidebar, in fact I’ve had more of their burgers stuffed in my jowls than I’ve written citations for excessive horning. There has been talk that the grease they use in their fryer is the same grease that I use in my hair. These rumors are false and I will buy anyone three triple cheeseburger if they can prove otherwise. The Slidebar is not guilty of any crime and their full slab of ribs is worth the price, especially when its free, and you eat several orders at one time while pawing a waitress.

    Like you I don’t want to see OCSD come in and get our jalapeno poppers. I would always be open to hear what the owners have to say but we signed a contract and I feel Slidebar should honor its end of the deal and keep comping us steak fries.

    There has been talk that the Slidebar could become a vegan restaurant. Could something like this happen here in Fullerton? Maybe, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did but bacon remains paramount to this organization and we will fight for our right to free chicken wings.

    As I close this message of doom and gloom I want to remind everyone: Don’t put an apple in my mouth and call me a roast pig. Unless its a caramel apple in which case please do.
    Stay hungry out there.

    1. I take issue with such an inappropriately blasphemous use of the Texas flag. I think the state of Texas should sue the Slidebar as well.

  19. Hughes has stated the police were controlling the camera from the pole. The camera is always recording and always pointed at the entrance of the slidebar unless there is an incident going on elswhere nearby. Where is the footage of what was happening prior to the police call being made? Does it show a confrontation with Kelly and the slidebar personell? Will this be brought out in court?

  20. Wow, the complaint acknowledges that Reeve talked to the DA investigator and blew the whistle. Busted!! The DA knows there was a fake call and did NOTHING about it.

    1. What about that Gennaco report that investigated the call? how much investigtion could he have done regarding this? Makes me wonder about the other things he “investigated”

    2. There are 1001 excuses the DA can use to cover himself for not acting on this. However, if the feebies’ investigation shows that the DA was negligent for failing to act it could create major problems for the DAs office and provide further reason to believe the DA and FPD were in cahoots. And that would really smear some reputations.

      1. Gennaco was told who to interview by Hughes.. Hughes didn’t want any of his disgruntled employees interviewed who might uncover his lies. The union is sleeping with the boss.

        1. The feebies don’t ask the chief for permission to interview his boys. And if the boys don’t cooperate the subpeonas start flying. Gennaco plays softball. The feebies play hardball. There’s your difference.

        2. Don’t forget the city council. The FPD sleeps with the city council too…….Now that is a picture I would not want to look Jones, Bankhead and McKinley in the same bed together with the FPD….

    3. i knewwww i didnt like this ruckless character DA..this is why Ron needs a special prosecutor..u can NOT trust this DA anymore than u would trust manny and jay to investigate themselves…cuz..this all goes back to friendships in the system there..they know each other and will protect ea other

  21. Kelly thomas, a homeless, schizophrenic, dare interfere with Slidebar’s image and thus profits as perceived by Popoff, the fullerton PD, fullerton city council and who else? Where are the local civil rights activists, the local churches who point the finger at the public and claim it is the public’s lack of concern for the homeless that caused Kelly’s death. Who else was complicit?
    It seems the movers and shakers in fullerton care only to cover up what seems to be a plan to dispatch Kelly thomas to nowhere land, and the FPD did just that for their masters.

    tacit approval speaks volumes , too.

  22. Sure makes you wonder how much truth there is to to the rumors that the Slimebar had a “secret room” for the FPD’s nefarious use.

  23. DANG JOE, YOU the man on this one.

    OUTSTANDING post. We await Reality Is awesome commentary on how this lawsuit is also baseless.

    I hope a protest is brought forth against the Slidebar.

    In SUPPORT of an employee who told the TRUTH in this matter.

    Popoff is a dirt bag and so are those who support this scumbag.

    Time for the DA to get his butt back over to the slidebar and DO HIS job on this issue.

    1. “I hope a protest is brought forth against the Slidebar.”

      Apparently they’re starting one today at noon…

      1. OUTSTANDING WG, may the rath of the people of Fullerton come down upon the head of Mr. Popoff and his band of clowns.

        Maybe FPD will be dumb enough to stand 6 deep to protect these turds too.

        Maybe Dan Hughes will sign autographs?

  24. Guard says he was fired from bar over police call

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A security guard has filed a lawsuit claiming he was fired from a Southern California bar over his opposition to a call made to police about a homeless man who died after a brutal confrontation with authorities.

    Michael Reeves sued in Superior Court on Friday alleging that a supervisor at Fullerton’s Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Kitchen called police July 5 and falsely claimed that a homeless man was breaking into cars when in reality he was picking up cigarette butts.

    Reeves claims Slidebar employees had been told to do “whatever it takes” to keep Kelly Thomas away.

    Reeves says he was fired after he spoke with prosecutors about the call.

    Slidebar attorney Eric Dubin says the allegations are false and Reeves was fired for becoming confrontational with a manager.

    1. SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A security guard has filed a lawsuit claiming he was fired from a Southern California bar over his opposition to a call made to police about a homeless man who died after a brutal confrontation with authorities.

      Michael Reeves sued in Orange County Superior Court on Friday alleging that a supervisor at Fullerton’s Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Kitchen called police July 5 and falsely claimed that Kelly Thomas was breaking into cars in the parking lot when in reality he was picking up cigarette butts.

      Reeves claimed Slidebar employees had been told to do “whatever it takes” to keep the homeless man away.

      Reeves said he lost work privileges and was fired in September after he stood up to the supervisor who made the call and spoke with a district attorney’s investigator about it. He is seeking at least $4 million in damages, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained on Tuesday.

      Eric Dubin, an attorney for Slidebar, said the allegations are false and Reeves was fired for becoming confrontational with a manager in front of bar customers.

      Dubin said Reeves was not within earshot of the Slidebar employee who called police that night and said the former employee didn’t mention any concern about the incident until he recently started seeking money from them.

      Fullerton police officers responded on July 5 to the call about Thomas and stopped him at a nearby transit hub in what started out as a conversation and escalated into a bloody confrontation. Thomas, who suffered from schizophrenia, was taken away by paramedics and died five days later.

      His death stoked an outcry by residents, the recall of three councilmembers, an internal and FBI investigations and criminal charges against two of the officers.

      1. “Dubin said Reeves was not within earshot of the Slidebar employee who called police that night and said the former employee didn’t mention any concern about the incident until he recently started seeking money from them.”

        Haha. So the Slimebar lawyer admits there was a phone call from the Slimebar! Busted.

  25. “…the new council needs a vehicle to get all the facts on the table once and for all. A trial is just the thing.”

    Absolutely. Felz will withhold all the information he can. The only way is to make Mardirossian work it in front of a jury.

  26. I had the feeling the geeks at the Slide Bar had something to do with this. I even suspected they made up a story to get the cops over. One of the of the founders Sean Francis has a long relationship with FPD so none of this surprises me. Bunch of Punks. I am moving from Fully this month after 20 years.

  27. I don’t really consider myself to be an activist, but as a musician (well, musician in remission at this point) I’m seriously considering forwarding this kind of information to the touring acts that have booked shows at this Slimebar place. Most of their upcoming shows appear to be freebies showcasing local talent who could probably care less about the politics surrounding the venue in which they play. But I keep track of the touring schedules of of a lot of national and international acts, and every time this place is listed for a gig, I just cringe. Musicians, for the most part, are a pretty liberal bunch, and if they had any idea…. well, let’s just say there are plenty of other places to play in SoCal.

      1. I agree. That’s a very good idea.

        I did the touring bit back in the 80’s and I can say with certainty that if we got wind of a story like Kelly’s and were informed of the blatant participation of the upcoming venue, we would have definitely cancelled, if possible.

        The thing is, most venues book their acts way in advance, and a contract is a contract — especially if the act has already cashed the retainer check. The retainer for a gig in July usually covers expenses in February, so those checks go into the bank pretty quickly.

        I still think it’s an excellent idea to let the upcoming acts hear Kelly’s story. They have a right to know, and although it’s no secret that some musicians are as dumb and clueless as a box of horseapples, most are not.

        They might not be able to cancel the gig, but they just might be willing to dedicate a song to Kelly Thomas from the Slidebar stage.

        How cool would THAT be?

  28. This is so upsetting. I am so digusted by the actions of the Slidebar employees.

    Jeanette DeMarco should go to prison! Her actions set in motion the acts of the murderous FPD. She needs to be held accountable.

    Mr. Thomas, I sure hope your attorney goes after these people. I can’t imagine how painful this must be for you.

  29. To Michael Reeves,

    Kudos to you Michael Reeves, for being a ‘stand-up’ guy on this one! It is mainly because of people like you that justice gets served and not deliberately overlooked because of a group of owners, government officials (PDs and city council) only care about protecting their establishment and nothing else.
    Now if only there is someone else within the Fullerton Police Department, who has the guts that you have and reveals some more truths about this ordeal.
    Could it be that the Slidebar + FPD + the OCDA = ‘Good ol’ Boy Network’?
    If I win the Megamillions tonight or anytime soon, I will open up a clean rock ‘n’ roll club (in Brea if they let me) where the homeless are welcome and YOU will be my head bouncer, with maximum pay.
    Thank you Michael Reeves.

    1. Someone should find Reeves NOW that he has been thrown under the bus, see how many other SECRETS he will share about slidebar and FPD.

      Disgruntled employees are still a wealth of knowledge if they have paid attention at work.

  30. Fullerton skate park to reopen.

    Why not build a new skate park for our youth in a central location instead of in some corner of fullerton. Many other cities run very successful skate parks so why couldn’t fullerton do the same in a nice central location where all the kids are. A good proposal would be to build a new one at Union Pacific Park on trusslow ave. This is easily accessable. It could solve the problem of the toxic waste as it would be constructed over with concrete. It could be named after Kelly Thomas who enjoyed skating which could be named in memory of Kelly .

  31. To All Slidebar Supporters:

    Told you so!
    Slidebar will be burning in Hell with the FPD6.
    Stay tuned.

    Wrong guy,
    (usually right though)

  32. You all believe every word this guy says? This is a bigger conspiracy than the JFK assasination. Isn’t the Slidebar the same place that Tony used to hang out with Sean Francis? Is this the same Slidebar that Sean Nelson had fundraisers at? Be a bit skeptical of this latest development.

    1. So rather than buy what someone who has filed a detailed lawsuit – punishable if found to be false accusations, we should instead be skeptical because some guy hiding behind a screen name says we should… brilliant.

  33. How dare this punk be that way with Kelly and other homeless people..listen ..if im walking down the street and run across him with his piercings and tats ..he looks WAY more like a threat than Kelly did..i bet kelly didnt even have a tatoo…this guy is delusional..god i hope he lied on his taxes and everything else that most losers and wannabes do..another criminal thinking owning a little bar is gonna save him from the standards of society..why hasnt he been charged..and dont even get me started on that pos waitress or whatever manager did by making the guys are FINISHED people now will see the devils uncovered and karma is coming too for all of you involved..i hope its slow and painful for each of you ..

  34. “#66 by AP UPDATE on June 12, 2012

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — ”

    This is a copyright violation, and AP is very aggressive in pursuing such abuses, I will be sure to let them know ! This whole thing is slanderous anyway, you all know damn well that Kelly Thomas was out in the parking lot lifting door handles on cars, and was found in possession of stolen items (before he went on to disobey EIGHT lawful commands).

    1. it’s only a lawful command if he did something illegal to start with. didn’t half pipe tell you that. or did he just tell you he was a a god who could decide who lives and dies. try again skank

    2. What?

      Say what?

      The dark side is falling apart.

      There will be justice for Kelly Thomas.

      Kelly Thomas died on my birthday. True. For the rest of my life, for as long as I live, I will remember that sorry, sad little beautiful skinny dude who was MURDERED BY THE POLICE FOR NO REASON.

      Murdered, for no reason.

      Never met him, never saw him. But I figure he’s a friend.

      And let me tell you something, straight up: I’ve always been a friend to the homeless. Yes, I have.

      I’ve given them food, I’ve given them clothes, I’ve given them money — I figure my tithe is better spent on the street than in the church — I’ve done all of that. Over the years, I’ve known my homeless homies by name. By name. And they know me, as well.

      Kelly’s murder is a horrible, nightmare disaster.

      But you know what? It’s also a flashlight.

      Think about it. Truly. Were it not for Kelly, the plague of police brutality would still be steamrolling over us and we wouldn’t know it.

      Kelly — and the wonderful, fabulous citizens of Fullerton — have displayed the horrible abuses of the police culture for all to see. Thank you.

      Kelly Thomas is a flashlight. A sweet, confused, hopeless innocent flashlight.

      God rest his troubled soul. And to hell for his rotten murderers.

  35. Hey to the loser using Kellys name..why dont you unmask your coward pos azz…im a woman and i will kick your azz no problem cuz u need it NOW…but of course your such a puzzazz that likes torturing parents of murdered children you would NEVER reveal who you are …piece of waste ..i hate that u are sharing the same air as us..u lowlife bastard

  36. lisa …i still have a pair of TX boots with your name on the tips of them ..come here so i can GIVE you your boots…they are all nice and shiny ..and btw…good…let them investigate..u stupid pos…then we can know EXACTLY who your skank azz is..coward…my real name is katt ..who are u..i just love u cowards ..ur probably the hobbit looking thing that scares ppl away with your pics..stop hiding if u believe your words and stand behind them..why the need to not use your full name ..its surely NOT lisa ..its more like fatazz MANNY or COCKEYED Jay..ugh ur a disgusting piece of work arent u..?

  37. Lisa :
    “#66 by AP UPDATE on June 12, 2012
    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — ”
    This is a copyright violation, and AP is very aggressive in pursuing such abuses, I will be sure to let them know ! This whole thing is slanderous anyway, you all know damn well that Kelly Thomas was out in the parking lot lifting door handles on cars, and was found in possession of stolen items (before he went on to disobey EIGHT lawful commands).

    Oh please, Jill. That’s the best you can come up with?

  38. Unverified claims taken as the truth. Seems like this blog is just trying to keep things stirred up by posting articles like this with a slant that this fired ex-employee is telling the truth. Tough times ahead with the guys running this blog also running our city.

    1. This is sour Fullerton,

      I am going to have to issue you a citation for excessive tough times ahead. Please understand I am thinking about extra blue cheese.

  39. I am my own worst enemy….THANK GOD for that ~~~

    if not for this idiot …Kelly may be alive today…he put the evil chain into motion..and id like to ask him …what exactly was the final result or solution you had in mind for Kelly?? did you get that result? was it death? cuz apparently ..u didnt want to EVER see his face around there u got together and bought the killer cops some beer and gave them LOTS of freebie in lunches etc…or perhaps u even paid them money do away with someone KELLY so that you didnt ever have to see him again…Was it just Kelly? or was there more planned? Or is there a specific reason that Kelly was targeted by you? Surely it was NOT just becuz he picked up cig butts…hell ..he was actually cleaning up most like from your patrons..and if he wasnt bothering your patrons ..WHY was he such a bother to you?? WHY??? what was it that put the target on kelly’s head with all of u thugs..and IT IS ALL OF beginning to think there is still more to this …it simply cant be because he came around to pick up cig butts..what did he witness u and some cops doing together

  40. How long before they start turning on one another to save their own worthless skins “It’s over Johnnie”

  41. Seems a weekly Turkey Sandwich and pack of smokes to Kelly if he agreed to stay away during certain hours would have been a better business investment than this mess. But perhaps to logical.for this crowd.

  42. Any potential accomplices, co-workers, fpd or otherwise involved in a cover-up shouldn’t worry, Popoff looks like a stand up guy that will protect you when the screws are turned…..SHIT!

    1. In cop language Popoff looks like a “dirtbag”.

      I can tell you I’d be asking him to take a seat on the bus bench before I would Kelly Thomas.

      Talk about a circus side show walking down the street.

      But I bet the FPD guys who hang at the slidebar relate well with this guy.

      Turds of a feather flock together.

      1. Ask yourself this everyone, what kind of rock’n’roller likes to hang out with COPS?

        Nuff said.

  43. Oh but the slidebar is such a generous supporter of our schools here in Fullerton. Their was a large banner hanging on the Acacia elementary school’s kindergarten playground fence for some time. May the days of this particular liquor peddling establishment’s branding of the young and impressionable minds and their clueless parents be over for good. The Acacia PTA/foundation ought to be outright ashamed of themselves.

    1. No kidding, truthseeker. Were you at the talent show a couple of weeks ago? He was “honored” on stage for his contributions to the foundation. I get very angry when the PTA/foundation women gush over him. They go on and on. I do give him credit for being a supportive dad and all…he does have a child who is innocent in all of this. But other than that, no thank you.

      1. Folks need to be careful what they worship and gush over. I am reminded of how ancient Egypt used to worship the dung beetle as a god and today modern Cairo is surrounded on all fours by canals-FULL OF RAW SEWAGE. May the residents of Fullerton that are still asleep break their conditioning.

      2. They don’t gush over him because he’s a dad or supportive, they gush over him because he was once famous.

        In other words they’re groupies and they wouldn’t mind telling all of their girlfriends that they slept with the guy who played in Lit.

        Sleeping with a somewhat famous guy, navy seal, senator or even Barry, the fat blubbering police union head/cop whose stubby penis is buried deep beneath his gut and surrounded by fat from his pelvis, is a badge of honor among sluts.

        1. Oh, I totally realize that. I just said that *I* respect that one part of him that supports his kid. From what I’ve seen, he is a good parent and loves his son, as does his ex.

          But yes, I know these women gush over him because of the Lit connection. They are blatant about it, but I won’t go so far as to say they would sleep with him. I know these women, and it’s all about being associated with someone who is famous. He did give a lot of time and probably money to the school’s foundation and planning of a big event, but whatever. I gave up on volunteering at the school because I DON’T have money to spare, and I learned fast that your time just doesn’t mean as much as funds. So whatever.

          1. In the future I would certainly like to see the Fullerton School District refrain from accepting donations from such businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from products and services that are illegal for the students to posess, purchase or use. I wonder if a medical marijuana dispensary, massage parlor, porn shop, gun store, or casino-oops I forgot they had casino night- would be willing suitors for the “Foundation” and if so how long those banners would remain on the fence of the kindergarten playground? Yeah its all about the kids isn’t it? YEAH RIGHT.

            1. As an Acacia parent, I want to say that I am very grateful for what Jeremy Popoff gave on behalf of The Slidebar. Without supporters like Jeremy, our school would not be getting a new library, have a fantastic PE coach, or new technology and anything else the foundation supports next year. I don’t think that Jeremy supporting our school has anything to do with whatever may have happened the night of Kelly’s beating. And if someone from The Slidebar did call the police, it was the police that beat Kelly, not The Slidebar.

              And yes, truthseeker, it is about the kids, I don’t receive any benefit of the money donated to the foundation, my kids do, and FullertonGirl65, I’m sorry that you felt your time was not enough, I am saddened by the small amount of “supportive hands” at Acacia. I seem to see the same 10-15 parents doing all of the volunteer work and I’m sure they would be more than happy to have your support.

              1. Acacia Parent. I am glad you are reading this blog. So do you think if a medical marijuana dispensary, massage parlor, porn shop, gun store, or casino would be willing suitors for the “Foundation” ? Come on. Its time to look where the tax money is being spent and not taking booze money just to float a bloated jobs program.The reason you have 15 or so helping hands is people are busy working or scrambling to find work and keep paying taxes just so the kids can be crammed 35 to a room. Wake up. By the looks of the last union contract it is not about the kids. Its dirty money period. So what do you think about in the future the Fullerton School District refrain from accepting donations from such businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from products and services that are illegal for the students to posess, purchase or use?

                1. Hi Truthseeker,

                  I hear what you are saying and I think we need choice in education aka charter schools.
                  The state lottery was supposed to help the schools and the schools are still short of money, right?….
                  The schools have become too big brother IMHO,
                  with free lunch, etc.

              2. Yes, the police beat Kelly to death, but if a false report was made that night, then that is a huge deal and it does matter. There is no excuse for supporting someone just because they give money to a school. But for now, we don’t know it this is true or if this guy is making it up. The truth about that night and the Slidebar’s involvement must come out. More witnesses must be called.

  44. Wouldn’t it be something if they renamed the Slidebar to ‘Ron and Kelly’s Place’ and served a Ramos Combo and Cincinelli Special, both well done with a jelly donut on the side?

  45. Does anyone know if Popoff still wears that dog leash attached to his chin? The one in the photo?

    REMEMBER this if he gets to mouthy or stupid.

    GRAB that and pull in whatever direction you wish his ass to follow, it will at equal speed.

        1. Bankhead, where ya been since the recall?
          Way to stay for the entire meeting as your two buddies decided to leave and minimize their misery.
          Looks like just about everything this blog has been saying all along is still coming to fruition.

  46. Since everyone is coming up with all these conparienciec let me put one more in… what if Tony Bushalla got the ball rolling using a homeless man he knew and paid to provoke the police. We all know Tony will do anything to get what he wants. He was trying to get the recall in motion with no takers.

  47. Don’t forget the Board of Equalization raid on the Slidebar to deliver a criminal tax evasion citation that I blogged a while back. I wonder if they’ll let Jeremy serve his sentences for accessory to murder and tax evasion concurrently.

  48. It seems you people are turning into the people you are rallying against. Anything to get your way. I drove by the protest today at about ten after noon. I saw all six of you. Now, please, tell me how young and immature I am.

  49. Oh, just what i wouldve expected!! Go to IRS … I just know that prick has tons of false write offs and lying to the IRS.. That will all be handed over in discovery. All his financials will be turned over in this lawsuit. Then an auditir can examine it all n everyone of those COPsuckers

    1. So in this article, this Popoff douche is quoted as saying “its appalling for anyone to capitalize from a tragedy” yet his pathetic excuse for a band got several free plugs for their new album coming out soon. What a crock of shit.

  50. This shouldn’t surprise anybody that spends any amount of time in DTF. I knew the day after it happened that Jeanette made that call, so did 90% of the people that work in or around Slide Bar. If you ever worked for Jeremy, you also know that this fits his MO. He has had issues with other bouncers in the past and paid them off to avoid a lawsuit or scandal. Slide Bar is the reason DTF has turned into such a pit!

  51. Apparently Jeremy Popoff’s strategy now is to lie to the media some more, citing there was a female bar patron who went out to the parking lot and made the call. This is what he told the media today behind closed doors at the Slidebar around 1:00 pm today.
    It has been claimed many times over that it was a female manager who went out to the parking lot and made the call, as it was stated in the complaint from Reeves.
    What business owners and institution leaders will do to cover their asses…Shameful!

  52. truthseeker :
    Acacia Parent. I am glad you are reading this blog. So do you think if a medical marijuana dispensary, massage parlor, porn shop, gun store, or casino would be willing suitors for the “Foundation” ? Come on. Its time to look where the tax money is being spent and not taking booze money just to float a bloated jobs program.The reason you have 15 or so helping hands is people are busy working or scrambling to find work and keep paying taxes just so the kids can be crammed 35 to a room. Wake up. By the looks of the last union contract it is not about the kids. Its dirty money period. So what do you think about in the future the Fullerton School District refrain from accepting donations from such businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from products and services that are illegal for the students to posess, purchase or use?

    First of all, do you really think we are that stupid to have donors from medical marijuana dispensary, porn shop, etc.? Slidebar is also a restaurant. Are you suggesting that no school be allowed to host their “dining events” to raise money at any location that sells alcohol? That would include most pizza places, Polly’s Pies, etc.. Should we also stop accepting money from grocery stores? They also sell alcohol and cold medicine that could be used as drugs.

    1. Please take the time to read what I said. I said that I would certainly like to see the Fullerton School District refrain from accepting donations from such businesses that derive the “MAJORITY” of their revenue from products and services that are illegal for the students to posess, purchase or use. Polly’s,Round Table, Big 5, and Ralphs -apples and oranges-Justify it all you want. You may be well intentioned but not well informed. The Kelly Thomas murder is the rotten fruit of the community’s ignorance. Fundraising-The masters of Fundraising is the California Teachers Association. The money is allocated by the local union hacks and the parents are put on a treadmill of taxation to fund the jobs program. The kids are LAST in line. Next year we will have 40 per room? That is what we are being threatened with by teachers that I have spoken with if there are no tax increases come November. So maybe Larry Flint can come to the rescue. Give me a break. Wake up and stop being a slave. The library was fine. Cancel P.E. and extend the recess which was shortened to cram in more instruction when the union demanded furlough days which shorten instruction. HUH? Get the high fructose corn syrup and trans fats out of the lunches or cancel the stupid lunch program all together. Start cutting some salaries and benefits and hire more teachers. There are 1000 applicants for every open position. Oh but the union-oh but wait the parents need to pay for more activities even though it is illegal to make them pay so they just embarrass the kids whose parents don’t. 35+ kids in a room is a health hazard, a detriment to the learning process and fits an agenda which doesn’t fit a discerning caring parent’s. Acacia parent I don’t fault you for wanting to help the schools but you have to stop feeding the monster. That is also what we have done with downtown with 50 bars and look where it got us. Wake up and smell the castor oil.

      1. What you said about the PE program is right on, and a perfect solution. I never understood why a K-6 school has a designated PE teacher. Yes, he is good, and the kids love him, but exercise can be accomplished without him. And regarding shortened recesses, it’s well known that some teachers take away recess from kids who don’t finish homework, or forget to get their parents to sign agendas each day. WTF?

        1. Half of the food ends up in the trash EVERYDAY because the kids don’t want to waste their shortened recesses “eating”. Those are our tax dollars at work. That why we need fundraising and the slide bar to help us with the PE program. Are you kidding me? This thing is a rabbit hole.

      2. I agree that things are not perfect in the schools. But I’m not going to sit around and wait for whatever laws, taxes, politicians, etc. need to be changed so that my kids have a better experience in school. I’m taking what action I can do now. I can’t change teacher’s salaries or what the state or school district determines is an appropriate recess time or class size. What I can do now is get involved with the school, have my voice heard to those that make the decisions, and support those that support the school, whether it be by giving money or time.

        And thank you for telling me to wake up, I’m glad this is all just a silly dream.

        1. Acacia Parent sadly most people are in a trance and need to break their conditioning. This is not a silly dream and you are most certainly part of the solution. Like the the city council was taken back last Tuesday, the school board must be next. Things need to change. I as you do truly care about the children and as a parent I know what works and what doesnt. If I ran my household the way the school district runs its affairs, my family would be bankrupt and homeless. Enough insanity is enough. The local level is where it begins. You sound as if you deeply care but you must dig your heels in and say enough is enough and demand change. Stop feeding the monster. We don’t need any liquor peddlers dirty money to run the school. We don’t need to plant the seed of curiosity in our kids to grow up thinking it’s cool to end up in a place like that and in the back of a police car as a result with an arrest record . Branding a bar to impressionable minds is reprehensible and the union goons have forced the parents into this situation with their gravy train at all costs antiquated cookie cutter system that teaches obsolete skills. Be part of the solution and don’t give up. We all need to take a stand like the community did with the council recall and hold our elected leaders like the school board responsible for their failure to play hardball with the union that has given us increased class sizes, furlough days, lost programs and an out of control jobs program which force good people like you and I into untenable solutions like taking Jeremy’s money and endorsing his bar.

          1. Well spoken Truthseeker. I mean it! I certainly agree with all of your posts, especially to Acacia Parent.

            As a side note …

            If you are unhappy with the school system consider exercising your rights by enrolling your kids in a private or charter school or seriously consider the home school option through either a private school or the Department of Education.

  53. Yup…that’s Jeremy for ya. He’ll look you right in the eyes and lie! Everyone knew they had a “no homeless” policy well before Kelly was murdered. When Sean Francis was there, Slide Bar actually took care of the homeless, but once he left Jeremy wanted them as far away from Slide Bar as possible.

    1. Wow that’s for sure. In his extended interview on (KCAL?) he came off every bit as *sincere and believable* as Dan Hughes. Ahem.

  54. Jeremy Popoff and his lawyer on KFI with John and Ken right now.

    Lots of “ums” and “you knows.”

    1. Jeremy said he wasn’t there when the call was made but strangely enough defends Jeanette so that tells you a lot.

  55. “and and and and and I know what you just said but I saw that video too.

    “if you called the cops on your neighbor for playing their music too loud and the cops shot them, you’d feel lousy…….”

    Final statements I heard from Eric and Jeremy on John and Ken just now @ 5:02pm.

      1. A better parallel would be if your neighbor was playing loud music and you called the police and reported some other crime–someone’s breaking into the house or you heard gunshots next door–so the police would take it seriously and come quicker, and they ended up shooting the neighbor. You’d really feel lousy that they got shot over loud music because the cops were primed for something else….

        1. Here’s the question:

          Did the cops instruct downtown Fullerton businesses to call police and report “someone breaking into cars” as code for “come get the homeless people away from my business”? Or did the Slidebar owner or employee take it upon themselves to lie to police?

          My money is that this was a prearranged agreement between either the Slidebar and police, or between a bunch of local businesses and the police.

          If that is the case, the blame is more upon the police than the Slidebar. Not that the Slidebar isn’t guilty of bad judgement. If Popoff was told by the police “hey, if you have any trouble just call us and tell us someone is breaking into cars” then a lot of the blame shifts back to the police officers who told him to do that. And if that is the case he would be wise to come clean and just say so. And Mardirossian should probably be depose him sooner than later.

          Anyway you look at it though its just messed up.

        2. that is exactly what happened in Pasadena recently… yes, there was a robbery, but no, the robbers were not armed – the victim reported seeing a gun, police came, one of the robbers was killed

  56. I sure hope there is a civil trial. It will be interesting since all the crap will come flying off the proverbial fan! Jeremy will be part of the lawsuits. The slidebar carries liability insurance in the several millions so its a likely target especially since most of its sales are liquor and not food! Hmmm. And many of its customers are FPD employees? Hmmmm. What does our new Acting Chief have to say about that? Hello, Dan? Where are you?

  57. The layers of this onion becomes easier to peel once the water begins to boil. Garo most certainly will throw ’em all in the pot. We are approaching 200 degrees today. I expect that with the coming trial the lid will be blown off of this mess and when the pieces land the picture will be crystal clear but very ugly. Thank God for the light of day and the good people of Fullerton that won’t back down.

  58. Why should Ron be the only one to sue Slidebar? Cinday has just as much a claim as Ron does……That’s 2 bullets to dodge, not 1.

    1. Well Fullerton Public Servant, Cindy has already settled with the city of Fullerton. She could be a party to the suit but maybe chose not to! Even if she were added to the suit, that might not change the overall value of the suit.

  59. The reason I have no trouble buying this guy’s story has to do with the fact that nobody else has taken responsibility for the phone call.

    When a citizen makes a call, the name or business is usually recorded. If Kelly were really breaking into cars, the city would have been chomping at the bit to have this person tell their side of the story in order to rebutt the testimonies of countless people who have said he wasn’t doing a goddamned thing.

    Think about it.

    1. nobody else has taken responsibility for the phone call.

      Jeremy and his lawyer already admitted that the Slimebar manager Jeanette DeMarco made the call and not only that but it was recorded by Fullerton PD.

      Fast fordward 17:57

      21:00 for the discussion about Jeanette DeMarco’s call.

        1. they keep saying she went out in the parking lot. they will say she wasn’t at work just a private citizen doing a good deed

  60. God i wish i knew who this idiot prick person using kellys name was!! U do know that ur harassing at this point and possibly causing the thomas’s mental anquish?? Ur pathetic and a coward

    1. Katt, the admins on this post already know who is impersonating Kelly. When you log in with a name, you provide your email address. They can track down who the person is. This person is not worth your time. Save your energy for more important issues up ahead.

  61. Kelly Thomas :Dad, if you only loved me as much as you love that reporters camera.

    WANTED: For the MURDER of Kelly Thomas:

    Jay cicinelli
    Manny ramos
    Joe wolfe
    James blatney
    Kenton hampton
    Kevin craig

    Treat them like the social outKasts they are, by their cruelty and cowardice towards a defenseless individual, they earned it.

    1. Relax, can’t you see this guy is just f^%king with you. Take a chill pill. Do not take life so serious. I think he is really funny.

    We call all go home now. Drop the charges on Manny Moe and Officer Cyclops. Give the mayor and his two cronies back their jobs. Kelly Thomas is alive and well enough to blog on a computer. I guess it was just a bad dream. LMAO, and we all thought he was DEAD! It sounds like being formerly dead for nearly a year has cleared up some of his mental issues too. Life is good!

      1. Have FUN with it?? WOW! What part of Kellys death is funny . I think this person needs to have their teeth kicked in .. But, what do i know!! Please! If i want laughs and entertainment ill turn on comedy channel. This is NOT the place for it. It shows this persons character n nastiness!

  63. The Fullerton Indie Band FEEDING PEOPLE was contacted to perform at the Sludgebar. When Booking agents saw that they were vocal about local police and their attacks against the homeless, they were cut off. Way too many lies. The Sludgebar is more for cops and ignorant drunks than real talent. I am not surprised this is coming out. Just wondering why it took so long.

              1. Don’t get your hopes up.
                I’m merely amused by your ignoramousness.
                Try saying that word. Don’t hurt yourself.

                1. Wow, I am impressed…not. Did you have to pull the Webster out for that one. You are not that smart.

  64. thank heavens Kelly is alive, I feel so much better now! NOT! First,
    The SludgeBar manager Jeanette needs to have a civil suit naming her for the false report to police.
    Second, the lawsuit should definitely name her since she being a manager would have liability insurance. Just sueing the Sludgebar for unlawful termination is not enough! A false report was made resulting in a death. Thats another civil settlement. This will only end when Fullerton sets the “bar” a bit higher for its bars and restaurants requiring adherence to a set of municipal rules for bars and other similar establishments. A good example for control of “watering hole” establishments would be issuing of a conditional use permit by the City of Fullerton with certain conditions that have to be met.

    1. Now all 6 officers can sue the slidebar and the manager for being sent there on false pretenses. Boy, there is going to be alot of milionaires in Fullerton.

      1. “Boy”, JD is just skipping along with happy anticipation that he’s going to have so many sugar daddies!

    2. “A good example for control of “watering hole” establishments would be issuing of a conditional use permit by the City of Fullerton with certain conditions that have to be met.”

      Good idea.

      1. You need spell check to spell millionaires correctly?

        Like I said, you are just so stupid Doe, you couldn’t find yourself in a mirrior.


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