Quirk Endorsed by PORAC

What is PORAC? The Peace Officers Research Associaion of California is a statewide cop lobby whose contributions go to provide legal aid and comfort to cops, good and bad. We learned about this “research association” last winter as it made a $19,000 contribution to the anti-recall campaign, a failed effort to protect the political hides of the three cop union puppets on the Fullerton City Council. PORAC is also paying the legal bills for the two Fullerton cops, Manny Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, who have been charged with the killing of the mentally ill homeless man, Kelly Thomas.

Now PORAC has a new project: promoting the dubious political fortunes of Sharon Quirk-Silva. Check out the list of supporters on her website.

Now that’s a fine collection of educrats, far left leaning politicos that have helped tank California, and of course, unions that greased their skids. But really, Sharon, PORAC? Can you really be that clueless? Or is it just desperation?

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  1. If you look at her list of supporters it includes Jan Flory and Molly McClanahan. “NUFF SAID”!

    1. The list is a who’s who alright. It is an action packed cast of union hacks and big government lackeys that are inserting their fangs into the jugular of what is left of our economy that is on life support and our freedoms. Is she the new “cardboard fence sitting candidate” ? God help us.

  2. WOW, desperation may be a fair statement in desperate times.

    PORAC will be fighting hard to keep the labor unions cronies supported at ALL costs.

    In addition to PORAC paying Ramos and Cincinelli’s legal bills, that would include ANY of the other 4 who received discipline in the Thomas matter.

    Fullerton POA members may very well see a hick in dues to help offset the costs in making this debacle go away.

    Stupid is becoming extremely expensive.

  3. Birds of a feather……

    Is that a recent photo of her? She looks like she’s put on a few pounds. What are they feeding them during those extended closed door sessions anyway? Ramos burgers?

  4. With people like PORAC wanting to be her pal, she better take a stand with the emerging ‘libertarian majority’ on the Council (highly doubtful), or seek other office, or get one of the many lucrative appointed jobs that so many washed up/termed out politicos seem to get.

  5. When I’ve watched her on video she seemed to have an arrogant demeanor about herself with little sense of humor. Like instead of being a Councilwoman she was a member of the British Royal Family. Am I imagining things or is that really her? If I’m not imagining things where did she pick up such an attitude?

    1. The moment she took Dick Jones’s sweat soaked seat, she threatened to have the Fullerton PD throw people after 3 warnings and she compared her new style of governance to dealing with her students.

      In fact she would announce “Warning 1”, “Warning 2” but fortunately for her she never called out Warning 3.


  6. From day one she has been just as underhanded, evil and slimy as the other three clowns. I will never be able to wrap my head around why anyone with moral character and integrity would support her.

    She might as well quit now, there is no way in hell she would even win a chicken dinner. What a slimeball.

      1. Please, sir cease and desist. Otherwise Greg will soon be posting about your deplorable lack of civility.

    1. Karma – I couldn’t agree more. She doesn’t know the meaning of integrity. She is a sneaky snake out for her own interests and nothing more. She plays a deceptive game behind the scenes and with the press, all to make herself look like the innocent “caring” Mayor.

  7. She fancies herself as a princess.

    When she made the comment about socks, I immediately thought about a certain headless French queen and cake.

    I don’t think she tried to play this thing in her favor, but it’s gone MUCH father than she thought it would. Now her union subjects are in the crosshairs, and the reformers have a majority.

    She’s in for a rude shock this July.

  8. talk about a slimy character! What a hypocrite – I wonder how soon FPOA will show up on her list of supporters… Or FriendsForJay.

  9. Why are most of her endorsements from fellow Hispanics and women? Seeing this makes you wonder if it’s really an endorsement or just a favor…

  10. After all she did support both Doug Chaffee and Pat McKinley in 2010 and then again supported Doug Chaffee who also was supported by Pat McKinley in 2012.

    In addition, our fearless former chief gave 200 dollars to Sharon a Democratfor her State Senate race. Does this mean that fearless Pat has become a Democrat? I guess so!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Greg Diamond knock it off. We know you’re madly in love with Sharon Quirk Diamond but this is uncalled for.

  11. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    She’s just another prima donna sellout.

    The way she’s packing on those pounds in 3 years she’ll probably look like Roseanne Barr.

        1. Why are people commenting on her physical appearance instead of her voting record?

          Oh, that’s right. Because they’re morons.

          Give it a rest guys.

          1. “I’m not Greg Diamond but please stop for the love of god” aka “Kermet” aka “Jinxy” aka “Greg Diamond” get out of here.

            Sharon is already married. Stop trying so hard to “win” her you sociopath.

            I’m pretty sure you’re on the phone trying to reach her and your OCJuice bloggers buds saying something like …”Oooh! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! They’re saying mean stuff about Sharon on the internet!” when everyone knows its you posting it.

            1. No, I posted as “I’m not Greg Diamond.” Clearly people who don’t like what this blog stands for are trying to hurt its reputation by posting sexist, racist, and other vile stuff. Note the “wetback” and “beaner” comments and stuff about Quirk Silva’s physical appearance. The more any of the regulars chime in in this fashion the more the accusations of racism/sexism/stupidity ring true, so the rest of us need to nip this in the bud.

              You have the right to express yourself, but we also have the right to call you out as a jerk if the sole purpose of your self-expression is racist or sexist insults. That’s all. And, I’m not Greg Diamond but for the love of god stop!

        1. Tony, given that anonymous people are now slandering me here by claiming that I’m planting false flag posts, please verify for the peanut gallery that my IP # (which is all that I use here) is not the same as those of any other commenters here. Thanks.

          1. Identity confirmed. IP address traced to Mother Diamond’s basement. Bloviating comment storm imminent.

      1. Don’t take it personally, Shimon.

        In my life experience the way a human maintains his or her physical appearance reflects his or her attitude toward life and general personal habits.

        Just my individual observations. I’m not saying it holds true in every single case. You can take them or leave them. It’s up to you.

  12. From ACU above:

    “Stupid is becoming extremely expensive.”

    Sounds like a good title for a future post Admin.

  13. You claim this site isn’t racist or anti women but yet here we are again. Just because she is a hispanic women who has a different view than you she is attacked because of her looks and ethnicity. Haven’t seen Norby, Nelson or Whitaker attacked like this on your blogsite. I’m sure because they are white males and your pals. Shame on this racist site

    1. Goodrich? We’ve certainly made fun of you enough. And what about Barry? He appears to be white. Well, his face is sort of red, but anyway, he appears to be male.

      As stated above:

      “Clearly people who don’t like what this blog stands for are trying to hurt its reputation by posting sexist, racist, and other vile stuff. Note the “wetback” and “beaner” comments and stuff about Quirk Silva’s physical appearance.”

      If this is the best you can do as far as PSYOPS, you’re even more pathetic than I thought.

    2. I’m sure because they are white males

      I make fun of those two fat slobs Dick Jones and Greg Diamond all the time. Talk about two gross pigs.

      Am I racist Michael Chang?

    3. Not sure she is hispanic herself; Silva is the name of her husband…

      and the term is “woman” not “women” (sorry Grammar Police)

      Why did you hijack tennis star Michael Chang’s name, by the way?

    4. Michael Chang, aka Bleed the Freak, aka TheRealJohnAdams, aka Hooters, aka Travis one-eyed willie, Bone Crusher, Krusty, Green Machine, Neanderthal Blog Reader, Maxine Padd, Tonys Herpes, and many, many more……

      Any guess who this first class creep really is?

      1. Of course. It’s that stellar, stand up cop that Acting Chief Hugs and Kisses promoted to Lieutenant.

        Goodrich for the loss!!

        1. Admin, joe Sipowicz, Merijoe,Fullerton Lover, all are Tony Bushala. But he never posts his real name on this blog. He hides behind his false names and has others to the dirty work.

          1. Tony’s names have been known for a year on here. Not hard with technology to figure out all his screen names. That’s why we love Tony. Hides here and has others do his dirty work. That’s why we all love him so much.

            1. If Tony did turn out to be merijoe I would absolutely crack up. Putting on that sort of consistent persona would not be easy!

          2. Hmm. That’s interesting, since when I met Merijoe she had a distinctly un-Tony-like look about her. Fullerton Lover is not Tony either. Joe S. neither I hear. But Admin is, so you’re 1 for 4.

            1. I’ve heard that Joe Sip is Tony, but I figure that when he wants people to know he’ll say so. Until then, I’m treating him like a separate fake person.

              1. By the way, Greg, have anything to say about the PORAC endorsement of Quirk? I understand they are holding back some of their Cicinelli/Ramos defense fund to kick into her campaign.

                1. You may believe police endorsement is a bad thing but it is a good thing. All politicians will be seeking a PORAC endorsement at that level. Yes citizens still believe in public safety believe it or not lol.

    5. Hey shame on us (AKA Michael Chang),

      You claim you are protectors of the community-but are actually protectors of each other.

      This blog and many commenters (not all, cough cough) are equal opportunity haters of injustice, unlike your tribe of half Mongoose, half gangster.

      And infinite shame on your “site”
      for the “do nothing about anything” attitudes, lack of intelligence, lip synched media stories, high salary and pension taking (ie welfare), hidden agenda and excuse about everything using the little mindsets you have.

  14. Porac needs to latch onto the hides of such as Quirk-Silva. The recent results in San Jose and San Diego show voters want less municipal pensions and Porac is the great defender of cop pensions which pay at age 50 – yup, the same age as in GREECE for 700 occupations and we all know what shape GREECE is in. So Porac wants to Grease the candidates who will vote to retain those bloated pensions. Makes sense!

  15. Take a look at how this list is padded: Garden Grove School Trustee Bao Nguyen
    is listed 3 times..??
    Education Leaders
    Anaheim School Board Trustee Jordan Brandman
    Anaheim City School Trustee Dr. José Moreno
    Coast Community College District
    Trustee Dr. Lorraine Prinsky
    Fullerton School District Trustee Bev Berryman
    Fullerton School District
    Former Trustee Minard Duncan
    Garden Grove School Trustee Bao Nguyen
    North Orange County Community College District
    Trustee Michael Matsuda
    Garden Grove School Trustee Bao Nguyen
    North Orange County Community College District
    Trustee Donna Miller
    North Orange County Community College District
    Trustee Molly McClanahan
    Garden Grove School Trustee Bao Nguyen
    North Orange County Community College District
    Trustee Dr. Barbara Dunsheath
    North Orange County Community College District
    Leonard Lahtinen
    North Orange County Community College District
    Student Trustee Christopher Sanchez

  16. Kevin Perez-Allen, Political Consultant: “Sharon brings leadership, experience and a deep understanding of the issues faced by residents of the 65th to the table. As an Assemblymember, she’ll be a tireless advocate for the people of her district. The people need her in Sacramento working for them” Anyone want to call this guy and tell him what you think?

  17. Can you say, “I can bend you over the table and you will like it”. I would like to slap that smile right off her face.

    Karma you were right from the start.

    1. I think it is quite telling that there aren’t ANY posts of substance defending her position and her claims of advocating for her community.

  18. I think her looks are the ONE thing she has going for her! She doesn’t come across as being really smart……..or even the least bit smart.

    But she looks tight in a suit, in a Sarah Palin kind of way.

  19. Michael,

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    This site bashed Doc Hee-Haw for being an inbread, white-trash, redneck, colonel-sanders-looking motherfucker. They did it every day, and twice on Sundays. Along with the two other WHITE council members.

    Not to mention the fact that this blog and the OC Weekly were about the only two organizations that harped on Alby Al’s sexual escapades. If Sharon is so pro-woman, where the hell was she when that was going on?

    Rest assured, I’m sure she’ll play the race card come November. It’s about the only card she has.

  20. The Sierra Club, government unions, planned parenthood and the Brady bill people (twice no less). Ya, she’ll definitely be the answer to the states problems.

    You know, if more people would focus on the needs of government unions and the lack of environmental regulation in this state we could be the biggest job creator in the….. Never mind.

    Ms. Quirk, your list of support reads like a list of “here is how California went from best to worst”. Our problem is the economy in California and the fact we are the worst place in the United States right now for businesses to locate or expand. Do you really believe government unions and the sierra club have the answers to these problems? Really?

    1. We have a lot of problems Hollis, and the economy is only one of them. The poor economy doesn’t explain Kelly Thomas’s murder, and I don’t think the Sierra Club had a whole hell of a lot to do with it either. In fact I don’t think I remember the Sierra Club killing or beating anybody recently.. uh. . ever.

      Going off on Quirk because she favors environmental regulation is totally different than going off on her for taking funds from a corrupt union of police goons.

      1. Glazed, in the context of running for assembly Ms. quirk is hoping to run the State of California. We surely have our problems here but the economy is THE problem at the state level. Quirk wonuldnt have the first idea how to deal with our economic problems and getting advice from Planned Parenthood or the Sierra Club is not likely to improve her skill set in that area.

        1. Hollis, our air quality in Southern California stinks, and air quality is related to a variety of respiratory diseases which hurts public health, which also hurts our economy. Its not as simple as “environmental regulation = bad.” And Planned Parenthood I don’t think has any effect on the economy – good, bad, or otherwise.

          For what its worth, I’ll be voting for Norby anyway.

  21. How ironic, the ones that are semi literate are the teacher’s supporters.

    How proud do you feel Sharon? heh

  22. unfortunately for the community of Orange county, this tactic is frequently used by our public servants to gain credibility for their argument/agenda which usually has $ at stake.
    The racial, sexist words are legally considered “fighting words” because they denigrate the individual to a point where his or her emotions are inflamed. The desired effect is to reduce the readers on all sideemotionally respond instead of relying on reason allows the other side to further manipulate a segment of the population with the propaganda that attempts to show their opposers are bigots, hate-mongers and so on.

  23. That awkward moment when Sharon Quirk-Silva is going to win no matter how hard you put her down….

    1. She couldn’t win if she were the only person running.

      Wait ’til she gets peppered on the Culture of Corruption.

      Game over.

      1. Given that as soon as the new majority starts passing local ordinances and such there will probably be screams of regrets from the Fullerton citizenry, I don’t think she’ll have to worry about being “peppered.” Norby might, though.

        1. The first ordinance they need to pass is one invalidating the contracts with the police department as their oaths of office appear to be all invalid-that way we can rescind the contracts and the pension obligations.

  24. Someone makes a derogatory remark about a minority and Admin does not like it. Someone makes a derogatory remark about white people, calling them all kinds of “vile crap” and they say nothing.

    What’s up with that Admin?

  25. Does PORAC know that Sharon Quirk attempted to have the names and the personal information of the officers involved in the K. Thomas case made public within a few days of the incident?

    She started a big bru ha ha with trying to put herself out in front of the Kelly Thomas incident.

    “Hey, everybody, look at me! I have more power than you, any of you. Out those boys, let everyone know where they live, the names of their children, where they go to school!” Tell everything about them. I’ll help you expose them. I promise, really, I promise.”

    Sharon, you cost PORAC a lot of money by your lack of political savvy!

    Time for you to move on. You can’t be trusted and you are supposed to be a leader of he community.

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