Sharon Quirk’s Problem With The Ladies

Those ladies weren’t like us…

The Voice of OC(EA) is reporting here about the protest held in front of the Old Courthouse by NOW, the OCEA and others demanding that the State’s Attorney General look into the sexual mistreatment of female County workers at the hands of Carlos Bustamante and his superiors.

You’ll notice that one of the “others” was our own Mayor Sharon Quirk. Well, okay.

GOD MODE ACTIVATED. Lookin’ out for the ladies, oh yeah!

But wait!  Almost immediately the name Albert Rincon sprung to mind. Who is Albert Rincon? He is the stand-up Fullerton cop that none of the FPD apologists ever want to talk about; the creep who was accused of serially molesting women in the backseat of his patrol car and who cost the taxpayers of Fullerton $350,000 to settle two of the cases.

Remember that these assaults took place during Quirk’s tenure on the council; and that Rincon, in response to numerous complaints from abused women, was merely required by his superiors to take patdown training classes; and that after the settlement was announced, Rincon was quietly permitted to walk away from the FPD – for entirely different reasons.

And what did the outraged Quirk do to investigate an institution that not only permitted, but virtually encouraged this predator? What did she do to bring justice to all the victims?

What’s that Sharon? We can’t hear you?

Next time she goes looking for female victims to stand up for, I humbly submit Quirk doesn’t have to look quite so far afield.

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  1. Chief Danny and Patdown Pat are her buddies, so there’s a big difference.

    That sex perv at the County wasn’t like our perv.

    1. “Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva is calling on state Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the issue at the county”-voice of oc–.

      Did Sharon publicly call for Kamala Harris over the murder of Kelly Thomas by the FPD, the frame ups and the corruption? Doesn’t that warrant a state level investigation?

  2. I was wondering about that Rincon business, too. Quirk went on TV all agitated with the usual outrage: “I have daughters, blah blah blah.”

    Then a deafening silence.


  3. they also took place during Nelson being on Council. Where is he speaking about the Officer that did this.

    There has been no statements by him publicly on video or written or anything like that.

  4. I was out in Buena Park Tuesday afternoon visiting my folks. I heard the door bell ring and someone asked my mother:

    “Is the this the residence? Are you ?”

    My ears perked up and I quickly went to the door to see who it was. It was a young man precinct walking for Quirk-Silva’s bid for state assembly.

    I quickly jumped in and said:

    “Silva, the Mayor of Fullerton…”

    He asked me how I knew about Quirk-Silva and I stated that I knew about Fullerton politics, her condescending nature and disregard towards her constituents.

    I told him “We don’t support Quirk-Silva!”. I was close to ripping him a new one. He was shocked. He could see my disdain and disgust towards Quirk-Silva and responded “You don’t support Silva?”…as if I were the very first person he encountered that opposed her.

    He then said “Oh I thought you guys might support Quirk-Silva since you are registered Democrats.”

    I laughed and said “We don’t support Quirk-Silva in this household”, ushered my mother in and close the door.

    Get out there Norby! Put this sock toting, pompous political hack back in her classroom!

    1. Yeah, when women are sexually assaulted in police cars by cops with the blessing of the Chief and the the Mayor we tend to get a little, you know, disgruntled.

  5. Quirk wants it both ways. She wants to be a political player but she pretends to stand up for all the liberal platitudes. So she takes boat rides from developers and kisses the collective asses of the thugs with badges.

    She sold us out on Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court, time and time again. So did Keller.

    And now it looks like Flory is going to drag her sad sack of bones around the track yet again.

    Honestly, I know we can do better, even from Democrats. Well, maybe we can’t.

    1. There’s a party named after a color who are sort of like Democrats except they actually mean what they say and at least try to follow their own lofty principles…

  6. Hey I’m still waiting for sebourns explanation to the people who elected him. Iam outraged he has been a no show all week since his vote on Tuesday. Man up sebourn or resign.

    1. I have to agree that an explanation of the whys and wherefores of Greg Sebourn’s vote the other night would be welcome.

      He is listed on the “blogroll” as someone who posts stories, so I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re being ignored.

      I worked my ass off, and sacrificed a lot of nights that I would’ve rather been home with my family, in order to get the three city councilman recalled, and get Greg elected, and I’m really starting to wonder if it was all worth it after what I saw Tuesday night?

      1. Fullerton Lover, you said I mouthful on this post…………

        I could have been with my family and pursuing my business interests instead of being actively involved. I know you could have done the same.

        We both can attest to the sacrifice everybody made and I as well am wondering was it worth it after seeing the (3) city council persons slither away like snakes.

        I knew Quirk-Silva was treacherous,didn’t really know Chaffee, but I am deeply saddened by the actions of Sebourn. He talked tough and I believed him. I feel betrayed after I helped him get elected.

        But I am not giving up on my city just yet. November will tell a lot. As of today though, I have written off Sebourn for the duration. Not a man of courage or conviction. Maybe that is why he could only get elected by riding our wave of recall.

      2. Some decisions we make in a moment of truth define us permanently. After Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?,” he went out to the crowd that was gathered and said, “I find no basis for a charge against him.” Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. John 18 & 19

        Pilate wanted to release Jesus and he had the authority to do so, but when he had him flogged directly after stating he found no fault in him, he showed his willingness to compromise his character and capitulate to the boisterous crowd. The rabble saw this as utter weakness. From that moment on, he was owned by the status quo and the enemies of truth. He never had a peaceful night’s sleep thereafter, and everything he feared came upon him. According to the historian Eusebius, he was exiled by Caligula to Gaul. Tradition holds that he ended his life by casting himself headlong down an embankment.

        At first, when Sebourn started capitulating the other night , the immediate earth tremor seemed caused by nothing more than his knees knocking together in fear and trepidation. Upon further evaluation, however, it seems more likely that he has already become a heat-seeking missile to find the easy path and identify himself with the perceived establishment. Giving Kennedy an award for shamelessly shifting the focus away from police misconduct to a pretentious and insincere discussion of homelessness was a strong indication of where Sebourn sees his future. So quickly, all of his campaign rhetoric was washed away like a house of sand at high tide. His arguments were without merit. Of course now is the time to begin a frank, honest and informed discussion of the fiscal pitfalls ahead. Anyone waiting for three years to begin the discussion will only see the Coffman gang open their union bank accounts and punish the weak and vacillating individuals on the council. If Sebourn fell face down on such an innocuous vote, how will he ever find the courage to do what is right when weightier decisions need to be made? He may side with reformers when the stakes are low, but may not do so when courage is needed to make a difference. Hopefully, he will find himself, but it will be more difficult to do the right thing the next time.

        The status quo folks will go after Whitaker and Kiger in November, but they cannot help but respect them. Sebourn, on the other hand, earned a T-shirt. Truly, it is never too late to do the right thing.

  7. Maybe he did but this blog that promotes tranparency seems to be very un-transparent and believes more in censorship when posts are negative towards their friends or the ones running this blog. Class act here by deleting posts. Be consistent across the board.

    1. Well said. When things favor this blog all is good. When things don’t, all hell breaks out. Biased. Hate filled.

    2. Please don’t tell us what to do. If you are dissatisfied with the product that cost you nothing, seek enlightenment elsewhere. I suggest Sylvia Mudrick’s Facebook page, for instance.

      1. So the talk of transparency is only when it fits your needs. So you only want opinions that are like your opinion? I for one was extremely shocked but delighted that Sebourn made a decision by himself even when Kiger tried to get him to change his mind. Who said I don’t get my “enlightenment” here. I do and I see this as way to learn about hate. I’m not or wasn’t a Sebourn fan but to Greg believe it or not your decision has helped your community continue to move forward and this group of people at the council meeting and watching at home do live in Fullerton and they will vote in November. This topic and the way everyone voted will not be forgotten for those 3 open seats.

        1. Learn about hate? Oooh. How dramatic we are.

          What may be remembered are those who turned down an opportunity to save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the years all to benefit a little gaggle of crooks.

        2. “learn about hate”? Well God bless and halleluleah.! Aint’ you as pure as the driven snow, learn about hate, shut up!

  8. as a Democrat who saw the light and became an independent, I am not shocked by Quirk-Silva’s hypocrisy on the issue of female sexual abuse and discrimination.
    Sexual abuse of female subordinates in public service gets a gut reaction that churns up justified outrage among the public. This emotional reaction makes a solid political platform for any politician, including sleazeball Quirk-Silva, to jump and thump on claiming he or she truly cares about the welfare of the public to solicit votes from the outraged.
    Thanks to this website, FFFF, we have seen the many sides of Quirk-Silva and see her recent appearance at this gender equality protest as an exploitive ploy to get the vote that gets her entrance into our state assembly.
    Stop this sleazeball who has fed her face on developer’s yachts in exchange for her support for their money making redevelopment schemes all at cost to the tax payer.
    We need people with ethics, whose moral fiber twitches away from self-promotion at the expense of his or her constituents.
    I don’t want more of my tax dollars diverted from needed government infrastructure used to pay legal damages of women molested by fullerton PD and paid to family members for murdering their son.

  9. ? Did you see the picture of Quirk Silva, Rusty Kennedy and Seaborn.

    I wasnt that surprised about tuesday
    August 7th meeting vote.

    OC Human Relations Commission Recognized by the City of Fullerton for service in leading the Fullerton Mentally Ill Homeless Task Force.
    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    1. I saw that picture of Greg, Rusty, and SSSSSSharon SSSSSSSSSssilva and I thought I was going to blow chunks on my computer screen.

    2. read rusty’s current OCHRC facebook page for his recent disclaimer, post Kelly thomas murder by the police, where he claims OCHRC now only concerns itself with low level complaints of police abuse, like “rudeness”.
      quite a turn around from his long-standing commission’s mission that states it acts a “clearinghouse” and “mediator” with OC communities’ complaints of civil rights abuses committed upon them by their respective law enforcement agencies.
      And Rusty Kennedy is awarded for his homeless efforts by Quirk(socks)-Silva after the Kelly thomas murder.
      The fact remains is the fullerton PD beat Kelly thomas to death and since that gruesome event, public scrutiny reveals Fullerton PD has a plentiful history of civil rights abuses committed against fullerton’s community.
      and here is the quirky part of this story, recently retired fullerton police chief from 1993 to 2009, Pat McKinley, also served as a member of law enforcement on Rusty’s commission.
      In 1999, rusty’s commission awarded Fullerton police chief Pat McKInley an award for outstanding community-policing efforts.
      so how come rusty seemed clueless to the systematic civil rights abuses the fullerton PD inflicted on his neighbors.
      and this is the person quirk-silva awards and we know what those awards imply, a tacit arrangement to scratch each others backs to get votes and support for OCHRC
      just my conjecture/opinion

  10. Quirk is so so full of crap.

    By jumping aboard the Bustamonte scandal bandwagon and making hay while the sun shines with the county women – she ruffles the feathers of no union. In fact, she ingratiates herself before the OCEA.

    Had she gone after FPD and demanded immediate action against Rincon for his alleged sexual assaults on handcuffed women it would have created friction with the FPOA. Why would the City of Fullerton pay out $350,000 or more for sexual assaults that never occurred? Didn’t Quirk have to sign off on that settlement? The problem here is that the women allegedly molested in the back of the FPD patrol car belonged to no public union.

    These politicians are so dirty and so slimey. They back their favorite causes only if it is politically expedient to do so. Otherwise victims are left twisting in the wind.

    Shame on you Quirk. You are a disgrace. And if I were a Fullerton resident I would gladly tell you that to your face.

    1. Hey JustUs I can tell you from firsthand experience that there’s no requirement for you to be a Fullerton resident to speak before the Fullerton City Council.

      If there were, 90% of last week’s speakers wouldn’t have been allowed to speak before our city council.

          1. Yeah, not without my four times of speaking before the council. Maybe as many as six in the past year, but I doubt it.

      1. As a non-resident it is not my responsibility to clean up your city or to call your politicians out. That’s your job. Where were you last meeting, btw? Did you speak? Why ask me to do your job? Just curious?

        1. Your talking out both sides of your ass again JustUs, take your medication.
          All I did was point out that you don’t have to be a resident of Fullerton to speak in front of the city council.
          No one asked you to do my job of speaking before the city council which I have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

          1. Maybe you should spend your board time organizing your own citizens so that you are not overwhelmingly outvoiced by a bunch of blue-shirted automotons at the next council meeting. I could count on one hand the number of pro-OCSD bid request folks who spoke at last Tuesday’s meeting. And I don’t even know if they were Fullerton residents.

            2/3rds of your voter kicked the 3 turdheads off the Council. I assume that most of those people would agree with a bid request. Yet only a pittance showed up to voice their support.

            You’d better tell your fellow citizens that the heavy lifting is not complete yet. There’s a LONG ways to go. Laziness and apathy are only going to put you back in the same place where you started.

            Anyone can organize. Yes, you are capable of that too! My advice: Stop talking and DO SOMETHING!

  11. If Rincon’s victims were public employee union members instead of workers at a bar maybe Quirk would have been more engaged.

  12. Why is that ONLY the woman has to speak out? It should be everyone’s responsibility to speak out! Also, because it was a pending lawsuit or an ongoing investigation she may have not been able to say anything. The only hypocrite here is FFFF….oh but we already knew that!

    Bring on the attacks with no base for your argument.

    1. The lawsuit was settled last fall. Nothing is being investigated.

      Nobody else is standing on the courthouse steps hypocritically calling on outside investigations of the County.

      Facts are facts. And the fact is that Quirk is an embarrassment.

        1. Actually, she and her sistren were demanding one. But did she ever demand an investigation on how Rincon was able to serially prey upon vulnerable women, and why the Fullerton Police Department not only failed to discipline him, actually seemed to excuse his behavior? Nope.

          Perhaps Quirk is just waiting to hear back from “Chief Danny” who still incredibly insists that there is no Culture of Corruption.

          We’re not making this up. A Federal judge said so.

          1. I never said you were making things up.

            Here’s the issue. Maybe she should of asked for an investigation you don’t know and I don’t know why she didn’t or if there was a deal behind closed doors. EVERYONE on the council should have asked for an investigation! What happened to your BFF Bruce? Why is he held to a difference standard? I’ll tell you why! He’s a republican man.

            1. I know why she didn’t. She’s afraid of her own shadow and is terrified of actually imposing discipline or accountability on city employees.

              Yes everyone on the council should have. the Three Bald Tires are gone, in part because they didn’t. However, only Quirk stood on the steps of the County Courthouse and hypocritically demanded an outside investigation of sex crimes at the County.

              And that’s pretty bad.

  13. Clearly you seven locals here (nista, poon, lover, liberal, tony, brandon, van nut) don’t speak for the majority or things would be different. You are pounding your heads against the wall asking why? Why aren’t things done how you want? Why didn’t they vote how you want? Because you think and believe opposite of the majority, opposite of how normal sane people think. Deal with it. Without Tony putting up $2 million more bucks you have no shot.

    1. Hmm. Recall election – won. Bald Tires – gone. Authority over police goes from city manager to city council – won. Request for a quote from OCSD – lost by one vote but that issue will most definitely be coming back.

    2. Speak for the majority? Hey O’Malley, I know it’s hard for you to bend your undersized cerebellum around this fact, but the Recall won 2-1. Embrace that reality.

      1. Hey Tony. I’m not Omaley. My initials are PM. Get a clue old fart.

        Yes it did. With your $300k. Now 5-8 times the amount of voters are coming to get you this time. Are you goin to pony up another $2 million? Or let the FPOA beat you with their $2 million!?

        Politics is dirty buddy. Time to pay hardball not Tony style softball.


        1. Get ready to get run over. You’ve got nothing but a bunch of self-entitled, overweight goons and their antiquated backers. The taxpayers and voters are sick of watching these swine suck up the gravy. It’s over. The more the cops raise their snouts, the more the voters will resent it. The FPOA endorsement will be the kiss of death.

          Bring back Roland Chi from Cambodia. Raise Bankhead from the dead. See if electric shock therapy will give Flory a personality.

          We’ll be waiting around every corner for you, Ackerman, Ellis and any other piece of shit slugs you drag into Fullerton.

          1. “See if electric shock therapy will give Flory a personality.”

            Can we get officer friendly to stun her with his taser a few times? Would that be a violation of policy?

            1. The treatment for Narcissicism, is therapy, they dont think anything is wrong with them, so they dont go.

              When one resides on their own planet or alternate reality, the things that work are their own shame and fear of consequences.

          2. Ouch, Freddie! Maybe you should see a proctologist about your sore bunghole from Tuesday night and ask him for a nice soothing ointment!

        2. Now that’s funny. Ellis and Ackerman came out of the chute last August playing their brand of “hardball” and they got their teeth kicked in on every street.

          When the election rolled around they not only lost 2-1, they lost every precinct in Fullerton. It was a wipe out.

          So bring it on, tough guy, let’s see what kind of game you have. It had better be a whole lot better than the game you brought last time.

          Fred’s right. We’re waiting for you.

          1. A very small percentage of Fullerton voters bothered to show up in June. The November election is another beast entirely. The best part will be watching Tony pony up another $2 million.

  14. I wonder what Quirk-Silva would have done if the alleged victims of Rincon’s molestations had been ranking executive females from the OCEA??? 😀

    OMG. She’d probably be a modern day Carrie Nation with a little hatchet in hand to root out all evil sexual molesters!

    But since the one(s) who were awarded the lawsuit settlement(s) didn’t belong to a public union Quick quickly signed off on the settlement agreement and then conveniently turned a blind eye.

    There was no chance of political expedience with the alleged Rincon victims. It would have only put Quirk in disfavor with the sugar daddies over at FPOA. There was no value in that. So the political expedience playbook said ‘Let the victims twist in the wind!!!’

    Nice going, Quirk. You showed us your true colors, dear! You womens rights advocate you!!

  15. Sharon is a total hypocrite and phony. it is all about getting the police union money to support her in your loosing effort to beat Norby.

    Sharon you jumped ship in Fullerton before fixing one darn problem in this city.
    You still are ignorant about how the city is run and what is needed to turn things around.

    But apparently you could care less.

    Wakeup Fullerton. Time is running out.

  16. Royal Pain Arse :Hey Tony. I’m not Omaley. My initials are PM. Get a clue old fart.
    Yes it did. With your $300k. Now 5-8 times the amount of voters are coming to get you this time. Are you goin to pony up another $2 million? Or let the FPOA beat you with their $2 million!?
    Politics is dirty buddy. Time to pay hardball not Tony style softball.

    Great, then the margin of victory will be even larger this time

  17. I Own Fullerton :Well said. When things favor this blog all is good. When things don’t, all hell breaks out. Biased. Hate filled.

    Yea, we go on a rampage, murdering innocent citizens, sexually molest women, steal from airports….badges, badges? we don’t need no stinking badges!

  18. Big Slice :Maybe he did but this blog that promotes tranparency seems to be very un-transparent and believes more in censorship when posts are negative towards their friends or the ones running this blog. Class act here by deleting posts. Be consistent across the board.

    If that were true, we would not be reading your post.

    1. Larry and Emil they do remove post and only ones that are critical of the people 4F supports. Just last night I read a post from Freckles the cat and now it’s been removed. Donkey Kong

      1. Yea, there is never any critical posts here about Travis Kiger, Tony Bushala, Bruce Whitiker….Thanks for proving my point.

      2. Maybe it self destructed for having such a silly screen name lol or perhaps you were on the wrong thread dear

  19. Larry and Emil :

    Royal Pain Arse :Hey Tony. I’m not Omaley. My initials are PM. Get a clue old fart.Yes it did. With your $300k. Now 5-8 times the amount of voters are coming to get you this time. Are you goin to pony up another $2 million? Or let the FPOA beat you with their $2 million!?Politics is dirty buddy. Time to pay hardball not Tony style softball.

    Great, then the margin of victory will be even larger this time

    Tony, fpoa must see you in thier nightmares, “5 to 8 times the amount of voters are coming to get you this time” with pitch forks and torches in hand no doubt, lol, Tony = Frankenstien monster to fpoa

  20. Big Slice :Maybe he did but this blog that promotes tranparency seems to be very un-transparent and believes more in censorship when posts are negative towards their friends or the ones running this blog. Class act here by deleting posts. Be consistent across the board.

    I have posted that these cop trolls are thier own worst publicity, this is a perfect example, the fact that this post is here, for everyone to read, refutes thier own assertion. They are all about smoke and mirrors, mis-direction, liars.

      1. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs as told by John Doe, Hog Wild, and the rest of the police trolls….

        The story as told by the Wolf from The Three Little Pigs shows that wolves do not necessarily have to be “Big” and “Bad”, but misunderstood because what they eat happens to be cute. The rather civil wolf has a cold, but is baking a cake for his grandmother’s birthday, so the wolf must journey to the little pigs’ houses to borrow a cup of sugar. Each time the pigs turn him away the wolf’s cold causes him to huff and puff and sneeze a great sneeze, whereupon the wolf would accidentally destroy the pig’s house. Finding the inhabitant deceased, the wolf decides to eat their body so as not to let good meat go to waste, since the pig is dead anyway. The final pig’s house is not blown down, and the wolf goes into an excessive sneezing fit while the pig insults his grandmother. The authorities come and drag a furious and flustered wolf away and lock him up in prison, from where the wolf is telling his story.

  21. One of the most overlooked themes Ive seen in regards to plice misconduct is this thing called the Police oficers Bill of Rights. This thig has been used as a weapon by dirty cops to “protect” their “rights” at the cost of violatinbg the rights of others. This is bullshit. with fulerton in the catbird seat as it is in now, I say the city council call bullshit when they see it and make the first step in the state of california to aletr or eliminate this bullshit doctrine where as it has resulted in the rights of citizens being violated on a regular basis to become SOP to protect actual criminals. Please Fullerton city Council make changes to the POBR in your city and let the fire spread across the state of california and to the rest of the country.

  22. If Paul you read my repeated statements you would know that the Police Officers Bill of Rights or POBAR has been discussed by me many times. It is a cancer that must be cut out for us to have any chance of real reform in our police department.

    Let’s get working!

  23. Friends the problem is sebourn. We need to keep his attention with emails phone calls and any other way we can. SQS is a has been and I predict her failure this Nov. We need to focas on sebourn. Should we even field for a recall?
    He needs to support the group who got him elected and I’m still waiting for his explanation.

  24. Cant change pobar with only two votes on Fullerton city counsel. Guys the problem is sebourn. Come on lets focus on a problem we can fix.

  25. Police Officer Bill of Rights is part of California State legislation due to a very strong law enforcement lobbying program; not part of Fullerton’s municipal code.

    To repeal all or part of P0BOR would take someone in the State Senate and/or Assembly initiating legislation to do so OR a an initiative to place it on a state-wide ballot (not even sure the latter is doable).

  26. Here is the California Government Code brief description –

    Police Officers Bill of Rights
    3300. This chapter is known and may be cited as the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act.

    And, BTW, given Sellers’ and others’ medical retirements (Workers’ Comp), presumptions regarding work-related health issues (heart, etc.) are also included in California Legislation – so, again, to change those presumptions requires action at the State Senate and/or Assembly level or possibly through an initiative approved and placed on a ballot for voters.

    Again, it’s just wrong; had a fellow employee drop dead at work WHILE PERFORMING JOB DUTIES (he was a landscape employee for a local city) – it wasn’t considered work related because he wasn’t a LEO or FF… An upside down system

    1. True peaches. And POBAR won’t be touched at the senate level because it would be political suicide. POBAR actually has very valuable parts to it to keep Tony and other dirty politicians from taking their political agendas out on public employees they don’t like. That’s why it was put into law. Some portions provide too much protection though.

  27. Hmmm… Maybe our local Assembly member Norby would initiate a bill to repeal all or part of the POBOR?

    Nah, not going to happen

  28. Too bad Chris Norby got defeated by “Quirky”…The stench rises from the Assembly, with no defense or relief in sight now. Quirky will help Kami And Jerry build country club prisons for pyschopaths now.

  29. What happened yous guys! Did your nutty extremism drive voters to the middle?

    Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) 66,552
    Chris Norby (D and TP) 61,354

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