RECALL NO! Fundraiser

Y’all come on up the hill and watch a bunch of well-to-do cheapskates pry open their moth-infested wallets one last time for the Three Bald Tires.

While you’re there, don’t forget to tour the home of water boarder and notorious hotel junketeer (on your dime!)  Jim Blake, too. You spent $125 bucks for the privilege, you might as well look at his big screen TV, his Lazy Boy recliner and his fancy reproduction oil paintings.

And speaking of the notorious Jim Blake, I’ll leave this for your perusal just to remind you of the moral caliber the anti-recall gang:

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  1. Good to know that No-Recall supporter Jim Blake isn’t concerned about taxpayers. Reporter asks Blake how he justifies staying in a hotel to go to water meetings that are 26 miles from his home when thousands of LA commuters drive that on a daily basis. Blake says, “I’m not concerned about them.”

  2. Ooo but if you were at clowncil last night, you woulda thought Mr Blake the theif, was the best prom date for homecoming and those three dead batteries,were justa gushin’…ewww.

    1. Blake hasn’t lifted a finger for Fullerton water customers ever. He has however lifted some very expensive wine on our dime.



    1. What an unhappy trip down memory lane.

      Bankhead: All-American dunderhead. Ackerman: All-American grifter. LeQuire: All-American reptile.

    2. That’s a great story. And we still have the same bad apples playing backroom politics 24 years later.

  3. McPension makes $18,000 a month doing nothing. Bankhead makes $9000 a month sitting on his ass.

    HeeHaw owns 13 cars.

    And they won’t even invest in themselves.

  4. Anyone want to volunteer to stand outside the fundraiser and see how poorly it is attended?

    1. I hope you aren’t suggesting a protest in the public right of way. This blog could never countenance such a…aw go ahead and do it.

    2. Good point FH.
      I think they just like to do this for their ego-what will the money they raise be used for? guessing game. I say temporary tattoos with their names for everyone.

      Great infomercial….fundraiser, fuuu nnnd raiser

  5. Out of the list of former Mayors, two of them were recalled oh so many years ago.
    Do you see anyone on that list above the rank of Mayor?

    1. Dick Ackerman was the majority leader in the state assembly years ago, now he is just a worthless tool like so many other former legislators. Chuck are you reading this? Thanks for sticking us with Deb Pauly the launatic!

  6. Bruce Whitacre thought enough of Jim Blake to mooch a water junket from him to the Colorado River last October. Whitacre under-valued the junket at $271 as a gift, hoping no one would challenge it or call for an investigation. Will he attend the fundraiser?

    1. What Bruce doing that? At least with him we can all agree it’s completely out of character. Even on his campaign he was super tight with how he spent. Bruce is someone I trust with my money. Bruce for mayor!

  7. In the olden days they used to take failed, dirty or corrupted politicians and literally run them out of town ‘on a rail’. The culprit would actually get tied to a fence rail face down and carried out to the city limits by the townsfolk then abandoned. The town sheriff would oversee it. And it was made quite clear to the culprit that he was never welcomed back into town. And the sheriff would enforce that order. I sort of wish that society would return to those olden days. Some people would say that it’s not civilized behavior. But from my understanding it was much more civilized than the way we live today. It kept everyone much more honest and respectful of the rights of others. And what is ‘civilization’ but respecting the rights of your fellow man? If we can elicit more respectful behavior we enhance ‘civilization’. Fullerton should put such a measure on the June ballot. I betcha it would pass!

  8. Can we all agree that the three old men have to go just because it’s almost unsafe to drive in Fullerton! I used to own an off road vehicle and it was the only way to drive in Fullerton now in my Lexus I’m freaking out at how bad our roads are!

    1. Good find. Yes, in 1994 McClanahan, Bankhead and Catlin denied the will of the people to hold a replacement election until a judge told them they had to do it.

      They greedily held on to power as long as they could. Fortunately, now there is an immediate replacement so that the incompetent and corrupt power freaks have to go – ah-mmediately, as HeeHaw would say.

      McClanahan, Catlin and Bankhead. Familiar names, no?

  9. I think it’s hilarious that Catlin, Florby, McCan’tahan are hedging their bets by supporting Chaffee in the replacement election.

    What’s that say for their confidence in the Recall?

    1. I fail to see the humor, but humor has never been my strong point. May I stand over here in the middle?

    2. it;’s a perfect marriage, IMO. No one will vote for Chaffee now.

      Anyone who stays awake the majority of the day would never vote the direction of those three.

  10. What will my fate be when I can’t beat Norby in November? Will I be out of office like the three bald tires?


    Green acre is the street for me, trough feedin’ is the life for me. debts spreadin’ out so far and deep, screw the freeway just gimme the damn room keys. dundundadada dun dun dundundadada dun dun …………

    Fluoride is what the kids all need. Fluorosis is the plan you see. Pay me well and I will close my eyes, keep those dose up and just let those pensions rise. dundadadada dun dun dundadadada dun dun ………… dundundanadada dundadadada dundadadada dun dun ..

  12. Necessary cost of doing business?! (you know he just wanted to call y’all suckers) Firstly, meetings can be held online now a days and I’m sure limos, helicopters, hotel suites, fine wine, steak and lobster are things taxpayers are not supposed to pay for. These self-entitled, self-deluded, old crony crooks gotta go.

  13. Mayor Quirk’s Conscience :What will my fate be when I can’t beat Norby in November? Will I be out of office like the three bald tires?

    I will run around the city with the 500 pairs of sox I have gotten, you know for the homeless..puuuuke.

  14. I just got a notice from the OCWD where Don Bankhead is Vice-President saying that half the groundwater in Fullerton has been polluted by former aerospace manufacturing plants improperly disposing of toxic chemicals they were using.
    The link is to the OCWD compensation so you can see that Don clears $18,000 of our money for sleeping through meetings and asking them to raise our rates for conserving water like they asked us to.

    1. And the water up on the hill is a blend of MWD imported water and Fullerton well water so he gets the best of both worlds, rocket fuel and fluoride .At first I thought it was the prions eating away but now the mystery is solved.

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