Old Guard Won’t Go. Better Call a Judge.

So ordered.

I keep hearing on the Fullerton grapevine that Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz, doggone it, just can’t get one of the recalled Three Bald Tires to show up to validate the June 5th Recall election. Without at least one of these clowns there is no quorum and a meeting can’t be held. Apparently they have been individually agreeing to show up then later, suddenly have other plans.

This could go on for quite awhile, and if left to their own devices, these miscreants may actually file to run for election in November before they’ve officially been run out of office.

Well, this might explain why it’s been three weeks since the election and the new councilmen Kiger, Sebourn and Chaffee have not been sworn it yet. That’s pretty reprehensible, if you ask me, and it begs the question – how much longer is this farce going to go on before somebody goes to a judge and gets a court order validating the election?

I remember well in 1994 that the three recalled councilmembers simply refused to schedule a replacement election (different laws then) until ordered to do so by a judge. Then as now, the incompetent, arrogant Old Guard refused to go quietly into that good night. And Don Bankhead, recalled the first time, got himself elected again.

And here’s a final thought for you Fullerton water rate payers. Every single day that passes costs you all another $7000 in an illegal tax that is still being collected. 

Are you angry yet?

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    1. Yep, the three stooges show every sign of sociopathic personality types, and one characteristic is they are very parasitic like deer ticks, leeches, tapeworms, fleas, and crab lice. It’s amazing how these undesirables can hang on to their host.

  1. I am surprised, given the the outrage of our town and media attention they have received this past year that they would want to drag this out. Are they glutton’s for punishment? They would be fools to think of running again. This won’t last long I hope–Fullerton folks have lost their patience.

  2. This is great opportunity for the newly elected candidates to hold meetings without being subject to the open meeting laws (Brown Act).
    Make the most of it for planning what to do with the FPD.
    I see that Brea has lower their bid price for police services to Yorba Linda.
    If bonafide bidding COMPETITION prevails, this could force a drastic change in the make-up and size of these small city police departments.

    1. No, they can only see life as a game to win, they may not understand what everyone is getting emotional about, They may lack a conscience. It’s easy for them to try to win the game.

  3. It is all about spite now. They don’t care what they look like to the people that voted them out or the people that voted them to stay. They are behaving like spoiled rotten children, they won’t leve even tho the citizens want them to. ( a lot like GD)

    Where the hell is silent SSSSSilva and Whitaker? they should be screaming from the roof tops for the citizens they work for. You two are spineless pieces of bull excrement.

    What about the worthless city attorney, isn’t their something he should be doing? What a cluster fuck, there isn’t ONE stand up responsible adult that represents this city, what an absolute embarrassment.

    Karma is a total bitch and I hope I am around to watch every last one of them get what’s coming to them. They could not be honest and do the right thing if their life depended on it. That is nothing new from day one, they made that pretty obvious.

    What a bunch a slimey MoFos. And Yes, I am made as hell.


    1. My understanding is that one recalled councilmember will show up to certify the election; no further business that day.

      You can’t certify the election before the Registrar certifies the final tally, which was relatively recently (and did not use the full 30 days allotted.) Have fun discussing nothing.

        1. I don’t think this is ‘legal advise’ it’s just guy who is an attorney posting on a public blog. What’s the problem with that?

      1. My understanding is that they are acting like children, punitive and do not really give a sh%t about the public at large.

        And to the commenters point, Silva and Whitiaker have taken a politically safe position here by not commenting. Leaderless in my opinion. But, thats what we’ve come to expect around here.

  4. Looks like dumb, dumber and dumbest had their feelings hurt by getting b-slapped out of office by a 2/3rd’s majority of the good citizens of Fullerton. So now they use whatever little power that they have left to make life difficult for everyone else. This is how adult losers generally conduct their lives – so nobody should be surprised. Naturally, like children, they will blame outside sources, like Tony Bushala, for their failed leadership instead of looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for their own miserable performances. That’s just who they are. They were that way while in office and will remain that way out of office. Spots on a leopard don’t change. Don’t expect them to.

    1. GOOD give them hell recallees. Play their stupid games. Take as long as you want. Maybe all the way til November.

  5. Folded their arms, have taken their bats and balls and have gone home.

    Reminds me of the Obama administration informing Jan Brewer that they won’t do anything legally, like they’re supposed to, for Arizona, if they call them.

      1. The feds have a sworn duty to uphold the US Constitution, this has nothing to do with answering to anyone-last time I checked, Arizona was a US state.

      2. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.-10th amendment. And while I am on the point the local Sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer of the land. He or she pulls rank over the Feds and can run any of them out of town at anytime. Now most cities and counties have made deals with the devil. Lets hope Fullerton does no such thing as we have just cancelled the beelzebub treatise and are in the process of having the cancellation certified.

        1. Coming to a town near you: Super Sheriff, emboldened with the powers of telling the FBI, US Marshalls, ATF, DEA, and DHS where to stick it! Minor powers include telling the state and local police where to stick it, too!

          I seriously doubt your claim is accurate.

          1. I didn’t write the laws of the land- our framers did. As of late the usurpation of powers has become the norm. We have come a long way from where we should be as a nation and an ignorant electorate is the main reason. I am merely stating truth and although it appears stranger than fiction it is still truth. All these alphabet organizations whether initially well intentioned or nefarious have only centralized power and control and taken it from the people by defacto. Thus here we find ourselves with an out of control municipal police force that the courts have repeatedly ruled has “no duty to protect” its citizens.

  6. Hey Omalley, maybe you could meet them at the coffee shop and they could help you with your Jesus Avila case issues. They appear to have tons of time and experience on working the system to their advantage. Maybe they could be added as professional witnesses to your counsel. Some of the similarities to KT are eery, don’t you think?

    1. He also said the Avila is just another case that happens everyday. People suing for fun. Part of business. They won’t get a penny and don’t deserve a penny. But he said give him a call. He’s at Starbucks on his morning break.

  7. He said call him and ask him. He’s at work. But he said not even close. He said Kelly’s family will get $21 million and Avila’s will get $0. Big difference. LOL Good try though.

    1. You are assuming they care about anything other than their egos like the city or the citizens in it.

  8. Fullerton is Stockton on deck.

    Wait until those FPD lawsuit judgments start collecting in the City Manager’s in-box.

    If I were a city worker in Fullerton I would be very concerned about my pension.

    Popcorn on the stove. Watching with amusement.

          1. Doe you really are an idiot. I just have to say it since you insist that Fullerton collects from an insurance company when the city is self insured. All settlements will come out of the General Fund. Certain parts of the surplus are earmarked for certain programs. The amount available for insurance is much less.
            Aren’t you the one that said the police officers unions had $100,000,000 at their disposal for legal fees when the actual amount was under $10,000,000? Dropped a few digits? Oh well we can always continue and increase the water tax to cover police settlements!

              1. I don’t know but my guess is that Fullerton is self-insured up to a certain amount and then is covered by a carrier for catastrophic coverage.

                But what do I know? I’m just a one-armed alcoholic who works nights in a gun store.

  9. I suspect many more cities and states will ultimately be in the same boat. Unless cities and states can print their own money to pay these absurdly ridiculous and bloated obligations, they CANNOT last!

    1. If you need someone to volunteer as a process server to serve them all with court papers to sign-off on the election results, please let me know.

      I’d consider the position as a great honor, and would have your papers served in time for the next scheduled city council meeting.

    2. Are they still within the time period during which they need not certify the election? If not, what do you expect a judge to do? When they’ve refused to fulfill their responsibilities (which as I vaguely recall would be 30 days after the election, but unlike some I’m not going to confidently proclaim what the law is here unless I’m sure), then a judge will act.

      1. Thank you, Grandmaster G-you are the wisest in the land. I knight you, Greg of the handicapped parking spots.

  10. The city has been taken hostage. Citizens need to burn city hall to the ground. (Just kidding) More protests? I’ll be there.

  11. As Bankhead and Mckinley delay, their pensions, stipends and paychecks are still building up. Hee haw needs the money too. He’s got 13 cars.

  12. These guy’s are good…..real good…they might be dumb, but they are not stupid!!!! Looks like they have you by the short hairs again!!!

  13. So, if a judge issues an order validating the election, can you just box up the personal items in their offices and leave it all out on the curb for the homeless people to forage through?

  14. How much would it. Kat to get an attorney to get a cOurt order? If we can get a decent estinate We could do a kckstarter.com campaign. Happy to make that happen

    1. Oh man you need to take a class with Tony’s grammar squad. If a pig wrote this they would hang him.

  15. The suckling reflex and urge is very powerful, contributing to the strong addiction to tobacco.

    What else would, control freaks, immature stupid fools, and evil spiteful bullies (synonymous with “coward”) DO!

    My suggestion savor and enjoy their last petty childish gasps and take your last shots. 🙂

  16. If any of you had any doubts that these thugs disrespect the ‘will of the people’ – those doubts should now be erased. The evidence showed that they scoffed at the ‘will of the people’ in their duties of their elected offices and now they scoff at the ‘will of the people’ as they exit. An elected official disrespecting the ‘will of the people’ is as reprehensible as disrespecting Lady Liberty herself.

  17. For anyone who wants to get really stewed at the Slopbar, I’ll watch your kidz.

  18. These three freaks of nature won’t ever go away, until you put them in jail. They seem like the personality type that will go on till kingdom come to dupe everyone into adoring them for the sake of their existence. That’s what sociopaths do.

  19. As with the FPD withholding evidence in order to delay arraignment, it’s simply delaying the inevitable. Soon enough, McKinley Jones, and Bankhead will be out of office for good and Cicinelli and Ramos will be in prison, and hopefully four other officers will be off the force.

  20. Felz knows what is going on with the three retreads. So he and the city attorney should immediately get an injunction from a judge. yes it costs money, that amount of money should be provided as information to Fullerton residents. Felz is dragging his feet on purpose as he knows he is TOAST! No good city manager would put up with these shenanigans ever! Felz won’t be happy until Fullerton is ranked with Bell and Cudahy on the list of badly run municipal governments.

  21. I can see the next interview. Hi I am Joe Felz and I come from Fullerton? Where? Fullerton, CA. Is that near Stockton? Well welcome to Nome, Alaska!

  22. So since they have been recalled that means that they can not run for election for November? Not saying I want them to be in office, I am just trying to learn the process. Not all of us are as civicly engaged as others.

  23. If the council does not have a quorum to have a meeting they can avoid seating the new elected members. All the 3 amigos have to do is avoid attending any meetings until November when they can run again.

    1. No, after a certain amount of time had passed a judge would be able to step in and force the issue. That would probably be after July 4, though.

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