Kitty Had A Party

Yeah, right.

Since I do not want to be accused of being sexist I shall refrain from a literary reference to Macbeth. I would note however that there is not enough brainpower in this picture to light a match.

Two observations. First “Kitty” Jaramillo seems to think it is “time for a change.” She never seemed to think it was time for a change when the FPD was beating people to death, so that tells you all you need to know about her, even if you didn’t know she was a well-pensioned former City employee.

I ain’t a swallerin’ that!

Somebody better tell Mrs. Flory to quit wearing those rayon muu muu things and those cheap plastic beads. They scream out 1973. Which is probably when she bought them. Meeeeow. Hiss!!!!

P.S. Friends, for an added treat enjoy this picture of FPOA boss and serial prevaricator (or hoplessly incompetent) Andrew Goodrich proclaiming the Jaramillo buffet safe for FPOA consumption.

“Several guest sustained broken bones rushing for the cold taquitos.”

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  1. Such fashion is available at DeeDee’s Discount Fashions. Various prestigious locations throughout southern California’s communities. It’s a shame Flory wasn’t as thrifty with the public’s dollar as she apparently is with hers.

  2. “Several guest sustained broken bones rushing for the cold taquitos.”

    Yes. Now I am laughing out loud.

  3. Okay, seriously, why do so many Fullerton cops have such puny arms. Remember Ramos and Wolfe and Kirk and some of those other zombies.

    Jeez, don’t they have any standards at all?

  4. That is what a home grown grassroots campaign buffet looks like.

    Sorry it can’t be the lavish, catered affair that Booshakalaka would bankroll for his lackey of choice.

    Don’t confuse this post as pro-Flory so much as anti-buying elections.

      1. Depends on the time of year.

        The name originated as a response to a post by “Hot Roasting Cop Balls”. Thought it was funny, easy to remember, so I’ve used it ever since.

  5. “”Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air”” spoken first act by the three witches in MacBeth.
    Significance. don’t trust these three women because their bright, shiny speeches hide their desire to bring treason and chaos to the good people of fullerton.

  6. Well, well, well the FPOA is supporting an FPD dispatcher… This isn’t the first time Goodrich has been behind a dispatcher! Can anyone say “purple dildo” at least that’s what the last one said he carries in his travel bag

      1. Kitty Jaramillo is a retired Fullerton municipal employee that wants to do the same for Fullerton municipal employees that Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley did for retirements for their buddies in law enforcement.

        Does anyone even wonder any more where the monies from these candidates campaigns come from?

        It’s the public employees unions that get them elected here in Fullerton.

        Don’t believe me?

        Go on the city website and see for yourself by researching the campaign contributions that are listed under the City Clerk/Document Archives tabs.

        Follow the cash…and you’ll find the trash.

  7. Is the platform weed? REALLY? Holy shit they are reaching…we have REAL FUCKING BUDGET issues to deal with. This is stupid…

      1. Heh. Keep thinking that. We are not asleep anymore.
        And Fuck the weed issue, that doesn’t even enter into the equation when we look at our finances here in Fullerton. I for one will fight to the death to eliminate unions (public first) and to uphold the rights of the citizens.

  8. There is a website that specializes in comparing famous people with objects. FFFF should have a contest to match Flory, Quirk-Silva, McKinley,Jones and Bankhead with mundane objects found in the home or in the community

      1. I don’t think so……This City is going Hell again…Any hopes of moving forward are gone. Warn anybody that wants to move Fullerton, don’t do it.

        1. Did anyone else see Greg Diamond at the City Council meeting tonight?

          No way is that guy a vegetarian when he weighs that much.

          Looks like maybe he needs to huddle with Andrew Goodrich to pick ups some dieting tips.

          1. No, I didn’t go. Had work on a case to do at home and am getting ready for an upcoming TV interview.

            I’ve been a lacto-vegetarian, not once intentionally eating meat, since 1978. (That leaves a lot of things with calories to eat.) Oddly, though, I don’t brim over with self-contempt over my weight. I know that this may be disappointing.

  9. There are so many nuts at council meetings. That’s the norm at all council meetings in all cities. Where do they come from.

    1. The bars won’t go anywhere. They were approved and met the CUP requirements. They need to focus on no more licenses.

    1. I think you mean Mrs. Roper. All good haha. Poor lonely O’Malley still can’t get a date. Try Slidebar. Low standards.


        1. Next to Greg Diamond? I noticed that no one sits within 4 or 5 seats either way of wherever Greg sits.



  10. Fullerton really could get back to normal if they could get rid of the hidden agendas on the council. Future. Future. Focus.

  11. I see the Shadow took time out of her busy day watching cartoons and masturbating to pictures of Albert Rincon to bless us with another insightful, thought-provoking post. All kidding aside, let’s not forget that Kitty spent a career cleaning up after the Booshalas many rancid, festering shit hole flop houses blighting this fair city. For that, she deserves your vote.

  12. I have to admit. This meeting gives Fullerton hope. Good citizens. Hope. Future. Hope that Travis might be gone soon. People with brains might get elected without agendas. Hope.

  13. This next statement by Travis will be his political future. Let’s see how he does. He should just shut his mouth and say nothing and just vote yes.

      1. I see that according to FPOA’s Form 495’s on the cit of Fullerton’s websire, that the FPOA filed in January, that the FPOA members contributed over $8,000.00 for City Council candidates Roland Chi, Pat McKinley, and Don Bankhead in the 2010 elections, as well as over $300 a piece in “robocall” that the FPOA generated on those three candidates behalves.

        Wonder witch candidates will garner the largesse of the FPOA in November?

        1. I predict most will go to get Travis out of office and the rest o get Bruce out. They dont think how the citizens think. They think solely based on their personal agendas.

  14. Are you people posting on this blog teenage boys ditching school? Commenting on how fat and ugly people are, so lame. But you are probably really impressed with how cleaver you all are.

    Tony, great job inciting the mindless few in Fullerton.

    1. Quite to the contrary, cerebral function clearly flourishes here as the blog operates outside the box. No pharmaceutical ads here with a talking head reading a teleprompter towing a party line. No ponzi schemes running cover for cornered rats. No unobserver spinning at 78 rpms. However if there are teenagers ditching school here then kudos to the future of the new media.

    1. Half-Ward, half-Eldridge.

      You have to admit that it was a cleaver statement.

      (Seriously, though — way too much ragging on appearance here. Don’t you agree, madam?)

        1. I still haven’t found any actual reporting here about what happened at the meeting. Are you talking about Sebourn again? Or was it Kiger this time?

  15. I as at a NUFF meeting. It was the one Travis, Sebourn and Chaffee introduced themselves at. Any time any one referred to the Kelly Thomas “incident” I call out “MURDER”. Kitty was there and she said out loud “I would not call it a murder”. Just wanted you all to know that.

        1. I apologize.

          I confused the code enforcement officer position with the city of Fullerton police dispatcher position.

  16. Kitty’s experience as a code enforcement goon will help when it comes time to clean up her signs after she loses.

    1. No one else cleans up their signs so why should she? Oh because you expect government workers to do things differently than the general public, or as Freddy says “Tony’s Minions”.

  17. Someone told me to come to this site to read what going on in Fullerton. What a big mistake. All I encountered on this site was low life, uneducated people that can’t debate or voice their opinions without someone insulting them. We all are blessed to live in this great nation that still has freedom of speech. Also these low life, uneducated, big mouth, no tooth tweekers should stop looking so stupid at the council meetings. I may noit agree with Jay C. step father but what gives those low life tweekers the right to say who may speak at the City Council Meeting and who show not. Many of us think those tweekers are making our city look like Mountain, no tooth, hillbilly, uneducated morons. As I still believe in freedom of speech for all, I said my peace and I will not be returning to this tweekers site.

    1. Be careful about what you say about those “low life, uneducated, big mouth, no tooth tweekers looking so stupid at the council meetings”

      The city council meetings have been overflowing lately with off duty members of the Fullerton Police Department, and I don’t think that they like people making fun of them from the looks of what they did to Kelly Thomas.

        1. hey now! there are many educated people in Arkansas and Tennessee 🙂 I would liken some of these louts to an undiscovered colony of 2-legged ostensibly humanoid individuals living beneath the street

  18. There were all kinds of captions for the 3 recalled councilmen……..
    I caption this one “3 Losing Ladies” I think they all will lose.

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