Baxter Gets It Right

Here is a fun image I just harvested from the Orange Juice blog, apparently the creation of local liberal activist Stephan Baxter who has gotten it into his noggin that Fullerton politicians should be held accountable for their actions (or to be more precise, their inaction) in the wake of the Kelly Thomas murder at the hands of members of the FPD. Funny the ideas some folks have.

Even more disturbing to some, Baxter doesn’t seem to care that the object of his scorn happens to be an old Democrat war horse named Jan Flory. who really loves the FPD.



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65 thoughts on “Baxter Gets It Right

  1. Ok. Enough is enough.

    Just because jan looks like she belongs in a Rockford Files episode, doesn’t mean she’s out of touch with the community.

    Nevermind she is completley out of touch with the community. Morningside needs a representitive Grandma, and you’ll only be a mile from Greg.

  2. I want to put this sign in my front yard. My neighbor has QSQ signs. Is this fair of me? Or do think people will throw rocks at my house?

  3. I am a local liberal and I think Flory is a shrew. I try to support Dems when I deem them remotely worthy, but I never support shrews.

  4. Great, now Dime Store is going to show up telling us how Baxter is just a little crazy, Wolfe and Ramos art great guys, and Flory is a good Dem who ain’t older than a glacier.

    1. Baxter isn’t crazy, just a bit off at times. I don’t know Wolfe or Ramos personally but I wouldn’t call them great guys. Flory is a good Dem. As for making fun of her appearance — I hope that anyone who reads this blog gets a chance to meet her in person and decide who’s full of beans. How old do you think glaciers are, “Cameron”?

      1. Baxter isn’t off. He’s what liberals are supposed to be: highly principled and ready to speak truth to power. Too bas you don’t.

        1. Yeah, he’s a little off. He doesn’t understand the applicable laws. But I do respect his being principled and ready to speak truth to power. It’s pretty funny that you don’t think that I do the same.

          1. Dear Steven Baxter…When Greg Diamond says that your being “just a bit off at times”, he really means to say that your being rude and that you should be an apologist for evil people like Greg Diamond has chosen in life.

            I will ALWAYS back the play of the Steven Baxter’s of the world, and NEVER turn my back on the Greg Diamond’s of the world.

      2. “Flory is a good Dem.”

        And a useless, rotten human being. I believe there is a very low circle in Hell waiting for you “good Dems” who hid behind your drawn curtains while people of goodwill across the political spectrum were protesting the murder of a sick, helpless man by tour praetorian guard.

      3. Thanks for taking the bait, Dime Bag. Glaciers are thousands of years old – remnants from the last Ice Age, in fact. Think mastodons and sabre tooth cats!

        And I believe in global warming, too.

  5. Yikes. She supports the cops. Shocking. I say the stance the two boys are taking may cost them their political careers. Hope so.

  6. I loved Danny’s response to Travis. Danny basically said that he knows Travis hates cops and Danny doesn’t care what Travis thinks or does. That said a lot about Danny’s confidence in the job he is doing and his support by the rest of the council. Impressive. Travis has an agenda and hates cops and that’s clear. Hopefully the voters see it also.

  7. Thanks for posting my little photoshop deal. That sign will be on my lawn in few a days. This is local politics, and it’s no place for partisanship. I vote for good people first, I like it when they agree with me, but in the absence of good people that agree with me, I will vote for good people period. Jan Flory is not a good person. She never said a word in favor of justice for Kelly but wears a “We love FDP” shirt. Save you unconditional love for your children and grandchildren, we need a love that comes with accountability when dealing with police association thugs.

    I want to preserve all of Coyote Hills, it really matters to me, and I wish there were more candidates that cared about preserving the last open space in N. Orange County, and Police reform … but all we have are two. I’m endorsing Jane Rands & Barry Levinson and I don’t care who I piss off by doing so. Whomever is the first, between, Bruce and Travis, to sign on to the resolution for real reform I submitted tonight, will be my third candidate. I may not have much pull, but I have more energy than most, and I will work tirelessly for my candidates. I will also humiliate their opponents at every chance I get.

    Justice Kelly! What we saw tonight was a nod towards justice, but not real justice. The fight will continue.

      1. Reason TV, Video

        “…What this country really needs is common-sense police control, because they’re out of control now. Cops will kill more innocent people this year — just like every other year — than Jared Loughner or James Holmes could ever kill. But I guess that it would be inconvenient for the politicians to criticize the people who murder for them.”

    1. Baxter that WAS the big apology. YOu are not getting nothing else. Hughes just wanted to get Ron off his back, like I said before. He isnt stupid he isnt putting his ass out for no one.

  8. So I guess this site no longer reports on Kelly Thomas since I read elsewhere Wolfe is finally being charged and Thomas is being exonerated of any wrong-doing and found nothing here. I guess Jan Flory’s 40-year-old beads is more newsworthy.

    1. Brandon, the calculated murder of Kelly thomas did not solely spring from Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe. The audacity of fullerton PD to beat a disabled man to death in full view of the public arises from the fact that Fullerton’s city council has a history of protecting the illegal acts committed by their police force. The police officers who beat Kelly to death did so because they knew from past experiences their action would be quietly bought off with legal settlements paid by fullerton’s city council. At the time of the kelly thomas beating the recently retired Fullerton chief of police was a Fullerton city council member who had personally hired Cicinelli and Ramos.
      Flory is an avid supporter of the three recently recalled city council persons Bankhead, McKinley and Jones and of the Fullerton PD despite the fact that these three and the Fullerton PD have done irreperable damage to the community of Fullerton.
      just my opinion

  9. I dont need someone to draw me a picture to visualize the future if Flory or Bankhead again are elected to Fullerton’s city council.
    When those two wielded their power over Fullerton, the good people of fullerton were subjected to illegal taxes , misuse and abuse of eminent domain and redevelopment, favoritism towards contractors, protection of a corrupt police force and need I continue to make the point Flory and Bankhead are more corrupt than the fullerton PD.
    The question is: who are the immoral persons who continue supporting and voting for Flory and Bankhead?

    1. Those that are mislead, and or are voting with their wallets. Voting often times becomes a habit that is repeated, maybe without any knowledge.

      give someone the wrong idea, information

      Synonyms: bait, beguile, betray, bilk, bluff, bunk, cheat, cozen, deceive, defraud, delude, double-cross, dupe, enmesh, ensnare, entangle, entice, fool, fudge, gull, hoax, hoodwink*, hose, illude, inveigle, juggle, lead astray, lead on, lie, lure, misdirect, misguide, misinform, misrepresent, outwit, overreach, pervert, pull wool over eyes, put on*, rip off, rook, rope in, scam, seduce, shaft, snow*, take in, tempt, trick, victimize

        1. “An Orange County grand jury will convene on Wednesday in a closed-door session to discuss what role, if any, former Fullerton Police officer Joe Wolfe may have played in the July 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas.

          Prosecutors initially said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Wolfe…

          Wolfe’s attorney questions the timing of the grand jury investigation – more than a year after Thomas’ death and on the heels of his being cleared of any wrongdoing – and says she is perplexed as to how Wolfe could be criminally culpable.” -NBC LA

      1. good point, voting with the wallet speaks volumes. in light of the facts that show Flory and Bankhead beguiled , betrayed, double-crossed the community of fullerton, the missing piece of this puzzling behavior is what did flory and Bankhead and their avid supporters personally gain from their betrayal of the community they vowed to represent?
        my opinion

        1. Narsicists get a sick joy out of conning people, goes with the sick need for total control and being responsible for the suffering of those below them. Its very very twisted.

  10. Thanks admin. I just sent a post.

    Van: You are right. I am sure there are a number of factors fostering the corrupt environment in Fullerton that led to the murder of Kelly Thomas and attempted cover-up. I know this site is doing an excellent job of exposing the corrupt forces and attempting to hold them accountable. As an outsider, I guess I just got a little annoyed by the fact I had not heard anything on here about the Thomas case in awhile. I realize i need to look at the big picture.

  11. I think we should all give into the police union. All they want is immunity on everything and a 50% pension at the end of 20 years and have the pension mostly untaxable since it is a disability pension. All peace officers should have this.
    They will all be happier and much nicer if you grant their wishes. OOOPS! THey already have those benefits? The police want the gravy train to go on forever, like they are from Greece! Then why are they always so cranky??

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