Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The sands of time slip slower for some…

In California victims have rights, too. Unless the perps are cops, it seems.

The other day the defense team of three of the cops charged in the murder of Kelly Thomas asked for, and got a time extension on their own motion to dismiss. You can read about in the Register, here, if you don’t mind getting a bit nauseous.

It is now 17 months since Thomas was brutally beaten by six Fullerton cops and left in the Fullerton Transportation Center gutter to drown in his own blood as the six goons got their scratches band-aided.

The District Attorney sure doesn’t seem to be in any big hurry, either, which might make a cynical person question his real dedication to prosecuting these malefactors.

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  1. I’m starting to think the entire justice system in OC is waiting for everybody to forget about Kelly Thomas.

    I’m sure T-Rack is 49-51 on this and flips depending on the day.

    1. I believe the murder of Otto Zehm’s by cops 2006 provides insight to the current actions of the DA in the Kelly Thomas murder – I am just not sure of the exact lesson learned.

      Like the FPD, the Spokane Police Department is a disgrace and represents the antithesis of any honorable system of justice.

      That said, I actually believe the Spokane Police Department is worse than the Fullerton Police Department. Notably, the citizens of Spokane have not been able to get this travesty of humanity disbanded. Thus, good luck in getting the Fullerton Police Department disbanded.

      However, consider this, perhaps the Fed’s actions in the Otto Zehm’s murder by police influenced the actions of the DA and others in the Kelly Thomas case; but perhaps not the way one would expect.

      Quick Background

      Download and read the Fed document at this link and just look at all the corruption at the SPD.

      More links . . .


      Now, in the SPD murder of Otto Zehm case, the DA had a choice: (1) prosecute the cops, or (2) not prosecute and participate in the extensive cover-up . The DA decided to go with (2).

      What was the result, the FEDs stepped in and put the entire SPD and associated legal structure under a microscope, not just the cops and handeling of the Otto Zehm case.

      As a result, the local DA lost control of the case, putting the FEDs in the driver’s seat, and thus, the local DA could not “accidently” throw the case. Further, the FEDs are looking at everyone now. Not a good result.

      However, while it took 7 years, the murdering cop, who was a cop with a very honorable history, received his well-deserved jail time.

      Now any honorable person would look at this result and say: “Hey, I better do my job and not try to cover for the police.”

      But what about the not so honorable person; what would be the lesson such a person would learn from the Otto Zehm case?

      That you have better prosecute the case so that you (1) retain control, (2) can accidently “throw”/lose the case and thereby protect the cops, and (3) prevent the FEDs from taking over and investigating everyone.

      I guess we will have to wait and see which lesson those in the Kelly Thomas case have learned from the Otto Zehm case.

    2. Kelly will be history very soon. The DA is corrupt. The executioners will be back to full duty shortly with full back pay and a generous financial settlement from the new Fullerton bosses in office. THE SCARY PHASE IS COMING ON TGE STREETS OF FULLERTON THE BOYS IN BLUE WILL WANT REVENGE AND THEY WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  2. Nice pic. Why are you dragging Flory into this? Just because she was proud of her endorsement by the guys who killed Kelly?

    Oh, wait, right…

    1. I don’t understand why you continue to blame an entire department for the actions of a few. This in itself is an injustice. You’re guilty of exactly what your accusing others of, hypocrite!

      1. Because if there were any good cops at FPD there would be no bad cops, or at least cops with balls like Ben Lira!

  3. Maybe Rackauckas nails them, maybe not. But, I would forget about the State’s case. My money is on federal civil rights violations and prosecution!

          1. That’s right Mickey he had a grossly enlarged heart that T-Rack’s M.E. conveniently left out as well as other more serious maladies something that his lying sack of shit father would have known if he had been in his life. Kelly was a ticking time bomb.

        1. Now Rodney King, that was a beating! I don’t know what video the rest of you are watching. All I see are officers trying to control a raving maniac.

          1. Hey John Huelsman! I think I want a piece of whatever Miss Cincinelli is giving you. It must be super good because you’re vigorously defending her son like there is no tomorrow while she hides in the shadows.

            1. Oh you mean Andres Avila?

              O’Malley, not a smart idea to be bragging about that shooting since its still under litigation but hey, any settlements reached over this will be coming out of the tax payer’s pockets, so you don’t give a crap.

              1. I thought I was OMaley? This guy is everywhere. He can talk about anything he wants. 99% of lawsuits are all BS. I’m sure that one is too. Yawn.

              1. O’Malley? Now where have we heard that name before.

                I think he goes by the name of Nick Ceci, now.

  4. Rackauckas has NOTHING that is why he keeps coming up with stupid admendments at the last minutes to throw the time off.

    1. A mother tries to rationalize a sons Sociopathy (or Psycopathy) by asking an online Doctor.

      Dr Ott said they all showed a total lack of empathy and worse!

      “…In other words, I do not imagine that you have more “emotional capacity,” as you put it, than other people—although I would have to know you personally to be sure of that. To me, a high level of emotional capacity would not mean being overwhelmed by emotions, but quite the opposite. To me, it would mean being able to experience and contain a wide range of emotions of various kinds without being overwhelmed by them. And, sorry to say, I must agree with you that your attitude does have the aroma of ego-mania as you said of yourself. In fact, an egomaniac, which you say you are, is the opposite of an empathic person: the egomaniac is all wrapped up in himself and his own feelings; the empathic person constantly relates to the feelings and concerns of others as well as his or her own. I agree with you also that you are objectifying your fellow humans in a rather strange way, which also is quite the opposite of empathy since empathy, in its purest form, sees no gap between self and others. In other words, the empathic person does not objectify others, but experiences, second-hand of course, their subjectivity. I hope you see this because it will be important in understanding what follows…” -Dr Robert

        1. “…The problem is not one of an intelligence gap as you seem to think—despite your little experiment I am notoriously hard to fool tete-a-tete—and I doubt that your son would shock me at all, much less make my blood run cold; I have seen and heard a lot. The most difficult barrier to such therapy is simply this: a true psychopath will not respect anyone who evinces any compassion at all. What seems like strength to a normal human being—compassion, emotional intelligence, caring, love, all of that—to a psychopath looks only like weakness. Seeing that “weakness,” the psychopath immediately feels superior and will not be able to accept anything the “weak one” says…”

  5. Same ol SHIT, JUST ANOTHER DAY, MONTH, YEAR….. AFTER YEAR!!!!!! That is our …”fair, and & just” LOUSY judicial system!!!!! Delay, after delay, after delay, after delay!!!!!! B.S., after B.S., AFTER B.S., AFTER B.S.!!!!!!!! Like the ”rotten 6”`s defense team, REALLY NEEDS more damn time,….. AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!! THEN, when ever the time DOES come, IF ”THE ROTTEN 6”, even get much more than a ”handslap”, it will be ,”A miracle”!!!!!!! God Bless Ron Thomas, and Kathy, and the entire family,as Ron Thomas believes that ”patience is a virtue”, and I`m sure it is, and there`s nothing more that one CAN DO, but WAIT, & WAIT, & WAIT, & WAIT!!!!! ( WHILE the defense atty`s. ) go thru the usual game playing, & intentional delays, and B.S.!!!!! IF ONE ordinary citizen, murdered ONE cop, absolutely, he, or she would kiss their life good-bye,……….BUT, 6 ROTTEN COPS, can terrorize, intimidate, hassle, and beat the life out of someone else,( AND….. FOR no damn reason besides) and that is a whole different ballgame!!!! They are, after all….. COPS!!! Rotten ones,…. who deserve to burn in hell, but…. they ARE COPS, they are ”privledged”, they are ALLOWED to get away with ANYTHING, and THEY KNOW IT!!!!! Most ALL ”in law enforcement”, from the very top to the bottom, think they are ”GOD”, and EVERYONE SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THEM, BE AFRAID OF THEM, KISS THEIR ROTTEN BUTTS,and treat them as if they are the greatest things God ever created!!!! Quite the CONTRARY!!!! They ARE ”legends”, BUT only in THEIR OWN UGLY MINDS!!!!!! They`ll NEVER GRT WHAT THEY DEERVE FOR ”MURDERING” Kelly!!!!!( not in THIS life anyway) It`s just the way it is, and it could not be any more ….UNJUST, NAUSEATING, AND SICKENING, …. BUT one day , hopefully they WILL PAY, AND BIG TIME,…..as they absolutely DESERVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!( I am NOT forgetting , that ther ARE SOME good cops out there, but it seems like they are unfortunately, in the very few!!!! God BleSS them, and piss on the rest!!!! Just MAYBE, before Kelly`s parents go to see him oneday, the damn thing will finally be over, with at least half-way decent results, and I emphasize ”MAYBE”, AND THE ”ROTTEN 6”, ….and THEIR ROTTEN ATTORNEY`S, ( you`d have to be rotten yourself, to defend such a horrific crime, and rotten so- called ”human beings”…. BUT,…. there is big money in them to be made, huh????) THAT`S what matters to THEM, not the hell & torture that they put Kelly through, …BEFORE they snuffed out his life!!!!! OR, the hell his family has gone through also!!! WHAT do they care, it`s not THEIR son, and family!!!! This is all my opinion, and I am by far, not alone in this opinion!!! I would just really like to know ONE THING though, that no ”wonderful law enforcement person” has ever answered. WHY,….. with 6 ( rotten) cops, and Kelly doing such awful things to deserve the life beat out of him—( according to them… LIARS ) COULD ”6” OF THEM NOT HAVE JUST ”CUFFED HIM & TAKEN HIM IN???????????!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT, was`nt their plan from the ”roll-up”, that was not the way they wanted it to go down, they WANTED to get rid of him, & very probably with the ”help” ( set- up) of someone else, gee, & I wonder who THAT might have been!!!!! They had their ”PLAN” for their fun that night and they followed it through!!!, WHILE,… the ”watch commander….”WATCHED”, AND good ol ”Danny Boy”, and all the rest of the jerks( we all know who THEY are), just said, ”come on ”home”, it will all be okay, we`ll ALL fix it up, you did ”nothing wrong, & were just ”doing your jobs”!!!!! How SICK, what a SIN, AND may they ALL pay oneday!!!!!!! God Bless the the entire ”THOMAS” family, and ….JUSTICE FOR KELLY!!!! ( HOPEFULLY, with God`s help…. oneday!!!!!)

    1. Its funny, a Fullerton cop could be caught on video blowing a handcuffed guy’s brains out, dropping his pants then skull fucking the remains and Gin Floozy would still thank her supporters in front of the world.

      That is how disconnected she is.

      1. There is no need to question the sense of self a twisted person may possesses.

        Lies, deceit, manipulation and pain are GLORIOUS. (to them, even in a sexual way)

    1. Why? They’re Democrats.

      Republicans have comprised 85% of City Council for the past 17 years (Lira’s career). They’re the ones who ignored the culture of corruption.

      From 2001-2005, Republicans Shawn Nelson, Chris Norby, Mike Clesceri, and Leland Wilson were chums of the FPOA and received its blessings.

      Before you go lynch mobbing and witch hunting for libs, look in the mirror and point the fingers at your own reflections. Historically, the culture of corruption has evolved on your watch, not theirs.

      1. Left or Right, it doesnt matter because we’re getting fucked either way. Corruption always picks the winning side.

        1. Elect Democrats and Green Party candidates to the Council for the next 15 years. Then, and only then, can a true comparison be made.

          1. Democrat$ like Flory? 3@50? Redevelopment corporate welfare? Cronyism?

            Yeah just what we need 15 years of. Spoken like Pam Keller. Or Quirk’s ex-husband.

      2. Too bad Republican doesn’t equal conservative. Clesceri and Wilson and the Three Dim Bulbs were as liberal as Quirk and Silva.

        1. It took you, too, 25 days to think up a response. I can’t really call this a slow-witted one because herein is not a bit of wit. Just a dull retort, dimly lit.

        2. “Too bad Republican doesn’t equal conservative.”

          Hmmm? The FFFF administrator posted this in an blog article on 8/12/12:

          “Last night the OC GOP Central Committee endorsed incumbent Fullerton City Councilmembers Bruce Whitaker and Travis Kiger for re-election in November.

          From a practical standpoint that’s good news for Whitaker and Kiger. The party still carries a lot of weight in Fullerton elections as demonstrated by Leland Wilson’s blow-out of Jan Flory in 2002, and even Pat McKinley’s razor-thin victory over Doug Chaffee in 2010.”

          Sounds to me like someone on this site likes the GOP.

  6. And remember, Ramos would likely still be in jail awaiting trial if not for the efforts of Benjamin Lira. This is such a mockery of justice it’s not even funny. At least the cowards have to live with their consciences every day, if they in fact have any.

  7. Normal court process. Look at big dollar murder trials. OJ and others. They take years. This is normal. Both cops will get off though. Count on it now. No jail time. I know all.

  8. These things take a lot more time than people imagine. To be totally accurate, the defense asked for more time to prepare a response to the DA’s 100-page opposition brief. They are entitled to that by law.

    Patience, people. If a judge denied a reasonable request for a continuance at this point, it could constitute reversible error. We don’t want this conviction overturned on appeal.

          1. And put a witch on the city council that was 90% financed and directed by Barry Coffman’s union.

            I’m sure your parents are proud of you Greg.

            No one else though.

            1. Ghostly spirit, those were independent expenditures (at least by and large) and don’t bind her. She was useful as a means of getting Kiger off of the Council. If you think that she’s not her own woman, you should at least have better evidence.

              As for the smack talk, either get better at it or drop it.

          2. I can’t wait for the post about Corporate Subsidized Quirk. Bought and paid for by the giants of corporate America!

            1. Patience, amigo. I’m working on that: how the giant unions and the giant corporations teamed up to launder money to Quirk, demonstrating that big business loves big government!

      1. Greg, a man your age, and clearly in such poor shape, unless you are a pear, ought be more concerned about getting right with God, of your choice, rather than subjecting your beard, to further embarassment. Shame on you, you grew up to be a schill.

    1. What conviction? The DA will fumble it intentionally (he’s already started). There will be no civil trial because Dad will settle for a huge amount; Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee will agree to a huge amount to protect Danny and His Gang of Thugs.

      Dream on.

    2. I would imagine any judge would grant any reasonible request for more time to prepare their case. The trial judge doesn’t want his his/her hand slapped on appeal. Anyway, the whole thing justice being denied is simple impatience by people with a very focused agenda – bring down the FPD. How about this for another legal cliche: the wheels of justice turn slowly.

          1. Unless they are funded by the taxpayers or their insurance company (AIG) was bailed out by the taxpayers.

    1. The more you comment the more stupid you sound. The bail was one million dollars, not the bond was one hundred thousand. His parents put that up.

  9. interesting to note from the grand jury transcripts that some of the witnesses were mentioned that were not even present that made the police look justified. Why the prosecution presented a taxi driver saying that he saw Kelly hit an officer that wasn’t even present but refused to bring in a witness that saw the officer who specifically infliceted facial injuries is beyond me. It only makes me feel skeptical as to who will help those officers the most on there quest for exoneration, the defence… or the prosecution team?

  10. Brandon :
    @ Mickey: Do you really think Ramos’ parents had a million dollars lying around? I know you’re not that dumb.


  11. Dammit” Omal, Skraw… Minnie Haller my girlfriend said not to work myself up over a punk like you, she said “Que no valez verga!” but I stood up for you, Minnie, I told her ” Que si, valez verga!” (sp) You have a nice day Skrawneey!

  12. AntiCorruptionUnit :
    LOL, I’ll buy a cop like you a beer who won’t hide behind the keyboard.
    I bet your a fat ass who hasn’t seen his toes in years but thinks you should produce and direct the next Rambo movie.
    I am sure the next cop that steps up for whatever reason will be a pussy too? That’s all you crooks in blue have at this time to defend you shit is the keyboard. SAD!!!!!
    You need to get the sand out of your mangina before you go 10-8.
    If it falls into your hamburger, you’ll cry about that too.

    This comment was for skull service.

  13. Kelly’s case needs to be taken out of Orange County. It is impossible for there to be justice with all of the intertwined relationships.
    All of them need to be tried in a place where they have no connections and there is no temptation by anyone to manipulate the situation.
    Think about it, Chief Sellers and Rackauckas are buddies.

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