Jane Rands Files For Bankhead’s Job

Well, somebody has to do Bankhead’s job since he has adamantly refused to do it himself – for almost 25 years.

The impeding cold streak was an omen of things to come.

Today, Jane Rands, former State Assembly candidate under the Green Party banner, has filed papers to replace council Precambrian holdover, Don Bankhead.

Jane appears to be somebody who is smart and believes in accountability, and would make an immeasurably better city council person than Bankhead – who has been targeted for Recall because of his dismal leadership failure.

FFFF looks forward to sharing more information about Jane and her platform in the coming days.

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136 thoughts on “Jane Rands Files For Bankhead’s Job

  1. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly welcome Jane Rands into the race and support her candidacy without reservation.

    I am a former Democrat/progressive type gradually turning Libertarian. I still believe in certain “left” principles like a safety net for the poor and environmental protection. But on most issues these days I find myself a lot closer to Ron Paul than Obama.

    What this country, and by extension this city needs is a coalition of Greens and Libertarians. The things that we agree on are much greater than the things we disagree about.

    In Fullerton, this would mean:
    1. Clean up the damn police department for once and for all.
    2. Stop the militarization of law enforcement.
    3. No tolerance of any political corruption, at any level, at any time.
    4. Get the Chamber of Commerce and other “players” the hell out of politics.
    5. Total transparency and accountability. Clean government!
    6. No more favors for business pals and political cronies. No more “you get to break the rules because you donated to my campaign.”
    7. Every penny of taxpayer money should be accounted for and well-spent.
    8. No more development boondoggles.

    From a few brief conversations with her I think Jane would agree with all of these positions. I strongly urge FFFFers to forget about labels like “Green”, “left” and “right” and to take a good look at Jane’s positions and her personal integrity.

    With Jane, Travis and Bruce and some of the others likely to run we have a real shot at cleaning up this city and its cultures of corruption.

  2. Have no dog in this hunt (don’t live in Fullerton, but nearby and drive thru Fullerton on occasion), and I like Jt’s points.

    And I doubt she would be falling asleep in meetings 🙂

    1. That’s a shame Chris. Don’t you think she cares about trying to clean up the city as much as the people you will support? I realize you guys won’t be on the same page on everything, but probably are on the police stuff at least, right?

      1. Very simply JT, there are many important issues facing this city, not the least of which are fiscal issues. It is difficult for me to imagine that somebody who espouses the fiscal, political and social values of the Green Party or Democratic Party will strongly support MY view of wise and small government across a broad spectrum of issues. While I am demonstrably somebody who will actively oppose Republicans who violate their own values and never blindly support them, I must also take note of the values of the organizations that other candidates choose to associate themselves with. To the Green Party’s credit, they very clearly post their platform on their website and there is no shortage of strong positions with which I strongly disagree. I have no time or wish to debate their entire platform, but suffice it to say that universal health care is one excellent example of an area of tremendous disagreement. While every issue may not be germane to city governance, the political philosophy which leads to one’s party of choice is always relevant. I would like to reiterate however, that I like Jane personally very much and she is a very intelligent lady.

        1. I’m pretty sure the Fullerton City Council is never going to be voting on an issue such as Universal Health Care?
          I think we should leave party affiliation out of the selection process, and instead fuel of collective energies on organizing a pod cast of some sort that would feature a forum for the candidates to espouse the local issues that we’re facing, and how they plan to approach resolving these issues, followed up by a Question and Answer style forum, and then finish up with an old fashioned debate.
          The internet also seems to be the most convenient medium way for the most Fullerton residents possible to be able to access the candidates viewpoints and platforms without ever having to leave our homes.

        2. Thank you for responding Chris, and well said. We have differences of opinion on some things but I think we also share many common goals.

          I am uncomfortable with some basic economic tenets of libertarianism but at the same time I STRONGLY support libertarian candidates at present because on a whole range of current issues we agree, and ESPECIALLY on policing and law enforcement, militarization, and civil liberties.

          Thus I will support anybody running for a council seat at this point who will make it a priority that our police force essentially know their place – “to SERVE and protect” the entire public. (Including the homeless and random college students they pick up and decide to beat on for sport). And nothing is more important for the city of Fullerton than to get the police UNDER CONTROL.

          I have been blown away by the Libertarian defense of freedom from oppressive government both locally and nationally, and nowhere more than here in Fullerton where the Libertarians, not the Greens or progressives, made the Thomas case what it was and led the movement for change. All credit to where it is due! I am less concerned with ideology at this point than with solutions. As far as I am concerned, the Libertarians are leading the way to prevent this country from descending into bipartisan-supported Orwellian totalitarianism and I am firmly on their side. But the Greens are well-intentioned and good allies against the Dem/Repub mainstream. I urge Libertarians to not stand only on principle but to work with whoever is willing to work with them, just as Ron Paul is willing to work with Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader or Barney Frank when they share common ground, and there is a lot more common ground than many people think.

          I agree with FL’s comment below, that a forum for the candidates to discuss their positions and answer questions from the community would be a great idea.

        3. Chris, you’ve been a dynamo in the recall effort and are stalwart in advocating smaller, open and transparent government. Concern about corruption, police brutality, cronyism and secrecy, however, cross party lines. At least until things are cleaned up, maybe the personal ethics of a candidate should take precedence over narrower, political ideologies. There are some powerful immovable objects impeding reform in Fullerton right now, but a united citizenry can provide the irresistible force necessary to dislodge them and make Fullerton a model for other cities in California.

          I like what you said here about a coalition of citizens who support the recall.

          Thanks FFFF for your intention to cover a broad spectrum of ethical candidates. Jane Rands already has a compelling endorsement from JT. Looking forward to hearing more regarding her candidacy.

          1. My endorsement, the endorsement of a hopefully somewhat anonymous person on a blog, should carry very, very little water. But if for some reason it does, let me also mention that I forgot to endorse Travis!

            I endorse Travis Kiger for City Council. I actually know little of his political views other than what he writes on this blog. But based on that alone and his incredible investigative work on Fullerton’s Polilce I endorse him wholeheartedly. I can’t imagine anybody who will keep a closer eye on political malfeasance and police shenanigans in our fair burg than Mr. Kiger.

            1. “I actually know little of his political views other than what he writes on this blog. But based on that alone and his incredible investigative work on Fullerton’s Police I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

              Yes, it is amazing how much you can develop gut instincts about someone’s beliefs and character by reading their thoughts on various topics over a period of time.

              I am a former Democrat/progressive type gradually turning Libertarian. I still believe in certain “left” principles like a safety net for the poor and environmental protection. But on most issues these days I find myself a lot closer to Ron Paul than Obama.

              I couldn’t agree more with your statement here. The organized left has been disappointingly absent on many of these issues. Check this out:


              1. Thanks for pointing that out. Pathetic. The left seem to really not care much about police brutality, which is shocking to me since that was never the case historically. Chicago 68?

                http://blog.demandprogress.org/mission/ – these guys are the exception along with Glen Greenwald etc. And most of these folks are for RP. And locally, its just a fact – Travis and the rest of the libertarians and free-thinking independents who blog here were pointing out police abuses here even before the Kelly Thomas murder.

                All the people who think Tony B is in this for personal gain are probably people with no higher goals in life themselves then to make more $. They can’t understand the concept of idealism and doing the right thing. They don’t understand the stress it would cause any sane person to take on a political establishment and a thug-fillled police department. When they display the courage of Tony or of the FFFF bloggers in taking on the power structure, then I’ll start caring what they think.

          2. My decision to not support Jane has nothing to do with my commitment to a party. A candidate being true to their espoused values is an admirable thing. Those who are true to their claimed values are halfway home to earning my support. I also require that their values reasonably approximate my own. Taking Jane at face value that she is largely supportive of Green Party values, Jane’s do not. I will assume that she would have registered dts, independent or with another party if she did not largely support Green Party values. That assumption is based upon my respect for her as an honest person.

        4. Like Chris Thompson (comments 10 & 12), I like Jane as a person, but I won’t be supporting her. While I find her to be intelligent, thoughtful, and caring about the city, she holds many political views which would naturally lead to the expansion of government and heavy regulations on business.

          (I’ll echo Chris above- … “While every issue may not be germane to city governance, the political philosophy which leads to one’s party of choice is always relevant.”)

          Jane has run for Assembly on the Green Party ticket on more than one occasion. Here is an Excerpt from Jane Rand’s Press Release for the 72nd Assembly District Special Election (10/7/09)

          “Jane Rands, Green Party candidate for the 72nd District Assembly, supports a single payer healthcare system, marriage equality, decentralized rooftop solar energy production, restoration of critical education funding, conservation of our water resources, and legislation to strengthen the California Environmental Quality Act. “California’s budget shortfalls can be partially resolved by implementing long overdue oil extraction fees and restructuring Proposition 13 to only apply to family homes,” said Rands.

          The Green Party has had ballot status in California since 1992. The Party’s platform calls for ranked ballot voting, universal healthcare, equal rights for LGBT people, equal pay for women in the workplace, limitations on harmful atmospheric pollutants, the preservation and restoration of California’s natural waterways and wetlands, and other policies to develop an environmentally sustainable economy in the state. Visit http://www.cagreens.org for more information.”

          While she is commenting on state issues, many of her views are clearly opposite of small-government positions.

          Platform-Green Party of California http://www.cagreens.org/platform
          Platform-Green Party USA http://www.greenparty.org/Platform.php

            1. I will be voting for the recall, primarily due to the failure of leadership of the three city council men following the Kelly Thomas death. Additionally, I take issue with these Republicans not voting as small-government proponents. Lastly, they handled the follow-up of the wrongful police invasion of my home very poorly and only took positive action when I put them in a position where they had to.

              Having said that, if I am going to post my Support position, I feel that I also need to Post A Disclaimer: The many instances of demeaning comments and demeaning caricatures, along with the name calling, profanity, etc aimed at the three men, do not represent my values and have made it much harder to publicly take a position supporting the recall.

              1. Robyn, politics gets nasty. Too bad. You and I are comparative newcomers to the Fullerton political scene. I’ve done quite a bit of investigating in the past couple of years and have identified a corrupt, in-bred, entropic system that needs to lanced, cleaned and dressed. The conga line of malfeasance by Fullerton cops is simply the flowering of the noxious weed.

                As far as this blog is concerned, we have embarked on a campaign of ridicule to reveal the figureheads of this corruption for what they are – small-minded, ego-inflated, narcissistic, incompetent clowns. This is not polite according to the staid tenets laid down by the system itself to keep opposition stifled. We aren’t buying into that load.

                You should be a lot less concerned with profanity and focus on the very assault on truth itself perpetrated by the Three Hollow Logs (there I go again) and their henchmen.

                Anyhow, welcome aboard the Soul Train.

        5. Chris Thompson, I won’t vote for Jane RandS because she is a member of the Green Party and that spells big government, increased government intrusion and the cost of expanding government passed onto the little, tax paying person.

          1. There is some truth to that, but think about this.
            What is the biggest element of big government? The military.
            Who wants to keep expanding the military and defense spending with YOUR tax dollars from here to eternity?
            Why, that would be the Republican Party. Oh, and the Democratic Party. It would NOT be the Green Party.
            Who proposed the Patriot Act?
            Repubs and Dems.
            Who proposed NDAA?
            Repubs and Dems.
            Who proposed all of the nefarious Internet censorship bills of late?
            Repubs and Dems.
            Not the Green party.

            Your basic instinct to oppose oppressive government is entirely right, but you’re worried about the tiny chihuahua yapping at your heels instead of the rabid pit bull with its jaws fastened around your throat.

            Libertarians, Greens, and other independents have a lot more in common than you think. We need all of them working together.

        6. I agree. A Green officeholder sees environmentalism as the most important issue, and a way to change the nation. That means, inevitably, taxing me more to impose more rules on energy and water use and, of course, reorganizing our society to accomplish “social justice,” another word for redistribution.

          Take a look at their web pages. The Greens look like another part of the left wing coalition. Don’t unions fit into this coalition as well?

          Jane Rands needs to address these issues if she hopes to win. I’ve had enough of central planning in Fullerton.

          1. A green platform would not necessarily mean taxing you more. For example,. they might decide to make government offices more energy efficient. More energy efficient means lower bills. Lower bills means less taxpayer revenue required. Environmentalism doesn’t have to cost you money. it can also save you money.

            Anyway, I thought the big issue in Fullerton ws the police department. “Social justice” would mean that thug cops don’t get to beat the hell out of whoever they want for fun. Can’t we all agree on that at least?

  3. I too like Jane as a person. By all means I will consider her as a candidate but our differences may be insurmountable to get my vote.

    One thing I hate about local politics is not so much the partisanship, but the desire of elected officials to view and act on various issues with a partisan bent. You can’t go in as a conservative thinking you will save the City by cutting taxes like those in Congress attempt to do. You can’t go in as a liberal thinking you will “fix” poverty and homelessness and other social problems within the City by spending like liberals do at the national level. Both positions are unsustainable.

    I believe local government MUST be fiscally conservative regardless of the elected officials’ political affiliations. Fullerton does not have deep pockets like Sacramento or Washington DC. Our resources are finite and we have pressing infrastructure issues that need to take priority over social causes.

    That’s my concern with Jane…if her desire is to govern through Green-tinted glasses, I’m sorry, I’m just not interested.

    1. I agree with you completely. “Green” doesn’t mean drain the taxpayer and ignore the infrastructure to the best of my knowledge, but other than that you make excellent points.

      1. You’re right, it doesn’t.

        My concern is Jane’s list of priorities. If her Top 10 list includes anything that remotely relates to feminism, affirmative action, environmentalism, sustainability, social equality, then she is missing the point.

        Those of us here might disagree on the merits of these issues and that’s fine! The point I was getting at is I don’t want somebody trying to push social issues when 1) Fullerton can’t afford it, and 2) Fullerton has much more important problems that need our attention.

        1. What the hell is wrong with social equality?

          With it Kelly Thomas would be alive today and Dick Ackerman would be swamping toilets in Roubidoux.

  4. I support Jane 100% and It makes excellent points. I will reiterate what I’ve previously said. We should be looking at people with intelligence and integrity. There is no one person who will do everything we’d like them to do. We will disagree with at least one thing somebody does, no matter how much we like them. If anyone is looking for that “one size fits all” candidate, that perfect politician, get back to us when you find them. In the meantime, at least be comfortable with principles and the ability to see things what they are. Jane nailed the Anton project last night, connecting it to Dick Ackerman; now on public record.

    1. (sorry, didn’t mean to send…adding…) She laid them out sufficiently (with Greg finishing them by adding Ackerman’s involvement with the anti recall).

      I hear a lot of good talk about wanting this or that specifically cleaned up or taken care of. That’s all well and good but we also need to look beyond that. We want someone who will always do the right thing and look at the whole picture. I believe Jane will do this.

      For those that want to bring up the Fullerton Observer: you should know her contributions to that paper were reports of the Council meetings. They were always very fair, balanced and accurate. Anything negative regarding the three idiots were written as they happened, never sugar coated.

      1. Actually SherBear (kills me to call you that), I appreciate you reminding me about the fact that in the Observer, Jane referred to my refusal to yield the floor at a water meeting where I was enumerating the horrible decisions of Jones, Bankhead and McKinley as “Grandstanding.” Didn’t seem super balanced or accurate. Me? Grandstand? c’mon…

        1. Chris, it cracks me up as well as I take pride in how my name came to be. It was a very enlightening evening.

          I wasn’t at the meeting you’ve mentioned and I either missed or don’t remember what Jane wrote so I can’t comment on what Jane said. That sort of thing tends to be more opinion; unless your words were twisted.

        2. Considering who is in charge of the Observer, could her article have been edited? Something to consider and perhaps you can ask her about it?

          Again, I have no dog in this hunt.

  5. I do not live in Fullerton. I urge you folks that do to focus on candidates who are not beholden to the big party masters. Regardless of what they tell you – they follow orders. You need independent thinkers on that Council. People who have the freedom to distinguish between right and wrong, justice and injustice. It would be great if an unaffiliated candidate could find funding to campaign for a council seat without relying on political party money. You need to find a decent person who lives by a moral compass and refuses to be bullied by any political ideology. Perhaps I’m being a bit idealistic.

  6. The ideas that will improve Fullerton JustMe are not new ideas.

    Entrusting the people with their own money.

    Focusing primarily on infrastructure and public safety expense with our tax dollars, while not allowing themselves to be pushed around by unions.

    Understanding that the local government and its staff work for the people and not the reverse.

    Transparency in government and the recognition that city management is answerable to the elected officials and not the other way around.

    That, and council members that understand the above…and tell the truth. That’s pretty much all we need…and this lamp. And that’s all we need.

    1. lol Chris! Great timing for the line from the Jerk.

      I do agree with everything you just said. These are basics that should be a given. Whoever we vote for, we need to really scrutinize and make sure these points are all there. And that they’re there because of character and integrity already in place, not because they need to be in order to get elected.

  7. Yes, JustMe you are being somewhat idealistic. However, we desperately need some idealism entering into the body politic!

    Furthermore, you are 100% correct when you state we need leaders who can distinguish between right and wrong and what is good for the community as a whole vs. what is good for their political careers. That is why there is so many disapointing politicians of all party affiliations!

    Character counts more than most of us are willing to admit!!!

    Good comments and I am sad that you do not live in Fullerton. Please consider moving to our city, we need more citizens like you!

    1. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to evaluate character and integrity until a candidate is seated in office. Every candidate puts on a show to some degree to lure in prospective voters. And then you have the politicians who begin as ethical, honest people but later join the corruption they vowed to fight.

      Steering this back on topic, I think you must evaluate a candidate’s intent when they run for office. What do they have to win or lose, and is the outcome self-serving in some way? I ask this question because Jane Rands was a Green Party candidate for State Assembly in 2010, knowing full and well she had no chance of being elected. I interpret that as an effort to advance the ideals of the Green Party and nothing more.

      This begs the question, why is she running for Fullerton City Council?

    2. Vernon, several of us here can tell you what Jane Rands presents herself as, is very real. I encourage you and others to take that into consideration. But I urge you to then see for yourself. As I’ve also said before, scrutinize every candidate, even if they’re your friend.

      This should not be about party issue. She could conveniently switch to Independent but that would be disingenuous. Why did she previously run for an office she knew she’d never get? You’d have to ask her, assuming she actually felt she had no chance. I do know this, she stands for the best interest of Fullerton.

      1. Sher – while I am not a Fullerton resident, I am a resident of that Assembly district and I voted for her as an alternative to the status quo candidates. One can always hope.

        I so wish my GED was not in Political Science – OH WAIT, I have a B.A. with graduate studies in political science from CSUF – silly me.

      2. I think you and I had some dialogue on this topic a couple weeks ago. I personally don’t want people on the council who are old friends, old or current coworkers, old or current neighbors, etc. These affiliations get in the way of voting and thinking independently. We see it regularly with Bankhead/Jones/McKinley…whoever speaks or votes first sets the stage for the remaining two.

        Now, would Jane do the same and attach herself to Sharon Quirk, who, as it stands now, is probably most compatible politically? I don’t want a 2-2 council tie being decided by Jane’s loyalty to Sharon, or Jane’s desire to side with a fellow woman. This problem isn’t exclusive to women because men are just as bad.

        1. Vernon, that’s an excellent question. I think Jane has the integrity to go with what she feels is best and not simply to side with someone. But it is a good question and she should be asked.

          I think a round or two of Q & A with all the candidates followed by a debate would not only be good but necessary.

          To be clear, I’m not Green Party nor do I agree with Jane on everything. But I do believe in her and support her candidacy.

          I do believe we’ve had similar discussions before.

      3. Sherri, do you mean that she stands for what she believes to be in the best interest of Fullerton? Or, do you mean that what she stands for is in the best interest of Fullerton? SherBear in mind, that you agreed with my basic principles of what Fullerton needs, and that Jane has claimed the moniker of Green Party.

        1. Chris, I believe Jane will do what’s in the best interest of Fullerton first. I also think she stands for her beliefs which include believing when giving your word, it’s gold. The picture some have of her turning the Council and City suddenly green isn’t so. It isn’t even possible! When faced with issues before her, I’m confident she will listen with an open mind to what we want and go with what’s in the best interest of Fullerton. Might she suggest things she’d like to see based on her ideals of what could be helpful, useful or needed in Fullerton? Perhaps. But there will be four other council members to agree or vote it down. There will always be us, too. I have no problem speaking up if I think something is wrong, no matter how much I might like someone.

  8. It ain’t over til the 3 tired trouts groan , please donate or better yet, sign up for this walkaton….

    What do you think Concerned Texan?

    1. Honestly, I have contemplated moving to Fullerton because of this entire process. One day I would love to meet Ron Thomas as well. How can I get in touch with you about the walk-a-thon?

                1. God, I feel like I have bent over a table, and f__ked.
                  I thought I was moving forward, with my problems in my neighborhood. I have stayed away from going to the City Coucil meetings, in hopes that our problems would be solved. WHAT A FOOL I AM. I am soooo stupid!!!!!

              1. No it isn’t. Quirky was always about Quirky and I don’t blame her for getting out of F-town before people started linking her up with the Culture of Corruption. After all, she endorsed McPension. She took the ill-fated lobbyist boat trip. She approved Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court.

                1. “before people started linking her up with the Culture of Corruption. ”

                  waaaaaay too late for that, that dream was crushed ages ago.

      1. This just in. Linda Ackerman has moved into Ralph Baker’s spare room and officially filed in the Jones race. Big fundraiser to be held at the Dolan’s Friday night

      1. I didn’t like the comment from some FPD troll which was deleted right after I responded to it. See what I mean about confusing.

  9. Vernon Dozier :
    This just in…Sharon Quirk is running for State Assembly against Chris Norby.
    No joke.

    That’s not a joke, that’s just plain insane. I would never in a hundred million years pick her over Chris Norby.
    I don’t know if it’s an occupational hazard from being a grade school teacher, however at certain times during the public comments, I detect a distinct condecsending manner in which Sharon sometimes addresses residents as if she’s talking to schoolchildren. I can tell that during and after these episodes, that most of her audience are rolling their eyes and shaking there heads in disbelief.

    1. She’s barely competent to be mayor. You’re right, she doesn’t understand she is dealing with adults and talks down to constituents as if they were school children.

      Sacramento will eat her alive. And so will Norby in the upcoming election.

      1. She’s not competent to be mayor, and never was. Now Norby will have to stay awake! Thanks, Sharon.

        And don’t let the door hit you in the ass. You’ve got a load of baggage, toots, including the FPD Culture of Corruption. Good luck with that load.

    2. It is an occupational hazard; known for decades. Eye-rolling is the appropriate response, but if she catches you, be prepared to be sent to the principal’s office.

  10. I see merijoe is patiently posting links for the recall walkathon fundraiser, and I would like to offer a challenge. Everyone reading this blog, from the bloggers themselves to the commenters, neednto please sign up for this important event. While we all celebrate the victory of signature gathering to qualify for the ballot, there is still an election to win in june, and reaching voters with the right message will cost money. Tony Bushala should NOT have to fund this anymore. Fullerton is a community, and as such the recall effort should be supported by all who stand to benefit from tossing those three incompetent “leaders.” We all need to participate, I do not even live in Fullerton and I am involved, because I see a need. How about you? Are all of you registered for the walkathon? Can you print some flyers and get them out to friends and neighbors? I have a stack of flyers I can deliver to anyone who needs them, please contact me at cynthia@ward-associates.net and I will get them to you. Can’t make it to the walkathon? Then please use the PayPal function and donate, even a small amount, to show your support. This is critical, and the election is not going to win itself, it takes money to print info to educate voters. Time for all to step up please. It is crunch time!

  11. Re: #51: (Vernon Dozier) “This just in…Sharon Quirk is running for State Assembly against Chris Norby. “

    City council members often go on to become county supervisors and state/federal legislators. (Example-Sharon running for Assembly.) This is one of the key reasons WHY the political philosophy/positions of city council candidates matter, even if they are not voting on state or federal issues while at the city council level.

    Again, I like Jane Rands as a person (she’s personable, intelligent, and competent), but I would not vote for her for city council because 1) I disagree with her political philosophy and positions, and 2) a city council position makes a good launching pad for Orange County Supervisor or state legislative office. (More on this subject above in My Comment (#17) and Chris Thompson’s comment #12).

    (P.S. In answer to the question that I have rec’d from several people – no, I am not planning on running for city council.)

    1. With all due respect just about every aspect of that argument is silly. Personable, intelligent, and competent, those qualities alone would make Jane a rarity in the history of Fullerton government or, hell, government just about anywhere. Self described Republicans and ‘conservatives’ (and Democrats, and pretty much everybody running for office) routinely sell out and go for the money no matter what their stated platform, so integrity and incorruptibility are infinitely better predictors of being a good council member.

      As for feminist, social justice agendas or whatever such menaces someone was talking about, I’m sure she understands that there is no place for that in local government since there is pretty much no opportunity to make those sorts of decisions. And if there were, would anyone second the motion? There’s just no way. What I do know is Jane would never become a developer shill, or FPD flunkie, or rely on city staff to tell her what to think or what to do, and has the kind of critical and inquisitive mind that doesn’t just nod and rubber stamp proposals that came before the council.

      As for the ‘danger’ of a green using local office to springboard to ever higher and more worrisome offices, I just looked at green party office holders in all of CA. You know how many Greens hold a state office? Give up yet?


      Do you know how many Greens are a county supervisor in all of CA? Ready? One – in MENDOCINO. Even Mendocino can only manage to elect one Green and you’re worried about someone winning in OC? Hilarity.

      And its too bad, because Jane has all the personal traits that would make her exceptional in any such position.

      1. Great Post Nipsey.
        I agree wholeheartedly that this we should be votimh by the content of their character ,and not their party affiliation.

        Haven’t the three exotic elders that espoused all of their conservative credentials crap in the first place taught you guys anything about clinging desperately to party loyalty and not being able to make your own characterizations without worrying if they are a Catholic, Protestant, or a Jew?


        1. With all due respect to Robyn, I agree with you Nipsey and FL 10,000%.

          “What I do know is Jane would never become a developer shill, or FPD flunkie, or rely on city staff to tell her what to think or what to do”

          That says it all.

          I can think of maybe 3 politicans ever in the history of the known world that have not betrayed their supposed party principles at some point or another. At the national scale, centrist Dems, which is almost all of them now, and moderate Repubs are almost identical on anything that really matters. They are ALL for big government if you include the military-industrial complex and the 1 trillion dollars for defense each year, and if you don’t, well, then you’re just freaking too freaking stupid to talk to..

          The only hope is for people with integrity coming from the political fringes. Jane would appear to be one of these. So would Travis.

      2. Nipsey, you have said it far better than I could hope to. Everything you’ve said is spot on. This is what we’re looking for. This is what we want. This is what we’ll have with Jane.

    2. Re: my statement- “Again, I like Jane Rands as a person (she’s personable, intelligent, and competent), but I would not vote for her for city council because…”

      WORDING CORRECTION: As Soon As I Posted This, I realized that I should not have used the word “competent” in my description of Jane. I do not have enough background/knowledge of her to have made that judgment. My post should have simply said, Jane is personable and intelligent.

      1. Interesting choice of correction, since it was one of the few correct things you said. Anyway, good luck finding a candidate you can get behind.

  12. Hygeia on the hill is a phrase one of my history professors used to describe wealthy persons who entered politics ,at the turn of the century, to promote social hygiene ,sanitation, disease and environmental control. the phenomena of the nouveau riche playing their version of noblesse oblige used the institution of government as a tool to build a sanitized society. as an aside, eugenics became a popular movement at this same time.
    The tenets of the Green party reminds me of “Hygeia on the hill” where well-meaning individuals , like members of the Green party, push through intrusive laws, statutes and regulations with the intent to create an utopia and end up creating a big government that breaches our Constitution
    Our town’s scandals often center on our municipal government’s waste and misappropriation of tax dollar revenue evidenced by illegal water taxes, misuse of redevelopment funds in the past.
    The healthiest move for our town would be our municipal government decreasing its influence and legal control over its community

      1. my pleasure! For the last hundred years, American society has seen a shift from factions who strove in the private sector to affect/inflict on us their vision of a better society to the public sector, namely government.
        Today, factions that seek their personal utopia enter politics to institutionalize the creation of their utopia by pushing through government laws, regulations and statutes that often prohibit or punish free enterprise while forcing this same entity to pay more in taxes or fines to monetarily subsidize their political arm they use to build their utopia(sorry for repeating utopia but it seems expedient to me).
        Jane Rands political identity is forged through the Green Party, once a grass roots, well-meaning, private faction that sought stewardship of our environment and its resources, that has morphed into a political force that primarily punishes businesses and industries through fines and laws that threatens private enterprises’ existence .
        Rands’ Green Party tenets may draw a rosy future but in fact it ruins business and industry at all levels of society that causes unemployment, decreases revenue at all levels of government and forces business and industry to move their operations to less punitive municipalities.
        Due to the last decade or more of our town’s civic leaders and our police departments’ major mistakes, the average Fullerton business owner and Fullerton resident has watched most of their tax dollars used for legal settlements or frittered away on silly municipal projects that squat like white elephants in the midst of our town.
        Can our city truly afford to place numerous green elephants next to our town’s existing white elephants by electing Jane Rands narrow, punitive, green utopia?

          1. nipsey, what I write is formed from my study of American social movements from our nation’s civil war to 1920’s Temperance movement that forced Congress to pass Prohibition. I was taught by professors who spent the bulk of their adult academic life searching for the truth on this American aspect of history and who taught me and my peers that our nation’s contemporary movements parallel the past; history does repeat itself.

            Plausible’s origin is Latin meaning to evoke public applause for a persuasive argument. Nipsey, my intent is not to entertain others with skillful arguments, only to show the truth through facts that the Green Party parallels the Temperance movement In that both seek to control human behavior and habits through political coercion . The Temperance movement’s political success Caused more harm than good for society and the Green Party’s good intentions will economically depress and hinder big and small businesses who will be forced to outsource their manufacturing base or go bankrupt and both these events will raise unemployment and poverty

        1. Exactly. How many mansions does Al Gore own now? 🙂

          When he sells all but one of 1500 sq ft., I will worry about what kind of light bulb I’m using!

          Green for thee, not for me.

        2. “the Green Party, once a grass roots, well-meaning, private faction that sought stewardship of our environment and its resources, that has morphed into a political force that primarily punishes businesses and industries through fines and laws that threatens private enterprises’ existence.”

          How can an organization with NO power, NO funds, NO well-known national leaders, NO clout in influencing the writing of public policy, etc. POSSIBLY be “a political force that primarily punishes businesses and industries through fines..”etc.

          in any case, what do you suggest we do with something like the BP oil spill? No fines, because that would be “punishing business”? Hey, didn’t they punish thousands of small business by spilling all of that oil in the first place?

          1. jt, watch c-span, watch Washington Journal, there is a sizable minority of Green Party influenced representatives in our Congress and they do weild influence over our lives with their “sanitized for our safety” laws and policies that reflect their vision, not the ordinary person who needs a real job to exist, of a better society

            1. Van – tell me who these people are. Cause what I see is extremely wealthy companies wielding a hell of a lot more influence over our lives than tiny, poorly-funded third party operatives.

              And you didn’t answer my question. Is it wrong to fine BP for the gulf oil spill? They hurt thousands of small businesses – put them out of business in fact. I’m fine with the Liberatarian solution as I understand it – no liabilities limits to everybody can sue them the hell out of business, but until we get that, isn’t some kind of large fine appropriate?

              Who is the job killer in the Gulf Coast – BP or the Green Party?

              1. Jt! Yes it is fine to fine BP for the Gulf oil spill because our legal system, tort law, not the Green Party’s influence, demands restitution to the small businesses ruined or greatly diminished by BP’s gross negligence.
                my opposition to Jane Rands’ Green Party does not imply I unreasonably support corporations. I am a Libertarian who lapses sometimes but only due to reason not fanaticism. any movement ,faction, political party or religion that seeks to usurp our individual rights for their vision of a better society by exerting influence or coercion on the ordinary people, the masses,by using their position in government is a direct threat to our individual rights and a threat to the political foundation of our nation, the Constitution.
                I’ll vote for Ayn Rand and her “Anthem” over Jane Rands’Green Party because Ayn respects all people while Jane would be inspecting our light bulbs and water usage

  13. Zulu warrior, are you saying that Tony Bushala should stand the entire cost of a civic expense? This is an issue that impacts the whole community, and to dump that responsibility on one individual is selfish and wrong. How much more pride will we take in the result when we all work toward a common goal rather than allow one citizen to shoulder that work load alone? A walk a thon raises money as well as awareness, imagine the message sent with hundreds of people marching against the failed leadership that has misrepresented Fullerton for so long. It is time to stand together. Can we count on each other?

    1. Yes, everyone who claims outrage by the demented, corrupt and indifferent way that the city of Fullerton has been run for years and wants, no demands recall, should be donating $$ to the recall efforts. Join the walkathon or just donate


  14. Robyn Nordell :
    Re: my statement- “Again, I like Jane Rands as a person (she’s personable, intelligent, and competent), but I would not vote for her for city council because…”
    WORDING CORRECTION: As Soon As I Posted This, I realized that I should not have used the word “competent” in my description of Jane. I do not have enough background/knowledge of her to have made that judgment. My post should have simply said, Jane is personable and intelligent.

    Jane Rands has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona and your wondering aloud if she’s is competent?
    Are you sure it doesn’t have something to do with Jane Rands support of same sex marriage and the church’s support of propositions against same sex marriage such as Proposition 8?

      1. I don’t think that was the point of FL pointing that out. What I’m getting is that he’s pondering Ms Nordell’s basis for the competent issue to begin with. After reading her comments here and other forums, I was wondering the same thing.

        This isn’t an attack on Ms Nordell nor is it a question of her values. This is not about her bur rather, someone is running for a Council seat. However, if something like personal or religious values are used towards not supporting a candidate, I appreciate this being mentioned when other reasons are given. To be clear, these reasons will not have any bearing themselves on the input I hear but I do look for what might be influencing their decisions.

        1. SherBear-interesting-I had a conversation witha neighbor, and they would even entertain the thought of greg sebourn- on city because of his party,not that he wasnt bright, or a good guy,or had character or …….,integrity-nope she wouldnt think about him for the simple reason he is republican.
          I was thinking really what world do we live in….where you would rather keep a hack,then upset party lines?
          I would hope people will judge Jane on her accomplishments, her activities in and for the community and give her a chance to prove herself in forums, and debates.
          Lets over look party’s and look at the people-we are going to have to work with to get this city back to its lustre…its gonna be a long haul-who do you want to work with,who best represents you?

          1. That’s unfortunate, Citizen M. When I was gathering signatures, I had several who didn’t know and didn’t care what these three had done or not done. All that mattered was that they’re Republicans and it went both ways. Some Democrats and a few others signed only because of this and some Republicans would not signed only because of this. I found this disheartening and self serving by all of them.

    1. I wonder if Robyn would have come out swinging hard when they Ramboed her home instead of rolling over for a while that maybe some cracks would have surfaced in the veneer of the FPD sooner and who knows. If they did this to her -an educated caucasion and stonewalled and blew her off for a while, how do you think they were treating the less fortunate and less educated on a daily basis. Robyn got a taste of the active culture that was still fermenting.Folks what we don’t do has far more ramifications than we realize. I personally think she went way too easy on the whole thing.

      1. I don’t think we can hold anyone involved responsible unless they are part of the abuse and corruption. We all have our ways of dealing with unfortunate types of situations. Looking back, we might have done things differently but in the moment, we hopefully do the best we can.

        1. I am not holding her responsible for anything nor am I implicating her in any capacity. I am merely illustrating that cowering and going along especially when one holds a position of influence and in possession of solid credibility is problematic in our society. There were plenty of warning signs and we all looked the other way including myself. I should have called for the watch commander as the crazed officer began yelling in attempts to escalate a traffic stop with my wife behind the wheel on Dorothy that night. There is a big difference between yelling at a woman behind the wheel late at night and kicking in doors with guns drawn. With all the surveillance technology and evesdropping equipment and the pizza man has better GPS reading abilities.

      2. Im sure Ms Nordell had her reasons, they broke into her house,she wanted an apology and got one, asked for rules to be changed and updated- I think she felt vindicated,when she& her family were given a public apology from Hamilton.
        Sad, to say Im sure those who live on the other side of valencia-see this, accidental police intrusion-all the time-where is their apology?

        1. Re: #124-127/citizen M (and comments from truthseeker and SherBear re: our mistaken police raid)

          “Im sure Ms Nordell had her reasons, they broke into her house, she wanted an apology and got one, asked for rules to be changed and updated- I think she felt vindicated, when she& her family were given a public apology from Hamilton.”

          “ Sad, to say Im sure those who live on the other side of valencia-see this, accidental police intrusion-all the time-where is their apology?”

          RE: the 2nd statement:
          IF this happens to someone else, good policies/procedures are now in place (as a result of the handling of my incident). IF someone’s home is mistakenly raided and the new policy is not followed, it’s now much easier to hold officers accountable.

          RE: the 1st statement
          MY REASONS For Handling This As I Did –

          We Had Two Major Goals In This Process:
          1) To diminish the odds of this happening again to another Fullerton family.
          2) To create positive policy change-improve FPD’s procedures for handling such errors.

          I WAS SATISFIED With What Was Accomplished:
          *Most important—Positive policy change which makes it less likely that this will occur again and sets up good procedures in case it does.

          *A public city council presentation on the issue (bringing things to light), including a public apology.

          *An apology letter from the police department which clearly explained the new policy. (see next entry)

          *A fair Internal Affairs investigation. Officers actions were determined to be inappropriate and not within policy, and the policy violation(s) against them were classified as “Sustained.” Officers faced discipline.

          *News coverage from 35+ news sources (tv/radio/print and online news). The significance of the news coverage-to make it painful enough to the FPD that no one wants to repeat this error.

          *Letter of apology from the city.

          *Good insight for me re: the leadership of the FPD and the Fullerton City Council. Helpful in my roles as government teacher/and as one who gives election recommendations to conservative voters.

          WHY NOT SUE?
          I have no problem with a lawsuit WHEN it is needed to accomplish positive change OR if restitution is needed. Restitution was not needed in my case and I did not need a lawsuit to accomplish my 2 goals.

          Perhaps others would have handled this differently, but I’m very satisfied with the way we handled it.

          For EXPLANATION of New Policy from my FPD Apology Letter, See Next Entry

          1. Continued from My Comments #128

            EXPLANATION of New FPD Wrongful Entry Policy from Robyn’s FPD Apology Letter

            “As a result of this incident a department-wide directive has been issued regarding mistaken entries into locations by FPD personnel. The directive focuses on various aspects: the first being proper address verification, and the other aspects being FPD management notifications and actions to be taken after a mistaken entry occurs. A portion of the directive also includes immediate contact by an FPD Command staff officer to a responsible party at the location of entry. As you know, the directive was also discussed with Fullerton City Council during my presentation to them regarding this matter at the regular meeting which was held on October 4, 2011.

            The specific items are summarized below:

            •Location/Address verification with certainty prior to entry.

            •Immediate notification to an on-duty supervisor, the Division Commander of the involved officers, and the Chief of Police.

            •Generation of a police report documenting the entry.

            •Initiation of an Administrative Investigation into the facts surrounding the mistaken entry.

            •Immediate contact with a responsible party at the location by a Fullerton PD Command Staff Officer.”

            (Robyn’s note: I transcribed this excerpt from the letter. IF there is a spelling/grammar error, it would be mine.)

  15. just a guy :
    A degree and a job does not make one competent by itself. If you need proof, go talk to any NFL lineman.

    I don’t know of any current or former NFL lineman that have EVER graduated from Cal Poly Pomona’s School of Computer Engineering studies, and is currently employed as a Systems Engineer for a major defense contractor, do you?

    1. And the fact that our local Green party candidate is an employee of a major defense contractor points to her being an iconoclast, because you know that can’t sit well with all of the party ideologues.

  16. today “forced virginity tests” dismissed from court in Egypt. an Army general quoted as saying it was ok “because those girls weren’t like our daughters”. wonder if he’s friends with McKinley on FB

  17. GO JANE GO! Whooo hooooo!
    I don’t give a damn about Green or Blue or Pink party affiliation. You want more Bankhead, you’re welcome to him or his friends who surely, they will put up for office.

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