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  1. Who was the other no vote besides Kiger? You can hear at least one other supporting his position during the voice vote.

    1. Hardly! He still lost the board. A grand slam would include controverting the outcome. It was a nice RBI, but the game was still lost.

      1. True. But Walter Johnson played on losing teams for 20 years, and he’s in the Hall of Fame.

        Still, it’s nice to win, even if your teammates are awful. Sometimes you have to carry them – but you’ll hardly ever win the pennant.

  2. Travis sounds like the designated driver who is trying to wrestle the keys back from a bunch of drunk drivers hellbent on driving our city into bankruptcy.

  3. Finally, a guy who doesn’t fall into the “we have no choice but to approve this” category.

    The rest of those drones should be ashamed of themselves. Of course Larry Bennett took a powder.

  4. Travis, please enlighten us. I thought that since redevelopment has ended that new contracts cannot be entered into for any existing projects under the redevelopment arm. PERIOD. I would think this would apply here, thereby shutting down the project.

    1. The question is: under the Governor Brown shut-down of RDAs statewide, what is the fate of the 20% affordable housing set-aside funds? Or, at least, of those funds which had accrued, as of the termination dates of the RDAs??
      Remember, for the last few decades, state law has required that 20% of the property tax diversions by RDAs are required to be put into “affordable housing set-aside funds”. Best wishes, WSH

      1. Snow, Redevelopment’s over, fin, done, kaputz, finito, gonzo. That means there’s no 20% to set aside.

          1. That sound about right. But it doesn’t make sense in this economy to mandate/legislate something that is coming right out of people’s pockets, especially if they don’t benefit from it in their own community.

  5. Very nice, Travis. It’s a shame others on the board don’t get it. I’m curious, too – who was the other person who voted no?

  6. Travis- Please educate me also, who is the putz Cochran? It appears he has been Vice chair on this commission since at least 2002. I need to know more about him and there isn’t anything here at FFFF that comes up. How does one get to be on the commision for over 10 years?

    1. There is an 8 consecutive year limit. Or there used to be.

      The mummy Wade Richmond was actually Bankhead’s appointee before – right after the last Ice Age.

  7. Since the information Regarding Kelly Thomas pumped out by this site was proven to be pack of lies. I like the idea of this site going back to its roots….complaining about brick veneer.

    1. Lies huh? what lies? he had trash- knew it,FFFF said it, the call came from a lady directly to dispatch…knew it, so what lies are you referring to Mark up? the broken bones..lie? Lynch mob- what lies-The ones told by the officers who had the video at their disposal for weeks? sound fair huh? Mark up….you old fool, you better get your pen out…your writin a few checks…starting with Gennacco…70 thou got you what..vindicated…that is funny…get out your check book….O wait its other peoples money and someone else’s kid…I hate to say this…BUT if they treated your family like this…I would stand next to you…yep that makes me better than you…but from your past posts and what they contain- that aint too hard…good luck living in la la land…I have a pen if you need it..for that check.

    2. Lies? Like the burglary, the broken bones, the “fight.”

      The lies came from Goodstink and no amount of Gennaco brand perfume can cover up the obnoxious odor.

  8. Well done.

    I wish those pols would say “taxpayer” instead of “government” when they talk about money. Next, they’ll accept high speed rail for Fullerton because they can get “government” money!

  9. I need to post a sign in the parking lot of the three story vomitorium, hmm, hmm I mean parking structure,the sign will say..Vegas is for pussies, stay and do the beat and greet in Fullerton……..I think the entire city, and those who get paid by said city, are all in on it…from the street sweeper who makes 60 thou to the city clerk making under 200 thou….anybody else smell the rotting standards here?

  10. Markup :
    Since the information Regarding Kelly Thomas pumped out by this site was proven to be pack of lies. I like the idea of this site going back to its roots….complaining about brick veneer.


  11. Why is the second someone disagrees they are a troll. It’s as if when someone disagrees, all of you full force on that person. Those officers need to go to jail for what they’ve done. From what I understand. There is a good chance they won’t. Which sucks. But hating on alibis the businesses downtown and implicating every member of city government that doesn’t in some way endorse this blog, makes it seem lime there is giant octopus conspiracy existing in Fullerton with its tentacles reaching into every facet of life in this city. While I love a good conspiracy theory and question the amount of complete corruption in everything (The LAUSD stuff going on right now) I think you guys go a little too far.

    1. The reason that certain people are labled as a troll is because they change the discourse of the topic and puncuate their comments with inflammatory language. The topic for this blog is leadership in Fullerton… NOT Kelly Thomas. And your post is in fact way off topic.

  12. Cody :
    While I love a good conspiracy theory and question the amount of complete corruption in everything (The LAUSD stuff going on right now) I think you guys go a little too far.

    Cody, I think you need to wake up, because that is exactly what is happening in Fullerton.

    And about the troll part- I don’t mind an opposing opinion, we are all entitled to them but that is entirely different than what the recent troll(with multiple aliases) is doing. Ignoring the one poster who is here only to incite people (by definition is a troll) is the best MO.

  13. Travis Kiger is already in the chair. A lateral move to his right up there will do this community and its taxpayers a tremendous service.

  14. Blog comments are cheap and it’s time to step up boss. If you have ever appreciated what Travis has done for this city, write a check to “Elect Travis Kiger.” If you’re struggling, write a $25 check. If you’re making it, write a $100 check. If you are blessed, write a $500 check. With Travis and Bruce, this city is one smart and honest leader away from truly intelligent governance. The Fullerton voters need to see that Travis has broad-based support. Mail, door-hangers and signs are not free people.

  15. Disband the Fullerton PD has been the cry here on FFFF. Let’s see what our Friends from the south have to say about OCSD.

    “I think it’s very important for the residents of San Clemente to know that you City Council members, as well as the city manager, have no say-so over the Orange County Sheriff’s Department disciplinary actions or the release of information,” Richardson said, calling on the council to “fire” the Sheriff’s Department and reinstate a San Clemente Police Department, disbanded in 1993 in a cost-cutting move.

    1. Stupid article. As if a painter can’t be astute and involved! I may file complaints in my county. I’ve identified over a dozen council members involved in the same thing. The hard work is finding all the boards that pay a stipend. Get a list of your city/county board appointments from your city/county clerk (or search the January board minutes–January is usually when new appointments are made). Then start calling and asking each agency (i.e., air pollution, waste management, etc.) if they pay their board members and get a copy of the stipend policy. Yes, lots of work. Accountability takes work.

  16. he was a little slow off the mark, but he found his groove about half way through. Travis is correct and I am surprised how everyone is surprised about the votes. I am surprised how much I agree with Travis. In fact I see his ideas as democratic ideals. you would be surprised how political philosophies are not so married to economic philosophies.

  17. Grandstanding always bores me, but a planning commissioner overstepping his bounds is too much to bear. The way I understand it, the city council sets policy and the planning commission’s purpose is to pick color palettes and what pretty flowers to plant. And oh by the way, affordable housing did not go away with redevelopment and cities are still expected to provide affordable housing opportunities as outlined in each city’s General Plan housing element..

    1. No you are wrong and quite ignorant. Planning Commsissions are established by State law and have discretionary authority to vote any way they want on issues; they may also initiate zone code amendments.

      The future of “affordable housing” is very much in doubt as we speak. And “opportunities” doesn’t mean handing away millions in public subsidies to the sleaze bag Dick Ackerman’s clients by the Three Empty Beer Bottles.

      Next time do some research before to pop off on subjects you know nothing about.

  18. Travis WILL make a great council member and may even be skilled enough for higher office. In my humble opinion he needs a bit more seasoning and he is starting to get that in the PC.

    Travis – is the PC appointment about what you expected? Is it easier or more difficult than what you anticipated?

    That clip shows the beginning of insight as to how to begin to get things done within the context of a political body.

    It’s about building/repairing/modifying what exists NOT tearing down and starting from scratch relationships, institutions, established procedures, etc.

    I see this recall effort as a choice:

    1) RECALL- tear down and start over with all all the social angst that might entail
    2) No Recall – the system is retained (less angst) but the changes that seem to be needed may be more slow (if at all) in coming.

    1. Salty,

      My experience on the Planning Commission has been both enlightening and frustrating. It’s been difficult to watch business owners get saddled with extra costs and restrictions at the whim of city staff, although I have been successful at reversing some of the most unreasonable burdens that the city has tried to place on people who are trying to improve their businesses.

      It’s challenging to sit on a commission made of mostly self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives who refuse to use their position to protect taxpayers from massive public subsidies.

      I have discovered just how much power the city staff have over the conditions and ultimate approval of projects and permits, and have come to understand the subtlety with which they wield that power. Countering unreasonable requirements on business and property owners has become a cause for me on the PC, and with the help of some of a few of my co-commissioners, I feel that I have been somewhat successful.

      You are correct that the recall is about cleaning house and starting with fresh leadership. Sometimes change is difficult, but in this case it is absolutely necessary.

      1. Too true. City staff is always trying to load up oppressive conditions of approval and then getting the owner to agree with them.

        The favored business owners, however, get the old blind eye from staff. Think Florentine and Franklyn.

      2. thanks for your thoughts.

        The recall is about ‘cleaning house’. Fair enough. Of course that begs a myriad of questions.

        What will the ‘new leadership’ look like? I for one do not miss the dysfunctional city council when Nelson, Quirk and Keller were on the dias.

        How deep does the ‘house cleaning” go? Again, my suggestions that we are faced with choices to Improve/modify/change things that are problematic over time or dismantle and rebuild. I would ask for your thoughts,

        I would like to see a platform for you and others that may be considering a bid for office to be able to promote your ideas so that voters can see what is at stake AND hold future office holders accountable for what they say.

  19. So … IS there a state mandate for subsidized affordable housing outside of redevelopment? Travis didn’t think so, during the meeting, but now there is time to check.

    If he thinks that such a mandate, if it exists, should be directly met by a public agency rather than a private enterprise, then that position would be consistent. I’m sure that some people would call it “socialism,” but at least it would be consistent.

    1. There is no mandate. That’s what the puppets like to parrot.

      The State requires General Plans that have affordable housing plans; regional housing needs assessment quotas are handed out by SCAG to cities. These are targets for opportunity, not mandates.

      Sorry Hee Haw.

      1. Thanks for the reply. So, presuming that you’re accurate, does the non-required nature of these “quotas” mean that there is absolutely no legal reason that affordable housing has to be provided to any extent? If so, what are the consequences of such a policy?

        I’m all for not letting people get rich sucking on the public teat by diverting money from important public services to their own pockets. I’m not happy about the solution being “well, then to hell with important public services.” My hope (as usual) is that there is common ground between liberals and libertarians here.

        1. Greg, if there was extra money to go around, perhaps it should go to help subsidize lower income peoples rent, like in form of rental assistance…Section 8 certificates.

          What’s happening in Fullerton and elsewhere is that developers, their lobbyist, bond salesman, contractors, architects, etc. are all making huge profits at the expense of the tax payers.

          Oh, I forgot to mention the biggest beneficiaries of all; the city/redevelopment staffers who just love playing developer.

        2. You may indeed presume I’m accurate. There is no penalty, no consequences – other than putting a bunch of housecrat drones out of work.

          OC repuglicans have turned “mandates” into a growth industry for influence peddlers. This is not a public service, important or otherwise. There is no advantage to anybody in building housing that costs 2-3 times the regular kind. That’s just dumb, no matter how much it salves one’s conscience.

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