Daily Titan Spotlights Kiger, Rands

Travis (right) & Selah, pleased to be in the news

The CSUF Daily Titan ran a piece on Wednesday about the Fullerton Recall, spotlighting the candidacies of Travis Kiger and Jane Rands, running to replace F’ “Dick” Jones and Don Bankhead on the city council.

It’s good coverage for both, and captures the feelings of disgust felt by the tens of thousands of people who signed the Recall petitions because of the complete leadership failure of the Three Hollow Logs.

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  1. Travis and Jane are both candidates that show intrest to the peoples of fullerton community as a whole, not just catering to a select few.

  2. If several candidates are running for each spot against each recall, wouldn’t that split the vote and make it harder to unseat the recallees?

    1. No, it won’t make it harder to pass the recall because they are two separate questions on the ballot. In fact, having more replacements to choose from might make a person more likely to vote in favor of the recall. It will just be harder to predict a winner.

      1. Possibly, but not definitely. If one candidate seems likely to win a given race, then the population that doesn’t like that candidate may vote “no” in the recall just to prevent that. In the Jones race in particular, if Jones announces that he won’t seek re-election, some steam would go out of the drive to recall him. (Not among people posting here, of course, but elsewhere.)

        1. Yup, that’s jes’ how Ah’ got ‘lected last time too. All’a ya’ lib’rals wuz a’scared, so’s y’all voted fer me instead! Ah kin allus count on frightened Democrats ta’ support me ever’time! Y’all jes’ nevah learn!

  3. Travis (right), that is too cute…
    Travis ( the one without the bow)

    This picture is too disarming 🙂

    Selah is a great name.
    Does it mean meditate/ or think about that?
    I see it in the Psalms.

  4. The tens of thousands who feel disgust are the students who can’t get into CSUF, can’t afford the tuition, can’t find a parking space, and can’t get the classes to graduate. Add to that the CSU president got big raises. So if they vote for the recall, it is a proxy because they can’t get to the source of the problem, the State Legislature.

  5. Daliy Titan hell ya, I will do a bong rip for that. I love that photo of baby and grandma.
    It’s like, look voters I can reproduce. That alone should be enough to get elected. God knows Travis the college drop out cant put two sentences together. I should would like to see some kind of debate or wounderlick test for these schmo’s running for Clownsel and no donkey kong, I’m sure Travis could win that event.

    1. Aha! The GED brain toiling hard to cobble together a meaningful sentence.

      Look! Little beads of sweat appear on its forehead as the little monkey puzzles over his keyboard.

    2. SAE you should use lower case g in your references. The one you serve is of the lowest estate but perhaps apollyon would lend an ear if you call. The squalene adjuvant from your recent immunization is kicking in with the paraquat you are smoking. Congratulations. The experiment has now been concluded. You are free to return to your cable box, jelly beans and hot dogs.

    3. Oh, I’m certain Travis is working awefully hard to be more like you SAE.


  6. SAE:

    Now, that’s funny, I like it! lol

    I think the above candidates are excellent choices as well as a few others. I have no doubt the Recall will pass. Just waiting to see what the anti recaller have left in their bag of tricks. It will interesting but no doubt, vile and/or preposterous.

  7. Could either get any uglier….geezus. I think Travis is still upset from getting his lunch taken daily. Cute kid though.

    1. I always laugh when all someone has left in a debate are personal attacks ie looks, gender, etc. In this case, it went there pretty quickly. I can’t even say game over; it never even began.


  8. Travis Kiger will be elected. Like I have said before the younger voters will decide the fate of this election. Their minds are easier to unlock than those who have consistently pulled the voting machine levers that plunged the City of Fullerton down into this deep, dark hole. Travis may the road rise with you and may the wind be at your back.

      1. I guess conservation of energy would dictate that either the momentum of the wind is absorbed, force applied into acceleration or we suspend the laws of physics until you are released from the tobes of hades where the headless horsemen dwell. Moving pictures ring a bell?

  9. Nice photo, Travis.

    Pause and meditate.

    My Selah is 36 years old now.

    Courage, my man, courage.

    The choice of the name was not for her. It was for you!.

  10. i’d vote for that retard!!! prob just as funny as dick…………..but he is gonna need a make over,
    oh and maybe a paternity test. that baby is too cute to be his 🙂

  11. “Travis Kiger’s though brief comments reveals he will honor,respect first the individual and his or her rights over any and all public unions and projects. No member of Fullerton’s community will be heavily taxed, as they are now by the current city council’s illegal water tax, to pay for salaries,pensions and ridiculous redevelopment schemes that benefit not the community but the developers and members/cronies of our municipal government.

    Jane Rands is an intelligent woman who oddly associates herself with the morally bereft “Fullerton Observer”. She would be wise to not to follow in the footsteps of the last fool who was actively supported by this newspaper’s scant staff, ex-Fullerton city council member of one term, Pam(Goofy) Keller. Rands has some solid ideas that does directly represent the interests of the people. However, the gender of persons serving on city commissions is a superficial quality that Rands deems essential to the well-being of our community. Fullerton’s community needs qualitative not quantitative representation.” by Carla Ashworth from comments section
    from Titan article

  12. Thought continued,Carla’s comments hit the chord of hope within all of us for a better future for Fullerton. Rands impresses with her pragmatism ;a rare diversion from the usual Green/liberal flowery speeches only rooted in platitudes.
    Both Kiger and Rands political platforms show a strong desire to represent the needs of the community. Kiger is particularly impressive in that he refreshingly promises to first respect the individual rights of the members of Fullerton’ residents and business owners over collective good rationale. Our civic leaders and their cronies have used this excuse to justify displacing truly lower income persons to build “affordable housing” for “low income” persons who must earn enough money to qualify for middle class income level to make a profit for,those who in our current government who push through
    these social justice projects for them and the developers to earn private profit off of tax dollars. The list of do-gooder projects committed by the current triad of criminals,Jones,Bankhead and McKinley, who sit on o our city’s council could go on too long and it only would re-confirm the ugly truths about these three men who exploit the good people of Fullerton.

  13. I strongly sense Kiger and Rand’s personal ethics and morals will carry over into their public life as our representatives in municipal government. The era of council persons (Quirk and Keller) feted to cruises on developers yachts in exchange for redevelopment monies(now a moot point) may sunset with the election graciously given to us by the efforts of FFFF’s Tony Bushala.

  14. Spot on analysis of what each candidate brings to the table Van get it da artiste. Very insightful.

    These two most excellent individuals are two of the finest Fullerton residents, who over the years have continually sacrificed their own personal time and energy into making our city better.
    Both Travis and Jane epitomize caring about our town and the residents who inhabit same, and would both make excellent choices for City Council.
    I think the world of both of them, and with both of these extremely bright and caring individuals, I know that Fullerton can and will enjoy a brighter future.

  15. I do believe Travis is a good candidate and I know I speak for many other Fullerton residents when I say because of his affiliation with Tony Bushala he will not receive our vote.

    Same with Greg Seabourne and anyone else affiliated with Mr. Bushala.

    1. You and your coplicking friends are fools-this is exactly why Fullerton is in the mess it’s in- you fools-more dumb mice.

      PS-you know nothing of which you speak. I know this is impossible for you-how about you
      doing a little research on your own and stop listening to propaganda?

      1. Merijoe, I realize you worship the ground Tony walks on. I get that you’re just another “Dumb mice.”

        I never said Fullerton didn’t need a recall. What I said was, I am not going to vote for Travis because of his affiliation with Tony!

    2. It is because of tony Bushala there exists a recall , your efforts to divide and conquer the recalling of the three criminals from our town’s government will fail due to the facts presented on FFFF. If you must wave a morally superior finger, then wiggle it at those persons who want Bankhead, McKinley and Jones to continue sitting on our city council because it personally profits them.

      1. You’re right, it does exist because he’s paid for it. And now we the taxpayers will pay for it.

        Again, I feel Travis would be a good candidate but he’s affiliated with Tony.

        Alot of people who grew up in this town don’t like Tony.

        Welcome to politics!

  16. Blah blah blah….”i dont like anything, i can’t ever be happy and i like to whine about everything. Oh, and i just crapped in my diaper can someone help me”. — FFFF bloggers 2012

    1. And meanwhile your contributions to the discourse on this page have consisted of making fun of the way people look, an emoticon, talking about asses (twice), and now soiling diapers. Little wonder that you are more comfortable with a city councilman who talks about stepping on weenies.

  17. PoliTICKED! :
    I do believe Travis is a good candidate and I know I speak for many other Fullerton residents when I say because of his affiliation with Tony Bushala he will not receive our vote.
    Same with Greg Seabourne and anyone else affiliated with Mr. Bushala.

    When I read this post I could’ve sworn that it sounded like it came from Larry Bennett?

    1. Fullerton Lover, I realize everything is a conspiracy with you!

      Again, I speak for many of my friends who have grown up here and still live here.

      Anyone affiliated with Tony does not get a vote!

        1. And how would you even have any idea?

          I was born and raised here. Still live here and proud to be able to vote here!


      1. “Anyone affiliated with Tony does not get a vote!’

        Does that include Assemblyman Chris Norby, Supervisor Shawn Nelson and Councilman Bruce Whitaker?

        I guess they didn’t need your vote, either.

  18. The anti recall signs have popped up like mushrooms north of Dorothy in Raymond Hills. Nothing like a lightning rod to polarize things. Raymond hills residents are on a blend of well and imported water. That could possibly explain it. 15,000 + residents and growing have no problem opening their eyes. I guess the anti recall folks don’t get out much except to wine a bit. Years of prions in the meat not only have done in the brains but their conscience as well. I thought the church folks would wake up but then again in Nazi Germany they were wiping the ashes from the ovens off of their windshields as they left their services on Sunday morning. Change is coming. Lawsuit after lawsuit, frame ups, murder, molestation, brutality, illegal taxes, neglected segments of the population, out of control debts, and cronyism and they still cant see the forest for the trees. All the years of staring at that damn TV and St Jude’s pharmacologicals have done em in.

    1. Done them in,not us. It’s scary to realize it only takes a motivated few to affect change for the better .

    2. Note that the smarmy head of the Anti-Recall committee, Larry Bennett, lives within and influences these sames Raymond Hills residents.

      1. Looks like about ten signs within two square miles. Not too promising for those who think they are on the right side of a wrong.

  19. Politicked :
    Fullerton Lover, I realize everything is a conspiracy with you!
    Again, I speak for many of my friends who have grown up here and still live here.
    Anyone affiliated with Tony does not get a vote!

    Politicked :
    Fullerton Lover, I realize everything is a conspiracy with you!
    Again, I speak for many of my friends who have grown up here and still live here.
    Anyone affiliated with Tony does not get a vote!
    A) I have a hard time believing that you have any friends that don't still live in their parent's basement.
    B) I'm sure that even though your fiends/friends are still dependent on their parents for support, I don't think they'll appreciate you speaking on their behalf unless your friends are 10 years old.

    1. A.) I don’t know of any basements in Fullerton. At least we didn’t have them in the Sunny Hills area.
      B.) My friends all feel the same!

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