The Revolution Was Televised. But You Were Watching Dancing With the Stars.

Check this out:

We have met the enemy and he is us.

The streets of Bagdad or Kabul? No, this occupying force is all dressed up with no place to go – except the mean streets of Anaheim, where the police department has done just about everything possible to take a bad situation and make it worse.

But what’s with all the paramilitary bullshit? Camouflage? Really? What the Hell have we let out country become? Why did we let a bunch of neo-conservative chickenhawks and cowardly statist liberals turn our nation into a place where the local street cops are parading around with all the latest military hardware Homeland Security could buy for them?

Courtesy of the OC Weekly

I don’t know about you, but the thought of a Cicinelli, a Wolfe, a Ramos, or a Hampton decked out like GI Joe, gives me nothing but apprehension. In Fullerton our new council needs to start scrutinizing this militarization of the flatfoots, and PDQ.

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  1. Very disturbing image. Those idiots are tricked out like infantrymen in Afghanistan. I wonder if climbing into that gear jacks up their testosterone levels.

    The scariest thing is that this picture won’t scare a lot of people.

    1. Since we are on the subject. Why has The Department of Homeland Security purchased nearly 700 MILLION rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammunition? Geneva convention prohibits its use overseas. What are they going to do with that? Anyone care to answer? We better get control of our police department and our City Government. There is still a lot of fecal matter to flush down the toilet in that building on Commonwealth Ave. Folks they are ramping up the satanic movies, violence, porn and the sex on the idiot box TO TURN US INTO ANIMALS SO THEY CAN TREAT US LIKE ANIMALS. They are lowering the interest rates, dosing the water, keeping the booze and medication flowing, and continuing to LIE about everything. You better realize it is all the sleeping gas trick. We have already hit the iceberg. This is a pysop, a trial balloon, a test, to see how desensitized we are and what we will will tolerate and what push back results.We have the Anaheim PD murdering people, a paramilitary occupation of the neighborhood and where are all the phony preachers? Are you all gonna watch as they put us in the camps? Are you all on the clergy response team? Nah you are too busy counting your dirty money with your god’s symbol on the back of your dollar bills. Folks we have been abandoned by ALL of the institutions we trust to protect us. It is high time to protect ourselves. WAKE UP.

      1. You are so right — people need to WAKE UP and realize what’s been going on for the last 100 years. You know that saying about putting a frog in a pot and slowly increasing the temperature of the water? That’s US — the frog. People need to wake up and get out of the dang pot!

    2. That’s because a lot of people, I’d say 95% of Amerikans, are in denial. Martial law coming to a state near you! Wait! It’s already here! People must wake up or suffer the consequences…. why do they think all those “fema” camps are being built? It ain’t for any natural disasters, it’s for those of us who will stand against living the communist life our communist thug president is forcing upon us. It’s the USSA now folks… do some research.

    3. THESIS: Bill of Rights
      ANTITHESIS: kryptocracy principled on the bible
      SYNTHESIS: Anaheimistan

      Now don’t tell me THIS gets banned, too! OMG!

    4. Oooooo! Cops in camo! That’s sooooo scary!!! That’s so much scarier than rioters breaking windows!

      You goons get all goose-pimply over this sort of thing because it feeds your paranoid fantasies about living in a police state.

  2. Hey folks, did I miss something?
    Is this what was happening in Analheim yesterday?
    I was in L.A. where it appeared to be much safer.

    1. Not surea which day this picture was taken but it was over the weekends. They barricaded the police station Friday night and brought in armored vans Saturday morning complete, setting up command posts. They were also on horseback and at one point, charged a horse into a person.

      1. I believe that this was from at the unauthorized march on Disneyland that proceeded at the end of the Sunday noon rally at the Anaheim Police Station. You’ll find fuller coverage at OJB and the Weekly.

        I saw Marlena there, a woman who I think is the Shadow or Harpoon or Lover or -Ista or something, and a couple of people in Kelly’s Army shirts. Where were the rest of you?

  3. The Country IS lead by some Ultraliberals, they want the Citizenry to be totally dependent on their form of centralized government, for votes and power grabs.

    Theyve had Police in their back pockets for a long time, Labor Unions CANNOT USE THUGS anymore, as they did in the past, they need them for legitimacy.

    At least America can still vote, and is very effective in using new forms of communication.

    1. I really dont see the different forms of News Media, siding with the Police and County on the many different protests.

      They were very helpful to Fullerton this past year.

      1. That’s bull. The MSM was pimping the cops in the Kelly Thmas murder the whole way. Actually, they still are.

        1. They are very very liberal, but they would have had to completely censor to be effective on the KT issue.

    2. Richard, the new police state is the creation of the both the traditional left and right. Think Diane Feinstein and Dick Cheney in a lustful embrace. And if that thought doesn’t scare the bejeezuz out of you, nothing will.

      1. So, the BIG question is, where did the influence come from that instigated all of this? WHERE??

      2. Yeah, Joe, it’s only a matter of time until “they” shut down this site!

        Oh wait…that won’t happen because your rantings are just paranoid libertarian fantasies!

    3. Massive unemployment means large protests around the world.

      Recent Polling of America seems very hopeful for present and future.

    4. Ultra liberals? lol right. Try communism! Flouride in our water? Gee who thought of that first? oh, let’s see, HITLER. Gun ban? HITLER. There are so many ideas that our communist thug president has — they’re not his, he’s taking them straight from the playbook of HITLER and his cronies. Vote? for what? Which one is less of a communist? We need to take back this country from the thugs in the whitehouse — government is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around.

      America: from Freedom to Fascism

      Obama — The Rothchild’s choice for president

      Texas Lady stops Smart Meter Installer with Gun!

      1. DQ–Great, you link to 3 whacko websites. First you’ve got a Hollywood producer who does a documentary to prove taxes are illegal and we’re all going to be carrying national id cards by 2008 (its 2012 I still don’t have mine); next you’ve got the usual zionist conspiracy crap that jews run the world, and you end with a crazy woman ready to shoot a meter installer for trespassing. I guess she’s a hero to you. We don’t run the world, but we’re smart enough to make you think we do.

        1. It’s obvious you didn’t watch the videos. If you did you’d have a better understanding of what’s really going on. I’m pretty sure you’re not included in those running the world, so no worries there.

          Eventually, you might figure it out. God bless you.

          1. DQ stuff rates with the “information” and “books” pushed on coast to coast radio every night. Conspiracies, prophesies, etc. fill up the 3 hours nightly. The people sound sane until you realize they may have altruistic reasons behind their writings and ramblings. Check it out evenings on KFI 640. Same station as John and Ken show.

            1. coast to coast mixes chupacabras, alien abductions and truth in a glass so no one can imbibe any of it -total pysop to make the truth stranger than fiction and to discredit any credibility to those that are breaking their conditioning. It is a balkaniztion tool designed to kill conversations amognst sane people to keep us all compartmentalized so they can close the walls in on us. DQ has many many good points I might add. He is not the hook line and sinker type by a longshot.

          2. DQ – I watched them ALL! They are trash. If you beleive in this crap, you sir, are a bigot of the oldest order. Think brandishing a firearm at someone wanting to change an electric meter is a hero. Don’t puff yourself up as some kind of thinking libertarian.

            1. Brandishing a firearm at someone wanting to change an electric meter?? Obviously you didn’t watch the video. The “someone” assaulted her more than three times! You didn’t watch a darn thing. You didn’t have time lol

              I am a thinking Libertarian, not “some kind.”

              The Hollywood producer did in fact prove that taxing our income is illegal — how could you not get that? It’s people like you who allow it to continue. Just show me the law where it says it’s legal, that was his question, and it was NEVER answered. Not by any IRS official, nor judge. They can’t because there is NO law that states they can tax our income. Personal income. Business profit and loss is completely different. Do some homework before inserting foot in mouth Shimon.

        2. The national id is your biometric identifier drivers license so you already have one.
          Zionist control? No- Protestant Zionist control perhaps-ask a Vatican Assasin Warlock on that one. Come to a blue mass sometime. Check it out.
          Smart meters? Do you have one? The dishwashers and ovens have Wi Fi capabilties – why? who is watching and listening? whacko? Really there are trap doors and back doors in everything from voting machines to your phone. They don’t call them smart meters for nothing. All she should have done was opted out instead of pulling a gun but hey who knew? Implied consent is a mystery to most.

          1. Blue mass? never heard of it.

            I don’t have a smart meter, nor a dishwasher, fridge, or oven that has wifi.

            She couldn’t opt out and she couldn’t get the jerk to leave her backyard without assaulting her. Watch the whole video. There was no implied consent — just a note he left on her door and then he proceeded to tresspass into her back yard. Geez, this isn’t hard to follow.

            1. I have seen in the video. The PUC in California ruled in favor of opt outs for a nominal monthly fee but obviously it needed to be done prior to the contractors showing up. People have to stay ahead of the games they play. People have no rights unless they know and exercise them.

    5. “Ultraliberals”? Who are you talking about? Try to be non-violent towards the English language.

        1. Hmm, what does that mean? Was there a general release of mental patients and halfwits into the blogosphere lately? Or is the new cop trolling strategy to bum-rush FFFF with trolls pretend to be really, really, ridiculously stupid and conspiratorial?

  4. You nailed it Joe. Every thing about this was over the top. Unneccesary, excessive, wasteful and ominous. Like someone was trying to send a message.

    1. Exactly and the message is to become desensitized to seeing these military thugs/aka cops on OUR residential streets!

    2. I won’t plug my OJB stories here, but the latest one has a 9 minute video from last Wednesday that everyone should see. Joe Sip, I hope that you’ll port it over here.

  5. I agree, local police dept. DO NOT need any of this stuff. Having served my country in the Army, I can tell you that police officers are NOT SOLDIERS! Local Police are CIVILIAN Police Officers, let’s get that straight! They are there to uphold the law and to help and serve the community. A police officer does put his or her life on the line when they put on their uniform, but that is a known fact of the job and should already be known before going into this occupation. You will hear some police officers complain about having to put their life on the line when they work, I never heard any of this from the men and women that I served with in the Army.

      1. Or what? You’ll arrest me for hurting your fragile ego? How about you prove me wrong? Why Don’t you put up your real name “John Doe”?

        1. Police and Military are very different. Dont open your mouth before you know the differnce. In the first place, military is called into action rarely only at times of war, emergency or natural disaster; the police force has a day to day in­volvement in public life. Thus the police is more closer and integrated in the social life, than is the military, which remains alienated.

          1. Rarely? Have you been living in a hole somewhere? Our military has been active since 2003! I’ll open my mouth any time that I want. It looks to me like you don’t know the difference guy.Your argument still FAILS to prove me wrong “John Doe”. Am I hitting a nerve? Is that why you want me to be quiet? I’m so that I hurt your little feelings, I’ll send you some flowers.

          2. “the police force has a day to day in­volvement in public life.”

            And on their slow days, the white male cops drive through neighborhoods randomly profiling, rousting and too many times shooting Mexicans. Sometime they just don’t have enough productive police work to do; then shit like this in Anaheim happens.

          3. An amoral beast can make an excellent combat soldier, however, an amoral beast will make a lousy cop. That’s the difference.

    1. #11 John Doe….. AGAIN!!!!!!! Why do you tell others to shut the blank up???? They have the same right as you do,( UNFORTUNATELY ) TO SPEAK THEIR MIND!!! You are on here constantly with your big mouth, YOU are the one who needs to shut the balnk up, if anyone!!! I see you & a few others can do something as simple as answering the 2 simple questions, with a simple yes or no answer to both tho. Gee, I wonder why THAT is????!!!!!

      1. Your wasting your time Bob. John Doe never honorably served our country, only himself at the public trough that the pigs eat out of.

            1. Dr Ott said they are immature, sadistic narscissists. Sad really, dont give them the sick pleasure of hurting you or pissing you off.

                1. Don’t mess with Herr Doktor Ott. He will analyze you. And it won’t feel good.

          1. I will attest to John Doe winning the Gold in mouth pooping in the 1998 World Toilet Bowl.

            That’s about as close to service as he gets.

            1. There you have it folks, JOHN DOE: “HOW DO YOU KNOW I DIDN’T SERVE MY COUNTRY?”, ” I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A POLICE OFFICER OR MILITARY” But, it really doesn’t surprise me.

              1. You dont have to be miliary or police to blog here. Just have an opinion and that is what I have. I dont have to tell you what I did, who I am or anything. Do you believe everything this loosers say

                1. ” DO YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHING THIS LOOSER SAY” No I don’t, that’s why I don’t believe a word that you say. ” I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT I DID, WHO I AM OR ANYTHING”, I never said that you had too, but the fact that you feel that you have to tells my all that I need to know about you. What you did seems to be a whole lot of nothing. LOSER.

        1. So it’s now a dishonorable thing to work in the public sector, my God! Yeah, some are overpaid (thank their very effective unionization and your ass-licking council, asedmbly & state senate). There is honor in serving the public.

  6. Joe Sipowicz :
    Richard, the new police state is the creation of the both the traditional left and right. Think Diane Feinstein and Dick Cheney in a lustful embrace. And if that thought doesn’t scare the bejeezuz out of you, nothing will.

    Bush was Progressive and a severe Narcissist.
    From what I remember a Progressive is very Liberal.
    The clintons and obama are also.

    1. Even organized criminals figured out that a shopping bag full of money works better. Liberals are known to be very corrupt. I do see the police state as a Big Government issue. They are bought and payed for already.

    2. Our country is headed towards fullblown totalitarianism and has been since 9/11 at least. This is no time to be labeling everybody progressives, liberals, neocons, law and order republicans, etc. They ALL led us down this road to Hell and pointing fingers at 1/3rd of them distracts from the hard truth of the situation. Joe explained it all about as succinctly as possible already.

    3. Our illegal alien president has taken what Bush and the others started to a whole new level — he’s completely crazy, loves the dictator title…. running the country by EO will do that.

  7. they all are ramos, and if not now then they will be a year down the road, after trips from the locker room out to the streets of occupied teritories of the sad sick monster the usa has become.

    and what are we to do, vote , fight , run, make money , look away , protest , sit here and worry, wtf, .

    just wait, unemployment will rise and rise and rise, and discontent will continue to grow, and then the cops in camo armed to the teeth, will be glaring at all of us from every corner, and you will either keep your head down and report to your rat race slave cage, or you will be in some kind of prison district for the poor, and you will be watched, garded, and policed by the milatary police mechanism, put in place by the evil men behind the curtain. yay happy future .

    your only hope is jesus, al quaida or a big meteor impact

      1. And if you smash someone’s face in with a taser and he dies, you get an ‘excessive force’ charge.

        Now wonder so many assholes want to be cops.

  8. Very cool. This will never change. Too many nuts out there. Have to be ready for battle at all times. Liability if you aren’t.

  9. Jt :
    Our country is headed towards fullblown totalitarianism and has been since 9/11 at least. This is no time to be labeling everybody progressives, liberals, neocons, law and order republicans, etc. They ALL led us down this road to Hell and pointing fingers at 1/3rd of them distracts from the hard truth of the situation. Joe explained it all about as succinctly as possible already.

    2010 was a very conservative vote, historical.

    1. Here is a precedent, from that conservative hero Ronald Reagan. National guard deployed against protestors at Berkeley. Cheered by the mindless masses then, just as the Anaheim military show of force was cheered by the mindless masses now:

      Its not about liberals vs. conservatives. Its about all of them.

      1. “Its not about liberals vs. conservatives. Its about all of them.” -Jt
        America votes every liberal on the ticket in, “WHAT HAPPENS?”
        (Like Obama and Pelosi)

        Liberals are striving for the European Model. America does not want that. The United Nations Arms Committee is lead by IRAN what a cruel and twisted JOKE?

        1. Look, I’m not going to let this post get hijacked by your “liberals are the root of every problem” tired argument.
          1. If “America does not want that” then why did “America votes every liberal on the ticket in”? You contradicted yourself.
          2. If you think the Patriot Act, DHS, and the militarization of the police are liberal ideas think again. These were neoconservative ideas and neocons first appeared to hijack defense policy under the Ford administration – conservatives and Republicans all. They purposely exaggerated estimates of Soviet nukes and troops to ramp up US defense spending. Its never gone down since, under any president or Congress.
          3. Do you really think McCain, Palin, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Bachman or the rest of those clueless idiots would be OPPOSED to the militarization you are seeing? They would all want to ramp up the wars abroad and militarize “the homeland.” Every one.
          4. The only people against this are libertarians from right and left, and a few brave progressives (Kucinich and the like).

          1. “1. If “America does not want that” then why did “America votes every liberal on the ticket in”? You contradicted yourself.” that was misread. even you quoted the questionmark.
            Due to your lack of Comprehension, Jt, Im over and DONE!!!

            It would be foolish to consider middle of the road politicians as Conservative.

            This is a very Conservative Blog from what I remember.

              1. Richard, you are massively deluded. Normally I’d just say, yep, that’s the way most of them are, but this blog and this article are too important to just let this go. (and this all assumes you are not just a troll. There seem to be many of them around these days and they are getting better at disguising themselves).

                First off, here is the one sentence that matters the most for our time:

                “When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence.”

                Once you understand that, remember the following:

                The people who voted for Obama did so in part because they feared Bush’s move towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism at home and abroad, and thought he would move in the other direction.

                He didn’t. He ramped it up.

                The people who will vote for Romney in the coming election fear Obama’s move towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism at home and abroad, and think he will move in the other direction.

                He won’t. He’ll ramp it up.

                And on it will go in perpetuity until you wake up.

                As long as people are willing to believe in the Dem/Repub, Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative dichotomy there is no way forward.

                Replace that with Freedom vs. Authoritarianism and at least there is something to be hopeful about.

                1. JT-The American electorate ALWAYS think, whomever is running against the sitting prez, when the economy is bad. One of the most perceptive statements made about presidential pooitics was spoken by Bill Clinton’s campaign manager in 1992; ‘its the economy stupid’. That is the number one force in national politics. Our economy is not Obama’s fault, not even Bush’s fault. How ’bout going back to Reagan’s big deregulation of the financial sector and Clinton’s final blow when he allowed investment and regular banks to be owned by the same entity (sorry can’t remember the act he repealed).

                2. “As long as people are willing to believe in the Dem/Repub, Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative dichotomy there is no way forward.

                  Replace that with Freedom vs. Authoritarianism and at least there is something to be hopeful about.”

                  Thank you for that. I am a proud undeclared voter, and have been for about 20 years.

                3. Keep up the good fight, Jt. You won’t get through to this one’s head, though. All skull, no brain.

              2. Its the Glass Steagall banking act. It kept banks from acting like stock trading shops and kept them in traditional banking roles.
                However, part of the problem has also been lack of clear regulation practices of large banks by the Federal Reserve, SEC, FDIC and other bank regulators.
                A JP Morgan Bank trader in Britain loses $7 billion on a bad trade. He is fired by the bank. Some others are transferred to other roles, no SEC, FDIC or Federal Reserve response. Chairman Dimon is brought in front of a congressional committee and questioned by committee members who routinely accept political “donations” from JP Morgan or their lobbyists. See anything wrong with this?

                1. More on that:

                  Who is Responsible for the Global Financial Crises?

                  Another contributing factor was the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1998, also by President Clinton, that allowed the Investment Banks in effect to function as commercial banks and lenders, yet retain all the Investment Banking roles that have been major contributors to the current problem. The Glass Steagall Act of 1933 was designed to prevent the types of practices and abuses that we have seen recently; and our first evidence of the resultant flaws from the repeal of this act came in the wake of the dotcom bubble bursting. This Act’s repeal had allowed US Investment Banks to act as financier and seller of the dotcom companies but more importantly to be their biggest cheerleaders via their research departments. Many of the dotcom companies were little more than websites and yet the analysts were claiming these were safe investments which would never fail. Why? Because they would get the fees for raising the capital and the debt for these companies. They didn’t care that it was basically a falsehood that they backed up with EBIT, EBITDA and EBITDONE. The fall out was tighter regulation that made analysts responsible on a personal level for their analyses with the risk of criminal prosecution. At no time were the management of these Banks held to account for these actions.


  10. yes we did vote the three council members out, but trust me, when the feds or the un or the creepy controllers of the status quo are concerned your vote is of no consequence.

    1. I was thinking this is a new age of enlightenment (Age of Aquarius, Google, Wireless Internet, Mainstream Media has a lower popularity rating than Congress, The New Mayan calendar)

      Even the old Liberals before it was hijacked were Anti Police Brutality. (they were also the New Ice Age people)

      Cant GIVE UP ON HOPE, THATS WHAT DARK LIBERALS WANT. The whole Country is waiting to see what happens at the November 2012 elections.

  11. Did I miss something as well? Were Al Quaeda or Taliban operatives threatening the city? That is the only answer I can think of after seeing policemen who should only be wearing/possessing this type gear when they are in the military serving the USA in country.


  12. Nobody noticed????? It’s called “desensitized” the images have been stuffed into our brains since I can remember. Does anyone recall when their uniforms went from Blue to Black/Camo? It’s all part of the take over plan people. Get us used to the idea of military in our streets, then it will be time for foreign troops to be deployed here by the UN, then it’s off to the camps for those subversives who don’t toll the state line…. prepare, and let no man take your guns… The revolution is upon us!
    And for those who still believe this isn’t happening? the sand pit is right over there. Stick your head back in. There don’t you feel better now?

    1. I say take the guns away from the police and let the 2nd Amendment be exercised by the citizenry. The police should never need to camouflager themselves or their actions from public view, especially in a riotous moment.

      MLK demonstrated how to change government without resorting to violence and often in the face of a violent government.

  13. A guy in the sun with black tight fitting uniforms is more likely to go bezerk.

    You are not suppose to wear dark tight fitting clothes out in the sun.

  14. Look at the picture accompanying this LA Times article about the Aurora massacre:,0,1008408.story

    Do you see the Blackhawk helicopters? A civilian tragedy with a military response. This is the new reality – America is a military police state. Federales and Gendarmerie are what these cops are becoming.

    The US Constitution has become a useless appendage – like an appendix.

  15. Shut down this paramilitary BULLSHIT and tell DHS to go screw themselves! We don’t want their equipment OR money!.

  16. I dont really see the actual military siding with the Police on this issue, why would they want to come in and clean up their mess. Im sure many see them as they are, like Sadahms Army. (FPD had references to Sadahms Army in Arab News, before the video came out) In the Military Justice and Punishment is “Swift and Sure” they dont mess around like civilians. Even in WW2 almost every platoon had a color 16mm film camera.

    The picture seems to not be Military personnel, uniforms are too new looking, pants are unbloused, no water, wrong boots, none are properly armed, Police radios, stances are not proud.

  17. Richard C., poor dear, he’s trying so hard to kiss the po-po’s ass like that bootlicker over at the OC Reg, David Whiting. He just can’t see what all the fuss is about!

  18. All I’ve seen is the Anaheim police department creating a job for themselves to keep the boogie man away.

    Problem is that they are actually the boogie man.

    Fear sells.

  19. Lets hear from Chris Thompson he sounds like an expert in police tactics. What’s the safest way to put down a riot or creep on a couple of teenagers bumping the nasty?

  20. Trustee Chris Thompson is a firm advocate of transparent information regarding Fullerton School District bodies. But what he discovered at Beechwood School recently may have been too much information, even for him.
    Several weeks ago (the exact date is not clear), Thompson said he stumbled onto a sex act being performed in the school’s parking lot that days later ended in an angry confrontation with the young romantic by shoving him away.
    Since he was elected trustee in October 2010, Thompson said he’s heard complaints from the neighbors of suspicious activities at the K-8 school. On this particular evening,  Thompson drove to the school’s parking lot to check things out.
    He pointed his car so that his headlights illuminated another car in the lot. Thompson said he first saw broken bottles, then broken eggs, condoms, and then what looked like the naked back of a teenaged boy in the back seat of a car.  He also saw “what I assume was a naked girl underneath him.” Thompson said it looked as if they were having sex, but he didn’t look so close he could confirm it.
    “I’m not a fan of this stuff,” said Thompson, who often walks his dog in the area and whose sons play basketball at Beechwood facilities.
    Startled, Thompson slowly backed up his car and called Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes. While on the phone, the teen, now wearing boxers, approached his car, Thompson said.
    “He engaged me angrily,” said Thompson, adding that the teen asked Thompson why he was watching them. Words were exchanged, and the teen returned to the car and drove away, Thompson said.
    Thompson said he chased the teen so that he could write down his license plate number, but dropped out of the pursuit at Brea Boulevard and Rolling Hills Road. When police arrived at the scene, everyone had left, leaving no evidence for the officers to act on, said Sgt. Jeff Stuart, Fullerton police spokesman. No report was filed.
    Fast forward to Monday, July 9, about 8 p.m.  Thompson was at the school watching his son play basketball.  On his way out, he was confronted by a teenage boy.
    ” ‘You followed me the other day,’ ” Thompson said the teen told him.
    Thompson, who did not recognize him at first, said the teen appeared to be 16 years old and stood puffing out his chest.
    “He got in my face … and his friend was saying ‘hit him,’ ” recounted Thompson. “He was in my face and cursing.”  He said he stood chest to chest with the teen. “He wouldn’t back off,” he added.
    “He was a lot bigger than I thought … and I’m thinking, he’s going to take a swing at me,” Thompson said. “And his buddy is egging him on. So I pushed him out of my face.”
    By that time someone had called the police, though it is not clear who. The police log indicates it was not Thompson. Once there, police talked to all parties involved and both Thompson and the teen’s father declined to file charges, Stuart said.
    The age and identity of the couple in the car has not been released by police. A request was made by for the official police report, but it was denied by the city attorney.

    This incident needs to be reviewed by the DA.
    Why was this incident covered up by our new council and the city attorney was in on it too?
    I remember the talk about firing that lawyer.

    1. I’m failing to see the merit of posting this on several different topics. If you or anyone think it’s worthy of a blog discussion, write it up and submit it.

      According to what you’ve been posting, no report was taken. The first incident had the teens leaving before the police arrived and neither side pressed charges in the second incident. What exactly is it that’s being covered up?

      Also, this involves minors. IF names were given, with no arrests, charges or even reports, why does anyone think they have a right to know their identities?

      On a side note, you seem to be bent on turning this into a seedy peeping Tom show. Could it be you’re typing with one hand and looking for who these kids are for your own reasons? Just asking…but not wanting an answer.

    2. Anyone? Travis Kiger? Chris Thompson? How about a post explaining why the police chief was called directly? Why isn’t the police report being released? Could it be that Kiger is (gasp) following the advice of the City Attorney?

      This is exactly the sort of thing everyone on this blog would jump all over if it were one of the three old (insert your choice of derogatory name) did it.

      Hypocrisy in action.

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    3. Repeating: according to the alert posted here and on the previous topic, no report was taken. Hence there is no report on file. Do I need to add, so there is no report to be released?

      Why did he call Hughes? Only he can answer that but my guess is because he knows him well enough to so? Several make sure to point this out. It appears it wasn’t Hughes that responded to the call unless I glossed over that. The last time I called FPD to report something, I was left on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. Perhaps this happened when Chris called and he simply hung up and called someone he knew.

      *The last paragraph in my previous post was in relationship to comments made on the previous topic and apply to any and all with that mentality, whatever name(s) you post under.

      1. Move along! Nothing to see here! Move along!

        This is only news it involves someone on the Bushala Hit List.

        SherBear, the Ministry of Truth is paging you.

      2. This is the only name I’ve posted under for at least a couple of months.

        You say no police report was taken? That’s not what FPD is saying.

        Your attention is directed to the original article, where the very last sentence states, “A request was made by for the official police report, but it was denied by the city attorney.” Not that “no report exists”, but that the request was denied.

        Your attention is also directed to this editorial:

        which I have reprinted in it’s entirety below. Please note that it again states that a report exists and requests for the report were denied.

        Also, police reports regarding juveniles are released all the time, but in a redacted form which protects any juveniles. This could have been done in this case.

        I don’t know where to start with all the problems here. Thompson called the chief, not dispatch, to report the incident. Thompson initiated a confrontation in the parking lot with a juvenile. Per the article, “Thompson said he chased the teen so that he could write down his license plate number, but dropped out of the pursuit at Brea Boulevard and Rolling Hills Road.” A pursuit?!?! The article also says that Thompson initiated the only physical contact that occurred, when he “pushed” the juvenile. So, Chris, it’s OK to push a juvenile who is only being verbal with you? WOW. I mean, WOW! Someone that shows poor judgement like this is on the school board? And he helped get a current city council member elected? And this nugget from the Editorial: “Thompson, who was Kiger’s campaign manager for last June’s election, said he learned of our investigation because Kiger saw our records request and told him.” REALLY? And now Kiger won’t release the police report after campaigning on the lack of transparency in the Kelly Thomas case? WTF indeed!

        Editorial: Public Records Access For All

        July 30, 2012

        Access to public records has become a hot topic recently at City Hall. Specifically, who has access to city information, who can block it and who has the power to say what is “appropriate” for public consumption.

        Last week new council member Travis Kiger floated the idea of having the council approve all outgoing information about the city. He amended that extreme statement from “all” to simply “major” announcements.

        That’s good, because approving all outgoing releases is unmanageable at best, unconstitutional at worst. City business should indeed be public, and it should be easy to find.

        Two weeks earlier, Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Whitaker asked that the council receive notice of all public records requests and that they be sent to the city council as soon as they are submitted. He said his motivation is to ensure the public is well served. is concerned that these moves towards “transparency” actually could have the opposite effect. With the exception of the documents, recordings and materials related to the Kelly Thomas death, we have had no problems with obtaining public records, nor have we heard complaints from other media. Just Friday, in fact, we asked for and received documents from the City Clerk’s office within two hours. That’s not bad.

        What we also received was a phone call from Fullerton School Board Trustee Chris Thompson, whose first words were “What do you want to know?” He asked why we were looking into an incident between him and a minor in the parking lot of Beechwood School on July 9. We saw his name on the police blotter, and because he is an elected official, we were duty-bound to follow up.

        Our first objective was to get the facts of the incident, so we asked for a copy of the full police report through a records request. We also called the police department’s public information officer Sgt. Jeff Stuart in an attempt find out what happened.

        On July 19 we were told by Stuart that Acting Chief Dan Hughes had approved releasing the report and that the information would be forthcoming. On July 23, we received an email from Mea Klein, the assistant city clerk, that the city attorney had denied our request. We received a letter on July 28 from a Jones & Mayer attorney confirming the denial. As a result, we still don’t have the full story, just Thompson’s version and a second-hand account from a parent of a witness.

        Thompson, who was Kiger’s campaign manager for last June’s election, said he learned of our investigation because Kiger saw our records request and told him.

        Kiger has every right to do so, certainly, but it raises the issue of preferential treatment for council members and their friends. We don’t know if Kiger’s disclosure was a friendly heads-up to his campaign manager, or if he will advise all subjects of records requests that they are being researched. It also raises questions about regulating the flow of public information and therefore manipulating it. The same holds true if the council decides to pre-approve press releases.

        But we do know that Kiger already flexed his new-found muscle to push the records-request issues to the front of the council agenda. We hope that he will do the same with ours.

        Davis Barber

        1. So I guess the lack of a meaningful response from Kiger or Thompson means that coverups are OK as long as it involves THEM?

          The campaign posters practically make themselves on this one.

          1. What can they say? They are all politicians now and they are in power. They know the truth. Their time is coming. They are too sloppy. Their demise is near.

        2. Wow, who knew Davis barber was a journalist and not a toady of the cops and the Three Bald Tires.

          Oh, wait. That’s not right.

          Hilarious: he never was denied any records except the only ones that really mattered! Not asking for docs is a great way of not being denied any.

          By the way Davis, what ever happened to your snitch Richard Fritschie?


    4. First – had Chris called DISPATCH, it is most likely a unit could have arrived in time to contact the little shitheads.

      Second – the report CAN’T be released because (based on what you say here) it involves juveniles, and that requires an order from the Presiding Judge at Juvenile Court. Not Kidding.

      1. Hey Joe I have to disagree with your first statement. I’ve called the Fullerton police department before due to kids hanging out and drinking beer, and having sex, in their cars parked out on the street in front of my house, and was told that they would not respond because they were allowed to be in their car while parked on the street.
        How would I know what their doing while in their car while they’re parked? Due to the teenagers/young adults never want to get caught with empty beer bottles or rubbers by the police or their parents, they dump them on the curb next to where they park, so all of the neighborhood children can find them in the morning.

    5. Yes, and nobody on this blog ever drilled their girlfriend on Skyline Drive thirty years ago?

      I’d say, “Grow up,” but I think that may be part of the problem! LOL!

      1. There’s a picture I don’t want to paint…

        Ron Jeremy explaining to the neighborhood children that what they found on the ground is known as a “prophylactic”.

        Get a room and keep it personal, so it doesn’t become personal for the rest of us.

      2. It wasn’t Skyline Drive:

        Since he was elected trustee in October 2010, Thompson said he’s heard complaints from the neighbors of suspicious activities at the K-8 school. On this particular evening, Thompson drove to the school’s parking lot to check things out…

      3. Well Ron, some of us grow up. I think I get it that you use the name of a porn star; but, please, grow up.


    My lesson learned from this is to ask our current Fullerton City Council is to figure out why the municipal employees are allowed to accrue such large amount of sick or vacation days from years past, and then cash them all in at whatever rate that the employee is currently being paid?

    I’m sure that the rate that an employee was paid in 1982 is quite a bit different from the rate that the employee retired with in 2012.

  22. Joe Sipowicz :
    Richard, the new police state is the creation of the both the traditional left and right. Think Diane Feinstein and Dick Cheney in a lustful embrace. And if that thought doesn’t scare the bejeezuz out of you, nothing will.

    Rep and Dem is a Duopoly, there is very little differences, from quite a long time. A true Conservative believes in very very different things. LIKE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, ACCOUNTABILITY AND, NOT A CENTRALIZED BIG GOVERNMENT LABOR UNION MONSTER.

    1. I dont think they would pull that shit in Wyoming, Texas or Alaska. (OC Anaheim FPD)

      In Europe or Dictatorships it would be the norm.

  23. Generations of Americans were told that we needed to fight the evil fascist (Nazi) and communist (Soviet Union) police states. We used American blood and treasure to defeat them both. Our reward for this is a Police State of our own that would have made either of them green with envy.

    1. unfortunately, you are 100% correct…. it’s shameful and I wonder what our fathers would think of it now 🙁

  24. I agree with Jt that this is a fundamental problem of the militarization of the police which is not a Dem or Rep issue. It is an American issue.

    We must continue to peacefully speak out against this kind of over-reaction by the police.

    We did not sacrifice so many on the battlefield protecting our freedoms to let them slip away here at home without a wimper.

    The response by the APD has been over the top. The people of this country are not the enemy.

    Continue to speak out for right over wrong and freedom over tyranny.

    The silence by all the good police is deafening. The good men and women who proudly put on their police uniforms must let the public know they are disgusted by these senseless killings.

    A general statement by Chief Hughes about when a police officer should use his/her weapon is warranted. Let us get clarification. An unarmed man who has not committed any crime should not be shot at and killed because he ran from the police.

    How many dead bodies would be lying in our streets if the police felt justified in shooting every suspicious person who flees from them?

    The police officers did not appear to be in any imminent danger during this pursuit. Nor was there any imminent danger to the public except that a stray bullet from the police firearms could have injured or killed an innocent bystander.

    Therefore, the use of firearms was an unnecessary use of force.

    1. “A general statement by Chief Hughes about when a police officer should use his/her weapon is warranted. Let us get clarification. An unarmed man who has not committed any crime should not be shot at and killed because he ran from the police.”

      Excellent point. There is a Supreme Court decision supporting this: Tennessee v. Garner from 1985.

      1. I think that Garner says that you can’t shoot at a fleeing suspected misdemeanant, and doesn’t address a fleeing felon, right? It’s been a decade since I’d read it. At any rate, Manual Diaz hadn’t even been questioned. I wonder if there was some prior history at work there.

    2. “The response by the APD has been over the top. The people of this country are not the enemy.

      Continue to speak out for right over wrong and freedom over tyranny.

      The silence by all the good police is deafening. The good men and women who proudly put on their police uniforms must let the public know they are disgusted by these senseless killings.”

      I have yet to hear one single “good cop” speak out on any of this. It is disappointing and disheartening 🙁

      When you disagree with your government, you become an enemy…

      I just wonder what those in the military, past and present, believe about protecting America from “foreign and domestic” enemies…. the enemy is not us, it’s in the Whitehouse… The Whitehouse is now telling the military just who the enemy is…. I hope the military wakes up before it’s too late.

      When they come to your door and demand your weapons, what will you do?

  25. Pretty sure it’s been conservatives attempt to crack down on minor drug offenses and too many ethnic minorities that they consider gang-bangers that first started this problem with too many police officers with too much time on their hands. But hey, if blaming liberals makes you feel better, have at it.

    Lol @ John Doe trying to claim police have it tougher than soldiers. A simple glance at how many soldiers were killed last year compared to cops will tell you otherwise. Plus, soldiers are ridiculously overpaid for their amount of education and number of hours put in. Of course JD has never served in either force, so she has no way to compare. Most cops I’ve seen on here could not make it through boot camp.

    1. Soldiers are ridicously overpaid..are you stupid or did you just blow it. How do you know I havent served my county Brandumb? I am surprise Ron Thomas made it through boot camp, that is what he claims. But you know him, he seems to lie some? We know that Ronnie didnt make it through the police academy.

        1. Yes, it is true. Ask Ron to show you his P.O.S.T. certificate, he doesn’t have one. It’s important to establish that he is a liar because it destroys his credibility. He lies like a cheap rug.

  26. Rep.s are not really conservative thats like saying
    The three recalled councilman are conservative.

  27. They populate the middle and, bait and switch the middle to get elected. No abortion is not the totallity of politics.

  28. That dude in the second photo is an accidental discharge waiting to happen.

    I have never seen such an Elmer Fudd-ish looking carry of a weapon disguised as at the ready. Foregrip is your friend officer!

  29. DQ :
    What do you think of this Richard?
    Colorado Shooting Was Staged? Overwhelming Evidence Is Indicating So
    If it can happen in Colorado, it can happen here….

    Would be hard to coverup and control. But Fast and Furious is very rediculous. Liberals are very laxed when it comes to Security in many ways.

    Again I think there are many that smile because The United Nations Arms Control Committee is lead by Iran. The UN is a bunch of Maliscious Dictators.

    1. Ask yourself this question-Who stands to gain from such an event assuming it was staged? The Manchurian Candidate was in black and white on the big screen and the technology has been around for a long time.

    2. Agreed, the UN is at the crux of “the New World Order” so we need to keep our eyes on them and make decisions about our lives appropriately…

      1. I have watched the video. What I am trying to say is that people are losing focus and would rather make comments about the weight of an officer or the over inflated retirement they will receive. People need to grow up and get focused.

        1. I agree with you — it is rather disgusting tho, don’t you think, to see the StaPuft Marshmallow man in uniform? How the heck is he supposed to protect anyone??

      2. oh my. not alex jones in relation to the gangbangers being killed. PLEASE.
        the new world order has nothing to do with these idiot gang bangers.
        neither does the NWO, FEMA Camps, flouride, 9/11, MK Ultra, and on and on and on.
        These were gang members. criminals.
        They were not patsys for the NWO to roll into Anaheim.
        good god.

        1. The proper term is World Governance or World Government. Ill let you decide for yourselves.

          If the trolls dont like it, it means something?

        2. This is not the new world order. This is simply spring training. They are nowhere near disarming us. They are years behind in their plans. Alex Jones while part of the solution is also part of the problem.

          1. The Second Amendment included Cannons Ships and supplies and local militias that had a chance or a detering effect against the then Federal Government. That hasnt existed for many years.

            So we are unarmed in a Constitutional sense.

          2. It has started. It has to start somehow, and this is a good way to do it. It’s more than the “gangbangers being killed.”

            They don’t just walk up and announce, “Oh hey, NWO in affect now.” It’s been slowly happening all over this country. They are years into their plans.

  30. Well JD. My ability to analyze facts allows me to infer that someone of your limited critical thinking skills, ability to write, ability to spell, ability to use logic, etc., etc., could not have made the massive fortune you claim to have amassed as a soldier or police officer. Plus you would’ve been beaten to death by your own brigade during boot camp.

    1. I have never claim to be a Police Officer or Military. I have common sense, which alot of people that post here do not have.

  31. “Ridicously,” “havent,” “I am surprise,” “didnt.” Pay attention to those squiggly red lines on your computer JD. You should try to make less than 5 errors if you are going to call someone dumb in your post.

  32. They have built what essentially is a police state in America using the “war on drugs” and “war on terrorism” as their catalysts. They have implemented NDAA which essentially strips US citizens of due process. And now they are working on dismantling the 2nd Amendment. Once they do that the ring is closed. Oh, and be careful when you jaywalk. There are drones flying at 60,000 feet watching your every move too!

    So to see them dressed up as military thugs seemingly on a mission to take out a community of people doesn’t really surprise me in the least. Expect more of it. If they shoot somebody in the back they don’t have to answer for it. Yet if you question their actions they’ll hook you up and throw you in the slammer.

    1. Thank you, JustUs. You actually hit the nail on the head. This has been going on, however, for the better part of forty years.

      Check out the new vocabulary words from this period:

      Mandatory Minimum
      Zero Tolerance
      Asset Forfeiture
      Three Strikes
      Patriot Act

      We all let this happen because a lot of people bought the bullshit being spewed from our politicians.

    2. Good points. The cops dressed up like soldiers, however, is the police state brazenly exposing itself. It reflects more self-confidence than ever. A really bad sign.

    3. That’s right — the CIA and their “false flag events.”

      I wish more folks would open their eyes to this stuff, reality sucks sometimes…

  33. California is Public Union Heaven. All of America isnt beyond hope yet.

    Its financialy and ethically doomed, I hope.

  34. Shimon Mendel :
    JT-The American electorate ALWAYS think, whomever is running against the sitting prez, when the economy is bad. One of the most perceptive statements made about presidential pooitics was spoken by Bill Clinton’s campaign manager in 1992; ‘its the economy stupid’. That is the number one force in national politics. Our economy is not Obama’s fault, not even Bush’s fault. How ’bout going back to Reagan’s big deregulation of the financial sector and Clinton’s final blow when he allowed investment and regular banks to be owned by the same entity (sorry can’t remember the act he repealed).

    how about the federal reserve debt based currency issuance that is IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY BACK except by making us all chattel property registered with the Department of Commerce.

    1. That’s a fact. Ever wonder what that number means on the back of your ssn card? It’s your bond number, all slaves need bond numbers….

  35. Shimon Mendel :JT-The American electorate ALWAYS think, whomever is running against the sitting prez, when the economy is bad. One of the most perceptive statements made about presidential pooitics was spoken by Bill Clinton’s campaign manager in 1992; ‘its the economy stupid’. That is the number one force in national politics. Our economy is not Obama’s fault, not even Bush’s fault. How ’bout going back to Reagan’s big deregulation of the financial sector and Clinton’s final blow when he allowed investment and regular banks to be owned by the same entity (sorry can’t remember the act he repealed).

    …forgot to add ‘whomever is running against a sitting IS BETTER, when the economy is bad….

  36. I think the US can be in a very strong financial position, when it is allowed to grow. The U.S. is about 4% of the worlds population but produces 25% of the worlds goods and services. The dollar is comparatively very strong. There is a lot of pent up capacity. Americans are the most innovative, and being the pioneers of machinery are still by far the most productive. Having large stores of energy, like coal and natural gas, makes a big difference.


      “At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons. The list of such companies contains the cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more. All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor. Just between 1980 and 1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31 billion. Inmates in state penitentiaries generally receive the minimum wage for their work, but not all; in Colorado, they get about $2 per hour, well under the minimum. And in privately-run prisons, they receive as little as 17 cents per hour for a maximum of six hours a day, the equivalent of $20 per month. The highest-paying private prison is CCA in Tennessee, where prisoners receive 50 cents per hour for what they call “highly skilled positions.” At those rates, it is no surprise that inmates find the pay in federal prisons to be very generous. There, they can earn $1.25 an hour and work eight hours a day, and sometimes overtime. They can send home $200-$300 per month.

      Thanks to prison labor, the United States is once again an attractive location for investment in work that was designed for Third World labor markets. A company that operated a maquiladora (assembly plant in Mexico near the border) closed down its operations there and relocated to San Quentin State Prison in California. In Texas, a factory fired its 150 workers and contracted the services of prisoner-workers from the private Lockhart Texas prison, where circuit boards are assembled for companies like IBM and Compaq.”

      The U.S. is the world’s leading jailer.

  37. Something needs to get cleared up here once and for all before we move forward.

    I just read that Fullerton Stories article on Chris Thompson and his direct phone call to Chief Hughes for assistance in the field.

    What’s this love fest going on between Chris and Chief Hughes? This is very worrisome since Chris has close ties with the new council members.

    We have seen articles that clearly point out that Chief Hughes is NOT a part of the Fullerton solution – but is a very BIG part of the Fullerton problem. Why does Thompson appear to be his buddy both by word (in previous board comments and now action?

    Chris – we’ve asked you for an answer to this question before and I ask you once again, sir. You post often on these boards. Please don’t continue to ignore us. Once you provide a satisfactory answer I will not ask it again. Promise. All we want is transparency.

    We ask an honest question – we want an honest answer.


  38. I’m ALIVE! You are going to love my letter to Pastor Michael Hobbard. It’s the same stuff you are dealing with here, so don’t get your panties in a wad with censorship. In reality, and you are eventually going to get this in your mind, they are attempting to acculturate the US to lawful human sacrifice. That’s what all the shock and awe. It’s a distraction from the main event.


    @Pastor Michael Hoggard

    I am writing to you in response to your broadcast this morning. While we have several ideas in common regarding such notorious MK/ULTRA entities as Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Glen Beck ANAI, I honestly believe you are missing one of the most treacherous tenets of the bible, and that is it is a mystery works written in it’s entirety by the Vatican. If you are using the bible as a reference literature in your sermons, you are in fact teaching the Vatican’s policy to your congregation all the while alleging this entity is evil, which this is satanic behavior.

    The constant in all Semitic religions is ritual human sacrifice. This is a BDSM/pedophilia enterprise and was lofted on the public via the bible which was written by the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. The Catholic church is the alpha followed by the Mormon church, Baptists and Nazarenes. The latter three are Knights of Malta, and their current mechanism of acculturation is MK/ULTRA.

    The way you know reality in these circumstances is learning to recognize hijinks. This is how you recognize their con. It’s a yellow flag. The red flag is it presses itself into the mainstream on your trust. Trust is the Genesis protocol, and our lack of understanding how to thwart the Satan’s con is the fall of man. The forbidden fruit was Eve’s own children. The heel of man id MAN’S children. The serpent is the occult, and ALL of this is a convention of the Council of Nicaea reconvened Bilderberg in 1954.

    God speaks to people in dreams and by how people interact to solve problems. The bible is NOT the word of God. It’s the word of the Vatican. Alecia Jurman was an example of how god works through man. Mother Teresa was her nemesis.

    You made note of Obama’s May 1, 2011, Bin Laden Capture. This was propaganda directed at shielding him from having been implicated in kidnapping for torture of Holly Bobo. Schwarzenegger and Soros were likewise involved in this abduction and 7 others from the Delta Region, for ritual human sacrifice. The Delta Region Project itself was engineered by Phil Bredesen, Megan Maxwell having delivered a child on the Whitechapel protocol. This child will present on the US administration in 2033. TE Lawrence was renditioned fetus/infant of Mary Ann Nichols.

    It makes you look like you are a part of this scheme when you’ve appointed yourself to approve of all the female applicants to your service.

    The bible is rife with invocations to avoid people who refute it’s origin. This too is satanic. The bible teaches us to look outside ourselves for God, again satanic.

    Again, you can not separate the Vatican from the bible. They are the same. Jesus is a solar deity myth, and you can get a grip on reality here:

    Check this out: Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship v=sD9f0XU_S78

    I want to emphasize something here you are not willing to say publicly because it redirects to the bible, and you know this. The prime directive of occult government is to institutionalize ritual human sacrifice and to make people peaceful to this activity. You know this. Britain is such a government and in reality is a rising Druid culture in world affairs via Her militarization through the US. We are undergoing repatriation as you read this. Is is very likely they sacrificed several children in proximity to the Olympics in connection with this government’s preoccupation with necromancy.

    Wake up, pastor. You are dreaming a nightmare.


    Bear in mind this went out to 100 other organizations nationally, so it’s going to come up eventually in the mainstream that the American mainstream’s been laced with the occult via Catholicism, Mormonism, the Baptists Church and the Nazarenes. They are VERY occult and have been practicing ritual human sacrifice since the turn of the century on the Whitechapel protocol. TE Lawrence was renditioned from Mary Ann Nichols. All true but people WILL NOT accept this and would rather risk all with the Satanic organizations they grew up with. Very dangerous, obviously.

  39. Scary stuff. Makes one feel bad for Iraqis and Afganis – they see such goons everyday. Not surprised this is coming back home…

    Welcome to USSA.

    1. But Sadahm is credited with Murdering over 2.000,000 of his own people. Extreme forms of torture were common. American soldiers did a great job for the most part. Syria and Iran were always a serious threat.

      History is full of situations where Civilian leaders get into the most trouble when they didnt listen to the advise of the Military. (Hitler, Kennedy, Bush etc) Im pretty sure the Military would not advise Civilian leaders, Police, etc to murder etc, the ir population to a rioting frenzy.

      1. Yep, the NOPD raped women, shot folks, and then the military came in and forced their way into homes being protected by their owners, hand cuffed them, roughed them up, and took all their guns so they couldn’t protect themselves against looters.

        What a great bunch o’ guys we got there. And those weren’t just the poor folk — they treated the wealthy the same way. The interesting thing in this video, one of them, is from one of the military who was engaged in this atrocious and un-american activity… Listen to what He says himself.

        Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

    1. Police response differs because idiots protesting in Anaheim destroyed businesses for no good reason – kind of like why the are protesting – no good reason.

      1. AnaheimLove: you aren’t going to get anywhere in the FFFF Collective by making sense and speaking truth! Groupthink is the order of the day here! Surrender, it’s so peaceful, so peaceful.

      2. I’m not so sure it was the protesters who vandalized the buildings — you have opportunists wherever there is an confrontation, a protest, someone making a stand…


          According to onlookers, a blonde woman was shouting pro-police slogans in front of City Hall, at one point flashing her wrist and showing off a tattoo that seemed to be a badge number. But an hour later, they claim the same woman was seen yelling anti-police slogans and throwing water bottles at the police.

          Witnesses tell the Weekly she was parading in front of the police line outside of City Hall, saying “These are good cops. You don’t know the hard work they do. They’re getting rid of gangsters.”

          Afterward, though, onlookers claim she began throwing bottles later that night. Multiple people saw her, and there’s apparently video of the same woman playing the part of anarchist.

          No one at the scene knew who this woman was.

          “Prior to our friend…exposing her as a cop in front of national cameras, she was inciting a group of Anaheim protesters by throwing a water bottle and chanting aggressive orders pretending to be a protester,” someone wrote on Facebook. “Had others followed her lead, and had [members of Kelly’s Army] not called her out and kept the peace, 20 cops in riot gear would have been unleashed on the crowd. She had her badge # tattooed on her wrist.. Not only is she a provocateur she has really shitty taste in tats.”

          1. Excellent find! Yep, traitors from the “inside” — just what the protesters didn’t need. What a subversive jerk, with crappy tats.

  40. Everytime I see those tall thin traffic cones in front of the Fullerton Civic Center it makes me think of a protest by some construction workers. Because they never do anything on that road, there are so so many tall cones, and they have been there for a very long time, maybe almost half a year. “MODERN PROTESTING” 🙂

  41. This post alone shows how our of touch people here are. Don’t let any normal citizens read this post. They will never come back and FFFF will lose te little credibility it had left.

  42. Lots of information, but folks are chatting around the real issue here. Has anyone approached JB for militia leadership yet? = )!

  43. It says a lot about what the force thinks of these cops reasoning and crisis prevention skills that they put them in full army gear and attempt to provoke conflict with frustrated citizens. Perhaps if they required cops who had some college education to respond to protests and potential riots they could calm things down instead of instigating arguments, making arrests that are a waste of taxpayer’s money, and further straining relations between cops and citizens.

  44. This picture is comical and scary all at the same time. I know, it’s an oxymoron. What has police work turned into????? Are you fu*king kidding me? I worked in law enforcement but signed up to be a PEACE officer not this artificial street warrior. Camos? Really? Police officers need to be decked out in camos and a full sam brown type belt full or artillery and God knows what else. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, this is a society emergency. WE, the USA, do not live in a WAR ZONE!! Stop acting like we do Believe me, the camo gear is only the tip of the ice berg, you would surprised by what other “militaristic tools” these departments have. It’s unnecessary propaganda and shows everything police officers should not be. This is very disturbing and completely unfortunate. You can thank all the hype about “terrorists” and homeland security in your cities. Police officers walk around as if something big is going to happen and IT NEVER DOES! STOP THE HYPE!

    1. You worked in Law Enforcement? And you think all the camo get up is a joke? God Help Us..Remember the North Hollywood Bank Robbery when the criminals were better armed than the cops. Stuff like that happens in an instant. That is why all the get up idiot.

      1. John Doe, the fact of the matter is you can’t stop crazy. So you going to have your crazy people in society. However, how many North Hollywood shootouts do we have a year?….I mean in 10 years? Maybe 1? ..SO you’re telling me that it is more important to be ramped everyday and spend millions of tax payers money to fight something that maybe happens once a decade??? You are insane. The camos are a joke, unnecessary, and completely for show. DO you really think we live in a war zone? I would love for you to look up your local police blotter and tell me what the ratio is between calls for service and Code 3/weapons drawn calls. I bet you the the ratio is somewhere around 30 to 1. If you want to be militaristic then go join the Marines, I’m sure they would be glad to have you (nothing against the Marines). This cop stuff is getting out of control. Follow Irvine’s lead if there are departments out there that are looking for a change…Irvine P.D actually REQUIRES a B.A degree.

      2. Doe – you don’t get it. If cops dressed for the occasion. Yes riot, deserves riot gear. But, for God’s sake, cops need to LOOK like cops still. I don’t understand why McKinley and SWAT lovers don’t understand. Why can’t cops have some kind of field outfit that looked like they were cops. Dressing up like your military is scary to the citizenry and just stupid.

  45. Jane H :
    “As long as people are willing to believe in the Dem/Repub, Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative dichotomy there is no way forward.
    Replace that with Freedom vs. Authoritarianism and at least there is something to be hopeful about.”
    Thank you for that. I am a proud undeclared voter, and have been for about 20 years.

    You would be wrong to think World Politics does not effect everybody.

    U.S. Founding Fathers, Believers in the Constitution, Logical People are Conservative.

    Hitler, Sadahm Hussein, McSatan, California politics, U.N., Police Unions are Liberal.

    1. At least look at it from a World Markets perspective, and follow the police Public Union Monies and where it goes.

      1. The two most Liberal voting Senators, Obama and Biden, are in charge of the biggest handover of American Political Power, and Wealth, EVER!!!!!!.

            1. Hey, gotta keep that left/right paradigm going to keep the masses fooled while maintaining power 🙂

    2. Hitler was a Liberal now huh? I guess you think words mean whatever you want them to. Was Pinochet a liberal too? Was the CIA backed coup that replaced Allende with Pinochet a liberal coup? Were Nixon and Kissinger who masterminded it liberals too? Do you even know what I’m talking about?

        1. I see. So
          liberals = big government
          dictators = big government
          dictators = liberals.
          Wow, that’s some sophisticated logic you’ve got there.

    3. “Sadahm” Hussein was liberal. I see. Thanks very much. And Bush was liberal too, right? So the Iraq was was a fight between liberals. Am I reading you correctly?

      What about world war II? Stalin – Liberal? Hitler – liberal? Roosevelt – Liberal? Mussolini – Liberal? Churchill, wait for it, wait for it…… Liberal? Hirohito? Need you even ask?

      Now all is revealed to me. Let me think about history – Ivan the Terrible, he liked big government = Liberal!

      Genghis Khan? Liberal!
      Alexander the Great? Liberal!
      Napoleon? Liberal!
      King Arthur? Henry VIII? Louis XIV? Cleopatra? Emperor Augustus? LIBERALS!!!!!

      Thank you for the lesson on how to take a word and render it utterly devoid of all meaning.

  46. Think about how absurd this entire situation is, folks.

    The local cops tell us that they can’t enforce immigration law because immigration enforcement is a Federal job. But the locals have no problem kicking down doors of medicinal marijuana shops even when the California voters approved medical marijuana by a large margin. The locals say that medicinal marijuana violates Federal law – and have no problem whatsoever getting involved in that enforcement, do they? 😉

    And so the local cops allow our OC cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana to get saturated with indigent illegal foreigners and then complain when poor people start selling dope and committing robberies to survive!

    Can’t you see the illogical disconnect here?

    It’s being done on purpose. The police state is part of the plan.

    They tell us that there’s a war on terrorism yet nothing is done to identify and remove illegal foreigners from our cities. It was illegal foreigners who brought down our twin towers on Sept 11, 2001.

    THINK, my friends. Can’t you see the disconnect here?

    1. Simply for Votes and Give Aways.

      American Indians are proof that the more Government aid the worse off those that recieve aid are.

      1. Dont forget the the Public Teachers Unions singlehanded wholehearted attempt at destroying the free world.

          1. Ok, here’s some back up on that:

            The teacher’s union is destroying our schools

            ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW LIBERALS DESTROY THIS COUNTRY Aurora, Colorado Public School System Harassing And Punishing

            The School System Is Destroying Our Children

            The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

            1. I know for a fact California districts cull regular education for a head count for their federally funded programs. These monster educators will actually profile children to increase population in their special education programs to keep the funding alive. California districts are state of the art fiscal fraud. What do you do in a system like this? Many people do it and deny it. I watched one district rescue itself from a child sexual abuse issue by elevating the perp to classified employee of the year, throw the victim under the bus and move on like it never happened. Same thing that’s going on in Fullerton. Counties across the state are overrun with corruption, and you aren’t going to clean this up with protests. Reality is the monarchy wants the state cleared anyway. You didn’t know THAT did you, but many poof your top administrators do. you are either going to wake up, or you’ll capitulate. Your protests will got you killed in mass, because your fellow citizens are willing to kill you for a pay check. they are SPECIAL. YOU are products. Your product code is WASP/MC, and you are being pulled from the shelf and destroyed.

              1. As a former teacher and administrator in the district office of a district in southern calif with 18,000 students, I find the info by LDX on monster educators to be totally fallacious. Why? Think, it costs more to educate special needs students than regular ed students. Federal funding is generally short by over 20% and the districts have to fund the balance out of general ed funds. Thus no district wants to get more special ed students to obtain more federal funding since it is blatantly insufficient.

      2. What? American Indians are proof that when you commit acts of genocide against populations they suffer lasting effects.

        1. Cut it out, Jt.

          Look what happened to the Vietnamese refugees. We went over there and turned their home into a flaming sandbox. They were forced to flee and many relocated to Westminister. Look at the thriving business community they’ve created in Little Saigon. Many of their kids and grandkids are in medical school and law school today. You can only play the victim card so long, my friend. After a while you become the boy who cried wolf. People refuse to listen any longer.

          1. Huh? We decimated the vast majority of the Vietnamese population and permanently seized their land like we did to the Native Americans? Nope. “turned their home into a flaming sandbox” is right (and nicely put) but then we helped them out by giving them immigrant visas, and they did do a great job of building new communities here. But the historical situations are pretty different. I’m not playing the victim card btw, I’m 0% Native American.

            1. What we did to the vietnamese was worse, Jt. We forced them to flee their own homeland and come to a completely different culture and adapt. And adapt they have. It’s been hundreds of years and the American Indians have still not adapted even with HUGE resources given to them by the nation. Whose fault it that? Seriously? Please, stop making excuses. At some point the ‘victims’ must start taking responsibility.

              1. No, it really doesn’t get worse than killing 90+% of a population, taking all of their land, and displacing them. I’m not apologizing for them because I don’t believe they have anything to apologize for. But this is about as off-topic as it gets. Let’s talk about cops.

                1. We’ll agree to disagree.

                  But onlookers would have to agree that logic and reason sides with me.

                2. @Justice ONLY if you have the last word, and if you’re debating it will only make you look like a complete fxckxng fool groping for it when you’ve lost points for saying the same thing over and over.

              2. “Whose fault it that? Seriously? Please, stop making excuses.”

                I hate to keep this hijack going, but JustUs why are you talking about fault?

                It is not their fault that they were disenfranchised and subsequently ghettoized. They had NO choice.

                End of hijack for me.

                1. “It is not their fault that they were disenfranchised and subsequently ghettoized. They had NO choice”

                  You’re not a bleeding heart liberal by chance, are you Jane?

                  Did you read my posts? What exactly do you disagree with me about?

                  Should we allow people to play the victim card for 500 years before they accept full responsibility for their lot in life?

                  What exactly is your cut off point?

                  That’s what I want to know.

                  Thanks for your feedback.

                2. “It’s been hundreds of years and the American Indians have still not adapted even with HUGE resources given to them by the nation. ”

                  The Japanese and the Native Americans are different are completely different cultures. I don’t see that as a good comparison.

                  Nonetheless, it is too easy to blame victims instead of trying to understand the reasons behind the conditions in which they find themselves.

                  I hope you don’t find women at fault for being raped, since that behavior has been going on for more than 500 years.

                  Having said all that, let’s go back to the topic of our police state.

                3. “The Japanese and the Native Americans are different are completely different cultures. I don’t see that as a good comparison”

                  Baloney. We’re all humans with 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs and a brain. Stop making excuses and blaming culture for failure to adapt.

                  “I hope you don’t find women at fault for being raped, since that behavior has been going on for more than 500 years”

                  Did getting raped stop women from achieving?


                  The more you make excuses for people the more they underachieve. You are an enabler.

                4. “You’re not a bleeding heart liberal by chance, are you Jane?”

                  No, just a person who cares about the downtrodden.

          2. Jt and JustUs I know you guys have strong opinions but please take what posters like Richard C and LDX at face value. They’re not worth debating or even taking to.

            Anything they post is obviously meant to disrupt and distract.

            They want you looking into the left vs. right smokescreen and not into who is training and commanding police officers to use such heavy handed tactics in Orange County.

            I’m quite sure even police officers in Orange County know something doesn’t smell right here. The rooftop snipers at APD and the riot cops wearing army camo are definite red flags.

    2. Justus.

      Immigration is a hopeless topic. Too much politics and the illegals have now taken over our country.

      The dispensaries are an interesting topic. The local PDs raid them for no lbusiness license and when they sell to people that walk in the door or online. Not the federal part. Politics again.

      1. Jobs of the future in the US will be selling door to door, and in CALIFORNIA this work will require certification!

  47. Anonymous :
    Hey, gotta keep that left/right paradigm going to keep the masses fooled while maintaining power

    THE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA IS FROM “Power to the People” and a wariness of government, founding fathers would be Geniuses by todays standards, read them.

    1. We’re onto you and your tired talking points/propaganda LDX, Richard C or whatever you want to call yourself. People are waking up.

      but keep trolling news sites and blogs with your talking points and rambling garbage from your comfy little cubicle while you can you traitorous scum.

  48. The state has control, it always has. This is what they do, they protect and serve the state not the citizenry.

    The message is loud and clear: “We will violate your civil rights and there’s not a damn thing you can do about.

    Oh and don’t forget to wave your silly flags and pledge allegiance my little sheep.”

    Welcome to amerika.

    1. This is the correct focal point. when people fully come to terms with this issue neopolitics will be permanently routed form the US. For the time being folks are making a joke out of this in denial. it’s real, and it’s the negative core of the Nationalist Socialist Corporatist (NSB) movement in the US. This is what it looks like in practice:

  49. This post has gone insane. Like this county.

    I like my bacon crispy. Soft is sloppy like that cop.

  50. Lol @ comparing Obama to Hitler. It’s ignorant to compare any president to a dictator who orchestrated the genocide of 6 million people plus. But if we want to talk about who’s policies closer resembled Hitler’s between our current and past president, let us look at their stances. Bush was anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, did too little too late to help African Americans when Katrina hit, anti-people with disabilities as far as allowing scientific research that benefit them, anti-LGBT people, and anti-women’s rights. While I doubt Bush would support eugenics, he definitely promoted policies that discriminated against most minority groups while protecting the interest of white males, who ironically are the only ones on here attacking Obama. It’s funny to watch conservatives try to use big words and complex ideologies to make false claims against Obama that there is no empirical evidence to support. Now can we get back to supporting justice for Kelly Thomas and cleaning up Fullerton instead of creating dissidence?

    1. You are so in denial Brandon…. watch some of the videos posted here today, wake up. It’s been happening here for over 100 years, and speeding up. The obamination hates everyone, and he is continuing what bush, clinton, bush and the rest of the jackasses started. As far as the obamination not killing 6 million people YET, stay tuned, that’s in his plan, but it will be more like 25 million…

  51. Oh, and if you’re not a middle to upper class white male and you vote for Romney, don’t bitch when your rights are taken away once he is elected.

  52. Unions fighting hard.

    A coalition of California labor unions has raised nearly $10 million to fight Proposition 32, far outpacing the backers of the November ballot measure that promises to eliminate special-interest money in politics.

    While the measure would prohibit both unions and corporations from contributing directly to candidates, labor leaders are more concerned about another provision in the initiative: banning the practice of political contribution by payroll deduction, the primary method unions use to raise political cash.

    Unions representing firefighters, police and teachers are digging deep to fund the “No” campaign, raising more than $7.6 million through June, according to records filed with the secretary of state’s office Tuesday. Since then, they have raised an additional $1.5 million.

    The labor coalition had $6.5 million cash on hand as of June 30, having spent more than $1.7 million this year on online ads, focus groups, polling and political consultants.

    If history is any indication, that kind of spending is only the beginning. In 2005, labor unions spent more than $44 million to defeat a similar initiative, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

    By contrast, the “Yes on 32” campaign is lagging far behind its opponents, having raised more than $1.7 million through June, record show. It had about $1 million on hand as of June 30.

    The campaign, which describes itself as “supported by small business owners, farmers, educators and taxpayers,” counts GOP rainmaker Charles Munger Jr. and television tycoon A. Jerrold Perenchio among its largest contributors. Thomas Siebel, the founder of C3 and Siebel Systems, contributed an additional $500,000 in July.

  53. Shimon Mendel :
    JT-The American electorate ALWAYS think, whomever is running against the sitting prez, when the economy is bad. One of the most perceptive statements made about presidential pooitics was spoken by Bill Clinton’s campaign manager in 1992; ‘its the economy stupid’. That is the number one force in national politics. Our economy is not Obama’s fault, not even Bush’s fault. How ’bout going back to Reagan’s big deregulation of the financial sector and Clinton’s final blow when he allowed investment and regular banks to be owned by the same entity (sorry can’t remember the act he repealed).

    Here ya go Shimon:

    Who is Responsible for the Global Financial Crises?

    Notably, Bill Clinton is the first candidate for blame in the current situation, since it was he who insisted that Freddie and Fannie should extend lending to the lower credit rated to provide them the ability to join the American dream. This was largely in response to the very sections of the community in America that helped him become President.

  54. All I can say is that I’m damn glad I’m not 18 years old again and trying to make it in this country. I really feel sorry for you kids. The baby boomers really screwed you. Really bad. You have been selected to pay for their sins. God help you.

  55. CACKLING HEN: I don’t get it. We lay eggs. THEY eat them. What’s in this for US?

    ROOSTER: [Smiles broadly bearing human teeth.]

    1. Federal anything is going to make it much worse at this time. 2004 gave us our first real taste of the state department’s involvement in a border insurgency followed by Schwarzenegger having been discovered trafficking arms to Central America and eventually the realization that the federal government was in fact staging our repatriation via an open door from Mexico. Oscar Grant is the face of Oakland. That prick had 12 criminal criminal cases pending when Mehserle shot him at BART. The trade was a career criminal for a cop. Good grief. Grant will magnify with a federal presence in Oakland. Eventually there will be a war there, and Benjamin Harrison’s prophecy will be fulfilled. It’s a long tern genocide project. Black America is on it’s way out on Obama’s watch nonetheless, which is atramental perfection. they are trusting the very monster that’s promised to elevate them. Genesis, anyone?

      1. Oscar Grant is the face of Oakland. That prick had 12 criminal criminal cases pending when Mehserle shot him at BART. The trade was a career criminal for a cop. Good grief.

        Thanks for showing your real face you piece of shit.

      2. Obama is Gog. Its all there. Isiah. Immigration from Mexico and black helicopters bring them. You think those are UN? You don’t know shiznit my homie. Abraham was told to kill who? What do you think their plan is? Connect the dots. What word do you think the number 746937 spells in Aramaic? This all started a long time ago. Its prophecy. I’m feeling downright atramental now. Mississippi was just the beginning.

  56. The last right that was usurped from me that I actually cared about was when Bush secretly attached a rider to make funding an online gaming site illegal. But I had a bit of gambling problem so it turned out to be a good thing. Can’t think of any of my rights Obama has taken away. Please enlighten me.

  57. Sweet, if they can take over Oakland for mismanagment they sure as hell won’t be afraid to take over Fullerton for rape, murder, burglary, cover-ups, witness tampering, etc.

  58. Normally I would say referring to a murder victim as a prick is disrespectful LDX, but you seem a little crazy so I guess you can get away with it.

    1. Freedom of speech, and Grant WAS a prick. Mehserle should never have been prosecuted. Grant was a career criminal at 23. He had 12 cases pending in court at the time of his death. You aggrandize crime when you loft a perp as a victim. Look around you in Oakland. It’s a black man’s Gangsta haven. Grant tried to subordinate a police officer. He got shot trying to resist arrest. Momma got paid for the loss. Screw him. Move on. Mehserle needs to get back to his job, which by the way he was very good at. Also, I rather enjoyed watching a few BART police officers hold off a swarm of like minded criminals, machine guns in hand. Grant lost. Too bad. Better luck in Hell.

  59. Frustrated, eh? Hahaha. Who cares. You got to adapt, my brother! You want gangsta, we give you a whole army of Mehserles. Hahaha. Hahaha.

    1. One argument to the next it’s a blind alley, isn’t it? People don’t know when to stop. The great people of America are staging one of the most horrific genocide events of mankind, my niggah! Pack away! FEMA awaits those whose egos either could not or WOULD not read between the lines. At your end it have gun will shoot. the other end of that paradigm is do it and see what’s in store. Did ya know DHS was in Anaheim? a couple of days ago. Drone surveillance. San Diego, too. I am laughing thinking people believe they have a chance against one of these. You fantasy fool. Your guns have been outdated!

  60. Before I forget, Scalia addressed this issue exactly in his reference to hand held rocket launchers, which the only deterrent militia would have against a tyrannical government in these circumstances. On the other hand, folks could use their brains and vote more carefully in November, but it isn’t Obama or Romney that’s going to bring us out of this.

      1. Let me show you sick dumb fuck:

        @Charlene and Ron Spierer

        Lauren was perped by the state department as were 7 others that fall into two groups, LGBT and BDSM. Wake up. OMG! Holloway and Gardner are two others that were kidnapped under the same circumstances. I’ve been working on this over a year. I predicted Lauren by location and Karen Swift by last name, both BEFORE they were abducted. TBI/Fusion center was fully aware of what was happening at the time these abductions occurred.

        These were occult kidnappings. These victims are considered corporate property under legislation which permits the government to perform at will abductions to resource ritual human sacrifice for entertainment (FEMA, the PATRIOT Act/DHS, S.1867.1021). They are pushing the window on this legislation on a 123 year old project to acculturate the US to ritual human sacrifice.

        THIS is what happened to Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift. The state department has you folks chasing your tails awaiting false flag patsy prosecution. They will eventually convict raptors, but these individuals are matrix perps only.

        Jessica Haslam and Sierra Lamar were sacrificed for Dick Cheney. Lamar’s heart was renditioned for Cheney’s heart transplant. You people are retarded. You think prayer vigils and glorious webpage memorials are going bring back your children. You have to go directly to the state department with this issue, NOW.

        If you’re paying attention to national politics, they are magnifying repatriation having been found out involved in occult rendition AKA kidnapping for torture. This is what has happened to your daughter. you think you are going to hand this off to the local sheriff and get satisfaction? Many sheriff departments across the US are in the tank with this project functioning as transport assets in abduction trafficking.

        Obama’s phoney Bin Laden capture, Schwarzenegger’s phony illegitimate child, Soros’ Strauss-Kahn, these events were all engineered to shield these monsters from involvement in kidnapping for torture. OWS was Soros’s collective discipline on the US for his having been found out implicated in Lauren Spierer’s abduction. The London riots were staged in retaliation for Murdoch having been found out. Breivik was collective discipline on the same issue. Get out of your ego funk and form a cohort with the parents of the victims named in this missive. You are making this too much about yourselves. You have network to figure this out, or capitulate.

        Why do you think they took down Rupert Murdoch? McCann/Dowler, for starters. There were over 100 other victims in the UK alone. They are trying to soften this in the US to avoid international embarrassment. Hell, Manuel Jose Boroso, the British monarchy, David Cameron and Boris Johnson are all involved in this. This is HUGE, and you people are holding prayer vigils?


        I am a forensic occult crime researcher. This information was provided Pro bono.

        1. “Jessica Haslam and Sierra Lamar were sacrificed for Dick Cheney.”

          This is totally false. Only Haslam was for Cheney. Lamar was for Rumsfeld. I’ve told you that before. Your research is out-of-date. Haven’t you read about the occult rendition mineshaft findings? You need to look deeper. Where do you think this all happens, up here on the surface? There are holes, my friend! Deep ones! You are worrying about Alex Jones and David Copperfield while there are ritual sexual carnivores eating your daughters’ eyeballs with swizzle sticks?

  61. Recently I have commented here on the issue of the concentration camps in California’s high desert with 2 million capacity ready to be used should there be any unrest, only to be ridiculed by the “tin foil hat” crapola.

    There is too many idiots, mainly liberals, in this country who are living in lala land protecting environment and paying no attention to growing fascism.

    There is only one way out of this tyranny and that is by total economical collapse like the old Soviet Union because you can’t change liberals (a majority) so we always will end up with wrong government.

      1. Stanley the Genesis Communications Network is owned by ABC. I know one thing for sure and that is this blog is not.

        1. This blog is great, I love it, but it only deals with local issues and is not really concern with the so called conspiracy theories which do actually exist.

          Were do you see the Genesis Communications Network in that link?

          1. First of all, you’re full of crap, but I will answer your question. The occult does this name thing where they use logos to identify their role in occult crime. For example, Al Capone. Cap of course means to shoot someone. Cap one? How about I’ll cap one for AL Capone?

            Genesis protocol (bible) is trust. People can be manipulated if you can get them to trust you. Hahaha. GCN is an immense marketing strategy what sales of gold products has landed this organization in litigation sued by their own customers. It’s identified with the globalist entities it professes to to fighting with, and it uses MK/Ultra marketing strategy to both program it’s internet audience that participates in it’s blog discussions AND is thus attempting to program the US on a revolution.

            GCN is a Knights of Malta project, and the desired outcome is someone will loft a BBQ insurgency redirecting to a need gun control and a subsequent increase in wealth as Alex Jones and company are handsomely rewarded for their part in these macabre circumstances.

            Jones himself is VERY aware of occult involvement in this organization. He was engineered to this role. Again back to the name thing, Jones name was designed around a pharmaceutical substances that is literally being used to kill US citizens. It’s THAT close to the surface.

            People are fools. Jones a pitch man. It’s making GCN very rich. Win/win if you don’t value American dignity in these circumstances.

            1. To be honest LDX to believe your crapola, I and everyone here should know your full name because without that you are a clown.

              After you disclose your full name then you should disclose your political affiliation so we know from where do you cumming.

              Since I do not expect you to comply with my demand, I must consider you a moron mongoloid.

            2. Cant say that you are too far off on that one. Look at the subliminals in his video feeds. However Jones does disseminate truth couched in sensationalism and fear mongering.

    1. Stanley, you are 100% correct; some folks will always make fun and pretend it’s not happening… they will be the ones suffering the most when it all comes tumbling down… The fascism is growing everywhere now. And you are so right about the economy — when it crumbles, then the people can retake the country, until then, the communist fascist government has something to take.

      Gotta keep your funds off shore and protect yourself.

      Don’t worry about the “tinfoil hat” snarfing — at least we HAVE hats 🙂

      1. It’s called Nationalist Socialist Corporatism (NSC). It was introduced to the US via the 13th Amendment, and the Vatican, Catholic church and Mormon church are it’s sponsors.

    2. Neopolitics is liberalism. Neopoliticians are a single party parliamentary entity masked neoliberal for Democrat and neocon for Republican. They are the same party with the exception of their fiscal budgets. They are ALSO SSO pledged to repatriation via legislative sedition which is directed at which circumventing the Bill of Rights, collapsing US domestic and economic infrastructures, institutionalizing occult rendition and sustained provocateuring via MK/ULTRA. Got milk?

  62. LDX I bet you’d keep your mouth shut like a scared little puppy if you were walking down the street near some black people. But if it makes you feel tough to use racial epithets and talk about people deserving to die because they were criminals on here, go ahead. You just make yourself sound ignorant, although your ramblings are also indicative of mental illness. Let’s hope you’re not the next James Holmes.

    1. Hahaha. Do your racial crap on someone who will kowtow to your gangster attitude. Hahaha. Being black doesn’t make people powerful. Smart does! Hahaha.

  63. You’re not smart. You can’t even make a logical argument using empirical evidence. Just another scared little kid talking tough online cause he got bullied as a kid. I guess rambling here is cheaper than therapy for you.

    1. I say prove it to yourself. Paid academic research is rewarded with source material. Besides, you aren’t special or bright enough to know what to do with it anyway, my niggah! hahaha

  64. And three “hahaha’s” interspersed among two sentences of incoherent babble will not change anyone’s mind about you being mentally imbalanced. Just an FYI.

    1. I was just thinking, BTW, my incoherent babble MAY have something to do with YOUR inability to read, but I won’t make an issue of this and embarrass you further. Besides, we’re supposed to be talking revolution, dimwit!

      1. my incoherent babble MAY have something to do with YOUR inability to read,

        No, you’re purposely babbling to create a distraction. I’ve seen it so many times on blogs, forums and news articles that discuss certain topics like police brutality and government corruption/mismanagement.

        Actually any topic about government is usually taken over and trolled by guys like you.

        You guys sure hit the comment section of the OC Weekly article about the provocateur at the Anaheim PD protest especially hard.

  65. Nah, I can read fine. I just don’t read nonsense about the occult and conspiracy theories. Anyways, I’d rather spend time arguing with mentally competent cop lovers. When you mix hatred with insanity, as in your case, there is no real room for logic or facts. It’s ironic that this site is mainly populated with people seeking justice for a mentally ill murder victim, and now we have mentally imbalanced bloggers defending murderous cops. Keep spreading your ignorant, unsubstantiated, racist babble. Judging by the fact you’ve posted 8 of the last 10 comments on here, I’m assuming you have little better to do. Night night.

    1. It’s amazing how rational paranoia can seem, yet it always presents laced with misdirected punishment. Night night? Do you do a comfy night light, too. OMG! Tomorrow I’ll educate you on what you lack knowledge of tonight. it will make you a much stronger person that you currently are. Trust me, you are going to value this information and be able to put it to use immediately, and it’s FREE!. What do you think about TH-AT?

      Hahaha… Night night? OMG!

    2. now we have mentally imbalanced bloggers defending murderous cops.

      I don’t think LDX is mentally imbalanced. I think he or “they” are spamming this blog with messages meant to distract and also discredit.

      The fact that “they” started showing up here after the posts were made about Anaheim should tell you a lot.

      1. We, correct. Spamming, incorrect. Educating. We can change your life if you will open your mind. Most will not. Learn to think, I can teach you how, or capitulate in a state of confusion where your best effort will be your own self-condemnation out of ignorance. You won’t make progress unless you learn to think, and THEN you may be able to save your race. Good night.

        1. I can teach you how, or capitulate in a state of confusion where your best effort will be your own self-condemnation out of ignorance.

          *yawn* how much do you guys get paid to sit in a cubicle 24/7 and look for unfavorable government articles and blogs to distract, disrupt and troll?

    3. Dude, LDX is going to school you. He works for the Knights of Malta and is what they call a Raptor Perp. Its like some kind of black belt in cruelty. This has a lot to do with the following: George Soros, cannibalism, Catholics, Great Britain, the Freemason, and Mommy. All will be revealed.

      1. LDX aka Casey Anthony’s Discount Childcare aka Richard C. aka The Oracle, pick a nickname and stick with it.

        1. I am not them. I am their Nemesis. I am the one telling you the deep atramental truth that raptor perps like LSD aka Casey will never tell you. Its neopolitics and if you don’t listen to me before long the police will stretch your tongue so far out of your mouth they’ll use it as a bowling lane. Come on people, raster retro pedo perpwalkers have formed an occult pentagon around your inner bedlam and only clear identification of who is wearing the bedsheets and why is going to help you out.

          1. I am not them. I am their Nemesis.


            I am the one telling you the deep atramental truth that raptor perps like LSD aka Casey will never tell you.

            You’re not even trying, oh wait I forgot… you’re only here to disrupt, distract and troll.

            For some reason you guys don’t want people talking about riot police wearing full Army fatigues.

            Gotta keep them distracted with the typical left vs. right bs, religion and racism. Last thing you guys want is some cop reading comments and wondering why he’s suddenly wearing army fatigues and being trained to beat and shoot unarmed people.

            1. Most of your confusion is caused by the Roman Emperor Caligula who was the first of the communo-liberals to practice bestiality and neopolitics simultaneously. Much of the current occult agenda is based on his ideas: orgies, incest, mandatory partying, disbanding Senates and endless war against goths.

              When LDX returns to school you I hope you will ask him about the role of his OC Republican party neo-masters and whether Curt Pringle and Dave Ellis are truly participants in the ritual sexual abuse underground he has brought to light.

              1. Hahaha. You may be salvageable! Everything American is based largely on Roman/Greek ideology, just the bible improved the odds of not getting caught torturing and sacrificing children in their BDSM/pedophilia enterprises. Obama= Caligula, BTW.

    1. Ah, the real ting, eh? One can always spot a handler by his index score. Yours looks 33/13/13 ish, which means you’re cloak and dagger act is over. See what I mean about assets. Blue on the surface, black soul, which will ALWAYS be MK/ULTRA, or it’s wannabe understudy’s that populate Oakland’s gangsta land.

    2. Stanley Fiala’s attempt to socialize 4F= contextually defines what reasonable person is. Normalcy bias, tacky, ewe!

  66. Please, dont confuse me with, the troll bunch, I was previously, Lifesaving Service, and Champion Master.

    For security reasons I cant use my real name.

    If this was a stupid Blog, I wouldnt read it.

    1. Yeah, Tony. What ya got in the medicine cabinet for us? We need our “meds”. AND PLEASE DON’T MAKE US DRIVE TO OAKLAND FOR THEM!

      Meanwhile, @Baon Bits you left out the /c/ in your hokey ID.

      HA! <laughing at you briefly

  67. I told you this creep was nuts last week. He is obsessed with himself and most likely is a child molesterand child pornography addict. Don’t respond to his posts in anyway and he will go away. We have to stay on topic to solve more of fullertons problems.

  68. Creeps like him LDX going off topic belittle and make this site insignificant, but that’s his plan anyway. Just don’t talk to the creep.

  69. Ah hahaha. I see we have Milgram’s OTHER half (provocateurs) working 4F. Zup, Grace! No to all of the above, and in particular Fullerton’s problems can not not be solved by lackey bloggers. Hahaha.

  70. “California cop who pepper-sprayed protesters off police force”

    Another sign that thugs with badges will not be tolerated. The police chief also resigned. Remind anyone of the cowardice act of Ex-Chief Sellers? Soon Fullerton and Anaheim PD’s will be under the rule of the Fed’s, like Oakland if they fail to stop murdering innocent citizens.

    1. He applied to another PD and got the hell out of dodge. Smart cop. University police suck anyways. Maybe Fullerton hired him? Lol

    2. Brandon – got to agree with you here. Fullerton needs to be under Fed ‘consent decree’. I think that when a Fed judge overseeing the PD.

  71. They probably would appreciate his “kick-ass now, ask questions later mentality.” We pay campus cops more than professors and wonder why there are so many problems in society.

  72. Brandon, we pay 26-year old Ipad stealing FPD officers substantially more than we pay professors. Including overtime, we may pay them more than 50% more annually. A lot of professors make 60-70K. A lot of cops make 100-200K, plus they can retire at 50. Don’t even get me started on what we pay prison guards….

  73. The standard pay for a public librarian in So Cal is a little over 40k, and that’s with a master’s degree.

    Pretty lopsided, if you ask me.

    1. Fullerton 2011 total comp
      LIBRARY DIRECTOR $166,134.26
      SENIOR LIBRARIAN $100,362.65
      SENIOR LIBRARIAN $91,728.82

      1. I’m talking about the much bigger library systems like LA and La Co. Some cities have more money, hence they pay more.

        Fullerton does indeed pay more.

          1. Yes, but that was for incoming librarians. Then they go up the pay scale every year, unless there’s a budget shortage.

            I couldn’t stand the politics and left after ten years.

      1. “Jane, you may have been duped by the unionized librarians.”

        I was absolutely duped by them. They got my mandatory dues no matter what.

        My disillusionment runs deep and I will never work for any government organization again. We begged for crumbs most of the time, but I didn’t do the work to become rich.

        I’m much happier now, believe me. It’s been a few years.

        In today’s paper:

        Ex-leader of major California union faces theft, tax charges

        After a years-long probe, Tyrone Freeman, once a rising star in the nation’s labor movement, is indicted on federal charges of stealing from SEIU workers to enrich himself.,0,6775563.story

    2. Barry – Ok, its part systemic; however, there seems to be a problem with who we hire to be cops. Who are we hiring – guys who are looking for the right opportunity to crck a few heads in? I don’t personally know any cops; but, many years ago I knew a guy with a masters degree in library science and a masters in public admin. — he just had to be cops, he had a calling. How about of those kind of people. The guy is still a cop, I hope a good one.

    3. Jane – I think you opened yourself open on this. Your area is pretty wide. I think you’re including the p/t branch librarians in the far-flung San B’dino co. system, Riverside, Imperial… If you narrowed your area to LA and OC, you know your numbers would be higher. If you worked at FPL, you know the pay was very much in line with the rest of OC.

      Anyway, librarians’ pay isn’t really the problem. It’s dept heads, cops and firemen who have traditionally eaten up a huge chunk of the payroll of Fullerton.

      1. “Jane – I think you opened yourself open on this. ”

        Whatever you say.

        I don’t care anymore that other systems pay more. I’m out, and happy about it. My first and last library job was with La Co. I hated it, and for various reasons I couldn’t leave when I wanted to. I paid a lot for my education, and I don’t regret it at all because it’s a very noble profession, one that I loved. Unfortunately, when politics enter, the game changes.

        I saw some very ugly things, and that is all I need to say.

  74. Shimon: I am all for keeping govt. localized and small whenever possible. But Fullerton, and now possibly Anaheim, have proven they are not capable of protecting and serving the citizens that pay their salary. Not sure why the Feds are overtaken Oakland and not some of these OC departments. My guess is race plays a part.

    Jane: That is sad they pay librarians so low. That is a very important job. I just got my Educational Specialist Degree, which is an 83 unit graduate program, and will be lucky to start off between 60-70K. Still a decent salary, but nowhere near what that security cop who pepper sprayed the crown made. You have to wonder where this countries priorities are sometimes.

    Jt: 50-100K is what professors in my neck of the woods make. I imagine it is higher and more esteemed Universities and UC’s, but still way less than they deserve. Teachers also. I do not want to hate on all cops. But 50K starting and the ability to go up to 200K+ with little or no education is just plain absurd.

    Grace: I totally agree about not acknowledging the people trying to instigate arguments on here. Whether they are mentally ill or just plain ignorant and full of hate, if we ignore them they’ll move on.

  75. Barry L. Post #161 –


    You do not have any info about the specifics of the issue and you have no right to say the APD should not have used force.

    Wait until the bangers kill somebody? Is that what you are saying?

    Ask Rose and Phil Cuesta what they think. Their only child, a 27 year old LAPD Officer was shot in the back of the head while sitting in his patrol unit. The banger who killed him was angry. Really?

    The police did not approached him. The banger shot from an apartment building window into the back of the police car with intent to kill a police officer…

    If an officer had gotten to the banger first, Officer Cuesta would not have been killed in cold blood. He left a family which included a three week old baby and a two year old.

    So Barry L. you need to shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you a snitch at FPD?

  76. It’s easy to spot the po-po’s on here. They are the ones telling people they disagree with to shut up. But unlike when they have a gun and badge to bully, noone here has to listen. So the cop who got murdered makes up for his comrades executing citizens in broad daylight eh Hog? I know in your mind the lives of cops are more important than citizens, but in the real world murder is murder. While I feel bad for any cop killed by a gang member, it sure as hell does not justify revenge killings of unarmed men, whether they have 14 priors or not.

    1. So, the question is? What kind of police do we want? On one hand we want a bunch of puff balls, with no balls. On the other hand if I have some nut case with a gun pointed at me, I would want a cop that has the balls to shoot the nut case. Good Cop or Bad Cop? Someone is always going to be the bad guy, either way. We are human and we want it all. So confused.

      1. What kind of police? Cops that are smart enough to know when to shoot and when not too; smart enough to know right from wrong, and live and work accordingly; who have the balls to do the job they applied for and accepted — that takes real balls and determination — not what most at FPD have…

        I want cops that are on the side of the people, not the government. I want cops that have integrity and honor — something the FPD cops do not have.

        (if one of the “good cops” ever spoke out about things going on at FPD, I might change my mind)…

        This is why we need to be armed ourselves — when the nutcase points the gun at you, you shoot him yourself. Cops don’t get there till the excitement is over anyway…

        Too many nutcases out there for the cops to handle anyway — we have to be armed.

      2. No, we want cops who truly want to protect and serve the public; not puff balls not perverts.

  77. I will tell you right now. I never leave the house without a gun under my front seat. If i’m ever banging the O’lady in a school parking lot in the middle of the night and some sicko creeps up to take a peek i’m putting a bullet right through that perverts head.

    1. If you’re bangin your o’lady in the backseat in a school parking lot, you deserve to go to jail and have your photo shown on tv.


      1. He’s an MK perp. That’s the way they present. He’s using hijinks or what I call a paradox trigger. It throws you into a double bind. A lot of people can’t process the language and will identify with this sociopath to avoid looking like a fool. Then he subordinates his flock and directs behavior. Very simple. This lofts him as a handler, and the people who commit crimes for him are raptors. It’s an adhoc model much as what occurs when a gang assembles around a victim and then disperses after they’ve done t heor damage, and of course no one knows anyone in these circumstances, so they are difficult to pursue.

        1. Well, he might be an MK perp, but he is also classless, and most likely HE is the pervert in this case.

          I do get what you are saying and agree.

    2. Would love to hear your defense at your trial for 1st degree murder. My privacy was violated?

  78. “There’s no honor in beating up un-armed civilians, none.”
    “It does not make you tough”
    “There’s no honor in it, NONE”

      1. Oh man. Here we go again! The sun worshippers are about and about the farm.

        Amen is the negative core of neopolitics. It is secretive and bonds it’s brotherhood in necromancy, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, child sacrifice and human ritual sacrifice generally.

        Amen is also Amun-Ra, the latter it’s philanthropic presentation which cloaks Amen.

        This is the basis of every European SSO on the planet. They front philanthropic and are very active in kidnapping for torture.

        When you say Amen at the end of a prayer you are acknowledging Amun-Ra and child sacrifice. This practice was introduced to it’s neo hybrid, Christianity, by the council of Nicaea around 325AD and was used to acculturate you to ritual human sacrifice which to this day is practiced in the Vatican, Britain, the Catholic and Mormon churches and has expanded to include the Baptist church, Nazarenes and the Iron Triangle in Washington DC, hence XI-U AKA the Delta Region Abduction Project/DRAC.

        While you may be unaware of this, having acquiesced you are participating in ritual child sacrifice out of ignorance with every victim they have taken in the US, and we are talking over 400 thousand between 1900 and 2000. They make those individuals aware you are doing this so it appears they are supported by you when they cut that child apart during their sadistic BDSM/pedophile entertainment activities.

        In reality, such behavior is nothing more than ax murder, and every one of you that knowingly postures scripted on this prayer closure are as guilty and the individuals that actually commit these horrific crimes.

        Note to 4F Intel: Dumb fucks, the Vatican adopted the all seeing eye of Ra, which on the surface this is an immense SSO project networked throughout the world via the banking industry. Amun is the negative core of this enterprise what station on the occult pyramid is the platform on which rests the eye of Ra. The platform itself is a sacrificial alter. I know, you’re Catholic. Unfortunate circumstances, double bind and all, but you will eventually have the opportunity to figure this out repatriated in a FEMA camp.

          1. Whoa, a 1st through 4th generation genius idiot! Do you by any chance have stars tattooed to your belly? Just wondering how lost you are… in the MATRIX!

        1. I meant it as the Hebrew translation, as I ALWAYS DO:

          “so be it”

          You are right in many of your statements, but cool out and relax. Don’t crap all over those who may agree with you, ok?

        2. LDX guilt and complicity cannot be conferred upon the unsuspecting but rather upon the architects of the deceptive and the debasing. I always found it peculiar how so many see so little.The all seeing eye of ra is on the door of the tabernacle and on the back of our dollar bill all hidden in plain view.

  79. Hebrew is a translation from the Egyptian. In fact, Hebrew is a cousin of the Egyptian language. You people are pathologically “nice”. Go fuck yourself.

    1. lol You sound jealous that we can do what we want with our time 😉

      I already worked this morning — I do futures trading and currency investing… I made my money for the month… what do YOU do?

  80. Police officers and members of the US Military:
    Keep your oath and honor the US Constitution and the US Citizen. We are under attack from within.

    1. Agreed! I hope and pray they do honor the Constitution and the Citizens over the communist thug in the White House. We are under attack from “domestic enemies.”

      1. correction: we’re under legislative attack from Atramental Lodge 23/DC, neopolitics/NSC, the Vatican and Britain!

          1. Damn. What’s your background, DQ? If you’re female I want to marry you. If your male, we can celebrate with a fight! Martial arts here, BTW.

            1. lol

              I am female 🙂 I do a lot of research on the real history of this wretched country, so I love the discussion. I enjoy learning and helping others to learn the truth.

              I’ve been an accountant for 20 years, got tired of clients not listening and causing me stress lol

              Love the trading! I can do this from anywhere, just need the internet connection. I am actually getting ready to expat outta here, obtain the second passport and citizenship from somewhere else, and renounce my slave citizenship from the USSA.

  81. They trample our Constitution.

    They brainwash us with orchestrated Media. If you get the scoop from Anderson Pooper, Bill O’really, Wolf shitzer or (insert bogus news puppet here), your 100% American sheep.

    They put an American hero, Andrew Jackson, on a bankster owned fed note. We live (are slaves) in a debt based monetary system. A system we could very easily defeat. Jackson did it.

    They are using our own Police forces against us (yes officer, they are using you too, right now).

    We are the frog in the pot of hot water as someone else pointed out. Our gov’t is riddled with banksters, shills, drug dealers, and clueless morons with no spine.

    1. All 100% true. Everyone Since Andrew Jackson has screwed us over… JFK tried, but as he was on his way to make official the silver-backed dollar, he was shot. Since then…. just takers and thieves.

      We can defeat this IF the people will freakin’ wake the hell up.

  82. Look, it’s time to stop complaining and get this show on the road. I say form UNARMED militia with summer boot camps, weekend in-service training, staff with attorneys, accountants, INTEL, soldiers, etc., and be available for call to duty. NOW! Of course, DQ is running away from HER responsibilities, so she won’t be needed… SORRY DQ. You brought this on yourself. We know you’re relocating to Mexico with Jesse Ventura. FINE! No problemo. We can do this anyway, now whose up for organizing this disaster and putting all at risk with an assured full on 3:30 AM home invasion by the state department?

    1. Relationships are so fleeting and conditional, aren’ they lol 😉

      I have paid a hefty price already for living in this country — it would be wise of you, LDX, not to make judgments about people you know nothing about. Knowing a few details does not make the whole person.

      I know that I can do more from afar than I can do here — it is wise to know one’s limitations and talents before stepping into anything. Trust me, financial investment in the future of America is needed.

      I can fund many things while NOT living as a slave of the USSA — living here would greatly decrease my abilities to do so.

      I have never run from any responsibilities in my life; as a matter of fact, I have taken on more than triple my share.

      An unarmed militia is worthless. We need to continue to stay armed, learn how to use those weapons and become organized.

      The more you judge people, the more you will lose, LDX. People can do what they can do. Not everyone will be on the front lines, some will be pushing paper, some will be financiers. We ALL have our place in this revolution.

        1. I’ll read it.

          You don’t need a militia if there is no revolution.

          The dark side is ramping up; we need to as well.

          1. No. Militia is the citizens police force. YOU are a radical. PROTESTS start revolutions, and a revolution HERE will destroy the US, which why they are staging this through protest mitigated on surgical assassinations in the first place.

        2. The evidence:

          LDX is encouraging people to form a militia.

          LDX first showed up on this blog after it began discussing events in Anaheim.

          LDX is probably some kind of undercover agent. I would not trust him or make any kind of contact with him. He is either a LEO or a psychopath.

          1. Psychopath? That’s the same tactic the UN is using to discredit the Bill of rights, which it has labeled this a terrorist manifesto. hahaha Rogue police who provocateur and flash their badge tattooed to their wrist when they get caught by protest leadership are sociopaths. Cops lined up behind them to commandeer anyone who’re foolish enough to take their bait are psychopaths. Psychopaths aren’t organizers, dumb fuck, and sociopaths maintain an explicit agenda for violence. I am neither. I’m Intel!

          2. Something stinks to high heaven about him and some other characters who have suddenly started posting here. You’re not the only one to notice this.

            Most of what he says is indecipherable gibberish anyway.

      1. You are hopefully aware boot camp trains unarmed. People think militia and they go out, buy a gun and make a jacket patch that says Golden Snake of the Red Dawn and they are a militia. They are actually the walking dead. You have to train unarmed. And militia can determine who can and cannot have access to firearms. Under supervision of a militia, that fellow in Aurora would never have had access to weapons. He was too stressed out. Militia would also have prevented him from being victimized by the state department. Think NRA/ACLU combo with an oversight mechanism and you have the correct idea.

      1. Jesse Ventura is a slime ball MK/ULTRA coward. He eats children with Arnold Schwarzenegger and crew. BAD DQ!

          1. I just DIIIIIIID. Dang!

            DQ, put your mind to productive use and edit BRINCON. I’ll keep your comments private so no one gets a handle on your location. See if anyone picks up on this and shows an interest. I did this last year, and there were absolutely no takers. People are so fucking neurotic.

          2. Got your WP message. I’ll hold onto it. Let’s do this. Anything you don’t want approved for public view note DNA (DO NOT APPROVE). It’s a way of staying safe. Maybe people will show an interest in going beyond their creative keyboarding skills. Also, so you you don’t get your feelings hurt in the future, I try to educate people on propaganda techniques blogging. You have been victimized by master suppression, and it is TIME FOR YOUR EXAM!

  83. I think if you look at old footage of Predator you’ll get the confirmation of Arnie and Jessie “The Body” Ventura eating children. Oh wait, those were porkchops.

    1. Very sad for children. I see the humor in your remark, but it’s difficult to detach from this knowing the numbers on this problem are astronomical. You should see the image of Schwarzenegger holding a life sized doll. Very sick.

        1. Okay, got to be careful here. Schwarzenegger is Domus Dei Lodge 5151. He was in Australia just before making an appearance with Sage Stallone. Schwarzenegger BTW is the presidential candidate for 2016. This is what he’s been groomed for. If they pull this off he’ll do two terms.

            1. Are you for real? I mean is your ignorance for real? How do you suppose they would make this happen if it’s constitutionally illegal. By YOUR irrationality they would never do this, because it IS illegal. Do you understand they are currently breeching the constitution? What does this mean to you, in reality I mean? Not your fucking fantasy or glorious mirrored opinion. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Why can’t you connect the dots? WHAT IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN?

          1. “Sage Stallone.” Love it.

            LDX where does Claude van Damme fit in? Rutger Hauer or Dolph Lundgren in on the baby-snackin’?

        2. Answer to your question, he’s allegedly been between Britain and Austria since his wife relocated to the UK making a public appearance in the US July 12. I can’t see him missing it this year, because there has been so much occult activity surrounding XI-U. I absolutely believe they sacrificed Lauren Spierer at Marriott/Chantilly this year. Children in the UK during the Olympics. These are Alpha predators.

  84. Serious question. Do Arnie and “The Body” literally eat children or figuratively? Cause if you show me evidence that they literally eat them and I will throw away my WWF Jessie Ventura action figure and stop watching Twins.

    1. Brandon, there is an organization that can provide this information to you directly, but you are not special enough to receive it. The world does not revolve around your collection of JV action figures, nor are you going to convince anyone to loft your ego on a trade promise. You’re immature. You’re NOT a fighter. You’re opinionated with absolutely NO experience or motivation to be principled on self-mastery. I’m not going to save your flat earth from destruction, and I am laughing at every individual that has pressed this issue with congress and ended up dead. I came down into this hell to provide information and to motivate people the think AGAINST advisement. I didn’t come here to rescue anyone. The invocation was people are lazy and do not wish to be informed. They don’t want to think for themselves, nor are they willing to risk life and limb to preserve a dated government ideology which they haven’t even studied anyway. you’ve been given an opportunity to think for yourself. It’s not going to come to you wrapped in a marketing con. you either fucking get it or you don’t, and in your case you don’t. You’re stupid. You’re lazy. You’re a waste of resources, and you and many like you will fully understand this very soon. WHEN your fucking Armageddon strikes, you are going to remember this discussion. For the time being, it’s entertainment for you. Go play with yourself.

      Here’s a copy of a letter I just sent to your corrupt 4F administrators.


      Diaz/Acevedo= false flag with propaganda support from 4F. The mission is to steadily increase public tolerance of summary execution in acculturation to occult rendition, item 3 on the neopolitical four point agenda for repatriation.

      Thomas was engineered with Duggan, both probably collective punishment for exposing Murdoch and XI-U. Oslo/Utoya was definitely a warning to kowtow to the Vatican/Knights of Malta or face dire consequences. Anders Breivik is duplicated in the thousands.

      Even alternative media is shielding itself from retaliation by hiding behind sensational journalism or letting their blogs run wild in lieu of quality investigative work principled on the 1st Amendment. If even YOU folks are capitulating we don’t have a fucking chance of fighting this.

      It’s all money and business to you sociopaths. While I understand people are basically indolent, think of life as a physical education class. You have to motivate your students (the public) to get up and move around, and part of THAT involves being on the mark within 3 minutes of the bell, roll call in two minutes, stretching in one and then immediately on the track.

      You are giving people to much time to imagine, which they are listless to a fault. They’re opinionated but lack information. They have the potential to engage but narrate verbal masturbation with keystrokes. You censor self mastery and promote self indulgence.


            1. To much information. It sounds like you are describing your vagina. Who fucking care WHAT color it is. Stay on topic, please (eg The Revolution Was Televised…).

  85. I guess you did not pick up on the sarcasm. You have no proof, because it does not exist. There are very few cannibals in the world and Ventura and Schwarzenegger are not amongst the tribes. Why don’t you stop bothering people with your nonsense and support a decent cause.

  86. What, you’re education isn’t a decent cause? See what I mean about stupid? If it’s got a mirror it’s got a friend!


  87. Damn admin made you look silly LDX! Anyone who went to school past 3rd grade knows only U.S. born citizens can become president. So either you are a 2nd grade drop-out or your lying.

    1. Already responded to that issue Bman. You didn’t get it the first time around. It’s won’t make sense to you if I repeat it. It takes brain mass to process this stuff. You don’t have it.

  88. Cut him some slack Jane. Poor guy is mentally ill and off his meds. I hope he doesn’t get beat to death for mouthing off to Kenton Hampton about the inferiority of black people.

  89. It’s all over. They are armed because they fear the citizenry who they will mass execute publicly. The day has arrived. The bosses have won.

    1. “the bosses” haven’t won jack crap yet. To give in at this point, is almost treasonous! Get a backbone, borrow one or grow one, and man up so we ladies don’t have to do it for you.

  90. @Angelo, In the battle of character (reason: morality/ethics) v atramental (sociopath), people of conscience generally capitulate with the first shock and awe event, otherwise they wouldn’t waste their time with protests and candle light vigils and would move directly on to militia. This is not a matter of a revolution. It’s a matter of preserving the constitution and Bill of Rights, which a revolution already established is the rule of law.

    @Brandon Your willingness to evoke violence to silence those you do not agree with is an example of how your race precipitated it’s own slavery. Be aware that the civil rights movement was not about preserving black Americans but rather a stage in the evolution of a nation that would one day rid itself of them by their own hand, and you are demonstrating that ignorance here, because you think you can get away with it. You’re a dumb fuck. You will always be a dumb fuck, eh?

  91. Kenton Hampton’s a criminal black man. He’ll face his issues soon enough. They don’t last, because they’re predatory disposition makes them a liability. They like to fuck and beat on things. Can’t be civilized, but do make good combat soldiers for Armageddon entertainment. Change your pad, Brandon. It ain’t happening yet, my niggah, but it will! hahaha

  92. “Government is the problem”

    If it were not, we would not know of the Founding Fathers, and there would be no U.S.A.?

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