Bruce Whitaker on The Illegal Water Tax

Here’s a Fullerton councilmember who not only understands the illegal water tax, he knows the right thing to do – end it, immediately. He also suggests a solution that would, over time, address infrastructure deficiencies that have been permitted by our aquacrats and city council. Good luck getting the Three Pompous Pumkins Bankhead, McKinley and Jones to go along with that!

Anyway, if you haven’t already done so, meet Bruce Whitaker:

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  1. The only one on the council who consistently makes sense. Let’s make sure he is joined by other thoughtful people in June.

  2. Wow. Finally Mr. Whittaker is caught on camera making a cogent, coherent, compelling argument. Did it take a few cups of coffee to get him like this? Whatever. Congrats, Bruce you have finally stepped up.

    1. JP, you must be living in the dark ages or not watching the council meetings. Bruce is right on- lock step and barrel on just about every issue I’ve known about since being elected to the city council. Oh, maybe you live on the west side of town.

      I understand that some people still can’t get channel 3 on their TV cause of some sort of sun spots that are blocking a particular satellite that broadcast some of the local stations.

      1. I personally think that Bruce Whitaker is the most honest, heroic, and articulate politician I know of…bar none.

  3. i don’t care anymore…..Not even going to vote for yes on recall or no on recall. Can I say for all the crap that has happen last year and this year, there is not a single person or persons that can help. LOST HOPE……

        1. cg, don’t give up now for crying out loud! We’re just around the corner from having a city council that represents the citizens (including you)! This is a rare time in history and you should take part in the election process. Did you sign the recall petition?

  4. Not sure what you’re talking about JP. Bruce steps up every week and schools this body. Go back and watch his comments about Joe Felz new contract and raise.

  5. Well for now one out of five is a start. June gets us three more. Man Fullerton has long uphill climb but at least the descent is over.Bruce is a statesman. The other three in my opinion are disgraceful. The one that blows with the prevailing wind direction has already penned her float plan leaving room for one more to get this thing back into the hands of the taxpayers.

    Bruce Whitiker managed to find time to help vollunteer for arborday in fullerton. I remember him saying as we was planting the trees that its hard to find time to do everything because he is busy with politics. I imagine he does a lot of homework just to prepare for his presentations at city council meetings and it shows! Other city council members at times seem very uninformed and unprepared to make intelligent statement regarding important issues. I like to see city workers like Bruce who are earning their keep and making us proud to be apart of this city!

    1. Well said, S of F.

      I happened to watch the council meeting last week starting around 8:00pm when the water tax issue was getting hot and heavy.
      My impression of Bruce after seeing ‘THIS’ posted video once again, is just what you stated here: “I imagine he does a lot of homework just to prepare for his presentations at city council meetings and it shows! Other city council members at times seem very uninformed and unprepared to make intelligent statement regarding important issues.”

      In fact, the other council members, including Mayor Quirky come across as uninformed, uncaring and worse off, ‘uneducated’ as a result. Pretty bad for a school teacher with her educational credentials.

      This shows Bruce has and more than likely always WILL do what is ‘right’ for the people of Fullerton.

      1. “Pretty bad for a school teacher with her educational credentials.”

        A teaching credential is not tha-at hard to earn. Sorry, it’s true. When she got her teaching credential in the early to middle 1980s the tuition was still pretty cheap, and one only had to be an average student. Although her sociology degree looks impressive, I’m not impressed with her overall.

        Maybe she and Gloria Molina worked together in the past. My own inside humor. 🙂

        1. “…her sociology degree looks impressive,”

          Haha! No, it doesn’t! Those were the ones who couldn’t major in anything else.

          There. I said it.

          1. You are probably right, but the Sociology class I took in college was difficult. That was a long time ago though.

            I know that being accepted to UCLA was much easier in the 80s than it is now.

            1. This is a key field of study for today’s political hacks. Most are masters. Pandering to the lowest common denominator becomes an art of self preservation.It makes little or no sense to those of us with an IQ above room temperature but then again how else did we get to this point.

        2. “A teaching credential is not tha-at hard to earn. Sorry, it’s true.”

          Very believable every time she opens her mouth, or forgets to do the pledge, or forgets to have the city attorney go over items, or studders and stammers during every sentence.

          Maybe she drinks before the council meetings…?

        3. Q: What can I do with a sociology degree?

          A: Teach third graders how to spell at Richman Elementary

  7. I dont know what all u guys are talking about. Lt Goodrich is gonna steer this ship right now that he’s the watch commander mon,tue, wed night. I dont care if he had neck(s) $urgery and deemed 40% disabled….lol, fml…the pd management is crooked to the core

  8. Righteousness always prevails over the long run. The demons are conjured up from the pit by the aroma of fear. We have not been over to a spirit of fear but rather a sound mind.

    1. We have not been given over to a spirit of fear is what I meant. Those that serve darkness will fall victim to the very thing that they serve

  9. Not sure either of what JP was talking about above concerning Bruce ‘finally’? stepping up.?
    WTF? and WHYB (Where Have You Been?)

    cg is simply venting. He’s NOT giving up. We won’t let him!

    And did Goodrich ever have a neck in the first place? I could NEVER see it in that infamous mug shot of his.

    1. Whitaker is only recently learning how to be an effective communicator. It doesn’t matter that I mostly agree with him, whenever he starts talking I hear Homer Simpson in my head yelling, “boring!”

      As for leadership, how is his inquiry of the Dean Gochenour case progressing after all these months?

  10. Writing from my narrow vantage point on water issues, Whitaker is a studious councilman who asks good questions before he attends council meetings. As an independent (DTS) voter, I respect him because he makes no bones about his leanings – he is basically honest. What differentiates him from other conservative thinkers today (and liberals too), is that he has demonstrated an ability to understand long-term needs and issues and articulate a potential path forward from present-day quagmires. He did this last week when he outlined how we might fix our water pipelines while correcting the wrongful practice of skimming 10% off the water fund for unassociated general fund expenses. If the recall works, I hope we elect more folks with his temperament regardless of their political philosophies. Demonstrated intelligence and tact are the paths to the margin of victory with independent voters like me – not how rabidly one can stick to a political doctrine come hell or high water.

  11. I would have thought this was a pretty cut and dry issue. Tax found to be “illegal” and then stopped.

    This feels like the twilight zone.

    The way I see it; this is like someone taking your money and when you catch them and demand it back they tell you (with a straight face) “be happy though it is not legally mine, I’ll use it for a good cause”, WTH.???

    Man, after viewing this I feel truly sorry for people who live in Fullerton.

  12. I’ve met and spoken with Bruce. He is a real guy who cares. He’s straightforward, honest and willing to stand up for truth. I’m just glad he is on the council and hope his example will be followed.

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