Asleep At Switch, Bankhead Waterboards Self Fighting For Illegal Tax

When the topic of the Fullerton’s illegal 10% water tax was brought up the other night, Councilmember Bruce Whitaker was right there to propose agendizing the immediate suspension of the tax. And Triassic, soon-to-be recalled Don Bankhead was there to stall, stall, stall.

The funny thing is that Bankhead cited his presence at the Water Rate Ad Hoc Committee meeting as some sort of evidence that he knew something the others didn’t. Bad idea, Bonehead.

See, if you’re going to brag about going to a meeting it might be an excellent idea to stay awake during it.

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  1. Give us something we can discuss or disagree on.
    This blog has jumped the shark…boring….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. There’s nothing we agree with you on. In 11 weeks it will be curtains for your one-eyed Culture of Corruption.

    2. Seriously, JD the genius, I know you think that everything is all about you and your buddies, but this blog is not here for your entertainment and people here ARE discussing this topic and it is important.
      So yeah, go to bed and when you wake up, think about taking an english class.

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    1. I don’t know about the college thing but of course Rincon is a serial rapist. How can you ask such a stupid question?

      The guy fondled 8 or so women while on duty but thanks to our Dapper DA and Pat McPervert, charges were not filed but the city decided to settle with 2 of his victims.

  3. No wonder he didn’t understand what everyone else was talking about at the council meeting. He evidently slept right through the water meeting, although he was awake enough to talk to people at the end.

    Is that his own personal FPD escort next to him?

    Looks like the lady next to him is asleep too.

  4. Most of Bankhead’s decisions have always been based on sleepy time fantasy.

    Let the old goat catch a few zz’s during his final few meetings.

  5. P.S.

    Uh, and, and……………………………………………………….uh,……………………………………………………………………………….where’s Dick?

  6. Will yah’ll jes’ leave it alone? Don’s older’n Ah am! He needs his sleep! Now where the hell am Ah anyway? Ah have some nerve missin’t yet anothah’ meetin’!

  7. I was at the water meeting, and yes Mr Bankhead did seem to be in some meditative state, he coulda past away back there and no one woulda noticed, I guess his lackey , when he awoke, told him the highlights.

  8. The recent Fullerton Observer reported Mark Hall speaker , had reported that Kelly Thomas had a year ago found his wallet when he was with his son at independence park with $140 in cash with credit cards and took it on himself to returned it to their very doorstep.He also reported that Kelly would not accept anything in return for his act of kindess but said he wished and would kindly accept some recycle cans sitting on side of house. This story if actually true seems profound. What percentage of most cashless homeless people or anyone for that matter would return a wallet with $140 cash to the doorstep of the owner. What percentage of the fullerton police officers who found a wallet off duty would do the same?

    1. considering this account if true, having this sort of consideration for others property, makes me think that he was trying to be cooperative and helpful to the police as they were questioning him about the backpack he found. What may have caused the situation to esculate is the lack of trust, respect of humanity, and cross examination and deniles of what he was saying that they may have been administering to him.They may have been denying him basic rights by trying to coerce a confession out of him. Only time will tell if this is so when we can all hear the audio.

      1. Streets of F, you got it wrong. The cops weren’t really concerned about the contents of Kelly.s backpack. They were specifically there to teach Kelly a lesson to not hang out around the Slidebar. The Slidebar managment was coached by the cops in the exact words that were to be used for the phone complaint.

      2. Yeah there’s nothing that sucks the love of Jesus out of you, and puts you on the defensive quicker, than someone twice your size in a police uniform telling you that, “these are the hands that are going to fuck you up”.

    2. Schizophrenics have good and bad days,just ask the Fullerton observer editor. Kelly Thomas’ mental illness made him capable of being kind and considerate and maybe a few hours later angry,confrontive and threatening. My point is no matter how threatening Kelly may have been to others, if proper conduct had been shown by Fullerton PD,Kelly would be alive today

  9. I’m trying to figure out what part of illegal Bankhead doesn’t understand. It’s pretty clear it’s illegal. What a moron! Go take a nap old man!

  10. Often, elderly persons who are losing their cognitive faculties will remember a prayer or favorite poem,saying and so on because it stirred within them a passion,love or strong belief that never burns out. Bankhead may be clueless to most of,the world around him except when it comes to gouging the public for more money to fund his pet projects,him. Obviously Bankhead’s passion is illegally taxing the good people of Fullerton

  11. Yes, Don is a very religious man. He wasn’t sleeping, he was praying to the Almighty to preserve the illegal 10% tax on water that goes to pay his pension.

    Was the Almighty listening? Find out if a miracle will save Blank, Hick, and McPerv on June 5th!

  12. That’s out boy, re-elected six times by the good folks of Fullerton.

    After this dumbass is recalled I predict he’ll be running in November with the endorsements of Ackerman and Royce!!

  13. Bankheads willingness to break the law by allowing an illegal tax continue day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, tells the story of who Bankhead really represents.
    It’s very clear Bankhead has nothing but the interest of city staff in mind and not the citizens of Fullerton.
    Furthermore, since his pension has everything to do with the city’s general fund (which is where this illegal 10% lands) he has an obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST and should participate in this subject matter. And for that matter neither should McPension.
    This is the exact reason why government employees or retired government employees should not be on city councils! We citizens are under represented!

    1. true dat! Out of a population of 145,000 there must be enough good people of fullerton who will not promote a dunce to fullerton’s city manager slot with the expectations the dunce will rubber stamp stupid uses of our city’s revenue that probably put public money into the private hands of public employees.there must be enough good people of fullerton who will represent our interests and concerns instead of outsourcing them to ad hoc committees, task forces or commissions. there must be enough good people of fullerton who will not allow their police force to beat, molest, falsely arrest and murder those unfortunate enough to cross the FPD’s path. Out of 145,000 people there are three good men of fullerton, Tony Bushala, Chris Thompson and Travis Kiger, who truly care about us, the good people of Fullerton.


    Furthermore, ………he has an obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST and should NOT participate in this subject matter

  15. Don’s been able to get by sleeping through meetings. That’s how we got into the mess we’re in.

    Don, YOU’RE FIRED!

    1. Evidently.

      Geeze, the dude needs someone to sit behind him and give him a noogie – why he feels and always has, that its nappy time during important meetings regarding the city is a good reason in itself to recall the chap.

      1. I suggest the City take a vote and send him to a doctor for a “fit for duty” examination like they do the cops when they thinks something is wrong.

        Or make the guy take 1000mg of geritol!!!!!

      2. scream WAKE UP DON!

        Don’t forget to keep a camera pointed at him. It’ll be hilarious.

  16. Some one should actually time how long this guy actually dozes off. ANYONE have a stop watch?

    Yes we know the old man despite carrying a firearm on his hip, is going to be a little slow on the draw if a crises happens while he is in the node mode.

    So it is important for him to snooze among the security personnel.

    Too funny!!!!! Don Bankhead, “a man amongst men”.

    1. I love how the leftwing blogs are giving Quirky credit for being out in front of the water tax scam. Right. Seven years ago she would have been out front. now she’s trying desperately to catch up to the band wagon.

      Running for office has that effect on some people.

      1. People flying on “wings” fall into two categories 1. They’re completely brainwashed idiots 2. They’re manipulative aholes that get a thrill out of manipulating brainwashed idiots.

        I don’t need to associate with a party or ideology to know right from wrong.

  17. “Let things play out a bit”: Is Mr. Bankhead serious? The truth is that near the end of the water rate adhoc committee meeting Greg Sebourn made a motion seconded Adan Ortega to recommend that the city council halt the 10% transfer of water funds to the general fund. The City’s general counsel ruled them out of order and the meeting was abruptly ended without even a motion to adjourn. Things are not “playing out” with the Adhoc Committee. We got “played.”

  18. You are correct! I refer to the lawyer as the gargoyle on stilts, he only pipes us when the truth is about to be revealed. He tried to shut that down, notice he was speaking with the other- slimey spokes holes. People you have to come down and see this event unfold. I guess, they figure if they tell me its a “GOOD concept”, under flourescent lights at the library, its got to be true..right?

  19. I send corpool kirk to watch bank$head so he will not fall sleept during the meeting. i asked corpool kirk what happend ,he just respond bank$head ,zzzzzzzzzzzz lulabay don don .

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