You Said What You Said

Politicians are forever saying asinine things and then denying they said them. Small time politicians like our own mutton head Don Bankhead have been getting away with this sort of thing for years. Televised council meetings have helped expose the intra-noggin confusion that exists in minds like Bankhead’s, but youtube has really been invaluable.

A while back we ran a post that highlighted Bruce Whitaker rightfully taking Bankhead to task for sharing his opinion that Fullerton would be ghost town without Redevelopment. No, no said Bankhead, testy-like. He really said “downtown Fullerton.” Forget that neither would be a ghost town without Redevelopment – that’s just Big Gummint Bankhead passing along all the lies he’s swallowed over the years, and of course his own campaign literature year after dreary year – taking credit for “revitalizing” DTF over and over and over and over and over again.

Here’s what Bankhead really said, verbatim, an insult to the hundreds of businesses in DTF and in the rest of the city that never took a nickel of Bankhead’s largess:

Or, to put it another way:

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  1. Bankhead’s exact statement from the council meeting:

    “I did not say that Fullerton would be a ghost town. My comment was that without redevelopment the downtown area would become a ghost town.”

  2. That second clip is just another one of your typical grotesque distortions. You should be ashamed of yourselves for besmirching this honorable public servant.

    1. Sharon Kennedy go back to your crayons and coloring book and if you stay within the lines Pam Keller will give you happy face sticker

  3. he did say especially the downtown area, is this really an issue at all? isnt there like a government building or something you can troll around and see if you can hack into their network?

    1. I’ll be coming out of compton’s pocket soon to explain why he can’t understand something so simple.

  4. In Bankhead’s defense, he clearly said that Fullerton would “bearily” be a ghost town.

    I don’t know what that means.

    1. Fullerton got its first real taste of Bankhead in 1993 when he cravenly caved in on the Utility Tax – only a few months after he promised no tax increases.

      1. DECISION ’94 : Tax Foes Hope to Unseat 3 on Fullerton Council
        May 29, 1994|MIMI KO | SPECIAL TO THE TIMES

        Mayor A.B. (Buck) Catlin and council members Molly McClanahan and Don Bankhead face a recall effort by the Fullerton Recalls Committee, which advocates replacing them with council members who will repeal the tax.

        “We made a decision in good faith because we did not want to lose essential services,” Catlin said.
        “This recall is ridiculous. Recalls are for people who are incompetent, fraudulent or immoral in office.”

        [Translation: “We made a decision in good faith because we did not want to lose our pensions.]

        1. The CA constitution article 2 section 13 give taxpaying citizens the absoulte right to recall anyone in an elected office without any specific reasons that are mentioned by that asswipe

    1. What kind of Master’s Degree? Oratorical buffoonery? Clown School? Just what Sally. Gee you must be older than Tuco!

  5. What’s a “yootoobe?” I’ll ask Dick Jones. I think he’s seen one before.

  6. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I’m glad we have a forward thinking, visionary leader like Don Bankhead to lead us into the Twentieth Century.

  7. Don Bankhead. The antithesis of accountability. I don’t think this guy has ever taken responsibility for a single one of his hundreds of bad votes. Of course the real trouble is he probably doesn’t think he’s ever made a bad vote.

  8. Jeesum-the only office this clown needs to be in is one with an MD on the door,

    all these clusterf-s are so old they dont leave fingerprints anymore-all need to return to the tarpits where they came from

    So in 1993 he ran for office on no new taxes, was elected to office based on this, but once in office, spoke to someone at the water utility place to keep the 10% increase to all water paying citizens in fullerton, on the bill, but hide it so no one questions it, then send them a check at the end of the year cause with no taxes, the money had to come from someplace to pay for pensions and I bet year after year the premise for this fraud was “no new taxes”

    Does anyone know who the wad is or was on the water board who agreed to this after 1996?
    (prop 218 was passed then-specifically stating city’s could not pad utility bills just to grab money for their coffers)

    1. Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes February 16, 2000

      February 16, 2000

      Proposed Rate Increase

      Based on the discussion of costs associated with Hillcrest Reservoir, Mr. Carlson discussed the proposed water rate increase with the Committee.

      Mr. Carlson explained how the yearly water rate increase of 2 % over three years would be an average of $1.50 each month per household. He also stated these increases would provide enough surplus money to fund future Capital Programs and a bond for the reservoir.

      Several questions were asked at this point including:

      Is there any funding available in any account to pay for rebuilding?
      Is Hillcrest in the right place for a reservoir?
      What would be the impact of water needs if large businesses continue to leave Fullerton?
      How is pure water maintained in a reservoir?
      What is the next action by the City Council?
      Has City Council already said they are in favor of the proposed solution for Hillcrest?
      Is it possible to tie Hillcrest Park into the Sanitation Department as well, due to the need of more restrooms and water fountains?
      Are there any grants available for the reservoir?

      Mr. Carlson suggested that Associate Planner Viado place an overview of the Hillcrest Park remodel project on the agenda of a future meeting, since it details many aspects of how the reservoir will be incorporated into the project.
      Rates, Rules, and Regulations

      Mr. Carlson informed the Committee that the RATES, RULES, AND REGULATIONS booklet will be brought to the City Council for updating of water rates, new rate categories, billing language, trash rates, and City organization restructure. Mr. Carlson discussed the proposed changes with the Committee.

      1. nada about the 10% in here, of course but this dude, Carlson, looks like the water houncho who made backroom deals with the fullerton ferret faces about it-thats what I wanted to know-thank you

  9. Huh? Duh? Uh, Fullerton city council member Bankhead lies to his constituents. and the good times begin when Bankhead is recalled and a true representative of the people of Fullerton is elected to his seat.

  10. That was almost as bad as McKinley trying to wiggle out of his lame statement, “Those women were not like these people here.”
    His follow-up explaination on said lame statment: “What I meant to say was that the DA said these women were not credible.”

    Oh, I get it. Completely understandable.

  11. No come on guys… People aren’t that stupid that they can’t hear or see an edit on what Bankhead said.. Please FFFF, don’t tarnish what “we” the fine people of Fullerton are trying to do with the recall… I just might have to walk away from all of you for this..

  12. Wrong Guy :
    I have to ask as well Erin, WTF?
    Unless you are a troll, hijacking Erin’s name.

    Believe me Wrong Guy, this is Erin… I know BS when I see it… I refuse to be a part of a recall that post dishonest crap. Can you tell me honestly that the video wasn’t edited? Please?

    1. Um, Erin…the second clip you linked to came from the first clip in this post.

      Where did the first clip come from? Garden Grove has its own TV channel. That’s the original video. Don’t believe me? Double click the video and it will take you to Youtube. You’ll see that the username is GardenGroveTV3.

      And how did you hear the word “literally”? That sounds like the word merely. Whatever the case, that’s how Bankhead talks. His lips don’t always match the words that come out of his mouth.

      Besides, why would Garden Grove’s TV channel give enough of a crap about Bankhead who is irrelevant to them? There’s no reason for them to edit his words…

  13. Vernon Dozier :
    Um, Erin…the second clip you linked to came from the first clip in this post.
    Where did the first clip come from? Garden Grove has its own TV channel. That’s the original video. Don’t believe me? Double click the video and it will take you to Youtube. You’ll see that the username is GardenGroveTV3.
    And how did you hear the word “literally”? That sounds like the word merely. Whatever the case, that’s how Bankhead talks. His lips don’t always match the words that come out of his mouth.
    Besides, why would Garden Grove’s TV channel give enough of a crap about Bankhead who is irrelevant to them? There’s no reason for them to edit his words…

    You make a good case VD..

  14. Erin, take a deep breath and a quick trip to Rancho Relaxo.

    Bankhead just got tongue tied and cough up some sort of weird syntactical nonsense. It sounds like “beerly be a ghost town.”

    Although we’re not sure of what word should have tumbled out of Sleepy’s mouth, the meaning was crystal clear. I happen to think he was trying to say the word “literally,” but as the word was coming out he realized he didn’t know what it meant and he tried to stop it as the lips were already moving. In sports that’s called The Choke (figuratively – haha).

    And if he didn’t mean it he should have just said me misspoke. Except that the Dithering Dinosaurs don’t admit error.

    1. Seriously, I’ve listened to that blunder many times and this is what I think actually happened: Blankhead meant to say, “The city of Fullerton would literally be a ghost town.” But while producing the sentence he realized he was about to skip over the word ‘literally’, and instead began to pronounce the word ‘be’. Then, at the last possible moment, after starting to pronounce ‘be’ he changed his mind and tried to slip in the word ‘literally’, hoping nobody would notice the faux pas. The result is the word ‘bliterally’.

      No phony editing, just straight-forward Blankhead-idness!

  15. Yep. Don tripped over his own tongue. Again. But I know what he meant. He was fighting to protect the tool he used to cook up all those booddoggles over the years.

  16. This city is being looked at by all agencies right now. IMHO it needs to be completely gone through with a fine tooth comb and anyone who has done it wrong needs to be fired and asked to leave which would includes me and I’m sure many of you..

  17. “Beerly” from Bankhead and “Bloused” from McKinley.
    Talk about saying and doing their own thing.
    Does Doc Jones have any funny words he made up as well?

  18. Chamber Star :
    You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
    I’m glad we have a forward thinking, visionary leader like Don Bankhead to lead us into the Twentieth Century.

    Freudian slip, Chamber Star? “Forward thinking” Don will lead us into the TWENTIETH Century?

  19. Haha :In Bankhead’s defense, he clearly said that Fullerton would “bearily” be a ghost town.
    I don’t know what that means.

    He said the downtown area would be a ghost town if it wasnt for redevelopement…He said it loud and clear. And he is right.

    1. Actually he is wrong. Almost 40 years and a hundred million dollars and what do you have to show for it? A drunken war zone with a gang of thug cops beating people to death because they annoy a bar owner. Nice work.

      Bankhead has been in charge 23 of the 38 years – that’s 53%. Say, Don, when is Downtown Fullerton going to be free of blight?

  20. Hello blogger, I see now, having followed this site for a while, that it’s not a busy site so much as it’s the same people, stuck on stupid, basking in their self importance, again and again and again in a sort of email circle jerk to each other. I get a lot of hatemail from this Fullerton site; all, pretty much, are attacks on my mental health, (denouncing me as crazy. I’m used to that, calling a homeless person crazy is just as easy as calling a black person a ‘nigger).’ So, since I have never had a psychiatric evaluation, in my busy career of representing the homeless, at street level, as a homeless “crazy” person, and none of you are psychiatrists; I have to question the intelligence of your diagnoses, which you based on an email. Why do you feel the need to be so abusive? Do you think that calling me crazy will erase my work, any more than killing kelly would erase his murder? This Kelly site is not about Kelly, it’s about hate. I’ll answer you’re endless diatribe of critiques, with a response that I sent to Seer, in response to his email impugning my efforts and telling me to “Butt Out.” Dear Seer, Actually Civil Rights attorneys do not “chase ambulances,” as you suggested, stating that I should leave the Thomas’ alone and ‘go chase an ambulance.’ You are thinking of Personal Injury attorneys. Civil Rights attorneys do not “butt Out” they put themselves between civil rights abuse victims and the cops. They get arrested, beaten, raped, and mutilated, and they (at least in my case) do not get paid. But you know all about me, since you didn’t read the book that I wrote in loving memory of Kelly? Wow such authority and conviction, you have all of the answers and snappy comebacks without understanding any of the questions. Very impressive. What do you attribute your profound insight to? An advanced degree in political science or philosophy? Oh, Policy Studies perhaps? I’m sorry, did I understand you to say that you are on Ron’s side? Could you explain to me how that works again? Do you do that by impeaching the people who have something to offer, regarding Ron’s knowledge of Kelly’s situation? I see, you trash those people; sort of the way that the City of Fullerton trashed Kelly for years on end, and that makes everything OK. Trashing me makes it all right? And of course you knew Kelly and fought for him and his community, on the street, gave all of your assets to them, starved so that they could prevail, went to jail in order to fight their cases via precedent? And never for a second stopped to think of yourself, but waged an unending battle, standing up to the cops every second of every day and every night, for twenty years, I see: I thought that was me, but in fact it was you? You did all of that did you? And that is how you can lambaste my efforts? Wow, I am impressed. And did you invest all of your time and money for a years in getting case after case dismissed against homeless women who the cops arrested as the perpetrator when in fact the cops had perjured statements (by cops themselves and others naming the victim as the perpetrator), and then when you got those cases dismissed did you take on case after case, in which the cop cooperative had killed people, and threatened to kill you? And of course you got those victims, and all of the other victims who you could possibly find, out of harms way? How about that Coleman case, in which YOU exposed a rapist Sgt, who had been cornering teenagers and having them put out on threat that he would tell their moms they were drug addicts, was that you who stood up to that cop and his buds, while they tried to rape (a la the teenagers) you in a three hour stand off? Or was that me: was I the one who was commended by an appellate panel in that case, a panel who recognized and thanked me for pointing out that I would use deadly force at my next encounter with that officer who had demonstrated his intention to rape me? Was that you or me, I forget, you know, because I’m just a crazy ambulance chaser and all. That is what you termed me isn’t it? And you left a legacy, a beautiful legacy in book form in their honor so that they would never be forgotten, those rape and murder victims, did you do that? I see. Or did you jump on the band wagon and take pot shots, at me, and at the people who actually did something. I wonder if maybe your contribution to the situation begins and ends with proving that YOU can judge a book by it’s cover and that you can judge an author by her email. Nice work, I am really impressed. I wanted to be psychic like you, but I ended up being hard working instead. Are you happy with yourself, or is it time to put on your thinking cap? Are you drunk? I’m sorry but I don’t have the Chicago Manual of Style at my disposal, oh Snide Ones.

    1. Wrong guy, , go back to the article ‘For the Next City Council Meeting”…… and her first post is #21, mine is #22….Ron Thomas’ post to her is #24……..

  21. Carolyn, , there is no doubt about it, you definitely are delusional. This is not email, these are posts on a blog.

    I hope you get the help you need………..

    Read again what I told you….

  22. Anonymous :

    Haha :In Bankhead’s defense, he clearly said that Fullerton would “bearily” be a ghost town.
    I don’t know what that means.

    He said the downtown area would be a ghost town if it wasnt for redevelopement…He said it loud and clear. And he is right.

    …does a quiet little family town like Fullerton really need 40 bars in it’s “downtown/drowntown”?

  23. Seer, Ron never posted to me, he posted to this site, to you, I call that leading, I have recieved nothing at all from Ron, I do recieve a lot of emails from all of the regulars, here, they send them to Some people wrote to my systems operator whose email address was in a blog post that I posted here. (hoping to discourage you people, THAT was deluded of me since you clearly are doing this (kill the messenger) instead of doing anything complicated like getting a life. Wow you people are so into the details, of your efforts to be assinine, it’s astounding. Ron is free to unsubscribe me, it’s his site, isn’t it, or is he just a guest here, of the pitty party, and vitriol fest? You are like Lilliputions, strapping down civil liberties and beating them to death: free speech is a right; minority discent. It does not mean that you should semantically bludgeon to death any one who comes along who is not out of your mold. Wake up. You are all so closed minded and petty. -Carolyn (Maybe it should be renamed ‘Harass the Unsuspecting and the Uninnitiated, in Kelly’s name.’)

    1. doodoodoodoo….we have entered another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind … We’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

      carolyn- this is not, nor ever has been Ron’s site. It was here long before Kelly was murdered by FPD.

      And one more thing Paragraph…meet Carolyn, Carolyn, meet paragraph.

  24. seer2some :Wrong guy, , go back to the article ‘For the Next City Council Meeting”…… and her first post is #21, mine is #22….Ron Thomas’ post to her is #24……..

    Can’t believe what I read from this Carolyn’s lengthy, absurd and blathering comment from yesterday.


    I do feel sorry for you Carolyn, however your derogatory statements about Ron Thomas’ parenting is an absurd and insensitive insult, not only to Ron, but many of us parents with all of our screws tightened well, unlike yours.

  25. She is a little more than confused, , further down in the article her posts are #49, #50 and #51…..
    Did you read those too?

  26. I just changed my mind. I think he meant to say “merely be a ghost town.”

    But he got all confused about what merely means so his brain just goose stepped ahead to the next word which was “be.” And he stuck the b in front of “erely.”

    And that folks, is how new languages are born.

  27. I’d bet this Coffee Table Book lady regularly carries on two-way conversations with herself on a regular basis.
    How irregular.

    1. I know I am not suppose to laugh, but I can’t help it. And why is the N-word used? See what being a lawyer can do to you…

  28. I think her coffee table book (it’s suppose to be an ebook) is probably just a continuous rant like the messages we see here. I don’t for a moment believe she’s an author or an attorney.

    Remember, , she says she has been homeless for the last 20 years and has been saving them by letting 10 cops rape her so the others won’t go to jail. Defending other homeless in court, even though she is homeless herself.

    She may have had good intentions to begin with, but she’s delusional and just makes up these stories in her head.

    After reading her first post and then Ron Thomas’ post about her… was obvious to me her continued rantings are causing the family pain and they are not in a frame of mind to deal with her at this time. She’s not so out there that she doesn’t understand they want nothing to do with her, she just keeps pushing herself on them and that’s bullying.

    She needs to get the message and just leave them alone……..

  29. Another thing that comes to mind…….I worked for the phone company, including 911 for a short time in another state. We would get calls from people sounding like her, that always gave their name and ranted on, then hung up. They would keep calling back, doing the same thing and eventually give us a doctors name (even though they would say, ‘don’t call him, don’t call him’). For some of them, we already had a file on them with their doctors name.

    We would call the doctor and tell him they had been calling us, and wouldn’t even have to tell what they had been talking about, as it wasn’t important and the doctor would then intervene and take care of the situation for that person having an episode.

    They were in reality, calling for help, but for whatever reason, wouldn’t call the doctor directly. She reminds me of those people and I was looking to see if she mentioned a doctor in all her rantings….but so far has not. I could be wrong about this, but we will see if she comes back.

  30. Now that you mention that seer, it does sound like she’s crying for help in all her comments.
    I’ll try to be sensitive, but she’s going to have to watch what she says, if possible.

  31. Yeah, , she can get pretty obnoxious in some of the stuff she says……. look at all she threw at me, , LOL, , and I wasn’t the one that cussed her out……..

  32. Let me know if you need help with those kids. I have pretty good parenting skills and I have a but of gang mentality too.

  33. Be nice. I don’t think he would have lived in this encounter with most citizens. He got lucky he picked the right people.

    COLTON (KTLA) — A man is under arrest Sunday after attacking a couple and terrorizing their community — all while wearing his birthday suit.

    Just before midnight on Saturday Leo Rubio and his wife were coming home from a party when 22-year-old Ruben Arzu, unclothed and described as acting erratic, wandered onto their property.

    Arzu met the couple on their doorstep and allegedly began attacking Rubio.

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    “The husband suffered head wounds and lacerations to his jaw,” Ray Mendez of the Colton Police Department said.

    He then allegedly began beating the Rubio’s wife before running off to another neighbor’s backyard.

    “Him being naked just shocked us,” neighbor Laura Quesata told KTLA. “We didn’t know what happened.”

    When police finally arrived on the scene, Arzu resisted arrest and had to be subdued with a stun-gun. Police believe he may have been under the influence of drugs at the time of attack.

    “I don’t know if he was high on something or what, but he stood up against two officers and they Tased him and it didn’t even affect him,” said neighbor Chuck Walsh.

    The couple was taken to a local hospital where they are listed in stable condition.

    They have a 10-year-old son.

    Arzu is being charged with two counts of attempted murder.

    1. R.I. just shut up, right now. We all know you. You sound like Carolyn. Talk about the Taxi driver stabbed this morning in Fullerton.

        1. Violent crime is on the rise, because useless Peace Officers are sittin at the doughnut shops. If they don’t like their job! get a new one. We all have choices.

            1. OK, Reality “Pension”…Only reason why Officers stay. Reality Is, the pay sucks! I would sit at a Starbucks too. The only thing that increases their pay, is overtime, but that leads to no life.

              1. No one ever said the pay sucks. Pay isn’t great ($40-$60 an hour) but its not bad either. Middle ground. Donut shops was the joke in the 80’s. I think Starbucks is more appropriate in the 2010’s. Overtime was also a word in the 80-90-00’s but that’s not a word anymore. Small amounts for people that can get it. Pension? Most cops don’t even know what a pension is until they get to be about 45 or so. It’s all about the fun of the job. The excitement. The people. Every day is different. A little rough on the back and feet later in the career but overall fun and worth it. 🙂

                1. You right it is not great. Most cops can’t even buy a home in OC. All a bunch of 909 people.
                  So now it’s fun, I guess if your sittin at Starbucks all the time? Back and Feet? I know you guys do a lot of sittin? Ever seen 2 cops sittin in their cars, yackin? They must have more problems with roids, then backs and feet.

  34. What are you doing tonight, oh yes, critiqueing me! I never said that I got raped, I said, that I defended people who got raped, by writing winning legal briefs for their defences. Cops have tried to rape me, they have not succeeded. I have been my own attorney in my own cases where the cops have arrested me on Threat, of rape, ‘put out of go to jail,; by acusing me of crimes that did not happen, called false arrest, I win those cases because I always record what happens, and submit it as evidence. Regarding the email in which Ron told seer that he wishes I would leave he and his family alone inferring that I must be a nut case. He is not to weak to tell me that himself, although you love to pamper the prospect, I wonder if he said that to all and every homeless person though, including Kelly, at every encounter. I gave him a beautiful gift: I got slapped down as a crazy for it, what kind of reception did kelly get? You have no concept of a the fact that there could be person living on the street to benefit the ‘least of these,’ because you wouldn’t do it for any reason, for your life’s reward is attacking anyone who view as homeless, you would sit on your sophas and construct a defamatory picture of anyone who fights for those who can not help themselves, which is exactly why there are so many successful predators victimizing the Kellys. I have never never never let a cop victimise anyone in my proximity, and I have had lot of loaded guns stuck in my face, as a consequence, in fact a few minutes ago a cop drove by me and yelled, ‘f you’ because I sent WPD a chronology of a car break in that happened last night, in a turf that they get kick backs from (another turn a blind eye parking lot, where people trust the guards and the cart herders enough to leave their kids in the car, when the kid is stolen out of the car, the cop does not take a police report, rather he yells at the poor imigrant, “It’s your own fault, you have only yourself to blame, get out of here or you are going to jail and lose all of your kids.” OK gotta go, get off of your butts and do something, I did my intenship in law at CPSR, the most prestigeous (Stanford) think tank in America. And I don’t like you either. But I am sure that you will find lots of spelling errors in this email to keep you busy.

  35. Carolyn, , you fade in and then you fade out….You can’t really be of help to anyone until you get treatment and stay on an even keel……How do you know what’s real and what’s not?

  36. My Mom passed from Alzheimers, she tried to go after me with a bar-b-que fork. While I was caring for her. I will never forget that look, straight through me. The mind is so sensitive.

  37. Our minds enable us to create all of the things that are so beautiful that time can seem to stand still, ,, but also can bring us things that we swear hell is here on earth…….

  38. Carolyn, , in your post #53, you DO say 10 cops have backed you in a corner to rape you.

    I applaud you for trying to help people and stand up for them, but you need to get yourself on an even keel so people will take you seriously. If you truely want to help people, , remove the hurdles to be more effective and enabling you to do what you are trying to do.

  39. Carolyn, your spelling was perfect and I haven’t noticed any spelling errors in any of your commments.
    I was wondering if you were in Whittier, as you cited WPD. I assumed that would be Whittier PD. Now I know there are some less moral police officers within that city, however if you make your point clearly, you will find them to be very helpful, with you and even those ‘stolen kids’.
    You should also know that Ron Thomas, myself and most anyone commenting on this blog have a high level of concern and compassion for the homeless.
    Perhaps if you went back to some of the earlier blogs and many of the recent ones, you will find many supportive comments concerning the homeless.
    Were you aware of the Kelly Thomas fund raiser back in September? Well, many, if not all commenters on here were present to show our support.
    Hopefully we could talk more about this in the near future, but in the meantime, realize that many of us (including myself) became involved and almost dependant on this FFFF blog because of the Kelly Thomas murder by FPD.
    We all (yes, especially Ron Thomas) want to be helpful to members of the homeless community.
    My son and I went down to Walnut Elementary School on Thanksgiving to help serve food to the needy. It was my first time volunteering for something like this. What was most compeling to me was the amount of volunteers helping out. Just as many volunteers as the folks that came for the food.
    Anyway, be safe out there Carolyn and if you need any help (hopefully not too much) let us know on this blog.
    We’re here for you.

  40. Maybe he will get 5 years in jail? 🙂

    Ffff would say all made up right?

    VENTURA, Calif. (KABC) — A Ventura man was arrested Sunday for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

    At approximately 7:23 p.m. Sunday, a Ventura police officer investigated a suspicious person in a motel parking lot at 3075 Johnson Dr. The person was sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car in the motel lot.

    The officer requested the suspicious person, 33-year-old Kamran Tabatabayi, step out of the vehicle and submit to a probation search, according to the police dept.

    Tabatabayi then attempted to flee by putting the car into drive and moving forward.

    The officer reached through the driver’s side of Tabatabayi’s vehicle in an attempt to reach the vehicle’s ignition. Tabatabayi accelerated, causing the officer to push away from the vehicle. The vehicle’s left rear tire ran over the officer’s foot, according to police.

    The officer got into his own vehicle and pursued Tabatabayi a short distance before the suspect stopped his vehicle and exited. Tabatabayi refused to lie on the ground, according to the department.

    A K-9 dog was summoned. Tabatabayi was bitten by the dog and taken into custody.

    Tabatabayi was treated for minor injuries related to a dog bite at Ventura County Medical Center, according to police. He was then booked into Ventura County Jail.

    The officer’s injury from the tire was minor, and he returned to duty later in the evening, according to the department.

  41. RI, I’m glad the officer is alright, , but, I have to ask…….why did the officer reach across the guy for the ignition, after the car was put in drive and starting to move forward? He put himself in a dangerous situation by doing that and the outcome could have been a lot worse as he could have been seriously hurt.

    Also, with the way they’re cutting time off of sentences, , this guy won’t do 5 years……

    1. Hard to say. Press usually reports things their way. Only way to know for sure is the video. I’m sure he had his reasons.

      True. Assault with a Deadly Weapon? Used to be 10 plus years. Now 10 plus months if lucky.


      1. Video so what? Reality is, hire Ramos or Cicinelli’s lawyers and watch them pick apart the video.

  42. True. OC out of range for most.

    Yes fun. If you really think cops sit all day then that shows how out of touch you are with reality.

    Yes, ever see two people talking in their offices at work? Or having a meeting? Well those are a cops office they are in. Same thing. You will see that until the day you die.

    If you think most cops are on roids, again, reality check. Take a closer look.


    cg :
    You right it is not great. Most cops can’t even buy a home in OC. All a bunch of 909 people.
    So now it’s fun, I guess if your sittin at Starbucks all the time? Back and Feet? I know you guys do a lot of sittin? Ever seen 2 cops sittin in their cars, yackin? They must have more problems with roids, then backs and feet.

    1. RI… I don’t think he was talking about being on roids (like in steroids), , he was talking about the ones some people may sit on if they have problems………

    2. BS I have cops livin around me from LA police, Long Beach police, La Palma police. THey all can easily afford living in Orange County. One is Long Beach K9 lives in a 3600 sq foot house. No he is not management either.
      Many firemen around me, they are pulling down 125 – 200k with all the OT. Get real with your facts!

    1. RI, , what did that guy have to do with FFFF? He was just a kid wanting a free college tuition. He obviously doesn’t have the brains to do well on his SAT scores.

  43. Stuff like this always reminds me of FFFF now. Has to be a conspiracy. Guard did it.

    LANCASTER (KTLA) — An inmate at Lancaster State Prison was found dead Sunday and investigators believe his cellmate may be to blame.

    The prisoner, who was serving time for a second-degree robbery, was found dead in his cell Sunday after guards found him unresponsive.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, the man’s cellmate passed a note to guards during breakfast saying he appeared to be dead.

    When guards went to inspect his bunk, they found the decedent under his blankets and efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

    He was declared dead at the scene, Sheriff’s Deputy Lillian Peck said.

    Coroner’s officials later inspected the body and found “something suspicious,” but did not elaborate further.

    The decedent’s name nor his cellmate’s were released.

    The death is still under investigation.

    This death is the fourth suspected homicide in the state since October, according to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

  44. I can just imagine Carolyn shouting the words at the top of her lungs as she types them on here. Her eyes are filled with tears, which are running down her face and smudging her makeup.

    An FFFFer makes a scathing reply to her. Her cat brushes her leg and she kicks it away, saying “shut up” as it howls in pain.

    Her mom bangs on the door and says “will you keep the noise DOWN!” Carolyn yells, “you shut up too, you old b**ch.”

  45. Cute comment about me as a teenager in rant mode, I’m over 60 years old, my mother passed way quite some time ago. Jane, I’m sorry but the book about Kelly is down, by popular demand, I wrote it for Ron’s cause as a fund raiser, and as you can see his faithful army of couch potatoes vetoed it, so I took it down, you have to settle for a preview of Volume I from the same series, but it’s not for sale, it will be eventually, I have to firm up the beneficiaries list, several of the people who are represented within will get the proceeds. Banking is not an overnight process, it takes time, check back though, it might be for sale, eventually, that could be months though. It is alarming how much people love to hate, as evidenced here on this site, to ward me. -Carolyn

  46. Look at how synonimous ‘homeless’ is with crazy, I have no history of mental illness or hospitalization, no drug history, I don’t even have any convictions. And yet read how my efforts have been degraded simply because my name and ‘homeless’ are connected. Wow, eye opening isn’t it?

  47. Tuco knows…..
    Tuco knows you are almost as old as Tuco. Do you like Jewish Mexicans? No? Always looking for insomniacs!

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