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  1. Great start, but they need a punchier image, more graphic, maybe with the OC Weekly cover art on the overpass on Harbor and also on Lemon. Let people know what their in for when they come to the DTF.

    1. maybe john and ken will put the picture on their website
      so sorry they took it down already-hey screw with their heads, keep putting it back up in different spots all over fullerton

    1. I cain hit a durn squirrel out in a tree at hunnerd’ n fitty yards, so I cain hit any climbin’ rat from e’en further. Pow!

  2. in other parts of the state they are using vehicles (parked) and roving, to send political messages. in most cases this is perfectly legal.

    Think about that on council night.

    1. There’s a car in downtown San Diego by the courthouse — legally parked in a handicapped spot — that is pretty much completely covered with someone’s personal political beef. Court documents, editorial comments, rants; the whole bit. I stood there during my jury duty lunch break and read the entire display. It worked on me, I freely admit. I read it. That’s free speech in action, and it’s precious. Precious and rare.

      Remember, it was the courageous pamphleteers who started and fueled more than a few revolutions during the powdered-wig days. Ben Franklin comes to mind, as do a few others.

      Getting the word out is everything. Free speech and a free press means everything.

      The Fullerton Bridge Banner has every legal right to be there, and whoever took it down is a dirty little sneak. Unless a banner or placard in a public place somehow poses a traffic hazard or a threat to public safety (whatever that means), it’s legal.

      I would love to see the wonderful citizens of the primo city of Fullerton bring these three horrible creepy men to their logical, moral Waterloo.

      I’m counting on it. I absolutely trust this will happen.

      Summer is over and the Saturday protests have calmed, but if ever there was an abiding memory and face of the eventual, inevitable result of unbridled political and police corruption, that memory and face is Kelly Thomas.

      We’re all still out here. All over the country. There hasn’t been a lot of news lately and that’s understandable, but we can be confident that Kelly Thomas will never be forgotten. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn.

      Nobody has forgotten. Nobody is leaving. We’re just waiting. Waiting and thinking.

      And learning. Learning about the epidemic of crazy, out-of-control police brutality and corruption, coast to coast.

      Kelly Thomas is destined to be a social hero. He already is, in many ways.

      But we must stay on point for awhile. Kelly is an innocent little confused dude who was pounded to death by a rotten, corrupt system. That’s the point, for now.

      We’ll all be there when Kelly’s statue is dedicated on the lawn of Fullerton’s city hall.

  3. You guys are loosen it over a banner. I say, so what…We all know what’s going on. If the banner gets taken down, so what. It is funny though.

  4. I spelled my name wrong on my above post.

    Amazing. It’s rough getting old and living on the road with an old Dell laptop.

    Justice for Kelly Thomas.


  5. Does anyone understand this law?


    Political Signs

    As a candidate or campaign worker for either office or a ballot measure, this reminder about State law governing campaign signs should be helpful to you.

    Section 5405.3 of the State Outdoor Advertising Act exempts the placing of Temporary Political Signs from normal outdoor advertising display requirements.

    A Temporary Political Sign meets the following criteria:

    Encourages a particular vote in a schedule election.
    Is placed not sooner than 90 days prior to the schedule election and is removed within 10 days after that election.
    Is no larger than 32 square feet.
    Has had a Statement of Responsibility filed with the Department certifying a person who will be responsible for removing the sign.

    A completed Statement of Responsibility [Acrobat PDF] must be submitted to:

    Division of Traffic Operations
    Outdoor Advertising Program
    P.O. Box 942874, MS-36
    Sacramento, CA 94274-0001.

    Temporary Political Signs shall not be placed within the right-of-way of any highway, or be visible within 660 feet from the edge of the right-of-way of a classified “Landscaped freeway”.

    State law directs the Department of Transportation to remove unauthorized Temporary Political Signs and bill the responsible party for their removal.

    1. There is no scheduled election. Yet. Hence no campaign, per se, although recall signatures collection is governed by the FPPC.

    2. I understand this:

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  6. O.k., now this campaign sign stuff got me going. Of course, Pat McKinley had to chime in on this as well.

    Oh the evil!

    This is from the 1994 Recall in Fullerton.

    FULLERTON : Recalls Leader Cited in Campaign Sign Thefts
    Community News Focus
    October 06, 1994|MIMI KO

    Police on Wednesday served W. Snow Hume, a Fullerton Recalls Committee leader, with an order to appear in court later this month on charges of vandalism in the disappearance of campaign signs belonging to three City Council candidates.

    Councilman Don Bankhead, who is running in the November general election, Peter Godfrey, who is running in the October special election, and Jan Flory, who is running in both, told police Monday that their campaign signs had been repeatedly stolen, police said.
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    Godfrey said about 600 of his signs have vanished, and Flory and Bankhead said they have lost more than 100 signs each.

    Hume, reached at his home Wednesday, admitted removing some signs, saying he had permission from property owners where the signs were posted. He said police are trying to discredit the recalls committee, which has endorsed Jacob Spaargaron, Jack Dean and Conrad DeWitte.

    The recalls committee championed a successful campaign to oust three council members from office, including Bankhead.

    Hume said he tried to file a police report against Bankhead, Flory and Godfrey for allegedly placing signs illegally in such places as freeway on-ramps but was not allowed to.

    “This is a politically motivated prosecution. Police are being political over who they choose to prosecute,” Hume said.

    Police Chief Patrick McKinley said of the charge: “That’s silliness. . . . We proceed according to law and facts and that’s what we’ve done in this case.”

    The punishment for vandalism, a misdemeanor, is up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, police said.


    1. I remember that case. The DA ultimely dropped the charges. When I talked about it to Snow, he said that the sign removals were done in public in a committee setting.

      Snow told me of one situation where he removed a sign from the fence around an oil well on the Stearns lease. The theory was that under real estate law, the owner of the entire lease had to give permission for the sign, not the owner of a specific well on that lease. I was sure Snow was dead right on in the real estate law, but not so sure about the applicability of the situation.

      The main thing I remember was that Snow told me that once he was clear of the DA, he was going to sue my uncle Ralph Kennedy at the Fullerton Observer for defamation. Seems writer Jack Harloe stated that Snow was “arraigned” at the Fullerton Police Department, instead of the proper term “booked”.

      I did try to talk to Ralph about toning down Jack’s writing, and maybe having an onbudsman, but Ralph was not listening to me. So I did not get around to mentioning Snow’s threat. Snow eventually talked to Ralph and Ralph published an appology.

      Best of my recollection.

  7. May the next sign be in big block letters, about 3′ tall and equally as wide. Same location. Only one word needed, right above Fullerton: RECALL

  8. Let’s just say another banner is legally put in place………..If someone is caught removing it, they can be placed under citizens arrest by you, me or anyone?

  9. Sure. Arrest the thief on theft charges. If a sign is valued at more than 400.00 bucks it becomes grand theft .

  10. Not to get off subject, but I just heard on the news that there was a taxi driver stabbed, last night at Ameriage and Harbor. Channel 7.

  11. Awesome right around the corner..so I live next to the PD thats scary enough…but ths now too. And thanks for the Bar patron that pooped on the wall….nice real nice..I bet it was you …you tipsy idiot…you leaned against the wall and took a crap….so you could move 28 feet to the west and hit the PD…my house huh? Thanks!

  12. The banner disappeared quickly but I noticed tonight, a Recall poster is hung in its place. In fact, I noticed more Recall signs up tonight, including near my home. Well done, keep ’em coming!!

    And yes, I saw the 4 PM news on ch7 today about the stabbing of a taxi driver at Harbor and Amerige. Good ol’ Goodrich was of course giving the interview. Why is still there?

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