13 Replies to “What is “Contempt of Cop?””

    1. the fullerton police are pieces of shit. my rights were violated many times by the piece of shit corporal BOGART THE FAT SLOB, ASSSFHOLE EDGAR ANOTHER INCOMPENENT , SOTO THE AFFEERMATIVE ACTION HIRE AND RINCON THE LIAR, OLIVERAS THE STUPID SERGENT FUCK THE PIGS

  1. How can it be contempt of cop when it’s just his hypothesis on what happened? oh wait, Maybe I’m guilty of being contempt of cop by posting here. Maybe it was contempt of homeless, or standing up to one’s own rights? Who’s to really say….there are always three versions of the truth. Yet one of those versions is dead and silenced forever.

  2. i do not agree with what those officers did….he did not deserve to die…. but if this x cop, really gave a crap about his son, why was thomas homeless. if we was mentally ill in some way his family (dad) should have taken him in. and now the dad is concerned for son…. well a little to late….. when fpd cuts the check for this, and they will, it should go to some charity on behalf of thomas. like a homeless shelter……will see if the dad grabs the check, seeing as now kelley is gone, dad is concerned for his safety… and i wear a uniform & have a gun ….

    1. Mental illness is a pernicious condition, which strains everyone around the afflicted emotionally, physically, and financially. But most of all, emotionally. Parents such as Thomas’s probably did everything they could –from taking their son to a series of doctors, trying medications, policing him at home, to no avail. There is no legal way to make your mentally ill relative NOT leave the house, NOT go off drugs, NOT live on the street. Before rushing to judgment, I would highly recommend you look into NAMI.org to see what the challenges families face who have a mentally ill son or daughter.

  3. When my son goes out with his friends I always warn him, even before this murder of the deputy sheriffs son, I tell him to be careful of the police, for they make judgement calls which can be deadly and to be careful of the riff raff from the downtown bars who are chicken sh*t drunks who will stab you etc., and to be careful of gangbangers who kill you for looking the wrong way.

    In regards to why the murder victim was homeless, it is quite simple Sherlock, it does not matter he was murdered, and he was the ex sheriffs son, family dynamics we will never know nor experience. Get rid of the murderers!

  4. In response to #8, Don’t rag on on Ron Thomas! you need to learn about mental illness before you open your mouth! I have a cousin with Mental illness. living somewhere on the streets of O. C. and he would rather live on the streets than in a house. I have a head injury so I am very scared of asshole cops like you, and the FPD now

  5. if you have dealt with enough cops over time then you know there’s a percentage of them who think they do what ever they want always remember these people they swear to the highest oath possible and still break that oath

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