WANTED: Witnesses to the Brutal Beating Death of Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas Memorial

I just met with Ron Thomas, father of deceased Kelly Thomas, at the Fullerton Transportation Center. He and his daughter were posting fliers around the Fullerton Sante Fe train depot & OCTA bus terminal in the hopes of talking to witnesses that were present on the night his son was brutally beaten to death.

For all those who care, there is a candlelight vigil tonight at the Fullerton Transportation Center at 7:00 pm.

Ron Thomas did say that the entire deadly beating of his son by six cops was caught on the city’s camera (the same camera that we reported on here two days ago.) Ron also said that the police will not let him look at the video to see what happened to his son.

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  1. Friends, I just came back from the vigil and about a dozen angered and concerned citizens showed up to support the family as well.

    Chris Thompson met me there and helped interview both an eye witness to the beating and Ron Thomas, Kellys dad.

    Ron showed both Chris and I a picture of his son that he had taken at the hospital after the brutal beating. The image was unbelievably gruesome to say the least.

    Footage from our interview with both Mr. Thomas and the witness will soon be posted here on FFFF.

  2. You can bet that if a homeless person had beaten a police officer to death the tape would have been released by now. Where is Chief Sellers? Does he have nothing to say?

    1. So true. If police officers do something wrong, it’s covered up. No names, no videos, no pictures, etc. They are just as accountable. If every person who commits a crime in dragged through the mud and embarrassed of their actions (and rightfully so), then so should the police department. It will at least show the public that something is being done. It will show that the police department is no higher than the average citizen. So Chief Sellers….what are you going to do?

  3. Yeah Chief Sellers, man up, let’s hear it? Or are you too afraid to talk? Or perhaps afraid of losing your double pension?

    There are 6 cops out there “patrolling” Fullerton right now whom recently beat a man to death in a brutal and savage manner.

    I repeat my comment from another post, I won’t feel comfortable until your killers are brought to justice.

  4. I’m telling you having the OCDA investigate is like having Jubal investigate preistly abuse. (Sorry).

    But, truth seekers should be VERY concerned that the real story will never see the light of day.

  5. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Mr Thomas and his family. The near daily exposure of militant out of control, steroided up police should concern us all. They are being taught at the academy to view us – the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve as threats. Google Canton , Ohio CCW stop where an out of control cop threatened to shoot a handcuffed man 10 times with his glock, because the man had a concealed carry permit.

    Politicians have made a devils bargain with public employee union goons in blue that in exchange for extremely high pay and unheard of pensions in the private work force, they will keep the citizenry in a state of abject obedience – and when need be will knock us around. There is no accountability in this system and there never will be until we all say enough.

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