Time For Another Fundraiser? Please Do!

The End is Near!

A little over a month ago, The Dithering Dinosaurs© held a fundraiser at the Villa Del Sol in downtown Fullerton. The entrance fee was a mere $150. Until yesterday, I had been wondering what they would be spending the money on, if, in fact they netted anything at all. Well, on Friday I received this “hit” piece in the mail addressed to me and my brother.

Thanks to the knuckleheads for advertising the Recall!  Saturday was a record breaking day for signature gathering. I say it’s time for another fundraiser!

And thanks to the help of one of our intrepid Friends, the clip below shows you some highlights from the last fundraiser. Watch the big money developers silently scuttle by; listen to the slow-motion simpleminded mental unwinding by Jan Flory; and hear from two of the dinosaurs, themselves. F. “Dick” Jones gets deeply Scriptural but really shallow when it comes to facts. Don Bankhead is as confused and/or untruthful as ever – the illegal 10% water tax is still being collected. Enjoy.

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  1. HeeHaw invoking Scripture is pretty low. He wouldn’t know the Truth if it bit him in his his withered, pale buttocks.

  2. Am I hearing Jones right? Misleading people? Lies and innuendo? The truth will set you free? Once again, things like this apply to everyone but him. Or rather, they apply to everyone beneath him since he’s so above the rest of us.

    In one of my comments on the previous entry, I said I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the three and the anti-recall campaign helps us. So yes, another fundraiser! But hold off a few days while we’re still getting signers from their last screw-up where they insulted thousands of people by insinuating Fullerton residents are too stupid to know what they’re doing.

    1. Sher Bear- sometimes the truth get’s you a jail sentence in Fed Prison. So another Dick lie- the truth will not set you free sir.

  3. 95% of Fullerton voters are as dumb as a sack of rocks, unless the illegals elected the three wiser men.
    So, who claims the trophy?

    1. plain ornery :
      95% of Fullerton voters are as dumb as a sack of rocks, unless the illegals elected the three wiser men.
      So, who claims the trophy?

      I don’t think for a minute that 95% of the voters are dumb in Fullerton, I think that 95% of the voters in Fullerton were lulled into a sense of complaceny by the shiny mailers that these councilman’s campaign sent out, with glowing endorsements by the Fire and Police departments political action committee’s.
      I think that the candidates for our next City Council will run the other way when the Police and Fire dept. PAC’s try to form an alliance with the candidates.

    2. 95% of people don’t give a crap about their local elections or politics, most can’t name the mayor of their city. I know I don’t and can’t.

      So, you’re left with a small group of people, ie the 5% who actually vote in local elections. These are the mentally ill, the cat ladies, the business people, developers, police and fire unions, teachers unions, hippies, racists, the morbidly obese, the overbearing ladies concerned about the children, the overbearing pedophiles who pretend to also be concerned about the children (You know, the guys who whine and cry about “smut”), etc.

      Just walk into any city council meeting you’ll see what I mean.

        1. @Reality Is Hamilton/Anonymous/Ffff tard, stop being so lame. You are really BEYOND pathetic.

          …And maybe you’re Barry Coffman. Did I hit a sensitive spot when I included police unions on that list?

        1. Actually I had that cop licker in mind who shows up at most council meetings and tried to stir up trouble at the protest in front of the station a few months ago.

          Don’t know his name, all I know he’s 5ft by 5ft, about 350lbs and walks like a snail (leaves trail and all).

  4. Dick Jones “the truth will set you free, and lies will enslave you”. To support his assertion that FFFF and the recall movement are just lying and thus the recall should not happen to them, Jones says FFFF’s lies are “I think so and so”. Jones knows the specific allegations FFFF makes agasinst him, Bankhead, McKinley. The allegations are: illegal water tax, using redevelopment funds for their personal gain, oh and lest we forget, covering up the murder of a disabled, homeless man by fullerton police officers, then attempting to buy off the murdered man’s family, a long history of police abuse upon the community of fullerton being covered up and hushed up with tax payer dollars, popularly known as settlements to the victims.
    Ex-Fullerton city council person, Jan Flory, is the historical chorus to Jones diatribe with her “I don’t support an inappropriate recall”. So, city council persons who protect a police force that systematically beats, perjures, molests and murders the public, misappropriation of water taxes and redevelopment funds, is not cause to remove the three reprobates, Jones, Bankhead and McKinley? Flory, Jones, Bankhead and McKinley and their ilk removed our representative government and replaced it with personal greed. So,”so and so” justifies saying so long to the infamous three, Jones, Bankhead and McKinley, from public office.

  5. A single mailer was addressed to both of you? How would each of you have been able to use the attached postcards to remove your signatures from the petitions? I just keep asking, how dumb are these people? (and they really mailed it to YOU??!).

  6. Geez watching Doc Jones up there reminded me of those fat little hypocritical old redneck preachers that you used to see on TV on Sunday morning. You know the ones that get up there with the little boy haircut parted to the side and their slacks pulled up over their chest jabbering about how we’re all not following the Bible, and how we need to be more like them…until suddenly one week they’re no longer on TV and everyone in the congregation is hushing up the allegations of the moral depravity that the preacher man had sunk to, under the pretense that keeping it quiet will preserve the institution of the church. Then they repeat the cycle with next Preacher. Why? Because none of them ever talked or challenged the story of the fat little white elephant in the middle of the room.

  7. Stone Age Bankhead :
    Yeah, maybe Heehaw missed his calling. Shoulda been a televangelist!

    I’ll call the Trinity Broadcasting Network off the 405 freeway in Costa Mesa and see if I can use dangle Doc Jones as trade bait for a preacher to be named later. I know the man has entertainment value if nothing else. Doc’s kind of like Howard Cosell in that you don’t really like him, but he’s so damn amusing with his butchering of scripture that you can’t look away. Kind of like a bad car accident.

        1. Looks like the outside of a prison..nice work there guys….but every monday I see new windows being put in from the glass etcher taggers…so keep er up. I miss the king fu dwarf.

  8. Fair Dinkum :
    Is that her old man behind her, dressed up like Crocodile Dundee?

    …I especially like the part where the husband looks away while his wife is answering the interviewer’s question, and then focuses back at the interviewer to see if the interviewer swallowed that BS and was he going to have to perform a Heimlich manuever on her to dislodge the BS she might have swallowed in the course of the interview.

  9. I got mine yesterday too!
    Ya know I love old people! But ahhhh they are a lil slow! I can almost guarantee you at least 20% of those old fucks (that have NOT signed) will fill the dam thing out just to make sure they are not on the recall!!! Ahhhhhh! I told one of the lady’s that would not sign to make sure she sent that in so she would be cretin not to be part of the recall 
    P.S I filled mine out with the city hall address and my name was Richard Jones (just to get them excited  )

  10. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men… they create for
    themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it, and
    a moral code that glorifies it.” … Frederic Bastiat 1850

  11. My stomach hurt when I heard Sharron spit out that silly comment.

    It was bad politics. it was also forgiveable.

    However, her friends stood by the comment, instead of letting it go away. With friends like that, you don’t need fundraisers!

    That’s my vote for dumb sthings said: now let’s move on Madam Mayor!

  12. Update on speaking with a former coworker at the Post Office who works in Bulk Mail. He’s on vacation this week. The person I spoke with who said they’ve worked in the Bulk Mail section confirmed that once those reply cards are in the mail stream, they will be charged for the postage. He was unsure what would happen if the cards were attached to something heavier. At this point, if you choose to do so, I would keep it 13 0z or less, keeping it in the first class status as the card says.

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