That’s A Lotta Pasta

Today the Register is reporting that Union officials for the Fullerton-based Teamsters Local 747 are taking heat for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of union money on luxurious junkets and personal expenses. Even International Teamsters leader James P. Hoffa called the expenses “excessive.”

Amongst other abuses, union officials and employees were exposed for blowing $102,399 at Spadra, an Italian restaurant on Commonwealth in Fullerton (formerly Il Ghiotto, now closed).

Wow, a hundred grand sure will get ya a big pile of spaghetti. I’ll bet there was a little booze involved, too.

Your diet coke will be out in a moment.

Alright, so this fiasco doesn’t involve any public employee unions. But fraud, abuse and excess has plagued the leadership of public and private collective bargaining organizations since the glory days of union thuggery. Maybe this is just just a good reminder to union members: you ought to be checking up to make sure that your glorious leaders aren’t living high on the collective supply.

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  1. $100K and the Restaurant still went under. Amazing. It be interesting who owned the restaurant…would not be surprised if it was any of the Union goons.

    1. I thought about that too. It’s strange that Spadra closed up right as the Teamsters’ scam got uncovered.

  2. The Local 12 Operating Engineer’s Union stopped paying their medical bills. Now members are being hit by collections!

    Many unions, public and private, are imploding under the weight of their own abusive policies.

  3. “Even International Teamsters leader James P. Hoffa”

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  4. Yah see? That’s Redevelopmemt bringing dollars into the downtown! The gummint in Sacremento woulda jus’ wasted it. Now, where’s mah plate?

  5. What the fuck man, is FFFF that low on material to write about?

    Got any good conspiracies that you can make up to entertain us with?

  6. Hey, when are you guys going to cover the association with Fullerton’s Favorite racist Marilyn Davenport and the Norby machine?

  7. This is good reason for their members to be fuming mad but the rest of us are not at risk because there are no tax payer dollars involved. The public unions, on the other hand, rely on the taxpayers to cover any losses

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