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Those who rule serve those whom they seem to command; for they rule not from a love of power, but from a sense of the duty they owe to others – not because they are proud of authority, but because they love mercy. St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei, Book XIX, Chap 16

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  1. When you think about love of power and authority, why do the faces of Bankhead, Jones, and McKInley pop into your mind’s eye?

  2. An amazing quote.

    Now contrast that with what we are seeing from police forces around the country, and how the public has been reacting to the use of violence, force, and “pain compliance” against innocent civilians exercising their 1st Ammendment rights to protest. The usual “law and order” bullies excuse the police in their authoritarian blog comments but their numbers are dwarfed by the outrcry from average people appalled at the state of policing in the US and the callousness and inhumanity of the officers they see assaulting the public.

    Whether you agree with the varied goals of the protestors or not, the public outcry over the police violence at college campuses and city streets tells us something. The citizenry is no longer willing to put up with quasi-militarized goons with their pepper spray, tasers, audio non-lethal weapons, death rays or whatever other tax-payer provided implements of torture they feel they can casually wield against those of us who pay their ample salaries.

    Fullerton was one of the starting points of this movement. It is spreading and it is going to either result in overwhelming changes to use of force policies and police accountability, or it is going to end up in epic, unremitting violence.

    Police forces and their superiors in government better wise up because more and more heads are going to roll as a juggernaut of lawsuits are filed. Each act of repression just results in more pressure to end modern American policing as we know it.

    Enjoy your donuts and pepper spray while you can gentlemen.

    1. Since there isn’t money in the general fund to pay for civil suits filed against dirty cops, the logical solution is to take the money from drug forteitures and pay the victims of police brutality and abuse.

      Every parent knows the fastest way to get a kid’s attention is to take away his toys.

      1. I would agree with that if I didn’t think that drug forfeiture laws themselves were blatantly unconstitutional. I like the spirit of the suggestion though!

      2. Check this out!

        “LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Victims in the Lt John Pike UC Davis Pepper Spray scandal intend to file a lawsuit, claims organizers. Multiple victims of the Lt John Pike Pepper Spray attack were hospitalized. Now Occupy UC Davis reports on its Facebook page that several protesters are set to file a massive civil liberties lawsuit.

        While John Pike is not delineated as a possible defendant, Occupy UC Davis issued a news statement late yesterday that a lawsuit is imminent. Injured protesters reportedly met swiftly with civil rights attorneys, have reportedly retained counsel, and are seeking to pursue two possible defendants. Occupy UC Davis reports “Protesters will be engaging civil rights attorneys to pursue legal action against the University and City of Davis for excessive force and for violating their civil and constitutional rights.”

        …… New outrage grew Sunday as more details about John Pike were revealed to news. Reportedly, much of Pike’s salary comes from fees charged to actual students like the ones he pepper sprayed this weekend. Occupy UC Davis is reporting that “Lt. Pike has received a salary in excess of $100,000 from the people of California each of the last three years. More than 40% of his 2010 salary came from student fees” alone.”

        According to the good people at anonymous his pay was:

        2010 PAY
        Base pay: $116,454.00, Overtime: $0.00, Other:$0.00

        Wouldn’t it be cheaper for every student to just buy their own can of pepper spray? They could spray themselves in the face or open mouth when they get out of hand. Savings of $100,000+ per year!

        1. It makes sense to me that forfeiture should only be used in cases where a quantity threshhold has been crossed, as in 100 lbs of marijuana, 5 ozs of cocaine, etc. Too many times I’ve read where people lose their car over a baggie of weed just because the cops claim it was for distribution.

          The Bay Area has some of the best civil rights attorneys in the U.S. The financial outlook for Pike is pretty grim, I would say. He’ll be lucky if he has a pot to piss in after the lawyers get through with him. Good riddance to Lt John “Asshole” Pike!


            Occupy lawyer asks Brown to arrest police for pepper spray incident

            by Dan Bacher

            “The officers involved in the shocking pepper-spray attacks on UC Davis students Friday should be immediately arrested because they’ve violated federal and state laws, said one of the lawyers from Occupy Sacramento in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and other law enforcement officials.

            “Physical attacks on persons violate California Penal Code 242 (Battery) and such violence perpetrated by those in uniform is a criminal violation of Federal civil rights law 18 USC 242,” said Jeff Kravitz, a constitutional rights attorney.

            Kravitz suggested the state, through AG Harris, as well as Yolo District Attorney Jeff Reisig and US Attorney Benjamin Wagner should make the arrests of the UC Davis officers immediately. “

                1. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that man’s name is going to be remembered by every waiter, every car hop, every front desk clerk in America. I can only imagine his hellish fate:

                  Restaurant food rubbed on genitals, phlegm sauce added to the salad dressing, piss in the iced tea; unexplained odors emanating from the trunk area (road kill deluxe), pristine paint jobs keyed in the parking garage, brake fluid poured into the gas tank; toothbrushes inserted into anal and vaginal cavities, lice/fleas/bedbugs poured into luggage, toothpaste removed and Preparation-H replaced in tube, etc etc etc.

                2. Breaking news: The online hacktivist group Anonymous has released the home address, telephone number, and email address of the witless Sgt Pepper, aka Lt John Pike.

                  Posted on YouTube, the video urges supporters to flood him with phone calls and emails.

                  Can you say “cowering in fear behind drawn curtains” … hmmmm?

    2. They are not building these FEMA camps for the stray dogs and cats. We need leaders at the LOCAL LEVEL THAT CAN BE TRUSTED.

  3. That’s in the City of God.

    We live in the City of Fullerton. Huge difference. In Fullerton our electeds think they are God.

    1. Fred,no matter where we live,we all live in the city of God and St Augustine’s words are defy place and time

  4. those who refuse to serve those they rule are dictators,those who refuse to serve those they rule because it cuts into their economic gain are ruthless dictators. those who use the republican process to be elected to public office then use their position of public servitude as a bully pulpit that shakes down their constituents for money for themselves and their cronies are recalled from public office and hopefully sued for misappropriation of public funds

  5. Not exactly on topic with this post, however since I was complaining the other day about a donation to the anti-recall committe from the tow company/impound yard that Fullerton contracts with for towing vehicles that the Fullerton Police Department wants impounded for being illegally parked, DUI, etc… I thought I should follow-up because I thought that it was odd that we don’t have a tow company here in Fullerton that we could contract with? It seems that they call themselves “Fullerton Tow” however they are really located in Anaheim of of Brookhurst?
    It was also a little disturbing to find out that between city fees and what “Fullerton” Tow charges drivers over $400 for a one day impound?
    Now I find it equally disturbing that “Fullerton” Towing gave Don Bankhead $5,000.00 on 10/12/10 to get him re-elected…
    Am I alone in thinking that this is a huge conflict of interest when awarding these contracts or setting policy for towing illegally parked vehicles to the tune of $406 for the driver to retrieve their vehicle after one day?

    1. No you are not alone. I hope you keep this in mind and once we have a newly elected and hopefully senile-old-dolt free Council bring this up and demand that the city quit screwing the taxpayer with outrageous and unnecessary impound fees.

      1. This is an issue J.T. that I believe could affect any and all of us, regardless of what political party you belong to, and no matter what rung of the socio-economic ladder you find yourself on…$406 for a one day impound is an insane amount for any family to have to come up with to ransom their car back from the tow yard.

        1. Just remember it’s the exact same in every city in California. Discussions come up most of the time for the illegals with no licenses. The activists claim that they can’t pay the fees to get their cars out to drive again unlicensed and uninsured to work and around the city. Huh? LOL. Ok. Yea, I guess we should just let everyone drive and screw licenses. Or just make it free towing? That’s another debate for another day. I’ve been involved in that debate for years as well.

    2. Fullerton lover you are a moron just like the rest of the ffffers! You have no idea what you are talking about as usual! You idiots post with no regard to facts but yet when someone like me challenges, you cry for facts!!! The tow company is Anaheim/Fullerton tow and it is not on brookhurst! And again you have no clue!!!keep wasting space you moron!

      1. Go pepper-spray yourself moron!!!!! Maybe you can get on TV then or become a new internet meme!!!!! Maybe everybody else will start using lots of exclamation marks to help cover up their functional illiteracy too!!!!!

      2. Isn’t “FaFaFuey” the producer of the “Howard Stern” radio show that is always being berated for being so stupid? If your so smart maybe you can explain for us then, that according to Don Bankhead’s Form 460 filing that details his campaign contributions for City Council last year, “Fullerton Tow” gave Don Bankhead $5,000.00 in October of 2010, for a City Council seat in Fullerton, when this company that gave it to Don Bankhead is located in Anaheim?

        1. In that case, I’ll where “occupy” comments as a badge of honor. The truth always perturbs these guys into lashing out blindly at those who deliver it to them. Never shoot the messenger of truth.

          1. Their emotional development seems to be stuck somewhere around adolescensce. Seriously, they act like children. Boys who played cowboys and Indians grew up and now play cops and robbers – ‘play’ being the key word here.

            I’m thinking it should be a requirement for cops to have their balls cut off as a conditon of employment, maybe that would end some of that bullyish behavior.

              1. I’d rather do that myself. I’m sure there’s a market somewhere in Asia for cops’ balls as an aphrodesiac.

  6. I have extensive knowledge about private property impounds. Tow companies do not have unfettered discretion to charge whatever they want.

    Each city decides what the maximum fees are that a tow company may charge.The tow companies’ rates must also be approved by the CHP. I don’t profess to know much about tows initiated by LE but there should be a similar cap on fees.

  7. I’m not gonna bother with specific subsections or copy/paste but there’s a requirement that tow operators make available for inspection and copying their rates, approved by the CHP, within 24 hours by request of LEO, DA, AG, etc.

    1. I see where you are reading. Local rates approved and charged by the PD are the prevailing rates. CHP rates would be if it’s unincorporated area, or an area without a local PD. In our case here, it’s the Fullerton PD rates that apply.

  8. Since you say they “don’t have to be approved” by the CHP, and you seem to know so much, perhaps you can enlighten me as to why the CVC says a tow operator’s rates are considered to be excessive if they exceed the rate approved by the CHP?

    1. You are confusing two types of tows. There are police tows and there are private property tows. Police tow rates are approved by the city council and usually include a franchise fee on the backend as well. So you walk up to the police front desk, you pay a $100 release fee. Then you go to the tow yard and you pay their hookup fee, a day of storage, and a franchise fee that goes back to the city for their services. It all adds up.

      Private property tows are what you are mixing up in this thing. Private property tows are usually a big scam and they will screw anyone they can. I have caught several myself off duty, and numerous on duty. They try to charge their own rates, along with dolly fees, and everything else. The main problem with them is that they usually don’t even have the authority to do the pickup in the first place!! Anyways, their rates are regulated by the local PD, or CHP is no local PD, and they can only charge that rate. If they are caught and sue’d, they are subject to the penalties indicated in the vehicle code section you cite.

      Make sense?

  9. I thought it was obvious by my reference to “cities” and the CHP that I was referring to city PDs.

    My fault, I will be more precise next time.

  10. Someone posted the other day that if you follow the cash, you’ll find the trash. As a public service, I’d like to offer you your own personal scoresheet to keep track of who, what, and how our City Council candidates our influenced in order to win a seat on the city council that pays less than $10,000 a year.
    Form 460’s are the official form that the state of California requires from candidates seeking elected office.

    1. Following that in any city is interesting. It’s a never ending trail. Fullerton is no different than every city in California. I’ve followed several in my PAC involvement. It’s crazy trying to come up with the reasons the people listed donate to the people. Nasty cycle.

  11. Fullerton gameshows based on the following themes:

    FPD: “Wheel of Misfortune”

    Cicinelli: “Who Wants to be a Millionaire (if you survive)?”

    Ramos: “Double Jeopardy”

    DA Rackauckas: “Let’s Make a Deal (before the FBI releases its report)!”

    1. The IQ of some of these posters far exceeds that of the entire municpality. For this I am certain. Dude what a roll!

    2. It’s kind of pathetic to make jokes about something so horrendous. I wonder what the Saddam Hussein jokes in Iraq were like before we invaded?

      1. Wonder no more mi amigo…
        How ’bout that Saddam Hussein? I’m beginning to think the guy’s wacky. He announced that if he’s found guilty he would like to be shot.
        Sounds like a job for Dick Cheney!

        1. Yeah, like that! I saw a Nat’l Geographic program the other night about the JFK assassination; they took the old 8mm witnesses’ films and ran it through computers to make a High Def digital copy that has better resolution than what can be seen with the original film. The guy on the grassy knoll? Dick Cheney.

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