We all know the story. The Old Guard is always squawking about them thar’ outside agitators who come to town with their evil commie agendas about civil rights and other suchlike newfangled eye-d-ers. We’ve already heard it about those protesting for transparency and justice in the brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of the Fullerton Police Department.

Hilariously, the Three Blind Dinosaurs – Jones, McKinley and Bankhead – have decided to hire an entire gang of outsiders to defend the indefensible – them. So let’s take a quick look.

Yes. I have a price. And it's remarkably low.

First there’s the mastermind, Dick Ackerman, another Mesozoic castoff who operates a sleazy lobbying scam for the Nossaman law firm, and who was just handed a huge multi-million dollar low-income housing project by his three pals on the council, and who has millions of good reasons to keep these incompetent nitwits on the council. Ackerman is a real paragon of virtue who was busted for illegally lobbying the Legislature, who created a phony charity in order to vacation in Hawaii, and who tried to foist his dimwitted wife as an Assemblywoman on Fullerton by cooking up a fake address in our city; actually Ackerman lived, and still lives behind a guarded gate in Irvine, so of course that makes him a shameless liar.

We just found out that Ackerman is peddling his ass as a expert on how to “manage” angry citizens; oh, you know the sort. The kind who react badly when innocent men are murdered in their streets.

The metamorphosis into an oxygen breathing creature was slow and painful.

Then there’s Dick’s  hand-picked mud-slinging associate – a despicable toad named Dave Ellis. Rather than delve into this miscreant’s high crimes and misdemeanors we’ll just let Orange Juice Blogmeister Vern Nelson have at him in a brilliant expose. This creep is from Newport Beach.

Now, perhaps, the funniest bit of all – the anti-recall address: 603 E. Alton Ave. Ste. H . Santa Ana, CA! Santa Freaking Ana?! I guess they couldn’t find a convenient PO box in Fullerton.

It’s true that the superannuated drain clogs have engaged the services of a couple of local stooges to give the appearance of grassroots support, but really, outside of a few shopworn drunks at the boozy Chamber of Commerce mixers, who will support the Tumescent Trio?

It likes meal worms.

One of the boosters is a rather loathsome reptile named James Alexander, known in Fullerton City Hall as a small-time influence peddler and bag man for big developers. This guy is a main chance sort of lizard, and his chances are dwindling rapidly.

Then there’s some other guy named Larry Bennett, who not only backs the Dinosaurs with a weird myopia, but also defends the police union in its role in creating the Culture of Corruption in the FPD. I suppose he has to. His boys and the FPOA are inextricably joined at their collective hips, it would seem. And that’s why there’s a recall in the first place. I am also informed that Bennett sells life insurance to all these geezers, so the myopia is explained actuarially, and the circle conveniently closes.

As the recall signature gathering draws to a successful conclusion we will discover how much (and how little) support the Three Blind Dinosaurs actually have in Fullerton itself.


  1. “it likes meal worms.”

    It might be possible to find an even creepier picture and more appropriate caption, but I doubt it!

  2. Remember folks , all of these leeches work for money. Why would you hire a number of expensive political consultants to keep a job on city council that features low pay? Hmmm, can it be merely for political contributions?

    1. Bennett receives a small stipend as a Planning Commissioner. But as this blog has previously noted, Bennett has hammered staff on their abusive and expensive development requirements.

      Is it possible that Bennett is a plant for the BIG DEVELOPER crowd, the same ones who continually lobby for REDEVELOPMENT BOONDOGGLES???

      Talk about a stacked deck!

  3. The Ellis infamy reaches into the Inland Empire. Serious students may want to look into and

    Otherwise, trust me we are watching him here.

  4. I’m an LA nativem who spent a lot of time in your county growing up. Could you please explain how these fools got elected. I just don’t get how it,

    Sorry for being so dumb,


  5. Ha, weren’t the trolls big on “You have to be from Fullerton to care about what happens here”

    Funny how that worked out.

    Santa Ana, huh?

  6. Well, it’s two down and four or more to go.
    Don’t hold your breath, they held Kelly Thomas down a longer time than any of these turkeys will do.
    The three city council members, city manager(s) present and past, committee chair persons, and others in your positions of influence have performed a great disservice to the citizens of this city.
    You may regale in the limited scope of accountability rendered by the DA in his charging only two of the six, in the commission of serious crimes.
    The phrase “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” should be a mandatory sign on every public restroom door in the city of Fullerton.
    FPD had better get hot in getting the property and accountability cards up to date, because there will be a very extensive audit when the DOJ orders the OCSD to take control of the FPD.
    BTW was that three large shredders that were delivered to the warehouse last week??
    All of those directly involved in this MURDER can and will rationalize their inapproriate action or non-action to satisfy their conscience. For some of you, I’ll frame a question for you to think real serious about..when one of your grand children ask you ” grandpa did you really watch while those other cops killed a homeless person?
    Throwing a few extra dollars in the collection plate at your church or temple will not mitigate your degree of guilt.
    For all the “Law and Order” advocates this is a good example of , the adverse consequences of good intentions. The good intentions of protecting the general welfare of the citizens will be used as an excuse to cover the abhorent behavior of miscreants.

    Killing is a really serious business and should only be conducted by trained professionals!!

  7. Paul, its never about the money. Its about power and control, and who’s going to have it. Its very much like a relationship with domestic violence,very same dynamics.

  8. You know these scum bags siphon off your money from fullertons, so that they can play the big shot in New Port.

    Yes you are probably working your ass off to keep a roof over there heads complete with ocean view.

    Expose these creeps and flush them out.

  9. Anyone notice these guys are extremely ugly and need a whole lot of your money in order to throw it at all those whores that blow in to newport?

    I bet alot of you know exactly what im talking about.

    I bet none of them surf,

    Someone needs to strike them a deal that will send them back to where they came from.
    Someone needs to strike them a deal that will send back to where they belong.

  10. It was longer than 20 years.

    I can still sing the jingle from 1977:

    “Pete Ellis Dodge,
    Long Beach Freeway
    Firestone exit

  11. All these krooks, I mean kooks, really covet our culture out here in California.

    I wonder why they just don’t seem to be able to get it.

    It must be because they are rudimentary simple minded barbarians.

    1. Someone is working on the inside, Bet it is a Native Californian too,

      A native apalled by the implosion of scum working for the city, tired of the steam rolling liers that coming through California.

      It seams the sinners sit in the front pew, Always louder than everyone else.

      Because deep down inside of every blowin, is the reality they are an invasive species eating away our wonderful multicultural culture with their ugly suicide clutch teeth.

      1. NOW you are on the right track,The no-ass-man law firm are RICH HOOLIGANS.That ride,s a dark horse.The bottom of my shoes are cleaner,Thank God for the good people of fullerton.

    1. The looks of these two could reopen the books into theories of hereditary criminality. Literally, when I first saw the article on the charges being filed in the OCR, I first thought the picture to the left was of two gang bangers unrelated to the case. When I discovered that was Ramos 350 and Cyclops, I was shocked. I still want to know what the heck was up with the bearded Cyclops Ruckus showed at the press conference.

  12. One more thing even if the two cops are acquitted, they are finished forever in LE.

    Having your city council on record referring to you as a “disgrace” doesn’t look too good on a resume.

  13. My Username Rocks :
    It was longer than 20 years.
    I can still sing the jingle from 1977:
    “Pete Ellis Dodge,
    Long Beach Freeway
    Firestone exit

    eww, was this family owned???
    i think i worked there for about a week, but longer than 20 yrs ago, and the owner was a total drunken perv.. I QUIT!!

    1. The creep was from Pennsilvania.

      They don’t last long here, they just can’t help themselves.

      Part of the hiring criteria for local government should be “you were born and raised here”

      It starting to seem like these trouble makers are all from out of town.

      Its starting to look like they come here because they are running from themselves, and can’t get away, so they have to point the finger at everyone else, and find it easy to hide in a sea of kooks like themselves.


    On May 10, 43-year old Allen Kephart died after being tased multiple times by three San Bernardino, California sheriff’s deputies during a routine traffic stop.

    Kephart, a quiet and well-liked member of the tight-knit mountain community around Lake Arrowhead, allegedly ran a stop sign and became “combative” during the stop.

    But local residents say this claim is wildly out of character for Kephart, who had no police record and no history of aggressive behavior or even temper. Kephart’s death has galvanized the local community around a problem they say is getting worse: aggressive policing and the souring of relations between civilians and local law enforcement.

    While an FBI review of Kephart’s death proceeds, the people of Lake Arrowhead are demanding a change in the climate of fear that has grown up in this quiet rural community. Whatever the final outcome of that investigation, the case of Allen Kephart is a case study in how law enforcement can lose the support even of citizens who believe strongly in law and order

    Watch The Video in top link

    updated 9/1/2011 — The parents of a Southern California man who accuse police of killing their son with a Taser after he honked at a patrol car have sued the sheriff’s department and county.

    The suit accuses the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the county of San Bernardino and three deputies of assault and battery as well as negligence in the death of Allen Kephart, 43.

    Kephart was driving in Rimforest, 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, in May when he honked at a patrol vehicle that turned in front of him, according to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday in San Bernardino Superior Court.

    The sheriff’s deputy then circled his patrol car back behind Kephart’s vehicle and pulled him over at a nearby gas station, the lawsuit said.

    The deputy ordered Kephart out of his car at gunpoint, forced him to the ground, and was joined by a sergeant and another deputy, the lawsuit said.

    The three officers used their electroshock Taser weapons on Kephart “without provocation or justification” for about 10 minutes, expending five cartridges, the lawsuit states.

    Kephart, who the suit said was “overheard screaming for help,” stopped breathing at the gas station.

    .The suit also accused the officers, named as Deputy Ismael Diaz, Deputy Michael Gardea and Sergeant Bryan Lane, of failing to immediately perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or call for emergency assistance.

    1. I’d read about this case in the national media a while back, mainly about the forensics. Didn’t know the details until your post. Scary. His honking sounds like something I would do. Let me correct that. It sounds like something I might have done 20 years ago before fully realizing what Nazis cops had become and getting into self-protection mode.

      Makes me wonder if not for Ramos 350’s gloves and threats, would we have any criminal charges at all here.

      When will the public be supplied the underlying evidence? Were Ramos’ threats confirmed by other “officers”? Did they come from civilian witnesses? When will we get the video?

  15. Ron Thomas: There is something wrong with him. First, his son is homeless. Second, he sues for damages. What damages to him? Third, he is so “elated” today. Elated by what? Something is wrong with Ron Thomas. I say this to awaken you to a greater conspiracy.

    1. @#39 Charles>you are a pathetic ass hole nice try i hope Ron Thomas bankrupts Fullerton so slim like you will need to move out.These low life bottom feeders murdered a human being and will answer to the almighty but what is your excuse for sucken up the maggot cops who murder for fun!

      1. The bright side; if Ron Thomas bankrupts Fullerton then maybe the absurd union pensions can get trashed. And all the rest of the bad city employeees will go fuck with people somewhere else

    2. For there to be a conspiracy by definition there has to be more than one person involved. So, for example, let’s say you had a paranoid fantasy. If it was just you having it, we couldn’t say that it was a conspiracy.

      Now, with “awaken”, you have to actually provide us with a new perspective to awaken us. That requires some new information that was previously hidden from us. So for example, if your theory was that Ron Thomas was actually Josef Stalin, for example, you’d need to tell us that first before we could “awaken.”

      Catch my drift?

    3. The only conspiracy we need to “awaken” to is who helped you get on the computer and find this site. Based on your comments, you are obviously too stupid to even turn on the machine by yourself.

  16. Seriously, make sure to read the expose on Dave Scumbag Ellis by Vern. Unbelievably thorough and funny and sad and scary.

    I previously said Susan Kang Schroeder was the devil, but no, this vile fiend is.

  17. These crooks will steal as much as they can and go south. Sadly, the taxpayers will pay all the bills. These beasts will step away with self designed retirement packages . They will have the last laugh $$$$$$

  18. charles :
    Ron Thomas: There is something wrong with him. First, his son is homeless. Second, he sues for damages. What damages to him? Third, he is so “elated” today. Elated by what? Something is wrong with Ron Thomas. I say this to awaken you to a greater conspiracy.

    The only conspiracy is whether you have a heart or not..

    1. Ron Thomas paid those cops a large sum of money to beat his son to death. They’re keeping quiet about it because they’re getting a piece of the settlement money.

  19. Ackerman and her husband are despised and for good reason.

    Over and over they have been proven to be LIARS, CHEATERS, and POLITICAL WHORES.

    We need a gang injunction against the Ackerman Gang and keep them out of Fullerton.

  20. It was longer than 20 years.

    I can still sing the jingle from 1977:

    “Pete Ellis Dodge,
    Long Beach Freeway
    Firestone exit

    Remember this one?

    Dial, Dial, Dial Chevrolet,
    2 blocks off the Santa Ana Freeway,
    1 1 9 8 0 East Firestone,
    Dial Chevrolet.

    1. Ok brat it has taken me 22 years to get that song out of my head……and now you have brought it back…along with barbazon- the school of modeling– the barbazon school of modeling that 479-3929 for free brochure…what the hell…I hate you ( not really)…today I do! how can I rememeber the number for barbazon but cant remember my grocery list….gawd help us.
      Pete Ellis Dodge…

  21. Remember the early days of redevelopment in Fullerton when Ackerman was a Fullerton Councilman, he couldn’t do enough to oppose low-income housing. Now that he lives in New Port Beach he wants to rat pack downtown Fullerton with it. What a hypocrite bastard

    1. Yep. Hypocrite bastard pretty well sums up the creep.

      BTW, he lives in Irvine in a “top-secret” gated community in Irvine.

  22. That Recall No website they put up might be the most Laughable attempt at a website I have ever witnessed. It just proves that your city council and their lobbyists are stuck in the early 90’s, and by the way, who wrote the bullshit on that site? I love where it says “Recalls are typically used to remove officials for corruption or malfeasance in office” UHHHH…No shit genius, the kelly thomas case isnt a perfect example of corruption by you bufoons? We all know without that tape, this incidenct would have been brushed under the rug. It is obvious, that when 6 cops murder a man in front of over 100 witnesses and they are not scared of being held accountable, something is extremely sour.In addition, these dumbshits left the cops on the street for an additional month after the murder? another favorite on their wesite is when they say “Fullerton is a peaceful family town. Let’s keep it that way and not let political opportunism threaten our city’s safety” Really? I live in South OC and am scared to death to go out in fullerton for fear of some bullshit charge or worse that I might get beat to death or my wife might get molested by a cop.
    Lastly, and the best part…at the bottom of the site it says “Supporters will be listed soon” and then there is nobody listed….how soon will that be? When you can find one or two people who aren’t in your pocket to come forward and support two ex corrupt cops and a goon from Texas with a Texas mentality? The whole site is directed to bash FFFF site, then they do you the biggest favor of all and actually mention your site and give them the web address….These three need to go just for their stupidity. Hey recall no people…when your site looks like it was developed by he haw himself, its probably not a good idea to give potential supporters the address to a site that just plain and simply kicks your ass…..

    For the corruption in the Kelly Thomas Scandal, coupled with their combined IQ of about 80, these three need to go…….One last word to be fair….You citizens of Fullerton should be ashamed of yourselves for ever letting these three monkeys take control in the first place. Especially that Jones reject, he can’t even speak!!!

  23. “I can think of no issue Dave Ellis has ever been involved in where anything constructive has resulted for the benefit of taxpayers.”

    This quote about Ellis says it all.

  24. Dave Ellis is a piece of shit! He has no loyalty and will throw a knife in a friends back for a dollar.
    It explains why after a quarter century in the business he is still a fucking loser!

  25. Wow, what a small world, seeing Ellis with his nose in the crap here in Fullerton. He is up to his lips in the poop in San Bernardino County where he ran the election for both the Sheriff and District Attorney. Both are certified crooks.
    Ellis will be a witness in a $102m corruption case. Seems Mr.Ellis was running his mouth in that case telling secrets to people that he learned from the DA ex-parte. Ellis will have some explaining to do as to his actions and loose lips.
    Your a clown Ellis, some day you’ll play with the wrong group and by the farm.

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