Repuglican, Junior Grade

Forget the shower and shave...

There has been some talk hereabouts regarding tonight’s election of officers for the OCGOP. Not being a Republican, I really don’t care much who these idiots elect to be their “leaders,” a funny description of what amounts to little more than a kleptocracy (thanks, nipsey). Scott Baugh, the top dog who is running for another term, has been an overseer on the plantation for years, using his political connections to get a huge lobbying contract from the County of Orange. His official bootlicker, Matthew J. Cunningham, was rewarded for all his lackeydom with a six-figure-a-year deal with the most liberal agency in California proving that the plumbers are right and shit does run downhill.

But this post is about a chap named Jonathan Fleischman who is running  for 1st Vice president (or some equally lame title) really sets the the gold standard for repuglicanism. His pals like Cunningham love to tell you about how The Flash has labored in the trenches doing God’s work, blah, blah, blah. What he omits to mention is that Fleischman was crooked Sheriff Carona’s  apologist for years – while on the public payroll, and all the while running his real business, an ad factory blog called The Flash Report.

You are called upon by Cunningham to believe that underneath the oleaginous surface Fleischman is true and pure, a real Tea Partier. Examples are shown to demontrate his rock-ribbed conservatism and willingness to go after even bigger crooks than he. But check the dates: Fleischman’s behavior only got tough when he was no longer on the government payroll, the S.S. Carona was sinking fast, and he evidently saw his main chance in burnishing his alleged conservative credentials.

Psst. Fleischman's left the reservation...

But the true ‘pug in Fleischman re-emerged in fine form in the fall of 2009 when he promoted the carpetbagging scampaign of the utterly lame Linda Ackerwoman over Chris Norby. See, that episode was all about the do-re-mi, too. And that’s what repuglicanism is all about: getting government influence through specious claims of conservatism and then peddling it as hard as you can.

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  1. Tonight’s vote will be the ultimate test for the OC GOP Central Committee if they either are blind with facts or smart to turn a new leaf of fresh leaders.

  2. Devious!

    This guy is actually claiming credit these days for the emergence of that holiday video helping Norby win the election! He’s also taking credit for the little film appearing on Russian youtube (after he made youtube take down the original).

    So now Norby owes him, get it? What a tool.

    1. That’s the downside to being an anonymous hacker. Loudmouth pigmies are always trying to take credit for your work.

    1. I’ll bet he feels like one if he goes to that event surrounded by a bunch of hacks, flacks and clingons.

      1. Peabody, you make a good point. Bibles on one side, ATMs all around. Whew! I’ve got to admit I’m not feeling a lot of love there, either!

  3. Who are you going to vote for Tony? BTW, the question of a paper ballot didn’t come up on the show because it was decided Friday that it would be.

  4. I’m hoping Jon keeps his seat.

    With folks like him as party leaders, the more irrelevant the GOP will become.

  5. I’m wondering why Tony gets a vote! I know I didn’t see him on the list if central committee members.

  6. Holy Shit, I clicked the link to Jubal’s post.

    I can not believe this is serious. I have never seen pandering like this. What a ball licker. Is Matt Cunningham so desperate for attention and kudo’s that he would write that?

    That post is enough for those select few with a vested interest to vote for Frank Sinatra!

  7. I thought today was a NATIONAL HOLIDAY!

    What are they doing voting on this sacred holiday?

    Oh yaeah, this holiday is for thse blackies, brownies and public employees……and for Jubals employer!

  8. Wow so Tony calling out Norby on a regular basis must be all an act. Seems like there is more hypocrisy in this blog everyday!

    1. Calling out your buddies when they screw up is the hallmark of a true friendship. Honesty is not hypocrisy.

    2. Tony calls him out to his face too. Its no big secret. Its like two buddies just hanging out and ragging or bagging on one another. Nothing to it. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

      1. Same like I call out my buddy Lou Correa. Last time he walked up to me and said “Friend or foe, which are you today!”

        (Not that we’re tight enough for me to be his “alternate.” I’m no Bushala.)

  9. Fleischman lost in a runoff to Deborah Pauly by a vote of 36-33 for OC GOP 1st Vice Chairman.

    The political hacks like Cunningham and Probolsky are spinning their wheels this morning.

    The damage is done!

  10. Is it too late to rip on Jon Fleischman one more time?

    How about this reprimand from the State Attorney General in its report on Gregory Haidl Incident:

    “The role and duties of Press Information Officer Fleischman in this incident were unclear. Further, his position provided for little or no accountability. Assistant Sheriff Jaramillo placed Fleischman in a conflict of interest, and it appeared Fleischman operated as a proxy for his superior while operating outside of the chain of command. He became a collector and purveyor of information during the incident, and copies of all relevant documents, reports, tape recordings, and other items were in his possession while being collected for the Grand Jury Investigation. There was no assurance of accountability for potential misuse or security of these items.”

    Page 12.

  11. The hypocrisy comes from Tony getting favors and Norby continuing to be irrelevant. If Norby cared about the Fullerton he would have been a real leader long ago. He was a pointless tool on the council, the board of supervisors, and now the assembly. Tony needs to call people out on being a waste, Norby is a waste and now it looks like Nelson and Whitaker are following in his footsteps.

  12. I am pretty sure my bigoted post (WTF compton???) earlier failed to quote this:

    “The third candidate, publisher Jon Fleischman, won’t be on due to the ungodly late hour of the program. I don’t blame him.” – Matt Cunningham on RC

    Jon had no problem throwing back drinks (I don’t think he paid for many of them) at that same “UNGODLY” hour last night, after having his balls handed to him.

    This type of hyperboyle proves once again that the high school like tactics of Jon Flashman and Matt Cunningham, have no place in California politics.

    If you can’t stay up until midnight you have no place here. – A FACT proven by last nights vote.

    Goodnight boys.

  13. The chair has the authority to appoint two central committee members to the executive committee.

    I’m betting Jon will still be sitting up at the head table.

    1. You criticize us for deleting a racist post? What kind of swine does that make you?

      In any case nothing on this thread has been deleted so just like your mentor Hairbag Sidhu, you fail again.

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