Playing ‘Hide the Tape’ is Not So Fun Anymore

The folks over at PBS SoCal were kind enough to let us post this “Inside OC” special on the Kelly Thomas story in its entirety.  It contains interviews with Ron Thomas, Bruce Whitaker, Chris Thompson and a couple of milquetoast experts on homelessness and mental illness.

Most notable, however, is the Q&A with District Attorney Tony Rackauckaus. His persistent insistence that witnesses (and the rest of the public) not be able to view any videos before they testify is reduced to a mere “preference,” but only after he is confronted with the likelihood that police officers watched the recording as they coordinated their own reports on the incident.

The case for keeping that tape away from the public seems to diminish every time one of these goofs steps in front of a camera.

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  1. And obviously by parsing this way is doing what a defense attorney would do, not a prosecutor of a non-cop. He keeps setting the stage for a no-file in the case by continually making defense attorney-style points. I think you guys should do a full court press now aimed at the tape’s release before the DA completes the “investigation.”

    Even the OCR called for the release of the tape well before the police admitted viewing it. Now that they have, almost everybody other than cops thinks it should be released. Press it hard.

  2. A DA investigator altered the video on a personal computer. He darkened it and substantially reduced the resolution.

    The video that will be shared to the FBI, DOJ and public is going to be an altered copy.

    1. Do you really believe that he is going to risk his job, his home,his families future and his freedom to tamper with evidence when technology exists that can quickly determine if editing has been done?

  3. Meant to add: the DA wants to release the tape only after his decision on whether to charge the case has been made. This will be a particularly bad problem if he no-files. Maybe there would still be federal remedies criminally, but a successful state prosecution would send a huge message and would be true justice.

    Get the tape now!

  4. #6, not that I doubt in the least that they would doctor the video, but it would be helpful if you would share the facts behind your conclusion that it has already been doctored.

  5. I have a question for everyone:

    What are we going to do after they close this case?

    Because if you haven’t figured this out yet:

    1) None of the bastards will be prosecuted (they are being protected).

    2) Michael Sellers will not quit and he won’t be removed from office either.

    3) Other dirty cops will feel they can do whatever they want more than ever before now that six of them murdered someone in front of people and in front of a camera and nothing happened.

    1. You will keep whining and complaining. You people won’t be happy no matter what happens. So start preparing now.

      1) they will charge one or two with something.
      2) He won’t quit. He will retire.
      3) 6 weren’t bad. All cops aren’t bad. I know more and more are recording everything they do now so they can turn it against actitvists like the people on this blog.

      It is what it is. Have fun yelling.

      1. Im so glad opinions like yours are in the minority. You may think cold heartless people like yourself are the majority, but you are not. Understand this, not all 6 will be prosecuted, some will be offered a deal to testify against the others. The 3 Stooges on the Council are about to be recalled, and Justice will prevail. In the end…you lose!! Have a nice day

  6. From the TASER web site:

    “…The TASER X26c series offers the highest take-down power available. With innovative Shaped Pulse™ and Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technologies, the TASER X26c temporarily overrides the central nervous system, limiting muscular control. It debilitates even the most aggressive persons and is even effective on persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol….”

    Wonder if FPD used the X26c? One would think that 5-6 “blasts” from this device could kill a person.

    1. @ # 14 i do remember that the informant had said that the type of tazers they have send a signal to the home base and every tazing is recorded i wonder if that is still recorded or erased

  7. Anonymous :
    I have a question for everyone:
    What are we going to do after they close this case?
    Because if you haven’t figured this out yet:
    1) None of the bastards will be prosecuted (they are being protected).
    2) Michael Sellers will not quit and he won’t be removed from office either.
    3) Other dirty cops will feel they can do whatever they want more than ever before now that six of them murdered someone in front of people and in front of a camera and nothing happened.

    A bit premature don’t you think? If “nothing” happens to any of those involved, I will personally join the riot in Fullerton.
    I don’t think “nothing” is going to happen.

    1. I agree. These assholes will have to throw somebody under the bus to keep this thing from exploding.

      But Anonymous is right — the problem will not be solved. This fight might take 10 years.

  8. This Steve Greenhut op-ed piece on the case if fantastic. It should be posted here as a blog piece up to the fair use word limit and linked to the OCR or whatever.

    He nails every politician involved perfectly and knows how the bogus politicolegal system works with cop abuse cases. It is way bigger than Fullerton. It’s the norm, and its muy bipartisan. WE need to see it before T-Rack makes a decision whether to file the case.

  9. What about the recording of the telephone call that brought the police to the scene? Can we hear that, please?

    1. T-Rac and Fullteron’s officials know that the more facts they confirm, and the more information and evidence they release, the fewer holes are left open to obfuscate and escape through. They are essentially “pleading the 5th” on the behalf of others. Claiming it’s perfectly acceptable for the 6 to view the tape while colluding on their reports, but viewing the same tape by civilian witnesses would taint the case is so ridiculous as to be worthy of laughing in their face. My my, what a lovely quasi-dictatorial government we have allowed ourselves to come under the heel of. It is clear the cop fellating officials are coming to the realization this issue is not going away. Soon self-preservation will kick in, and I expect the cops to be thrown under the bus. Discovery in the lawsuit should be interesting. I wonder if Cincinelli underwent any psychological testing before being hired.

      1. Tony said something to the effect that they needed to wait until they were asked to investigate, I am having such a time with that statement.
        WHY would the DA need to wait for ANYONE to tell them it’s time to investigate?
        Is the tail wagging the dog?

    2. i agree. let us hear the audio of the call that was made to fullerton pd re: the auto break-in.
      where are the tapes?????????????

    1. The Rodney King video was shot by a citizen who shared the video with the media. Totally different circumstances.

  10. This is getting scary. About 2 weeks ago, an anonymous informant had called the John and Ken radio show on KFI 640. He had inside knowledge about the Fullerton Police Department, and so far EVERYTHING he said is turning out to be true.

    Before the public knew about this video, and LONG before the police department finally admitted it existed, the informant said that the 6 cops were allowed to watch the video while they were writing their reports.

    Now we know that is what happened, and even the acting police chief even finally admitted that is what happened.

    The informant (who apparently did see the video live as it was happening) also said that Kelly Thomas was NOT moving while one of the cops was repeatedly beating him on the head with the back of a taser. He said that there were 3 dispatchers on duty that night and one of the dispatchers also saw the video feed live and zoomed in on the beating. He also said that the video was very clear, and you could tell that it was Jay Cicinelli who was beating Kelly. If so far everything the informant is saying has turned out to be TRUE, than that means that Kelly was in fact not moving when they were beating him.

    He said that based on what he saw in the video, it was murder.

    We already knew all this, but now we have an informant with INSIDE knowledge of the Fullerton Police Department who is confirming it. Everything he said has turned out to be true.

    1. Good points all. I was thinking much the same and also wondering where’s he been? I suspected KFI checked him out before putting him on the air. No one has questioned what he said, and now it seems everything he’s said has panned out.

      I’d like to hear more, and am concerned something may have happened to him.

      1. I heard that interview as well. Chris is right.

        My initial thought at the time was that he might have been one of the six, but I doubt that now.

        KFI knows who he is. Absolutely, ExPat. You’re right about that.

        Kelly’s story has pretty much exploded all over the place, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the early talkers are taking cover. I don’t blame them, truly.

        I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’ve been around forever.

        I mentioned this on another thread, but I remember the paraquat blowup back in the late 70s. All we had back then was FM radio and a few street tabloids, but the word got out.

        SoCal hippies, surfers, metalheads and punks were calling the White House, if you can imagine that.

        Kelly’s story has brought everyone together, in a new, amazing way.

        Everyone is on board — all across the board. I’ve never seen anything like it.

        Apart from the ubiquitous trolls — my dad [RIP] would have called them “dog pecker gnats” — the true-blue “community” is coming together to deal with the systemic threat of police brutality, thanks to Kelly Thomas.

        This is rare, and important.

        Stay on point, everyone. FFFF is crawling with blue trolls — smurfs, I guess we could call them — but they are irrelevant. The need of the moment is always to push for justice for Kelly.

  11. Armed , unionized , drugged-up, overtime-abusing, ill-educated, ill-trained, dirty cop terrorists with “police powers” trying to laugh all the way to court. ATTITUDE: untouchables police impunity with contempt for all other u.s. citizens, et al.

    Mr. oc -do-nothing D.A. ra-cock-us giving a pretty good blow job to the police union. ALL OF THESE MONKEYS ARE TOO-CLEVER-BY-HALF. (just a reminder to these monkeys: this is not going away, GUARANTEED) 8-13-2011 SAT.

  12. If the DA doesn’t even know if the police officers have seen the video after over 5 weeks have passed, how can anyone have any faith or confidence in this office. The other explanation is that the DA knows that the officers have watched the tape but just lied about. Both cases just confirm the incompetence of this DA.

    1. Right, JC. You are exactly right.

      You, me, the LA Times and everyone from here to Mars knows the dirty six watched their snuff video before they submitted their “reports” (please).

      You’re right on the money with your rhetorical question.

      Nobody can have any faith or confidence in the DA’s office. It’s all rope-a-dope now; hoping the citizen protest will fade.

      Well, it won’t fade. It’s growing.

    2. Right now our illustrious DA is focusing all his energies on an unenforceable law keeping sex offenders out of parks.

      He doesn’t have time to prosecute murders.

  13. You are so right Travis these milquetoast experts on homelessness and mental illness are a joke….. Lets not kid ourselves this cause is no longer about a murdered bum… it’s about politics god damm it!! Recall now….

    1. Whether these milquetoasts are a joke or not is relevant to nothing.

      All the boohoos are using this incident to promote “understanding” by police of the homeless and mentally ill. WRONG. This was about rogue cops snuffing the life out of somebody.

      I’m going to do a post on this.

      1. Police know plenty about the homeless and the mentally ill. They are both very dangerous. A majority of the homeless are on the streets due to past alcohol and drug use. Just ask em. to think that homeless and or mentally ill won’t have force used against them is a pipe dream. They will and always will if they become violent. As you will see in this case, Kelly became violent. He fought. Same thing will happen next time someone does the same thing.

        1. Oh yeah, Reality Is Whatever Bullshit I Say It Is, the homeless are REAL dangerous. show me the statistical evidence about how they commit the majority of violent crimes. Come on, you can use the Interwebs can’t ya? Find that for us.

          By the way, didn’t see you at the protest today. I looked for a police-loving sign but not a single one to be found.

          1. ME TOO Jimmy-I was there looking, not one-the lying nazi’s-hope they’re shitting their pants now—
            and to all jackass FDP or their lovers who see this, know,

            If ANY citizen’s ass is kicked-mentally ill or not as REALITY IS WHAT IT IS seems to think,
            just know that your ass will also be filed, on the FBI desk too, the media contacted and Bubba will await you, no videowill ne necessary-so grease up, and dont threaten us.

            Remember who you actually work for-now thats reality being what it is

        2. I live here in Fullerton and had a homeless man walk up to my door and he returned my wallet that I had dropped in the nearby park. All of my ID,credit cards, and money were intact and the only reward that he would accept was my recycled cans. RIP Kelly…I personally know you had more honor and character in your heart than any one of those that killed you and I won’t rest until they’re all in jail.

        3. What about the Vietnam vets and other war vets who are suffereing PTSD and our government turns its back on them? There are a lot of them on the streets!!! Im sure a jackass like yourself wouldnt understand

        4. Tell me what Police Academy teaches its cadets to apprehend criminals at the head? Kelly weighed 135lbs and was not on PCP, 6 cops couldve put on the plastic ties on arms and legs and hogtied him. and avoided tazing him 6 times and the head injuries. Im so glad opinions like yours are in the minority. You may think cold heartless people like yourself are the majority, but you are not. Understand this, not all 6 will be prosecuted, some will be offered a deal to testify against the others. The 3 Stooges on the Council are about to be recalled, and Justice will prevail. In the end…you lose!! Have a nice day

        5. Mentally ill and/or homeless people can be violent, just like an every day citizen. However, if you watch the video and listen to the comments, the bystanders are freaking out because he wasn’t fighting, appeared to be completely subdued, but they still continued to taser and pummel him. He may have and probably did resist in the beginning, but that doesn’t require multiple tasings and beating once he’s subdued. That seems to me to be an overload of hostility, anger and aggression. As in Rodney King.

  14. Three deaths in one weekend puts Taser use by cops in crosshairs!

    Tasers were involved in three deaths over the weekend, renewing the debate over when and how the police-issued stun guns should be used.

    Taser-related deaths renew criticism of police tactics.

    Here’s a smart Police Dept! – sorta ironic that it’s name is “Loves Park!”

    Loves Park Police Department ends Taser use:

    1. Good links. That first one linked to an older story. Here’s a quote:

      “The ruling now raises the bar for when the weapons can be deployed, stating that while stun guns are considered nonlethal weapons, they dispense a level of force that must be justified by a “strong government interest.”

      The use of stun guns should be limited to situations where there is “an immediate threat to the officer or a member of the public,” wrote Judge Kim Wardlaw, who penned the court’s opinion. ”

      This is from a court case in California.

      Looks like our sadistic thugs, oh sorry, I meant brave boys in blue, who according to the witnesses, tasered Kelly 5 times AFTER he was down violated yet ANOTHER law. You know, besides the ones on murder, etc.

      1. When Gennaco and his gang of attorney’s start looking into Fullerton PD’s tactics and policy they should look into improper use of Tasers with an eye towards banning their use by the FPD entirely.

  15. this incident of police brutality has gone world wide. even as far as the middle east news media. some people were quoted to have said “exactly like the Saddam’s regime” no different than when Saddam was in power, police brutalizing their own citizens in fullerton,CA without justification.

  16. There’s too much hide and seek going on. Too many lies, too much deceit, too much cover-up, secrets, favors, etc. It’s sickening. It hasn’t stopped. More and more information keeps coming out. The D.A has synched up the one eye cop’s audio recorder to the video taken from the city camera. It’s a play by play audio/video simulation. No one knows this fact.

  17. @Johnny Blue re: synched audio/video – ” No one knows this fact.”

    So, how do you know? Are you an insider?

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    1. I do boycott slidebar,one of the owners hit on my wife when I was waiting for her inside. Dirt bags.

  19. Take my word for it. I would not say it, if it was not confirmed. Just say I know someone who works very closely to the D.A
    There is also speculation that the video has been tampered with too. However it has not been confirmed just yet…to be continued.

  20. its easy to tell if a video has been tampered with- and time will tell if johnny blue is correct about everything, we wouldnt have to wait for time to pass if only his “friend” would decide to not be one of those covering cowards and produce some 1st hand info now

  21. Merijoe there are different aspects of tampering with a video that wouldn’t seem as “tampered” if you were a first time viewer… catch my drift? This isn’t confirmed just yet, so let me find out and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, no comments from the peanut gallery. I want all complete facts to come out to the public as much as the next person…I also understand the necessity of true validity of the facts, so I want to make sure.
    And time will tell…that is if the tape is ever released. The tape may be released but the audio may not because it is police property. And we all know how the Fullerton Police Gang likes to hide their material. The audio I hear is paramount to the incident.

    1. @JohhnyBlue – IMO, it would be totally acceptable IF they “synched” the audio of “one-eyed-Jay’s” and the video of the ACTUAL OCCURRENCE!

      AND, as long as the OTHER OFFICERS audio is corresponding with it.

      IF, there is any OBVIOUS editeding, THEN we will KNOW that it is BULL$HIT!!!

  22. The department knew there was going to be an investigation, so …to make sure there were no flaws in the investigation, the police officers wrote their reports based on the video. And then.. the D.A was called (two days later). And then the police officers don’t have to talk to the D.A because their fabricated reports “will do” as their testimony. See how it works? Because there is thing called perjury and to maintain the so-called “validity” of the officers, it was best that the officers wrote their reports based on the video so there was no contradiction. This reeks of cover-up and deceit. The witnesses can’t be tainted by watching the video, but, it’s ok for the police officers? Well sounds like those officers and department were tainted long before they watched that video if they are going to pull the deception.

  23. I always remember years ago while living in Los angeles, being told by a cop when i went in to fight a ticket that the judge always will side with him over me or any citizen all the time no matter what- sounds like the whole justice system is set up to cover and defend each other not the citizen-but then again, I didnt have a video.

  24. Have you noticed that Mr Thomas and his attorney use photos from over 10 years ago for anything they do? Because if they showed any photos less than 10-15 years old people would realize what a dirt bag he was and not a little kid like they try to portray. Facts will come out soon. Kelly fought, cops fought back, Kelly died of a heart attack due to past drug use. Cops will get off. Fullerton will move on. It will all repeat itself in another City in a few months and the activists will move there.

    1. It doesn’t matter what a “dirtbag” he was or was not. All they had to do is handcuff him and take him to jail.

      That would’ve required one or two officers max if he was resisting.

      That’s not what happened and you know it. We know it, everybody knows it.

      If the cops are innocent as you claim then the city video would have shown that. But its well over a month and still no release of the video.

      Why did the cops take at least two video phones from citizens?

      They killed him, that’s why, plain and simple.

    2. If the video exonerated the cops…it would’ve come out already. It isnt being released because the powers that be know they will be screwed the minute it does. The Kelly Thomas Justice group on FB has grown by 1200 people in 2 weeks and grows everyday. People from around the world know about this….know this scum, your viewpoint comes from a dark heart. You and those like you are misguided and evil and are all that is wrong in our society. In the end…you will lose.

  25. FUCK YOU!!! “Reality” – Kelly died because HE WAS TASERED 6 TIMES AND BEAT TO DEATH!

    We already have a “Good Cop” insider telling KFI’s – John and Ken that he saw the “city’s tape” and it showed “Cyclops” and the ‘Bald-Black Cop” beating the shit out of Kelly!

    They THREATED HIM when they “rolled-up” – They said, “were going kick your ass this time Kelly!!!

    They “DROP KNEED” him and “TASED HIM!!” – until he DIED!!!



    Three deaths in one weekend puts Taser use by cops in crosshairs!

    Tasers were involved in three deaths over the weekend, renewing the debate over when and how the police-issued stun guns should be used.

    Taser-related deaths renew criticism of police tactics.

    Here’s a smart Police Dept! – sorta ironic that it’s name is “Loves Park!”

    Loves Park Police Department ends Taser use:

    Three deaths in one weekend puts Taser use by cops in crosshairs!

    Tasers were involved in three deaths over the weekend, renewing the debate over when and how the police-issued stun guns should be used.

    Taser-related deaths renew criticism of police tactics.

    Here’s a smart Police Dept! – sorta ironic that it’s name is “Loves Park!”

    Loves Park Police Department ends Taser use:

  26. Ron Thomas is a strong man for he endures the lies and obfuscation from Fullerton city council, Fullerton police and OC district attorney.

    Chris Thompson and tony bushala are brave men for standing up to the powers that be in our town and county and demanding justice for Kelly Thomas’ family.

    District attorney Rackaucka, Fullerton city council members Jones, Bankhead, McKinley are liars and betray the public’s trust.

    1. MR.Ron Thomas is not only fighting for justice for his son but he is standing up for what is right it is somewhat like
      David and Goliath the actions of the 6 mindless gutter trash who call them selves peace officers are cancer to society bottom feeders of society.An ex marine beating down a USA citizen in the name of the law there is nothing lower than a Traitor to the USA.The other 5 bottom feeders are destined to learn what happens when you break the law and the chief well kipping with the code of silence when there is corruption in your watch is in violation of the Rico act.Hopefully you will not see dime one of the tax payers money.
      Serpico you got more

  27. My guess is that the video tape will be worse than the Rodney King police beating tape and it’s so damning that the cops and DA and trying to do everything they can to prevent it coming out. Release the damn tape T Rack.

  28. gottcha by the short hairs SOB’s and this time you wont be worming out of it- lying, covering, lowlife nazi’s….no wonder you are trying hard to discredit the victims-nope. not this time

  29. those animals in uniform knew Kelly was Paranoid Schizophrenic and yelled out at him that they were going to kick his ass? those fucking monsters-what happened they couldnt find a disfigured burn victim to light a match in front of? Sounds like a junior high school bully clilck picking on someone who is different-
    except these throbbing weiners arent kids and are going down for this.

    1. That’s the way you have to talk to low lives on the street. That’s the only language they understand and use. Can’t treat them with kid gloves cause they are obnoxious idiots.

      1. are you fucking kidding? This man was a paranoid schizophrenic sitting on a bench, you freak-that “yelling”, that you claim is the only language street people understand, scared him to run , duh , because of his mental illness, duh,-i hope someone does this to one of your rugrats, lets see what u say then-you obnoxious idiot

        1. Now he was sitting on a bench again? Wow you smoked good shit again. Now he never ran? You are whacko.

  30. Two questions to add to the list. 1) FBI, did you compare the digital image you got from the DA to the digital image still remaining on the City of Fullerton hard drive. Did you employ your experts to acertain that no alterations occurred? 2) DA, can we see the “video” synced with the audios from Cincinelli and the other cops? If not realease to the general public, at least released to the Fullerton City Council and legitimate news gatherers including Tony Bushala?

    1. FBi hasn’t looked at anything. You think they are going to do what you say? Lol Do you think the DA is really going to listen to you? The DA isn’t releasing that video to anyone, especially council and for damn not sure a city activist like Tony!! Tony is a Fullerton anti government slum lord who wants to run the city his way.

  31. Hey all of you outraged, Be warned…This police corruption, police brutality thing is not going to go away from California soon!

    California Government, and certainly the County of Los Angeles Courts- if not the Fullerton Courts as well – have blood on their hands.

    If the police in California beat you up you need to file a California Government Claim. See link below

    If you do not file a California Government Code Claim after 6 months you cannot file a case against the police, or the other California Government Entities and THEN YOU CANNOT PURSUE A LAWSUIT.

    In some cases in County of Los Angeles Santa Monica if you have a case against the police and have not filed a California Government Claim – the California Court can pretend to have a hearing – but it is a set up for police brutality – like a back alley – and the police beat you up further for reporting their corruption as well as the Government Entities’s corruption. And the County Courts don’t care…

    In addition the County of Los Angeles, for Santa Monica College fabricate evidence and raise the race card which does not exist really – since the problem is police corruption – not racism. But the County of Los Angeles and Sheriff Lee Baca and his sheriffs want to make it look as if it is racism – by changing the color of the sheriff deputies involved in police brutality.

    The Sheriff Deputies were white- Sheriff Terry January who is African American was the front for the white sheriff deputy thugs in Santa Monica Judge Laurence D. Rubin’s courtroom.

    Yes the Government will go this far to cover up police brutality and Santa Monica College Police Corruption.


    Note: the Sheriff Deputy who was not the sheriff involved – even though County Sheriff Lee Baca says he was – was convicted in Federal Court in 2008 in a different matter.

  32. @ Reality is what it is, how do you know that Kelley died of a heart attack due to previous drug use?

    Is it possible that reality is that the current and former residents of Fullerton do not desire Fullerton to be policed by the standards that you purport to be reality?

    I think I prefer the intellect of reality check to yours. And at times, I feel that I prefer the emotions of merijoe to yours.

    Let us learn what the voters of Fullerton think and feel.

  33. This is mearly a SYMPTOM of the entire CORRUPTION PROBLEM IN AMERICA!!!

    The “WE -vs-THEM” mentality!


    1) We have a President that is NOT even a “Natural Born Citizen.” He issued a FALSIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE and is using a FALSE Social Security number from Conectticut issed to someone in 1890! – Google it, if you don’t believe it!!!

    2) We have a Congress that won’t represent “We the People!!!” They are only looking out for their own a$$es!

    3) We had a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION” with 9/11 that created all the Home Land Security Bull$hit – in order to take away our Constitutional Rights – get “Microwaved or Groped” – what’s your preference??? – Major 4th Amendment Violations!!!

    Therefore, we have a BLOATED GOVERNMENT that we need to GET RID OF!!!

    RON PAUL is the ONLY REAL LEADER that can turn AMERICA around!

    HE stands for:
    > PEACE – ie. “Get out of all these Wars!”; and

    PLEASE, if you stand for “JUSTICE FOR KELLY” as I do, then YOU SHOULD ALSO SUPPORT:

    “RON PAUL 2012” – He is our ONLY HO{PE!

    1. Social security numbers werent even issued until 1935 so if he is using one issued in 1890 it must not be real.

      The whole birther thing is complete bullshit and has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

  34. the acting police chief Hamilton states that this is normal policy to have officers view a video prior to writing their reports.
    this is BULLSHIT!!! show me the last time any officer viewed a video tape prior to writing a police report. this doesnt even happen on drunk driving arrest regarding the sobriety test. show me !!!! Hamilton where and when???

    1. Believe it or not, I think the policy on this varies from depaertment to department. The LAPD, for example, does not allow its officers to view this kind of video, or any other surveillance video prior to or while writing their reports, but there is an excepton: They are allowed to review their own “dash board cam” footage. So perhaps the FPD’s position on this is not as far outside the norm as one might think. If so, that’s too bad because it sure seems like a huge obstacle in the search for truth and justice.

    2. Ask around. It happens all the time throughout the US. Especially pursuits or traffic stops where it is caught on the dash cam. Common practice. This incident is a little different because it’s a camera operated by the police, which doesn’t happen often. Most time videos aren’t seen by the arresting officers but throughout the US if they had a chance to view it they would. Try changing practice throughout the US. Good luck.

    3. Thats because they never felt threatened to the point of having to cover their lying stinking asses in those cases-those Gestapo can ” view and re-write” all the reports they want, the truth is on the video so fuck em- I hope their re writes show what cowardly lowlifes that they are when everything is looked at by the FBI

      so, unless those greasy monsters have a fairy godmother that will change the tape, their words, their reports are nothing but their own confession to murder

      1. You are as dumb as dirt. They watched the video that you can’t even see much on and wrote their reports. Why would their reports say anything but exactly what is on video? FBI ain’t doing shit. It’s only a big conspiracy in your slanted eyes. Oh and a few of your whacko followers.

  35. i heard that Mr.Ron Thomas has been approached by a married couple who have very good credentials
    and told Mr.Thomas that they witnessed every thing from the onset and will tell everything they seen they stated that Kelly was just minding his own business and the cops just started to hassle him for no reason hope there story gets printed here.

    1. I call BS again. We have heard about these mary jane and john doe witnesses for awhile now. I think it’s just people wanting to get involved. We know that Kelly was walking around looking in cars and trashcans and we know he ran on contact. So the people that say he was sitting on the bus bench smoking on used cigs before he got beat is BS. The truth will come out and no one will believe it. I know the truth step by step, and him sitting on a bench reading his math book for a test the next day is 100% BS.

      1. Who is “we”? Your Mayor continues to put his foot in his mouth, your Police Chief went on vacation and allowed these officers to remain on the street. You my misguided friend are blind to the facts and its people like you that allow the corrupt in this country to get away with all that they get away with by justifying all the evil they do. On judgement day if you believe in that…what will you tell your maker? Did you stand up for those that cant stand up for themselves? Or did you make excuse after excuse for the evil? In the end….you will lose! Have a Nice Day!!!

      1. Now that’s what I call being tough on crime. Run from the cops, get an instant death penalty without trial.

        I wish Idi Amin were alive today, he would be proud.

  36. That DA is obviously in bed with the FPD and i believe if he had a ounce of integrity he would move forward and let a jury decide on it, like Ron Thomas has already mentioned…i really feel sorry for the people of Fullerton, i hope you can get these crooks out of their offices soon and begin recovery.

  37. Bruce Whitaker at least had the balls to stand up for whats right even when he was basically advised not to…im surprised that T-Rack, Dick Jones, Bankhead and that knucklehead Mckinley didn’t show up to piss on Kellys coffin…These guys really believe they are the elites and they could care less about anybody whos not included in their dirty circle.

  38. how is it that the one eye cop got hired by fullerton pd if he cannot pass his eye examination. he fails to meet the standards but yet councilman mckinley hired him.
    there should be an investigation for the hiring practices of the fullerton police dept. smells like bullshit…

    1. This is what pisses me off. NO ONE including Tony Bushala talks about the fact that a one eye cop was patrolling the streets of Fullerton and the guy who hired him is Former Police Chief and Current Councilman McKinley.

      I’m dying to know if he was involved in any shootings or traffic accidents.

      …There is sooooo much more to the Kelly Thomas beating that isnt being looked into or being discussed.

      1. You’re pissed off? Were you too lazy to search our archives? We did a post called “Who Is Jay Cicinelli.” All you have to do is use the search box. Give it a try.

      2. I met a guy last night that told me Jay Cinceneli arrested him in downtown Fullerton one night just for singing a song while Cinceneli was near him.

  39. This is why I worked to help people like Bruce get elected. The concept of transparency is absolutely essential to the success of our government, and we need the people to hold our representatives accountable. We keep forgetting, or perhaps ignoring the fact that we live in a representative democracy. Which means we should be holding people accountable regarding the actions they take on our behalf. And in that same vein, we should, as the public, be allowed to be privvy to what is occurring in our city, state and country, without having to fear those who we have given power to, or placed our utmost trust in to protect us.

  40. Wait “Reality Is”! You say that Kelly was killed for looking and running and fighting. But “Reality Is What It Is” previously told us that Kelly died of a heart attack caused by drug use. I’m confused.

    Can someone please give the precise etiology of his death? What was the level of drugs in the system or physical evidence of heart damage from prior drug use? Can’t blunt force trauma cause bleeding, and can’t excessive bleeding cause oxygen deprivation, and can’t oxygen deprivation cause a heart stoppage as well as irreversable brain damage?

    If the commission of a crime causes a medical emergency that leads to death, is that not the definition of second-degree murder?

    It is disconcerting at a time when people are standing up by name and seeking facts, for people hiding behind false names to come on here, say that they know the facts, but that we can’t know them yet.

  41. And, BTW all you nitwits who accuse me and others on this blogsite and those of us who attend rallies for Kelly:

    Im not an ACTIVIST-Im a taxpayng citizen of the United States with a brain that functions in reality- I know Tyranny, horror and dysfunction at the hands of government when I see and hear it- and since I pay for all you government piglets, I will say/write what I want about you and protest hard about anything I want and I (and other taxpayers) will get what I want, Im the boss-hear? you work for me/us not the other way around.

    1. You are dreaming. You wonder why people get beat? Cause they have attitude like you. They think they are God like you and think they make laws. Your time will come soon. You will step over the line for the laws the people voted for and you will go to jail. Hopefully you resist and get beat to a pulp. Then you can hold your sign in your wheelchair and yell and sue. You are a piece of shit just like Kelly was.

  42. Ron Thomas is no fool. He said that he thinks the D.A. is trying to prepare the public for an unfavorable (in the interest of justice!) outcome in the trial, and I am more than inclined to believe him, I have said the same thing on here even before he said it.
    In my opinion (and please, citizens of Fullerton, correct me if I am wrong, and update me more on the case, as you guys are obviously more in the know than I am, being that I live so far away) the main aggressor in this case was Jay Cicinelli, and that he will take the brunt of the consequence. I predict that the department ‘may’ face some type of disciplinary action for hiring an officer who couldn’t pass an eye exam, and that, just like most criminals do, the other 5 and their lawyers will see it in their best interest to rat out their compadre..I think the City Council and the FPD will find themselves pushed against the wall, publicly, that they’re hand will be forced and that it will be in the best interest of all (guilty) parties to have a quick trial, and loose punishment, and a broad cover-up. Another issue is the fact that the City Council, the D.A. and the FPD have such a low opinion of public intelligence..they assume that, with one conviction, and a quick trial that he People will be satiated, and satisfied, and there will be no more mention of ‘The Kelly Thomas matter’.
    The days are gone of a public official saying ‘Just trust us. Go home and we will do whats right’ and the public blindly believing them. I wish it were a situation where we could, but in the interest of justice, we simply cannot. Now, WE are put in the position where we are asked, and expected to be obedient cattle, or be branded presumptuous, stupid, and violent for protesting..The higher-ups love nothing more than to appear in interviews and talk about ‘ongoing investigations’, ‘objectivity’ and ‘being patient’. But we are! There was a murder committed. Whether it be ‘intentional homicide’ or not is clearly defined by the law..hence the difference between Homicide and Manslaughter, and Voluntary and Involuntary specifications.
    We, the People, do not want a public lynching, we don’t want to tear down and rebuild the FPD and/or public sentiment, all we ask is that we have the peace of mind in knowing that we cannot be beaten to death for any infringement of the law, and that, when one fellow citizen is, the Constitutional rights guaranteed to us as American citizens (let’s forget for a second as HUMAN BEINGS!) allow us to stand up against acts of tyranny and barbarism @ the hands of the government.

    1. @Jack, I liked what you said and agree except, the law is the law, the truth is the truth there is more than just OC law involved in the review of all this and I believe as God ismy witness-Tiny Ra-caca can say what he wants or make a descision about his hillbillie cowards with badges all he wants- anything will be immediated appealed if itdoesnt fall within the state/federal law which stats that if someone commits murder (intentionally or not) and is aiding it or even present- that person is also guilty of the same crime-and there is video/audio evidence

      Yes, its possible only one guy will be recommended to go down, slightly for the MURDER, but this type of decision will not be tolerated, excepted or stood for, I see immediate appeal if so.

    2. Who said Jay was the main guy? Call POST. Jay passed his tests and POST gave him his certificate. All legit.

  43. Shortly following the beginning of this broadcast Ron Thomas completely contradicted himself by stating no doubt that this was a “murder by cop”, then saying “Im very objective”.

    Ron, I am very sorry for you and your family for the loss of your son and by no means am I trying to take away your right to grieve the loss of your son.

    But here is a case of a father not only grieving for his son’s loss, but Ron struggling with his failure as a father to Kelly. Im certain that Ron is blaming himself for the death of Kelly and he is transferring it to everyone else.

    People who suffer from Schizophrenia can become violent, as in Kelly’s Mothers case, when Kelly assaulted her with a deadly weapon; ultimately forcing her to obtain a restraining order against Kelly.

    Ron stated that Kelly had many homes to go to and he was a drifter by choice. Im sure that Kelly didnt have a key to Ron’s home, definitely not his mother’s, when this incident occurred.

    Ron, those involved will be held accountable when the investigation concludes. You, as a former Deputy Sheriff, should remember that law enforcement officers are human and subject to the same emotions as all human beings are. Yes, law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard – as it should be and those who use excessive force because of an emotional reaction should not be allowed to be police officers.

    If you were working the night of this incident in Fullerton and had to respond to a situation like this one, I’m sure that you would expect scrutiny from the public but know that you had no intention of causing a person to go into a coma and ultimately die at your own hands and you would object to being categorized as a murderer.

    Perhaps you should let the process continue and refrain from creating more public outcry causing threats to the law enforcement community and their families. Ron I’m sure you believe in your cause but I don’t think that the end justifies the means.

    God Bless

      1. British peelery 101. Before the bobby was the feared peelers. We have devolved to where britian was before the bobby, we have whack happy morons with badges now.

    1. Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe what I just read on your post. “Those involved will be held accountable.” Helloooo, Rodney King? Police are not held accountable by the same standards we are, and if an officer is so unstable that he loses control and repeatedly tasers a mentally ill and unresisting victim and also repeatedly punches and/or kicks him….then he is not qualified or capable to be a police officer. There is NO EXCUSE for SIX armed officers to pummel someone to death. They do seem to be murderers and if I was his father, I would be calling them murderers, too. And obviously you are not familiar with schizophrenia……but this father’s hands were tied as to what he could legally do for his son….our state is the one failing our mentally ill citizens. Who are you to point fingers at him as to “…his failure as a father”? You are one pompous, self-serving ass and how DARE you use God’s name in vain in this venue. I would not be surprised if you were a police officer yourself, circling the dogs to protect your own.

      1. Susan
        Take it easy. Take a deep breath and relax. You dont have to follow the heard. Be opened minded and wait until you actually see the full video before you judge. Geeeeezzzzzz!

        1. Susan is right. You think justice is always served in every case? You think most cases of police brutality ever even see a courtroom? You think coverups are uncommon? You think when the police beat someone up, which happens every day in this country by the way, it is always justified? You think police abuses are few and far between?

          Turn off Fox News and your lame-ass pastor’s sermon and pay attention to what actually goes on in this country, this county, and this city. Cops act arrogantly, and victimize the weak with impunity. Not all cops, I grant you that, but enough. And more times then not they walk. Just look at the fact that the OC DA has hardly ever prosecuted cops! Is that because no cops ever commit crimes?


        2. Jim
          LOL, I am taking it easy and no need for any deep breathing. I can see now that you’re enjoying this venue to create a lot of ire and then react to it, playing like you are calm and rational. Ahhh, you may be calm, but anyone who thinks it’s okay for six armed men to jump on and beat a man senseless is not rational. Have YOU watched the tapes and listened to the bystanders’ comments? Pretty darn self-explanatory. Did you think it was okay for the police to beat Rodney King senseless? The truth is that not all police are good people. They are human and occasionally make mistakes, yes, we are in agreement here. But like I said before, beating a man senseless and to his ultimate death is not a mistake. It’s a character defect. One which should preclude a person from “protecting and serving” the public as a police officer. Oh and by the way? I believe the word you’re looking for is “herd”. I “heard” you when you said I shouldn’t follow the others…..

  44. …God Bless? You personally sound to me like Christian In Name Only (CINO) for judging another person when you have never walked even a step in their shoes. ” Judge not lest ye be judged” sound familiar to you? If I may be so bold to ask you to do us all a public service and publish the name of which church you attend that has not taught you these valuable bible lessons so that others innocent people don’t make the mistake you have.

  45. Jim-you obvious Nazi lover-STFU and its too late…we know, what we know- the “animals in uniform” brought all this on theirselves and shoulda stopped beating the man long before kneeing him in the throat and bashing his skull in while he was unconcious, you idiot.
    Stop threatening Ron Thomas, he’s a victim and a taxpayer-he has a right to say what he wants… Charges should be brought up on you, for interfering with the right of an American to speak freely – you scoundral and hateful devil

  46. Merijo
    You need to get a hold of yourself. The Nazi’s were defeated more than 60 years ago and democracy prevailed. I agree people should speak freely and police, in general, protect that right. We dont have all the facts so lets not fill in the blanks. Until then, try to promote peace and not threats of violence against the cops. Take it easy and try to refrain from the expletives as they don’t promote your cause.

    Take care

    1. go f yourself jimbo-you are a nazi lover and im not going to take it “easy” you take it easy hypocrite

  47. …at least your not invoking God’s name this time!
    In 15 years of raising my family here in Fullerton, I personally have NEVER had an instance or encounter here in Fulleron with a uniformed police officer where the officer had any interest in what I was saying and instead threatened me and my wife with arrest if we didn’t stop talking. Bye the bye, I’m still waiting for the name of the church that failed you?

  48. Fullerton Lover
    I attend a very popular church here in Orange County and I will refrain from naming it on this site as I am sure it would be viewed unfavorably by you and your constituents. I am sorry you have had unpleasant experiences with Police. Their job is very difficult – as I’m sure you can imagine – in dealing with people who voice their displeasure and/ or disapproval while engaged with enforcing the law and keeping the peace.
    I have not judged you so lets keep the church out of it. If you are a Christian (hope I’m not offending you) I suggest you stop quoting scripture.

    1. You are judging and demonizing Ron Thomas as having failed his son. You and your ilk are only serving to convince the public that maybe churches are part of the problem?
      I haven’t seen ANY of of our local religous leaders take a position or a stance on the Kelly Thomas beating?
      I know for fact that a couple of these officers are very prominent in their local churches and have even been embraced by some of their fellow congregants and syccophants like yourself.

      1. Ahhh Fullerton lover, don’t let this man turn you off of Christianity. If he truly is one, he’s not representative of the norm. We all hold our own opinions, and he’s obviously a very judgemental person. If you start reading his other posts, you’ll realize he’s getting off on all this attention. For what it’s worth, my advice is don’t drink the kool-aid and give it to him!! (And I’m a Christian and am horrified at his comments…..I am confident in saying my friends would be in agreement with me!)

        1. Gracias amiga. I’ll try and remember that hate is a fire that eventually put’s itself out and will instead strive to remember the biblical verse, “Above all maintain constant love for each other.”

    2. I’m also curious as to what law the police were enforcing when they beat Kelly Thomas instead of keeping the peace? For being homeless? Please re-read your scripture and get back to the blog when you can us where Jesus called home when he was here on earth?

  49. if its such a difficult job then maybe you should consider another line of work

    and you animals can pretend you are God fearing all you want-thats what Al Queda does, im not moved, God dont like ugly-you are full of it,even He knows-“engaged with enforcing the law” my ass-you mean beating someone for nothing and making up boogus lies as to why

  50. Thank you Merijo
    I am not a police officer but thanks for your assumption.
    I have an idea. Maybe you should file for a restraining order against your local police since you are so afraid of being beaten. Then, when you are being beaten tortured by some criminal, you can sue the police for failing to respond. Then you can collect lots and lots of money.

    God even loves hateful you to!

  51. I gotta a better suggestion, condem the 9th circut court of appeals for holding hostage our 2nd amendment rights that the Supreme Court has affirmed then we can protect ourselves from the cops and criminals Chicago V. McDonald 2010

  52. Fullerton Lover
    Judging perhaps, but not demonizing. Maybe your church is failing you.
    You have not idea what steps I have walked in. Church are not part of the problem? You said it, Judge not lest ye be judged
    You shouldnt bring the church into this as I said earlier. Let God be the Judge – we cant play God.

  53. Jim-since you are obviously friends with the animal (s) and/or the families that took someones life viciously-(and stop the garbarge about waiting until the investigation is over-whats the investigation gonna tell everyone? that the cops were doing their job?)
    maybe you can answer me this? who the fuck supports and condones a person who beat a human while he was crying out for his daddy, knee dropped him to his throat that resulted in a crushed larnyx and split his skull open with the butt of a taser AFTER he was unconciousness?
    wait until the investigation is over? why? will it come out somehow that everyone made this up-that it didnt happen? that maye Kelly did this to himself? Why dont you have any compassion for the victim rather than the animals and their families? no one here has said they wanted to hurt the families, so where is that coming from?

    1. You sure know alot about this investigation. Maybe you should brief the world on it since you seem to know all the facts about how everything went down. You are a joke. People like you that think they know everything just because that’s how they want to see it are what’s wrong with this world. We should just call you God.

  54. Can there be resisting arrest,, if the arrest was unlawful to begin with,, meaning no crime was comitted in the first place and there were no grounds for an arrest to take place

  55. John
    Yes in answer to your question – a person can resist if they are being arrested/detained unlawfully.
    Lets look at this example. If the police were called because the reporting party believed that a person was “possibly burglarizing cars” the police have a duty to respond. Now, lets say that the police are given a description of the suspect (or person in question). If someone alleges Kelly Thomas is engaged in Theft, then the police would respond to observe.
    Now, if Police observe Thomas in the area in question, fitting the description of the suspect, behaving in in an evasive manor, with a backpack on his person, then there may be enough resonable suspition to detain him (not arrest). This means that if Kelly attempted to flee, the police would have enough to prevent him from fleeing and restrain him, not beat him. If Kelly decided to resist and attempt to fend the police off, the police would have the right to use only the force necessary to stop him.
    Lets say that during the detention there is enough evidence to show that Kelly did not commit a crime. Then the police would be mandated to let him go. If they did not, the police would be engaged in an unlawful detention.
    Police cannot detain a person unless there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause. If those two do not exist then a private person can lawfuly use the force necessary to fend the police off.
    Courts have reaffirmed this time after time.

    Good question!!!!

    1. jay cicinelli is a dickless bitch that has it in for beards cause thats like the guy who shot the fuck out of him. he has been an arrogant bully ever since. he bragged about this. get it cop licker? save your religion for your bitch and your whelps

      1. Ma.lasangre
        I sir have some sort of wild hair up your ass. Im sure you have had your run-ins with police. you are just an angy little man with a big chip on his shoulder. Complety believing in your personal entitlements. Believing that you are owed everything and its everyone elses fault for what ever happends to you. You are like all the rest of the cop haters on this blog.
        Riot promoters who are looking for an excuse to screw up the community and blame government for their own failures.
        You curse curse police and then whine like a little baby if they dont show up at a moments notice to save your scronny liitle ass.
        Go take hike you idiot!!!!!

        1. Wow, how jesus-like of you.

          “RIot-promoters” is the crucial phrase here. You are worried that someone is going to mess up your nice safe little existence. That one of those downtrodden who “feels they are owed everything” is going to dirty up your pretty little town by demanding that the police not beat its street people to death.

          Fuck you.

  56. Ron Thomas should be very,very angry at the murderer of his son Kelly. Some men would have already torn Jay the killer cop apart rather than choose the path of logic,peace and self control. Murder by cop is the correct assessment Mr. Thomas made since he himself was a former cop and has insight that a non cop would not have. Kelly’s mental illness caused him to act out a few times,but overall he was a good guy. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree,and Ron Thomas is a man using tremendous self control and respectfully going about finding answers the right way. To hear the ignorance of those who want to insult and demonize him by saying Kelly didn’t have a key to the house makes me imagine the person saying that might be Jay the murderer cop trying to use psychological knives to cut Mr. Thomas and make him bleed like the murderers who shed Kelly’s blood. Anyone who ever dealt with a loved one with schizophrenia knows the limitations of what they can allow and what they must do sometimes due to unpredictable behavior. They also know the heart and soul of the person suffering from the torment of schizoprenia and that an outburst of rage or anger can flare up half way and not even become a full blown outburst and can die in instants like it never occurred at all. This is part of the sickness. There are many undiagnosed with this sickness and many on medications which cause erratic behavior including cops under the influence of drugs such as steroids which is no secret.Roid rage is a very real mental shortcircuiting leading to rage and possibly murder. Were those cops on steroids or some other drugs? Not out of the equation. So let’s stop painting the perpertrators like this entity “deputies” and tell it like it is-they are men with uniforms who take the uniforms off and are men like everyone else. They carry with them the attitudes and mentality whether the uniform is on or off. These particular men are bullies and get a high from exerting force and making people jump when they say jump. Kelly didn’t jump fast enough and when he turned away that was all the excuse they needed.Particularly Jay the murderer cop. With the DA holding back the street video to attempt to conceal what has already been witnessed as a murder is just buying time so they can formulate a story to add to the rest of their attempted coverup at the FPD. Where are the cellphones they seized at the scene? Nobody’s talking about other videos on the cellphones although witnesses saw them. They are disingenuous and hoping the toxicology on Kelly’s autoposy will show Kelly had drugs in his system so they can say he was fighting with superrhuman strength against 6 armed cops,although eye witness have already said otherwise. The DA and the group in the FPD and the 6 murderer cops need to man up. They can start learning about being a real man from Ron Thomas.

    1. You sir are about as brain dead as Kelly and Ron Thomas. Maybe you should go slurp on him a little since you kissed him so nicely here? Stop drinking the kool aid. Look at what it all really is. Look at the facts. Both sides. Kelly was a loser, Ron Thomas is a wanna be cop that got fired, and the cops did their jobs just as trained. Go take your pole smoking rants somewhere else.

      1. Ripple – your post really got to our troll this time. We can infer that he is a cop. It was your description of the bully-the-weak attitude that must have got to him. Also, by his repeated use of “pot-smoking” as an insult he’s probably pushing 90. Retired LEO.

        1. Most activists are big pot smokers. The pot fried their brains into thinking they have super powers to mold the world how they desire. Pipe dreamers.

          1. I know its irrelevant, but since you brought it up:

            Cannabis not only doesn’t fry your brain, it is neuroprotective:

            I’m afraid it might be too late for you overall, but still, even if Alzheimers has already commenced, some neuroprotection won’t hurt. I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only cop out there lighting up. Get yourself a Medical cannabis card and find a co-op.

        1. Really? Then I guess that information will be hidden too. Maybe the dude with one eye had been smoking crack.

    1. By the way susan, you are about as screwed up as ripplewine. Instead of making useless comments on this blog, why dont you just get out there and protest against the cops. bring your kids with you to; that’ll teach them something.
      get a life!

      1. Hmmm, got to you, didn’t I? You’re not sounding so calm anymore!!! My comments are my opinions, just as ‘useless’ as yours. It may surprise you to know I am pretty conservative and, in principal, support “the powers that be”. However, that doesn’t include following along blindly and brainlessly while “they” abuse their power. Our government wasn’t set up that way, and our founding fathers didn’t want it to be that way. And I’ve raised my children very well, thank you! My oldest is in the army and has served two tours in theater, winning numerous awards, and my youngest is in leadership and honors in school. That said, we don’t do anything mindlessly, including drinking the kool-aid and swallowing the PR crap the FPD is trying to feed the public. There is no excuse for beating the crap out of a 140 lb. man who either stopped resisting or never resisted. Let alone SIX armed men doing it. And there is no excuse for calling the father of a mentally ill man, who is challenged by his son’s civil liberties and our laws, a failure. Compassion needs to be at the heart of all of our actions, imo. You might consider whether you need to re-think your accusatory words to the family. And seriously, this would be okay if your gentle and mentally ill son was beaten to death by 6 police officers? That’s okay with you? With that, I’m checking out of this website! Have fun…

      2. Bringing kids to a protest definitely does teach them something. It teaches them that an informed, educated, and politically active citizenry is the price we must pay to ensure the viability of our experiment in democracy.

        Didn’t learn that at your mega-church yet huh? But hey, Jesus seemed all about protest as far as I can tell. Check scripture.

  57. fullerton CITY COUNCIL take a good look at your police dept. and what it stands for. this goes for dick jones, bankhead and mckinley as well……….
    F-falsifying police reports
    U- unethical
    L- liers
    L-law breakers
    E-excessive force
    R-rogue cops
    T-thugs with badges
    O-one eye cop
    N-nine hundred thousand dollar offer (hush $)


  58. Ripplewine is an Idiot :
    You sir are about as brain dead as Kelly and Ron Thomas. Maybe you should go slurp on him a little since you kissed him so nicely here? Stop drinking the kool aid. Look at what it all really is. Look at the facts. Both sides. Kelly was a loser, Ron Thomas is a wanna be cop that got fired, and the cops did their jobs just as trained. Go take your pole smoking rants somewhere else.

    Sadly, the world would be better off if you were not part of it.

  59. WE are ALL TO BLAME for Kelly’s Murder

    we know and knew cops were and are like this and we never do anything to stop it

    Look at those disgusting salaries.. how can WE allow shit like this.. city Managers that are just like the horse trainer in charge of FEMA..


  60. I apologize and would like to state one thing more clearly

    Cops are not “like this” but there is an undertow within any group of people than can influence others in high stress situations to act in the most vile and neanderthal like manners and it just so happens that power usually corrupts the individual who has it.

    Not all cops/LE’s etc are bad in any stretch of the imagination

  61. MeYou, oh hell, it wasnt me that beat that man while he was unconscious, or crack his skull while he was unconcious, or tase him 5 times, and it wasnt me who kept on beating and beating and beating after the man stop moving and was screaming for his daddy to help him

    I dont and wont take the blame for this, we dont know what the hell the sneaky snakes are doing -didnt think they needed babysitting, we know now, they do- if the “good” coppers are so good why did they keep their mouths shut tight until this was pulled out by media, one month later? and still, nobody who knows anything is saying shit. they’re all full of farts and bullshit – ALL of them and they are “like” that-time and time again months later, years later you hear of various asshole gestapo beating, ticketing or hurting a citizen and making up some boogus excuse as to why they did it, to get their asses off the hook.
    Hey, Its not always the citizens fault, but thats the outcome because of the liars,
    No more of that. that day is over for the arrogant mafia gang in blue who think their shit dont stink-and they will stop harrassing witnesses-and whats wrong with their salaries? They choose this line of work-no one holds a gun to their fat heads

    1. Your fat head continues to rant lies and dreams you hope are true. Nothing of what you said is fact. It’s all what you hope is true. Problem is none of it’s true except that he got beat as he should for fighting with the cops. Keep dreaming about this world you strive for that will never happen.

  62. Where corruption exists, the widespread existence of a Blue Code of Silence among the police can prevent the corruption from coming to light. Officers in these situations commonly fail to report corrupt behavior or provide false testimony to outside investigators to cover up criminal activity by their fellow in violaton of the Rico act.Each and every one of the FPD who stood silent are in violation of the Rico act.

  63. 73, it is not policy to review tapes when writing reports. It is only done if there dash board cameras when pursuit related. Not something like this. It was cover up mode from 30 minutes after the incident.

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