Mayor Dick Jones Calls It Quits

I’ve just learned from an inside source at Fullerton City Hall that F. Richard “Dick” Jones has resigned from the city council, effective immediately. As a matter of fact, here’s a copy of his official letter of resignation:

Well, we all saw it coming. Frankly, I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

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    1. Very Funny!!!!!

      I hope the blog is still laughing when the City Attorney taps them on the shoulder with a writ to remind them that use of the City seal is prohibited by the Municipal code, and that the seal is also protected by Federal trademark, and copyright laws.

      1. I have no doubt “the blog” will be laughing if the city attorney calls them. I’m sure it is an incidental detail but federal trademark and copyright protect from unauthorized use in commercial settings, reproducing things for commercial gain or from misrepresenting the authenticity of a product or item of intellectual property.

        Parody, on the other hand, is a form of artistic expression protected by the 1st amendment. Tapping “the blog” on the shoulder (or writing this comment) would be no more than admission of ignorance and, more importantly, a confession for lack of a sense of humor.

      2. Would that be the same City Attorney who claimed as a defense that the kops might have committed a crime even though no complaint was filed with the DA!


        Man you really are DUMB. Don’t you understand SATIRE?!

        Well bring on the “writ.” Can’t wait to see the language: court orders FFFF to stop using fake letterhead in April Fool’s jokes.

      3. The City would be better off ditching that embarrassing 1960’s logo. Of course the motto “The Education Community” is clearly meant as parody itself.

    1. This blog was actually Dick Jones’ greatest contribution to Fullerton!

      Thanks Dick, for the gift that keeps on giving every day.

  1. I really hate this type of creation of false “documents” in our present era of untrustworthy news media.

    There is plenty to criticize if we confine ourselves to that which is true and if we represent our adversaries in an honest fashion.

    Phony “documents” and phony “quotations” isn’t helpful at all and it isn’t funny either.

  2. well dog gonnit, I’m sure gonna miss all that jawin and cifrin that good ol boy spews. Its the best entertainment on TV since Hee Haw. How bout re-runs?

  3. For the benefit of us part time visitors could you please stitch together a video with this imbeciles funniest sayings?

  4. Galveston really was run by the mob back in Dick Jones’ day. Dick’s nostalgia for the days when the Italian organized crime syndicate ran the show suggests that he might be struggling with a form of Stockholm Syndrome (amongst other things.)

    The Maceos and Fertittas establish rackets and roots in Texas

    1. That’s what happens when you get 99 weeks to sit on your ass and wait for your hand out. Too much free time to bloviate

  5. Mango :
    Not at all, fuck face. My fortunes are secure, with or without Jonsey.

    Does your mommy know you talk like that?

    Better watch it. Use of the word “fortune” is going to cause your pal 4SD Observer to pop her rivets. She says you’re not rich!

  6. Actually, I have an MBA from USC, Fight On! Where did you go to college? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t go. You spent your life on an assembly line making minimum wage and making someone else rich….now you’re old, bitter and very douchie.

    1. Actually you are a cop. I expect a seven grade vocabulary, but what’s with the lying? Oops! I forgot.

      1. Actually, I’m not but I know you are just another unemployed, bitter malcontent jealous of what others have accomplished and earned in their lives.

        1. You biggest accomplishment was getting somebody to distract the instructor at the Camp McPension obstacle course as you ran around the wall.

  7. Graphic Designer :
    The City would be better off ditching that embarrassing 1960′s logo. Of course the motto “The Education Community” is clearly meant as parody itself.

    Agreed, but I have no confidence that the city would be able to design something better now. Plus they’d have to waste money printing all new letterheads, business cards, vehicle stickers, etc. Just leave it.

    1. They’re saving money by using old letterhead that goes back years.

      I got something with Buck Catlin’s name on it the other day.

  8. MBA, right, suuuure. USC has some real dummies at it but they don’t hand out GEDs.

    Admit it: you got that GED from some con school in the Inland Empire. Then you graduated immediately to Pat McPension’s Police Academy V.

    1. Why do you assume I’m a cop? I’m not actually, I’m too smart to be a rule crazy, blow hard cop. You, on the other hand probably live in your mother’s house, hoping to get another 99 weeks worth of unemployment. How many times did you try getting into the police academy only to be told useless douchebags like yourself weren’t needed? How many times have you mouthed off to a pig only to get a baton jammed up your ass?

          1. Poor sad, lonely Mango. In the dim light of his room the correspondence school GED on the wall almost takes on the appearance of an MBA from USC.

            And then Mango feels like a captain of industry.

            Mango :
            And what’s your accomplishment, besides child molestation? What’s the matter, sweetie? Your 99 weeks up? Are you having to resort to giving hand jobs on Harbor for Taco Bell money? Tired of the local cops kicking your ass on a daily basis?

            I never claimed to have accomplished anything because I am not an anonymous blog big mouth braggart.

            You on the other hand inferred that you, in constrat to others, have accomplished something in your sad, dreary life.

            And I think it was cheating on the Camp McPension Obstacle Course.

    2. Hey Rudy.. I just looked at the periodical you are so proud of .. in which you were named “Best Blog of OC”.. You are in good company with many of OCs best pot pushers and prostitutes. Too funny.

      1. You looked at it? Whatsa matter, didn’t they teach you to read in the GED program? Good thing the Weekly has lots of pictures for you. The articles are good, too.

  9. “And then Mango feels like a captain of industry.”

    Beautiful invective. Boss, I think we made need to sign Mr. Vegas to a contract.

  10. It’s funny how an April Fool’s post on the clown Hee Haw has degenerated into such an incomprehensible mess.

    Oh, yeah. That’s what Jones has done to Fullerton.

  11. When are we going to re-hash the British retreat through Dunkirk? Doc Jones has always been generous enough to highlight our greatest Nazi moments at the least relevant time.

  12. I just called the fullerton mayor’s office and he has not resigned as of 8-4-11 so I guess he changed his mind.

  13. (8/17) KFI NEWS has learned Fullerton mayor tells Kelly Thomas’ dad that he plans to resign. Dick Jones under fire since cop beating of homeless man.

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