Fullerton Police Department Dysfunction

Out here on Screech Owl Road I’ve been tuning in on the doings in sleepy little Fullerton that is sleepy no more. It’s hard to miss. You’ve made world-wide news – and not in the way anybody wants to become famous.

Anyway, I got to wondering the other day about the Police Department spokeshole, Sergeant Andrew Goodrich, a bumbling oaf who has made a real hash out of public relations in the aftermath of the Kelly Thomas homicide.

I know who I work for and it isn't you!

For a while I tried to make sense of the weird things he was saying, and obviously leaking to selected individuals, individuals who then exercised no intellectual scrutiny over what they were disseminating.

My friends back in Fullerton informed me that Goodrich is a shot-caller in the Fullerton Police Officers Association (FPOA), the local cop union. These are the boys (and girls) in blue who pour tens of thousands of dollars into Fullerton elections to get the most simple minded pro-cop lackeys they can find into office. Over the years they have succeeded marvelously.

Then all of Goodrich’s bullshit started to make sense: Kelly Thomas ran; he was combative; he had “legal documents” that didn’t belong to him; a photograph of a dirty, muscular, mean-looking guy was released purporting to be a two-year old booking picture of Thomas; two cops suffered “broken bones” in the encounter. All this trash was floated out to the public to discredit the victim and divert attention from the horrific bludgeoning death perpetrated by the police.

Of course, later it was revealed that there were no broken bones (the cops were back on the street); the identity of the man in the picture was challenged; the so-called legal documents in Thomas’s possession was trash Kelly had fished out of a dumpster; reports from people who knew him that Thomas was basically a harmless dude.

So who does Goodrich really work for? Fullerton taxpayers pay his salary, but it is crystal clear that he he is working for his brethren in the FPOA and will do anything he can to obfuscate, obscure, misdirect and mislead you – the very people who pay his lavish $130,000 a year salary plus benefits.

This becomes even more troublesome when you consider that he is one of the leaders of the union that has hired a lawyer to defend the six cops that participated in the Thomas beat down.

Who in God’s name permits a union officer be the official spokesman for a city department? The egregious Chief Mike Sellers, for one. And, naturally, the ex-cops on the city council Pat McKinley and Don Bankhead, as well as the buffoonish Dick Jones, of course – another individual embraced by the cop union.

Well this crap has got to stop. Sellers should be fired of course, and he should take his union spokesman with him when he goes.

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    1. Remember people,just because of 6 bad apples not all FULLERTON police are like there co-workers. I happen not to know any personally but, I have come across a few in my time who are no problem and polite.Also if you look at it and in others like this what Gender is Doing the BRUTATLY! Sure there is more men on the force but what is behind THERE ANGER, there is something there not being addressed and that goes deep into the police.So keep in mind THERE IS GOOD THAT JUST HAPPENS TO BE MIXED W/THE BAD 🙁

  1. While you’re at it, call Jones and Bankhead at home and tell them what you think.

    Dick Jones … (714) 525-0260
    Don Bankhead … (714) 738-8683

    1. Get a clue. Focus on the case not the people that had nothing to do with it. If the cops screwed up then prosecute em. If the drug addict transient punched the cops then screw him, he got what he deserved for running. All the other BD is just politics. Screw daddy too. He left his son on the streets. Now he wants money. Terrible dad. Kelly was a loser that bothered everyone. If the cops messed up then so be it. Leave all the other BS alone.

      1. You may have missed the recall issue. The Three Blind Mice have allowed the Fullerton Police Department to become a cesspool of corruption. They were happy letting a union goon be the official spokesman for the City.

        It’s all part of the same rancid picture of incompetence leading inevitably to criminality.

      2. Geezus H., I’ve run across some indefensible morons in my life, but you take the cake, Oh Hello. My question: What in the hell are you doing in America and why aren’t you living in some fascist police state that would better suit you? To whit: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the cops did more than “screw up” — six of them murdered a 135-pound man. And try to process this simple concept in your jumbled, prehistoric mind: Though there’s no evidence that Kelly Thomas punched these badged thugs OR ran, even if he did, that hardly justifies savagely bludgeoning him to death while hiding behind a uniform on the taxpayers’ dime. Lastly, I have to ask: Has someone forcibly prevented you from learning how to read or are you willfully illiterate? Because if you knew how to read at even a third-grade level, you would know that Kelly Thomas’ dad did not leave his son on the streets. Kelly Thomas was a schizophrenic who chose the life of a drifter. In your Gestapo world, armed cops are encouraged to commit murder and mayhem on the mentally ill and homeless, and you in your astonishing cowardice would blame the father rather than those who brought down their batons on the victim’s face and skull, but I’ve got some sorrowful news for you: This ain’t the Germany, circa 1942, that you long for. This is America, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and we look down upon murder and especially state-sanctioned murder, and to our great credit we allow unconscionable imbeciles like yourself to live among us and air your facile, ignorant, unspeakable, perverse and hateful opinions in our public forums. Now kindly go fuck yourself.

        1. You are lost buddy. This Kelly was a pain in everyone’s behind. Bothered people, affected businesses, and smoked meth. If you run from the cops you get beat. Didn’t we learn that in like 6th grade? Dad abandoned him. Screw dad too. He doesn’t deserve a penny. Now the video doesn’t show anything. It’s over.

          1. You’re right, Oh Hello. Good God, you’ve overwhelmed me and I’m sure many others with your brilliance and, moreover, your courage. I’ve hereby come to see your points: 1) Kelly Thomas bothered people, affected businesses, and smoked meth, and therefore he deserved to die a sickeningly violent death at the hands of six trained, fit, armed and taxpayer-supported cops, and to hell with the law not to mention ethics and morality; 2) “If you run from the cops you get beat” you noted. Poignant. I hadn’t thought of that. Yes, I’ll put aside the fact that there’s exactly zero evidence that Kelly Thomas ran at all and focus on the larger point that half-a-dozen armed cops are justified in committing murder and mayhem upon one, 135-pound individual if that individual runs; 3) Righto, screw the father of Kelly Thomas, too, because it’s not enough that Kelly Thomas was murdered … let’s perpetrate injury upon his father as well, and we’ll justify that by saying — despite hard evidence to the contrary, but who gives a fuck, because Oh Hello and the rest of us followers ain’t real big on reading and facts — that he abandoned his son. Oh Hello, I’m inspired by your intellect and your bravery, but based on your willful aversion to the facts of this case that are quite obvious to the rest of us Fullertonians and I might say the world, I have to ask: Exactly how many Fullerton PD cocks have you sucked and how many will be enough?

          2. Oh Hello I smell burning pork. Those pigs need to be barbecued. There were no drugs in the guys system oh hello. I find it odd that this has not come out in the national media until more than a month later. Why go to the extent to keep something so horrific quiet and falsify police reports and make up stories? Oh Hello, and I suppose Rodney King deserved it becuase he was black and he MUST have been one of the rioters.

        2. @ #15 Brady Rhoades > well said i will give you some input here.One of the issues with a schizophrenic is some thing goes haywire in there brain i was watching a program about this a few days ago and this brain system failure causes the mind of the schizophrenic to make him think his is ok and there is nothing wrong with him perhaps this is why Kelly did not want to stay home but it is a solid fact coming from a professional authority on this disease. @#6 Oh Hello >just a cop defender moron we need to have 6 heads on a stick!let’s see how tuff these mental midgets are when they become BUBBAS but buddy in prison (lol)
          at the 1,0000 level!

      3. Oh Hello, did you know they didn’t find drugs in his system? Did you know that the cops falsified police reports? You are unbelievable – drunks have always messed with cops, they have tasers to sub due, they don’t get paid to beat somebody until they kill them. Cops are out of control. This isn’t the middle east, this is America and there are cameras that capture the truth. These cops knew this guy he’s been on the streets for some time due to mental illness, which is no reason for him to die. He’s a human being just like you and I. You smell like pork buddy.

    2. Just called Jones. He said “I am going get them Dukes!” not sure if he was talking about the cops or not…

      1. Yeah, that would be AWESOME!

        And, if they could get the audio recordings of the conversations during the briefing afterwards when the cops were viewing the tape and writing their reports to coordinate/coverup what happened.

  2. Fullerton PD, keep up the good work!!! The people behind this website dont know the truth of what transpired that night, but they will. When the video is released, you all will wonder why Kelly wasn’t just shot. And, ask Ron how many deputies it takes to subdue an out of control inmate!! I’m sure he will never mention his jailhouse stories.

    I got your back, FPD!!!!!!

      1. #31 by Johnny Fever on August 6, 2011
        FPD rocks, are those what they hit Kelly Thomas with?

        F the PD

        No, that’s what they were smoking before they killed him. Did any of the brilliant FPD supervisors think to have six officers take a piss test after murdering Kelly?

        Perhaps that should be standard procedure after any excessive force ‘event’ has occurred? Just a thought.

    1. Ya FPD Rocks, as soon as people wake up and realize that Kelly Thomas was actually a highly trained MMA fighter with knives and grenades they will stop blaming those poor defenseless cops. What else could they do in the face of overwhelming firepower at the hands of Kelly Thomas? They were lucky to get out with their lives! I’m sure you are right.

      If for some strange twist of fate it turns out (and I know this is totally impossible) that Kelly was in fact an unarmed 135 lb. weakling that had committed no crime, I expect you to call murder when you see it.

      Honesty is honesty after all right?

    2. Dear FPD Rocks!!!!: Sometimes I ask myself: Brady, why do you bother with the dredges and dolts of this great American society? In this case, your egregious overuse of exclamation points was my first clue that you are in possession of the intellectual acumen of a toddling chimpanzee. And then, out of some masochistic tendency that I can’t explain, I read on — wading into the swampy morass of your logic. Where to begin? Geezus H. Christ, I guess we’ll start with your assertion that the video will bring out the “truth,” and then we’ll all gather by candlelight at the downtown plaza to collectively wonder why these six put-upon cops didn’t just shoot Kelly Thomas. As if this temblor of reason weren’t enough to convince us, you ask: “Ask Ron how many deputies it takes to subdue an out of control inmate!!” Well, let me commend you for using only two exclamation points at the finish line of this egregious sentence to over-compensate for an IQ that must hover around the 60 mark. It’s an improvement upon the three slammers you used at the end of your first latently homesexual line of reasoning. Clearly, your lust for men in uniform is crowding out your ability to gather data and come to intelligent and quite-obvious conclusions. Well, obvious to the rest us, anyway, but perhaps we’re not incapacitated to the degree that you are in the arena of gray matter. At any rate, I’ve gone on long enough and will only take umbrage, for the sake of time and my own sanity, with your use of the word “subdue” toward the end of your tragic missive. Has there ever been a more pathetic, off-the-mark understatement than to use this word to describe the spectacle of six trained, fit, armed and taxpayer-supported cops savaging to death a 135-year-old man? Again, I in my dutiful tolerance can only ascribe your brainless ruminations to some carnal tendency toward men in uniform, and I would ask that you limit that tendency — and, listen, there’s nothing at all wrong with being homosexual or longing for cops — to bedrooms and bordellos, or wherever you wish to satisfy your urges, but please, don’t justify murder because of your fetishes.

        1. Agree with KT, but please stop with the slams on toddling chimpanzees. They are far more intelligent than some of these cop ‘hugging’ dolts.

    3. @ # 24>LMAO yea they rock all right they will be breaking rocks in Sanquenton prison.well at least they will have a maggot cop lover like you to put money on there books so they can pay BUBBA because they will be his butt slut. Lets face it douche bag if that video put those murders in a good light that video would have been released long ago and no hush money would have been offered to Ron Thomas.
      I can’t stop laughing my ass off officer pig pen officer Hampton just loved to slap the video recorders from citizens who record his cop bullying Fullerton s own city camera bust’s not one but 6 of these low life bottom feeders there is a GOD!

      1. No the joke is that the murder by cop is going to cost us millions – not the thugs who did it.

        1. Very true! The city lawsuit fund is going broke. Sad. We all paid for Kelly to smoke crack on welfare, not papa. Papa shouldn’t get a dime.

          1. PapaMoneyBags, you’re a genius. Why are all these people focusing on the fact that six armed cops savagely beat to death a 135-pound man? You’ve gone about re-setting our priorities. The main point here is not murder, it’s that Kelly Thomas smoked crack and therefore should die and that his father should go penniless to boot. Geezus, it’s so obvious. How do I contact you to start a campaign for you, with your unusual intellect and historic courage, to run for mayor?

          2. So kelly smoked crack and meth? Wow. Dude knew how to party. And you do you useless fucking crowing trollers know it? Did you sell it to him? Shut the fuck up and get a life.

          3. Did you happen to sell him drugs from theevidence locker? Maybe your pill-poppin’ pal in Theo Lacy shared.

      2. You’re kidding, right “Ohhhh Papa”? You’re playing some manic, reverse-psychology card game to comment on the unspeakable tragedy of six armed cops savagely beating to death a 135-year-old man? That’s what you’re doing, right? Because no one could be so heartless and stunningly stupid as to say what you said in earnest. Freaking hilarious. Wait. You’re really not that stupid, are you?

  3. Wonder if someone from Anonymous or Luzsec is following this story since they’ve been hacking slack-jaw police agencies lately…

  4. 14 cop calls just went code 3 to lemon park. (6:30pm) There were two groups that the cops were questioning. A black family with kids, and a hispanic family.

    The cops were in hiding all day. Obviously, overkill again! Looked liked they were searching for drugs. (Police Dog) Why 14 cop cars?

      1. john doe: I guess you never drove by the back side of the police dept. They have more than 30 cars. If you don’t know what your talking about, then shut up.

        1. I meant 14 cars on duty dumbshit!! What do you think its TV and they are all gonna jump in the cars in the backlot and go on a dumb call. Wake up from the fantasy world you live in.

  5. I, for one, am glad that Officer Goodrich has been pulled off the streets and is safely working behind a desk.

    1. Another fat cop! Where Are our standards for the police? I don’t care I’d they air behind a desk, every cop should be able to pass a physical fitness test and appearance standards! I’m sick of fat cops it just sets the wrong example.

    2. @#44 > most likely trying to edit the video so it looks like kelly is getting the best of them (loL)

  6. Not that bad?!?! Wtf! An someone please tell me why so many people are fighting for these cops? I’m dumbfounded.

    1. I promise you will find out WHY soon. This whole thing that this website and others like orange juice, hitnrun, etc is a SHAM. Right Tony. Tell ur friend, I mean ur informant to be ready for some jailtime.

  7. They should hack into the server and publish the doc’s ALA wikileaks.

    In fact WIKI LEAKS is a good place to store these documents ERIN!

  8. not surprised to find others experiencing the same from this guy, the police spokesman. i called there a few days ago and asked if the DA investigator had the street camera video. he answered that “they had all the evidence”. he gave me the runaround backward and forwards. i asked and reasked. he wouldn’t say definitely say whether they had it or not. just spokesman-speak, trying to not say anything. i told him what he was doing and he said i wasn’t entitled to all the information i wanted. i told him what i thought of him and his frat-boy brotherhood of police union thugs. if the other officers are like him (and they’ve chosen him to speak for them, so we must assume some commonality), it is no wonder the department is beyond dysfunctional – to the point of murder by some.

    1. Why would he tell u anything? U ask me stupid questions I would give u stupid answers too. Ur a moron so u get treated like a moron.

  9. will the above poster please answer one absolutely imperative question: why is your handle “eater of rotten pork?”

  10. Mr. Bushala, You have been very busy of late, so I have attached a previous posting. To really know the muscle behind the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association, you must be acquainted with P.O.R.A.C. The Peace Officer’s Research Association of California. PORAC is the state level union that overseas and funds the attorney’s used by officer’s in internal affairs investigations. http://www.porac.org

    One of the law firms that the accused officer’s will use is Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler, & Levine from Santa Monica, CA. Since there are multiple officer’s involved, not all of the officer’s can be represented by the same law firm, so some will have to conflict out to other law firms. Silver’s law office claims to be a rank-and-file law firm, but they also represent some police management unions, so basically they play both sides. PORAC which is the Peace Officer’s Research Association of California is the state police union to which officer’s from the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association are members of. PORAC, via its President Ron Cottingham will decide which officer’s receive the best representation, and from which law firms. Pres. Cottingham is a lieutenant with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and is actually pro-police management. He is friends with attorney’s from Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine as well any conflict attorney’s from PORAC that are assigned as conflict attorney’s. PORAC, via the attorney’s, including Paul Coble from Jones & Mayer will decide which involved Fullerton PD officer(s) they hate the most, and throw them under the bus as being most culpable. Any Fullerton officer that blows the whistle on which officer(s) were out of control will be the first ones fired. Any of those officers that are one of the chief’s “Good Old Boys” will be protected. Especially if they are on the department’s SWAT team, as they are the chief’s hand-picked favorites. It’s a complicated web, and it’s not as simple as police union vs. management vs. D.A.’s office. Speaking of web, the Law Firm of Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine is the same firm that represented Deputy Ivory Webb in San Bernardino County where he shot a male lying on the ground following a police pursuit. He was found not guilty. Councilman Pat McKinley was a big SWAT guy at LAPD, and his hand-picked favorites will be protected. Pat McKinley for those who don’t know was one of many LAPD guys that taught “Use of Force” at the Rio Hondo Police Academy in Whittier, CA. His instructions were as you saw in the Rodney King case. You beat the suspect into submission.

    1. Good post. Thanks. I hope that more individuals will do some soul searching and speak out for what is good and right.

    2. Yep. Best attorneys in California. They will get the cops off again. Will the white people riot though?

      1. @ 60 oh hello>don’t be so sure some copes got convicted today in another city was on the news. these 6 maggot bottom feeders are going down they will never be exonerated from society and will live with this crime for ever the Fullerton PD will be dismantled of all it’s corrupt bottom feeding piggies eating piggy pie from the tax payers.

          1. not really. first the cops screwed the investigation so a state court could throw out the case. it took the feds. a video clip was all that really brought it out. we’re headed the same way here, except people are keeping it in the news. in NOLA they never expected any different.

  11. WHat is so dman, aaesomeley funny is that I thought my life sucked, until I look at all these guys. Mr. boo, we know you are a cop, your IP has been traced, ever heard of GHOST SIRF? You will end up in prison with a dick up yer ass, you have met me MANY times and guess what, GAME OVER….come get me, I’ll be up all night at my home with a GLOCK aimed at your head FUCKER 😀 OXOX

  12. mr. boo :will the above poster please answer one absolutely imperative question: why is your handle “eater of rotten pork?”

    SHow us the tape fucker and we will ya SWINE CHOPPED LIVER What is so damn, awesomely funny is that I thought my life sucked, until I look at all these guys. Mr. boo, we know you are a cop, your IP has been traced, ever heard of GHOST SURF or BLACK ICE? You will end up in prison with a dick up yer ass, you have met me MANY times and guess what, GAME OVER….come get me, I’ll be up all night at my home with a GLOCK aimed at your head OXOX

    1. Knock it off. Good people that want justice don’t want to associate with that kind of talk.

      FFFF, it appears some moderation might be required (sadly). This kind of talk hurts your recall drive and certainly affects my consideration of a donation to that effort. Please either moderate or make a clear statement about the crude/criminal views posted by some.

    2. From the Hi Caliber link.. let’s hope the FBI brings the same expertise to the transit center video. Thanks Calwatch.

      The digital recording was “enhanced” by an FBI laboratory to reveal more visual detail. Through ultra-sophisticated technology of David Notowitz, a video expert engaged by Webb’s attorneys, it was then enhanced even further, to the point that images were recovered from a section of the recording that seemingly had been completely whited out by the amateur cameraman ineptly fiddling with the controls

  13. Hotels the swine are staying at include the NB Marriott, DIsneyland Hotel, and a Motel 6 in Hysperia….we have our sources.

  14. Another FPD Fat Load -Geeze, are any of them in shape? that alone shows you the mentality of this department

  15. Wiki leak the video and all radio calls all cruiser video and audio it is all remote backed ip digitally. Wiki leak all previous run ins with the victim and all officers involved. You will see. They knew who he was and that he was mentally handicapped. This could have been ur kid drunk in fullerton. Beaten to death. Look in the mirror could you handle that? Charge and arrest them now not later.

    1. Unlike the federal government where hundreds and even thousands of people have access to “sensitive” data. Only few people have access to that and its probably stored two disks or usb drive.

  16. The best thing the good citizens can do for themselves would be to recall the 3 city council, install the new council members vote to close the entire police dept. everyone goes;
    then contract with the OC sherriffs on condition they hire no former police members back. They won’t be able in this economy to find themselves other police jobs, thats what they get. Game Over

  17. Well. Now we know. The video shows nothing. So everyone can relax. It’s the officers statements against the far away witnesses. Gonna make for a great trial. Cops will win for sure now. Let’s get to it. Little Kelly running from the cops should make for a good trial. Now teach your kids the obvious. If you don’t talk smack or disrespect the cops, or run from the cops, you will never have a problem in life. Talk smack or run, you will prolly get ur ass kicked. Fact. Wake up. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-fullerton-death-20110807,0,6368545.story

    1. Oh, some anonymous source reported to the LA Times that you can’t see much of anything. CASE CLOSED.


      That source could be ANYONE! Even, dare I say it, someone on the side of the police.

      You’re an idiot.

    2. I strongly believe the DA altered that video. Unfortunately no one had the presence in mind to make a backup.

    3. So there you have it. That’s what it will come down to. The witnesses against the cops. They already now the names of the witnesses since they have been interviewed, so right now they are gathering the dirt on them to discredit them on the stand. Do you suppose they’ll put a toothless, homeless guy up there to give witness aginst the clean cut (though adnittedly obese) suit and tie cops, staring the witness down with implied threat.
      It will be interesting, that’s for sure, but there will be no outraged, middle aged white people rioting after the not-guilty verdict is reached.

  18. I have the suspicion that the six bastards are going disappear from the public eye for months and eventually vanish from California. They will move to a different State where nobody knows them to continue their sick lives.

    Kelly was MURDERED no matter what they say. The six bastards are not only cowards but insane individuals that must be sent to the electric chair before the end of the year.

    Look what just happened in England when a police officer kills someone.


    And here we have six pigs beating a homeless man when they wanted and until they wanted, and we have to wait for an “investigation”.

    What are they going to investigate? That there is a possibility that Kelly was dangerous? that he represented a threat to the real criminals?

    Investigation my ass! That video is good enough to prosecute the six motherfuckers.

  19. #43, thanks. #45, no the white people will not riot.

    Fullerton is a funny, sleepy little town where Leo Fender could hang out and perfect the electric guitar, where Howard Hughs could come to establish his radar division, where many, many Union Oil chemists who revolutionised farming worldwide would come home to to raise their kids, where engineers that perfected guidance and control to get the Apollo to the moon would come home to raise their kids.

    Many, many other things were going on, such as the making of ketchup and the manufacture of 90% of all of the college window decals used in the entire nation.

    I have to admit that the one thing that Fullerton is lacking is any current or retired members of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or the myriad of other intelligence agents. At least, Fullerton lacks any that are known to me.

    I do not think that all Fullerton cops are as dumb as some people make them out to be. Yes, #43, the ones who officially out the out-of-control cops may be the first to be fired. But the evidence is mounting that some cops know how to use cut-outs to get information to the right agressive people in the press to correct wrongs and further what is right.

    It seems that internally in the department, there are some who would like Cincinelli in prison and would not mind if Sellers moved on.

  20. The FPD has been around since 1904 and this is who we are stuck with this fat fucking retarded compulsive liar goodwrench. All of these cops are suspect until proven otherwise. They beat the shit out some homeless guy looking for old cigarettes @ the bus station and killed him. This fat fuck goodwrench comes out and tries to SELL US ALL THAT IT WAS SOME HOW KELLY’S FAULT THAT HE DIED THAT NIGHT FROM A CRACKED SKULL. What a loser, this goon is a real candy ass. The worse part is we are paying this bastard 100K year to feed us this Bull Shit

  21. Unions removed the Sgt Joe Fridays and Bill Gannon’s and replaced them with PD’s filled with Jay Cicinelli’s.

  22. Pulled over by a FPD motor cop in Fullerton that was 100% cool. Ticket for no seat belt, but he made good conversation and told me that was all he was doing that day (writing SB Tix)…took his word for it and he was nice.

    ACCOSTED by some FPD cop that ran up on me in his cruiser because I was walking my dogs through the Troy High parking lot. Shined his LIGHT IN MY FACE and told me to COME HERE… NOW!!! Asked me what I was doing there. I was thinking: You F-ing serious?: What am I doing there? I WAS WALKING MY DOGS ASSHOLE! He continued to interrogate me as to where I lived, where I was going, and all kinds of other “standard” questions. WTF? A guy walking his dogs is accosted by a cop… I live here because I’m working on Masters at CSUF. Im also an Eagle Scout, ex police explorer (chose not to go into it because too many egos in police work). This is why I’m moving out of Fullerton when I’m finished with school.

    I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get beat that night!

    1. Remember to STFU – you don’t have to answer any questions. Ask if you are free to go. And then leave and get their badge number.

  23. I know several cops. At parties, there are the mature ones, and the sick-minded immature ones.

    As the evening passes and many drinks later, they start bragging about creepy stuff. As the creepy cops are talking about what girl they picked up on in uniform (their excuse is usually, “I’m a cop. She knows I check out.”), or, the same cops two minutes later talking about “one last kick to the stomach,” on a crime suspect, the “outsider cops,” the few level-headed ones, dont really participate in the conversation. There really are some immature, uneducated officers out there that need to be weeded out somehow. The parties I go to are usually a ratio of 8 Sick / 2 GOOD officers. Oh yea, and the sick ones often have bimbo girlfriends, drive fancy cars, and live the “high life.” They range in age from 25 – 32… Never understood why the Good cops dont speak out (maybe they are outnumbered).

    From what I know about cops, they would DEFINITELY do this sort of thing.

    1. I was one of the good cops and I was the one who got weeded out by the department. You’re outnumbered. I have two degrees but it doesn’t mean shit to certain police departments. Police departments like the pit bull attitude and I wasn’t that. IF you’re not one of “them” then you’re out. Plain and simple.

  24. Goodrich making $130,000/year plus benefits is an injustice in and of itself. So much for the “sacrifice” and “hard work” law enforcement puts in on a daily basis to ensure that we weak, helpless citizens find our way home safely.

    Yeah, that 4th and 5th chin is extremely evident of Goodrich’s kind of “hard work”.

    F*ck my Ranger tab and college degrees, I’m going straight to work on my 4th and 5th chins. But only after I find a 8 year old skateboarding on the sidewalk to work over….give me a break, you bunch of tough guys wouldn’t last through inprocessing in Ranger School.

  25. Yea, they are outnumbered alright, they bleed a different color too. A good cop would be protesting beside everyone else. Instead they all try and defend their use of force. That right there shows something is wrong. Everyone knows what a beat down looks like its as simple as that.

  26. @Ranger tab: I agree. This picture expresses overall lack of physical and mental health. I can’t imagine the lack of discipline this guy has. Fat Cat cop… like the Game Over guy said at the Council meeting: “dinner parties… nice ride.” We feed him well… and out comes BS.

    I don’t like his eyes. Looks like a crook to me. Smiles nice and deep… but those eyes are a window to his soul… and it’s bad.

  27. @ Maturity Level and Corruption

    I am more than positive you are correct on your 8/2 ratio. Only problem is the 2 silent ones allowing the 8 to proceed with the business as normal atmosphere they’re so used to operating in.

    As far as I’m concerned, their silence is guilt by association (a term cops love so much), and should be regarded as such. Any and everyone that currently wears an FPD badge, but is scooping out all the filth on their “fellow LE officers” to the FBI should be running the place. If that means a 22 year old Chief of Police…so f*cking be it.

    1. Not ‘guilt by association’ — guilt by complicity. Silence is complicity. All public servants have sworn themselves to uphold the state Constitution. Silence is abrogation of their oath.

      All good officers SPEAK UP or bear GUILT.

  28. I would be real surprised if the cops who were 4th or 5th or 6th on the scene who are looking at prison terms for accessory haven’t already broken from the pack and through their attorneys are saying lets make a deal. Yea- they’ll never be able to go back with the snitch label but who cares when you are going down with the real perps. You would have to be a real idiot not to come clean now- break this thing wide open- the citizens will stand with you-its your chance to be the real hero in this disaster.

  29. Justice4kelly :
    I would be real surprised if the cops who were 4th or 5th or 6th on the scene who are looking at prison terms for accessory haven’t already broken from the pack and through their attorneys are saying lets make a deal. Yea- they’ll never be able to go back with the snitch label but who cares when you are going down with the real perps. You would have to be a real idiot not to come clean now- break this thing wide open- the citizens will stand with you-its your chance to be the real hero in this disaster.

    @ Justice4kelly, It has been a month plus. They had their chance and decided to go down with the ship.

    F*ck ’em.

  30. Straight from the City of Fullerton website:

    “The Fullerton Police Department is charged with the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws, and with providing around-the-clock protection of the lives and property of the public. The Police Department functions both as an instrument of public service and as a tool for the distribution of information, guidance and direction.

    It is the mission of the Police Department to facilitate and administer the laws of governing bodies, the orders of the courts, and to direct all energies and resources toward maintaining the health, welfare and safety of citizens.”

    Out of all that PR rhetoric, what blatantly stands out is, “The Police Department functions both as an instrument of public service and as a tool for the distribution of information” (especially the “tool for the distribution of information” part), and “direct all energies and resources toward maintaining the health, welfare and safety of citizens” (needs no rebuttal, but good enough for a laugh or two).

    Note to Fullerton PD: You would be wise to take that down, be honest and let citizens know that they exist solely for your own personal amusement.

    Actually, you might just get fucked up (dead, most likely) in that process. How about just be honest instead and take the aforementioned parts out?

  31. Sgt. Andrew Goodrich is a bad liar from the beginning when he opens his mouth and lying to his teeth. Investigation is only a show to buy time. The case is shut before it is even open. Mr. Goodrich is worst than a cop killer. The past start to catch up with him and the rest of Fullerton Police Dept., Police Officers Associations, and the rest of the gang.
    Hopefully FBI will see everything through. Altogether, these crooks caused more damages for years to come.
    The blood may be wiped away; but the truth shall remains. Blood stain has memory. You can dry clean your honor uniform or even wiped off from your faces. Sometime you have a choice. Sometime you don’t. It is easier to start all over all trying to clean up.

  32. Kelly Thomas, the victims, and the whole world are watching from above. Blood stains have memory.

  33. When the truth comes out about the identity of the informant and his relationship to this website owner, Tony Bushala, then we’ll have more to blog and discuss, right Travis?

  34. At first I thought the fat cop comments were out of place. Then it occurred to me that maybe when you are overweight the idea of somebody actually running from you is the scariest part of your job, because now you have to heave your bulk after the guy.

    Naturally when (and if) you manage to get hold of the dude you are:

    1) breathing hard; and
    2) so out of breath you couldn’t subdue a field mouse; and
    3) plenty pissed off about all of the above

    Violence is not unlikely to ensue.

    So I’m wondering if having bloated cops on patrol fosters a culture of excessive force right off the bat.

    Just thinking out loud here.

    1. Good point. Maybe that’s why they needed six to subdue one guy. It’s SOP. the first two get winded. The second two help hold the guy down. The final two show up to help deliver the beat down.

    2. not out of place, I believe you have to be in physical fit shape if your job requires you to have to be physical-if you arent in physical shape and cant run mre than 15 yards without having to stop to catch your breath, what does that tell you? Kelly was reportedly beaten real close to the bench he was sitting on-these fat lardasses couldnt have advised “he was running thats why we used force on him” It seems that extreme force would be easier for them then struggling physically with someone.

      I say do a fitness test on them to see how far they can run and do other physical things especially Cicinelli

      plus not exercising and diets loaded with fat and sugar, alcohol consumption, causes mental depression and agression and i also wonderif any of these fat loads are on steroids?

  35. @101…as a woman who’s been divorced several years I have gone out on dates with guys in law enforcement. Never again !!! Everyone of them are wierd to say the least . They never talk about themselves but drill you like your a criminal, their judgemental, freeks in bed, asshole attitudes and think their shit doesn’t stink. The only really cool law enforcement dude I knew was FBI and he was educated an classy and professional . The worst of the worst are the CO’s that work the prisons. Hope these pigs fry.

  36. and it only took 300 londoners to start setting shit on fire.

    build in numbers,

    wait ,

    see the investigation, unfold a little more

    no justice,

    fire camp out , run missions , shoot out cameras,

    ya ,, if all those cameras that are all over the city are not going to be used when it is not to prosecute the people ,

    maybe they should be used for target practice , and get em gone.


    among other things,

    americans are pussies, and that is sad that the state has seemed to be able to steal the soul , and the passion of americans.

    maybe we can take back the POWER.


    1. This is not the 70’s. I was there during the Kent State riots as well as the war demonstrations in Columbus, Ohio, when hundreds of shop windows were smashed. The only people who riot now are those with nothing to lose. Hell the rioters in LA already had prison records, they didn’t give a shit. Probably the case in the recent riot in England too. The system is such that you risk never getting a proffessional license, vote, of get a job with a felony record. As passionate as you may be about KT, you’re not going to risk everything you own for the cause.
      Look what good the Iraq war protests did. The non-violent protest is a dead animal. Yes, there are laws to protect the innocent, but who decides if they are to be followed – the government.
      But Jefferson Airplane? Puleeeez!

  37. 2 yrs ago the fpd starting really putting the pressure on a friend to “get out of town” my friend had NO criminal record not even a speeding ticket but what he did have was long hair and rode a motorcycle they [fpd] falsley arrested him once and told him “were going to get you” constantly driving by his unit st college/orangethorpe and harrasing him he finally bailed and moved after living in fullerton for over 50+ yrs probably saved his life please keep up the good work here these simians need to be legally dismantled and punished to the “full” not “FULL”erton”extant of the law… keep up the pressure to kellies father i and thousands others grieve with you sir may GOD soften your pain

    1. Nothing will ever take away the pain. Sorry Mr. Thomas, but believe me, nothing will EVER take away the pain, Two things however will offer some satisfaction. 1) Justice for Kelly. The cowardly punks who killed him need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Then they need to spend the rest of their lives in prison (the death penalty is too easy an out) remembering the horror they inflicted on a truly defenseless fellow human being. I hope his cries for mercy haunt their every waking and sleeping moment for the rest of their worthless lives, all SIX of them. Yes, six, there was no excuse to not intervene, none! Honestly, I feel sorry for the witnesses who heard those screams. The six pigs (and I ordinarily never use that word to describe police officers), The Six Pigs not only physically assaulted Kelly Thomas, they psychologically assaulted every person who witnessed the crime, and of course the Thomas family too. Had I been a witness I would already be seeing a psychologist for the nightmares, and seeing a lawyer to file civil suit on each of the Six, and the watch commander for permanent psychological scarring. I would OWN their families for life. The FPD are all fools, especially the Chief for creating an environment that allowed even encouraged violence to resolve conflicts. They (FPD) are truly stupid to not realize the Six Pigs have taken them ALL down with them. You know? I’d file suits on the city council members too for good measure, not the City itself necessarily, but the individual City Council Members. They are all complicit in this travesty. It is the City Council that makes the rules. It is the Police that execute them (no pun intended) When I was finished they wouldn’t have a cot to sleep on or a pot to piss in.

      It already gives me nightmares that I just heard Kelly’s faint screams on Youtube. Imagine having been there! Every time I see that photograph it brings tears to my eyes. I am so grateful that my kids and grandkids are all safe, and far away from the FPD! Animals!

      2) The second thing that will help the Thomases would be to use some of the money the court awards them to create a safe haven for homeless people, and become involved in volunteerism. I’m not kidding: Nothing can ever take away the pain, but becoming actively involved in protecting others from Kelly’s fate will help soothe your souls.

      Best wishes,

  38. Way to go Brady!!! You put Oh Hello, that cop-killing-loving (probably a killer cop himself) in his place!!!
    Hey Oh Hello, how many ‘hate crimes’ have you committed like your FPD killer cop friends?

  39. This situation need to stay in the publics view until the Plolice Chief,Watch comander and the 6 are fired and the 6 are brought up on MUDER! We as a hole need to bring this to the Governers attention cause if this is not always in the lime lite till the trial than like many situations before this, will be brushed away which is what they want.,to shut Everyone up. I seen that last council meeting and There body lanauage said it all. They had no remourse like they new they could get away with it.And that in it”s self is scary. This is not the first time this year this has happen to a homless man at the hand of the police. The other was earler in the year and never released but i happened to be in the right place at the right time and from the horses mouth. I suggest you to look into that!Good luck and I will be joing you each time KEEP FIGHTING we as a people can not be Affraid of POLICE. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! uSE US WE ARE HEAR FOR YOU HEAR US ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. In 2002, two Inglewood police were captured on video punching a developmentally disabled 16-year-old in the face and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. After two juries deadlocked in the criminal case, it was dropped. A civil jury later awarded the officers $2.4 million for being unfairly disciplined.

    1. #144 by Tonys gang knows best on August 7, 2011

      Hah! Dream on. Maybe you’ll never wake up, so won’t have to face the music? Sleeping pill overdose? Heck, that would be the easy way out, so please don’t!

      Despite the poor quality of the video (and trust me the FBI can afford tools to enhance the heck out of it), and those photographs before death there will be no deadlocked jury this time. You guys are going DOWN.

  41. If there are any justice, I really wish a family member of these bad cops, cop’s lawyers, the chief of police, the 3 crooked councilmen, and the cop spokehole get beaten badly or almost to dead by some other cops then let’s see they will come out and say it justified.

  42. All these trolls around here have the same basic input. “Talk smack, disobey, or run from the cops – you deserve to get your ass beat.” Really????

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this is America isn’t it?

    Excessive force is justified if you run?

    Why are police officers trained in non-lethal force tactics, and provided weapons like tasers and handcuffs? It’s pretty easy to subdue a suspect and prevent them from running.

    It’s hard to catch up with a suspect when you’re a beer bloated, BBQ eating, out of shape FPD, isn’t it Goodrich?

    How about you Cicinelli? Hampton? Wolfe? Blatney? Unidentified?

    You guys need to stop dragging your departments name through the mud, accept your punishment – and STOP RUNNING.

    But if you do, I suppose we can use the same logic and “beat your asses,” because that’s okay according to you…….

  43. Check out this bullshit at the LA times. according to this guy we are all f’d. The Police have a free pass and its open season on your ass.

  44. I’m curious about one thing. Has anyone on here ever tried to take down someone hiped up on drugs? I have seen small guys hiped up that took more than 6 cops to take down. If this guy was a meth head it is very possible to take on 6 guys. Not saying they didn’t do anything wrong but you can’t blame without all the facts

    1. it wouldn’t end up requiring 6 tasers and a pool of blood

      HE KNEW they were going to kill him.. HE COULD FEEL IT

      They TAUNTED HIM is my bet..

      Have you not heard the way this all played out

      The cops coached local businesses to report homeless for CRIMES not just loitering. .TO LIE .. They reported Kelly for burglary and theft etc when the truth was he was hanging out in America on the WRONG PUBLIC SIDEWALK

      One officer noted that he tried to cuff him while he was unconscious but the other officers kept kneeing him and punching him so he could not put on the cuffs because too much blood was splattering..

      MURDERERS .. not cops

    2. #153 by Curious on August 8, 2011

      And, IF the moon is made of green cheese none of us need ever go hungry again. Nice try at the propaganda/disinformation though. Stalin would have been proud.

      Meth fantasies (aside from being a self-serving malicious fabrication) be damned. There was no legitimate reason to smash his head like a dropped pumpkin. None, zip, zilch. You lose. Go Directly to Jail!

  45. To 148: yes I will go there. Like I said have you ever physically seen someone who is hiped up on drugs fight? They don’t feel anything and have more strength. I am not saying that is what happened because I don’t know but if this guy really was an addict then yes it can happen. I have seen it with my own eyes. I do not like police brutality at all of any kind. I was just stating a fact about addicts. Google or ask.com and see what you find. I know I am not the only one out there that has witnessed it. I have actually seen it more than once. One incident that comes to mind was a meth head that was tased 4 times and still kept fighting.


  47. @ Xer #160. I am going to say this one more time. I never once said that the officers didn’t do anything wrong and yes I believe they should be prosecuted and hope justice is served for the victim. I also know that from other comments on here that this individual could be scary and someone with his condition could get violent. If the other comments are true that he was a meth head they can also be violent. I have not watched the video but I have seen the photos. They are aweful. Just because I said IF HE WAS A METH HEAD AND HIPED UP HE COULD HAVE…. does not mean I condone what the so called cops did and definately not saying that he was not a victim of these officers. Again I DON’T KNOW. I WASN’T THERE!!! It is not for me to make a decision that is what the courts are for. I do know that I have seen situations like these before because the person was hiped up on drugs and wouldn’t stop fighting. FYI I don’t take ANY drugs. I am a female that has seen bad things from officers and from individuals like Thomas. I was just pointing out facts that I know and am familiar with. If you don’t like it I really DON’T CARE. Come live in my world for a while and you wouldn’t be surprised at anything you see anymore.

  48. To Curious; On the last of your comment, what world? Where is your world, is it not the same one we all live in? Do you mean what you do for a living or where you work? Give me a break with the he was on drugs “excuse” I’m sure these cops probably even knew Thomas as most cops are familiar with the homeless on their “beat” no pun intended. I’m 100% sure they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the police chief, mayor and any city council member not agreeing that this was a heinous crime and needs to be addressed as such, need to be recalled or step down. It is ONLY common sense.

  49. To common sense #163: Everyone keeps miss reading my post. Not once did I myself say this guy WAS on drugs. Other people did in their comments. I also said they needed to be prosecuted if you would read that. The world I was talking about is professional. I deal with Officers, courts, criminals and victims. I have seen every side and yes I agree with you that it should also go to the higher ups. I was making excuses for no one. The point I was trying to get accross is to the individuals here that made the comments that there is no way one person could take on 6. It’s not true. They can. I have seen it. That was ALL I was saying. If anyone thinks I am saying the officers did nothing wrong then people are misreading in their anger (which they should be angry). I never once said that. I did say it wasn’t for me to decide but I NEVER said they were innocent.

    1. Grasshopper, I once took on 47 men with my bare hands. Kelly Thomas was a 10th degree black belt.
      Mr’s. Claus has Santa’s nightcap ready for him as soon as he returns from the toy factory.

  50. @ Curious # 164, I wasn’t angry, just curious what drugs you are on? You say you haven’t claimed Kelly was on meth, but that “if he was on meth…” Sure, and I could say, “if six knuckle-draggers hadn’t killed him he’d still be alive, but they did, so he’s not! Of the DOZENS of Fullerton residents who had direct first hand interactions of Kelly Thomas over the years–who have here posted their personal experiences of him–NOT ONE has indicated they ever suspected him to be on drugs, certainly not meth (though he may have at one time or another been on medicine for the treatment of schizophrenia). Many (females as well as males) have said they never felt any anxiety or sense of threat in his presence (or words to that effect). All claims he was on meth seem completely spurious, even libelous, so why did you see fit to validate them with your speculation of what he might have done “if he was on meth?” (rhetorical question, response not required.) Since alcohol is a drug, and reduces a person’s ability to think rationally or critically, you could simply be on a legal drug, alcohol. I don’t know, I was just asking. It’s fine if you don’t care what I like or don’t. It’s a free country. I don’t care what you like either, and frankly, I’m not even interested anymore in what you think since you have said nothing intelligent, or thoughtful, certainly nothing well-reasoned, analytical, or even informed. I value Reason pretty highly, information too. It’s my nature. Your opinion? You’re entitled to it. It’s a free country, at least on paper.

    You might want to do a lot more reading to become better informed before posting anymore of your speculations, or not. I don’t care. Go ahead and continue proving your ‘professional’ opinion is unprofessional, Ms. ‘Claims_To_Be_A_Professional.’

    But, don’t get in my face, Sweetie, until you learn to present a cogent argument. When you do, and are far better informed, come on back and share your informed, reasoned opinion. I will read that with interest.

    All the best,

  51. #167 Xer. Just so you know I don’t drink either. I wasn’t getting in anyones face. I think it is great that the community is trying to stand up for Thomas. In response to your comment that I need to read more because of my “If” comment you need to read #16, #38 and go to link on #150. Information was not comming from me it was comming from other people on this website. As well if you listen to witness video on bus woman said he was “intoxicated or something”. So if I am miss informed it is no ones fault but the people on here. I really do hope Mr. Thomas gets justice (Which I have already said). So if anyone is reading any more into my comments than that maybe they need to go back to reading comprehension classes.

    1. When I heard that woman on the bus, I was assuming she (understandably) assumed he might be intoxicated, but figured it was the mental disability speaking. There’s no evidence of drugs. The Coroner is on a fishing expedition trying to find some pro-cop cause of death, that’s all.

      Funny, it doesn’t take 2-6 months to get Tox results in DUI cases, does it?

      1. ExPat ExLawyer. Thanks for stealing my thunder! 😉 Seriously. That was the first thing that came to my mind too while watching the bus video. Anyone unfamiliar with mental illness, schizophrenia in particular, might assume Kelly’s difficulty maintaing a tight grip on reality (particularly while being harassed then murdered by police) was the result of alcohol or drugs. Police though, at least from what some of the former cops posting here, and the one local officer I spoke with where I live, all indicated police receive a 40 hour class in how to deal with the mentally ill. There is no excuse for how the FPD 6 treated Kelly.

        As for what people post here: The only ones who keep saying Kelly was on drugs are the FPD 6 defending TROLLS. Anyone who can’t tell a moronic internet troll’s repetitive posts from posts of genuinely concerned folks needs more that a little remedial reading course. They need to learn to read critically. jmho.

        Never the less, alcohol or drug use is no reason to pass and carry out a death sentence on the spot.

        Thanks Ex-Ex for stating the obvious. (thumbs up)

    2. Curious :
      #167 Xer. Just so you know I don’t drink either. I wasn’t getting in anyones face. I think it is great that the community is trying to stand up for Thomas. In response to your comment that I need to read more because of my “If” comment you need to read #16, #38 and go to link on #150. Information was not comming from me it was comming from other people on this website. As well if you listen to witness video on bus woman said he was “intoxicated or something”. So if I am miss informed it is no ones fault but the people on here. I really do hope Mr. Thomas gets justice (Which I have already said). So if anyone is reading any more into my comments than that maybe they need to go back to reading comprehension classes.

      Dear Curious, this is probably my last response to you as you don’t seem interested in using that grey muck between your ears. The post numbers you quoted were written by pro-police-brutality trolls, except 150. Here is a cut&pasted of the only #150 I can find in this thread:

      “#150 by k on August 7, 2011
      If there are any justice, I really wish a family member of these bad cops, cop’s lawyers, the chief of police, the 3 crooked councilmen, and the cop spokehole get beaten badly or almost to dead by some other cops then let’s see they will come out and say it justified.

      Did you bother reading any of the other posts in this blog besides the ones making spurious claims about Kelly Thomas being a user of drugs? Did you take the time to read #18 a short well writ rebuttal of #16? Have you bothered to find out ANYTHING, any TRUTHS about Kelly’s history, or his family. There are people on here telling all sorts of LIES to justify police brutality and Kelly Thomas murder in particular. They are mostly the same few people repeatedly posting the same lies under multiple Internet handles (Internet names) It IS your responsibility as a reader to determine which of what you read is truth and which is fabrication, unless you would like to surrender your Right to think along with your Right to demand the police PROTECT and SERVE you instead of harass and kill you. Kelly Thomas may not have been a property owner, he may not have been a taxpayer, he may not have had friends in high places, but he was a human being, an American Citizen, and as such had the right to not be brutally and soullessly beaten to a bloody death. Incidentally, other people who DO drink alcohol, who DO take drugs, OR who ARE homeless in America also have exactly the same rights as you, I, and/or Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead, FPD Chief Sellers, Fullerton City Council ’man,’ Pat McKinley, and Orange County DA, Tony Rackauckas. This is America with Freedom and Justice for ALL, Not America with Freedom for Police to Determine Who has the Right to Continue Living OR DIE!
      So, in case you haven’t grasped my main point: even people who are on meth have the Right to be NOT BE SUMMARILLY KILLED while being apprehended and incarcerated. Get it now!? Once Kelly Thomas was facedown on the ground the beating should have ceased IMMEDIATELY (honestly it is unjustifiable that such inhuman brutality ever began.)

      My secondary point is: no one, NO ONE, on these blogs or in the news, have provided ANY evidence Kelly Thomas EVER took illegal substances or drank alcohol while living on the streets. Kelly was known to many people, who have posted in these blogs several times of their firsthand experiences of him, to not be on drugs or alcohol and to not panhandle money. He WAS known to be a polite, gentle, quiet, homeless schizophrenic (tolerated by most and even liked by some), something you would have been aware of had you taken the trouble to read more than TROLL squat and uncritically agreeing with it before writing. As for my reading comprehension skills: They are at post-graduate level. If you are unable to succinctly and clearly communicate in writing what you mean to say it is no ones’ fault but your own. Isn’t it time you owned up to having put your foot in your mouth before thinking?

      “@ Xer #160. I am going to say this one more time, . . . . If you don’t like it I really DON’T CARE. Come live in my world for a while and you wouldn’t be surprised at anything you see anymore.”

      No, that really does sound like you are getting in my face. I can assure you, if you ever spoke thus to a member of the FPD you would be on the ground being pummeled and kicked like a mad dog before having any idea what hit you first, their batons, or their fists.

      Finally, what you are or are not surprised to see anymore is irrelevant. What matters is that police in America perform within the parameters of the Law, and not go out killing citizens while playing Kops and Robbers to their kinky sexual fantasies. They are here specifically and EXCLUSIVELY to protect and serve ALL American Citizens, even the week, homeless, and even drug users. Are you aware police are even supposed to protect people who break the law? Lawfully apprehend them yes. Maim or kill them? NO!

      As said above, this is probably my last response to you. Hope you make the effort to become better informed in future.

      All the best,

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