Heeeeere’s Molly!

Almost on cue, who pops up to start cluck-clucking anti-recall nonsense? That’s right, the old dithering bird-brain herself, Molly McClanahan, who was recalled in 1994 for instituting an unnecessary utility tax.

Enjoy the vague abstractions and self-righteous pontification. You are left to your own devices to figure out what in the hell “emotional mischief” is. It’s anybody’s guess.

Let Molly do what Molly does best: babble idiocy about “the body politic” and the “soul of the City.” Let Molly roll out the same garbage she did eighteen years ago: that recall is only supposed to punish “malfeasance.” Wrong, dingbat. That’s what the Penal Code is for. Recall was instituted in California to get rid of politicians who had obviously failed in their duty to their constituents by placing special interests first. And that is precisely what has happened in Fullerton. And that’s why the recall of ’12, like that of ’94, is going to succeed.



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  1. Right on all counts. She’s uttering the same nonsense that got her recalled almost twenty years ago.

    Looks like the body politic needs another enema.

  2. This is what long term consumption of Fullerton’s unfiltered water will do. I suspect we may be on to something here. Molly please get a filter!

    1. Looking at all the idiots, nutjobs and crazies the citizens have elected over the years I think you might be onto something about the water 🙂

    1. I really regret missing this past meeting. Someone please tell me that the piece of paper wasn’t a check…

  3. Honest to God? This insane old bat has the nerve to talk about the cost of the recall. Does she even know about the $350,000 payout because of Albert Rincon sexually attacking women in the back of his Fullerton patrol car? If she does, she obviously doesn’t care. Either way she’s a useless old fool, or a first class hypocrite.

  4. Emotional Mischief? The city doesnt need ill Will? from a recall? really?
    sorry, ill will occurred with the constant coverups and fraud by the officials in government.

    News for Prunella, the cost of election verification is not 3.40 per vote, I checked with the voter registrar in OC myself yesterday- the correct amt is 1.40-1.80 per vote

    According to the CA constitution, there does not have to be a reason for a recall-let alone, a “rare occassion” for one. Go back to your bingo game Mclanahan

      1. Of course she did, they all pull that trick-“tell them anything and they will believe it”

        Thats why they hate when you challenge them with facts-cause they know they’re full of BS and they weren”t expecting any flack.

  5. Thank you for this story. I don’t know why, but you can always count on McClanahan to have the least sensible position on just about any issue in this town.

  6. The recall is the ressurection of the good people of Fullerton through restoration of our representative government. the recall rids us of those who saw us only as cattle branded their cash cows.

  7. Look at the news section of the “recall no” site …clearly someone has an obsession with Tony Bushala.

    On the front page…

    “Stop Bushala before he tears our city apart.


    ROFL! …Seriously who is in charge of their website?

    Oh and gotta love the “man crush” photo of Chris and Tony on the front page. Its like an 8 year old is writing this stuff.

  8. I hate to sound mean, but is there anybody besides Al Bennett who supports the Three Dim Bulbs under 70 years old?

      1. Yes, there are whippersnappers in the Fullerton Rotary. Under 65 qualifies you for junior auxiliary status.

  9. OMG, this sad old lady was recalled 20 years ago? Don’t we have a home she could go to? She shouldn’t be making any decisions.

    1. She’s on the board of trustees for Fullerton College. Thanks to her, they now have a newly constructed football field, just a stone’s throw away at Fullerton High school. How myopic is that??

            1. I did the search and read, Boy, I really did not know. I knew they made improvements, but why another stadium? We should have made improvements to Fullerton High School stadium.

  10. McClanahan was a freaking idiot thirty years ago. She’s now the spokeswoman to fight the recall?

    Hahahahahaha! A cartoon creature is about to get run over by the steamroller.

  11. I am at a bit of loss as my speakers fried and I can’t hear the vidio feeds right now. I liked Molly McClanahan in the 1970’s. Her daughter was a sweetheart and a classmate of both Snow Hume and I at Fullerton High.

    Snow was quite instrumental in the recall of McClanahan in 1994. i think the issues surrounding the recall were very legitimate. McClannahan was not the only personal friend snared, either.

    Buck Catlin is the husband of one of my all time favorite teachers. I had her for two years at Golden Hills Elementary. I remember Buck comming into class when he was a Hughs engineer and demonstrating a device that visually dipicted the occillations in our voices.
    Brian Bridgford’s voice clearly had the highest occillation, but then, we already knew that.

    That is the thing about town politics. It is all about people you know personally. Sometimes one personal friend takes a position against another personal friend, and one has to step aside from personal loyalties and determine what is right.

    Very often, it is the personal loyalties within a town that have allowed situations to drift into corruption. In those times, one has to appreciate the poeple who have been important to one in the past, allow them to be consumed by their personal limiting factors, and do what one can to support new friends who can lead past those limiting factors.

    1. I think Molly is worried about the City of Fullerton. Change is one of the hardest things to accept. Moving forward and righting the wrongs. Sometimes upset our apple carts.

    2. Molly seems like a really sweet lady and she has her reasons which I disagree with but I don’t hold it against her.

  12. Well! It must have been hard for Bruce Whitaker to hold his tongue, after what Molly McClanahan said. For you see, Bruce Whitaker and Thom Babcock were the designated debaters for the pro-recall side in both LWV-sponsored debates. And Dick Ackerman and Molly McClanahan were the anti-recall side debaters. At the first debate, which was televised, and conducted at Troy High School, the Recalls Committee “won the coin toss”, and asked to go second.
    It was Dick Ackerman, not Molly McClanahan, who quoted Prof. Vince Buck as saying that “recall was intended to remove corrupt officials etc.” Then Bruce Whitaker delivered his statement, which was a review of statements by contemporary Progressives who campaigned for the Recall, Referendum & Initiative: former President Teddy Roosevelt, future President Woodrow Wilson, and then-Governor (and later United States Senator) Hiram Johnson. These famous Progressive Movement politicians made it clear that the true purpose of recall was to coerce policy, and to stop poor performance – “whatever reasons you might use to fire an employee”, said Teddy Roosevelt.
    Molly McClanahan heard all of it. The issue was thrashed out. She knew that the anti-recallers and Prof. Buck had not adduced one scintilla of evidence from the first quarter of the 20th Century, about what the political beliefs were concerning the implementation of the Recall. We did… all the way to a 25-year retrospective on the recall by two Occidental College professors, and a roundtable discussion at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. So Molly was thoroughly informed that all of the evidence is against her position that “recall is rare” and “used for misconduct”, and that no historical evidence ever supported it.
    But I will also say that I think that it is quite possible that Molly does not remember anything she learned from the early to middle 1990s. It is quite possible, at her age, that she has full-on senility, and that she may not remember much from that past 20 years. When a person reads from prepared statements, the hearer cannot tell that the person reading did not write the document, and does not really understand what it concerns.
    So imagine how difficult it must have been for Bruce Whitaker to bite his tongue, and not ask: “Hey, Molly, have you lost your memory of what happened at the Troy High School debate in spring, 1994?”

    1. Great tutorial Snow. But you forgot to acknowledge that Patti was a sweetheart. Come on, I know your human side.

  13. By Molly’s logic everybody should stop voting immediately! Counting election votes costs money too.

    You know what, I think I’ll stop driving a car since gasoline isn’t free.

  14. I’d like to think I’m that witty and smart because of how quick I can use these people and what comes out of their mouths to get signatures but I swear, I think they’re secretly plotting against the three and trying to help us.

  15. Malfeasance…meaning evil, she said. Recall to be used in rare instances.

    I guess she doesn’t believe there has been malfeasance.

    The City of Bell is a good example, but not Fullerton, oh no.

    Malfeasance means: wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official.

    She really shouldn’t embarrass herself like that.

  16. I think that she wants this town to be a place that it never was, that existed in the placated imaginations of people who lived here in the past: Malfeasance is not an often used term, and hasn’t been for decades. Her point is very sound, but it’s not applicable in current times. This paradigm is not the same as the past paradigm, when her frame of reference was formed.

    1. serious dementia happening there, it is almost not fair to use it…..but if she is going to stand up publicly after the history she has, then she is an open target. ecall No movement, I feel embarrassed for them.

      They are all delusional, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

      I think up until now, they thought they were immune to reproach. Those days are definitely over.

  17. I have encountered several people who hew to the reasoning that recalls should only be used to remove those guilty of outright criminal behavior or egregious neglect. Setting aside the fact that the current council majority exhibited its corruption with the Ackerman “affordable” housing giveaway and was absolutely unresponsive to their constituents following the Kelly Thomas murder, I think we ought to realize that in a time when candidates are bought and sold by either developers/corporations or large unions (or both!) the recall is one of the only tools left in the hands of ordinary people who want to see good government.

    1. Recall was instituted to get rid of politician who had been bought by the railroads and trusts. The idea was that sovereignty rested in the people, not there electeds. Always.

  18. Jane H :
    Malfeasance…meaning evil, she said. Recall to be used in rare instances.
    I guess she doesn’t believe there has been malfeasance.
    The City of Bell is a good example, but not Fullerton, oh no.
    Malfeasance means: wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official.
    She really shouldn’t embarrass herself like that.

    Molly “Malfeasance” MacClanahan has no clue about what the recall process was originally intended for.
    An inititiative to recall an elected official from office is done as the direct will of the people that originally put them into office. The people don’t need a reason other than they are not pleased with their performance once in office. This is similar to a Manager hiring a person, and after a few months on the job, the Manager decides that the person that they hired isn’t going to work out and decides to lay the worker off so that they can try someone else.
    Just think how messed up it would be if you hired someone and realized that it wasn’t going to work out and you still couldn’t fire them? Come to think about it, that sort of sounds like the public employees unions ; )
    Here’s a little history of the origin of the recall process here in California…

    1. Do people in Fullerton like her?

      That’s a serious question.

      I’ve read a little history of Fullerton government, but really, who are these people against the recall?

      1. If my memory is correct, Rrusty Kennedy CEO of the OCHRC and now the Fullerton Task Force on Homelessness politically supported in the seventies.

  19. Everyone knows that the term fascist is a pejorative, often used to describe any political position a speaker doesn’t like. There isn’t anyone around who is willing to stand up and say: “I’m a fascist; I think fascism is a great social and economic system.”

    But I submit that if they were honest, the vast majority of politicians, intellectuals, and political activists would have to say just that.

    Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police State as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive State the unlimited master of society.

    This describes mainstream politics in America today. And not just in America. It’s true in Europe, too. It is so much part of the mainstream that it is hardly noticed any more.

    ~Casey’s daily Dispatch

  20. Actually fascsim is the ordering of society on behalf of the merchant class, AKA ‘protect and serve’ means asset protection, and it implies that cops will stand between your stuff and a bullet. But in fact they stand between your recourse and their take. Officer S. Marty Pantz had this to say: All day long I tell these pigeons, “Hey! Look, you are going the wrong way,” do they listen? No! It’s all the same to me; I’m just doing my job. But, like I said, you are going the wrong way. Here is the problem with you inner urban birds, you want to depend on hand-outs, you want to live as blight, you do not want to better yourselves. Oh sure, go ahead and make your speeches about the disenfranchised, and the exploitation that is inherent in the capitalist structure, but I know what I see, and pigeons are the garbage disposals of society. They wouldn’t serve a bug depletion purpose if you paid them to, heck no, their purpose is to live off of the remnants of the other species. And what do they do with that surplus, they wallow in their addictions, is what. You’ve got your muffin junkies, your bagel seed addicts, and you’ve got your wonder bread whores. Oh, I’ve seen them, they take what you give them, and what they can steal, they trade it off and make exchanges, until they get a fix. It’s all about the high.” -WPD Officer S. Marty Pantz

  21. I would implore the bloggers and commenters of Fullerton’s Future to consider the following. The majority of the comments on this post contain either direct or inferred insults about the subject basically implying that she is of advanced age and senile. Note the lack of defense for the subject in the comments. The silliness of her points was so clear as to be nearly indefensible, yet, many of the comments focus more (not entirely) on insulting her personal condition rather than simply describing the fault in her logic. To be sure, the fault in her logic has been well summarized, but so many people want the bloggers to be wrong because they have chosen to insult the person. I understand the conundrum. Had Admin written this post as simply as a factual refutation of McClanahan’s comments and avoided the provocative insults, it would have made for a less interesting read. It would have generated fewer comments and less interest as people clearly had fun jumping on the insult bandwagon. However, one result is that a lot of people who already support the Recall had a good time and very few undecided people who are weighing the evidence were moved.

    As a result of running for school board a couple of times and just generally hanging out in Fullerton, I have at least met the majority of people highly involved in Fullerton politics. To be sure, many of them are so invested in their personal relationships that they are unable to bring themselves to publicly oppose anybody other than Fullerton’s Future and those associated with it. However, I have also been pleasantly surprised at the number of these very same people who quietly infer their understanding of the problems created either as a direct result of incompetence on the part of the three Recall targets or merely through their lack energy and diligence. In one particular case, a former elected official I ran into while signature gathering…a person with a reputation for being one of the nicest people in Fullerton, stopped me mid-comment as I was trying to persuade them to sign the petitions for pragmatic reasons. I said, “Look, I’m sure Dick and Don are very nice people personally, but… “ This very well-known person stopped me and said, “Oh, I don’t know about that.” They went on to make it clear that Bankhead and Jones’ arrogance and even rudeness were well known among Fullerton insiders. Their culture just does not allow them to publicly broadcast it. Most people at least try to be publicly polite. The try to avoid being rude. In so doing, there is no question that they sometimes passively contribute to bad government. While hard times may change that, Fullerton’s Future is not going to change that. I would implore the bloggers of Fullerton’s Future to independently consider focusing more on the points and at least try to minimize the ad-hominem insults. The insults only serve to amuse those who agree with you. They do little to persuade those who might honestly consider making decisions based upon the case presented.

    Why do I keep doing this to myself?

    1. Chris. Nice reading some of your recent posts. You have more of an open mind than I ever thought. You think of running for city council now?

    2. Chris,
      I really every point in your post (currently listed as #52). I wish more people across this country were as intellectual and evenly tempered in expressing their political beliefs and concerns as you are.

      1. My computer (or more likely myself) deleted the word “appreciate” in my comment. I really “appreciate”….

    3. Chris you are right about those personal relationship investments. Then there are those who have profited enormously from the regime. And, as somebody said, the regime is sclerotic.

      Dithering bird brain and dingbat are really pretty descriptive terms for Molly. Just my opinion. An opinion based on watching McClanahan screw things thing up as an elected representative of one sort or another for 30 years.

      I actually regret that she isn’t still on the council.

    4. “The majority of the comments on this post contain either direct or inferred insults about the subject basically implying that she is of advanced age and senile.”

      She is obviously of advanced age. Her comments are indicative of either low intelligence or an addled mind. Why is it an insult to point out the rather obvious?

      This woman makes rubber stamps decisions that costs the taxpayers millions upon millions as a JC Trustee. There are people who believe this woman is competent. That bald fact is pretty insulting, if you ask me. But I digress…

      On the age issue I find it sad, and yes, annoying, that these old people seem to have no one to tell them gently that it is time for them to go. Bankhead evinces signs of dementia; Jones’ tantrums and weird, incoherent yarn-spinnings similarly point to some sort of mental disorder; McKinley’s serial delusions, distortions and outright prevarications suggest something not quite right in the noggin. Is it age? I don’t know, but I suspect so. I do know it is way past time for them to go.

    5. Chris, you are correct to steer away from the attack on the person and attacking what the person says and does in public and in private . Persuasion based in logic and facts is the best approach to recall Jones,Bankhead, McKinley and their cronies and sycophants. while easily written the facts are hard to come by. any suggestions for further research?

  22. Chris, I agree with you, but you are not following your own advice, “go public” give us the name of the person to whom you are referring. This is a coward’s site, and it offends everyone who is serious minded, ( if for no other reason than the comments come from teenagers who are teaching each other to use ‘bad words,’ serious minded people are ‘moderated’ AKA banned). So what is one to assume? That pedophiles are at the helm? This is an example of Getting Out There To Get Your Hands Dirty: (all of the cops named below have tried to kill me, one even succeeded in killing someone who looked like me, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once I got past the fear of death, I could get down to work.)
    Mary doesn’t live here any more:
    The Civic Center Patrol have a particularly malevolent method of Exercising Control: SAPD Officers Serabia, Fajardo, Gallo, and Becks, beat a woman into unconsciousness, in the undergrowth of the Santa Ana Civic Center, because she reported a drug dealer (placed there, by Serabia, whose purpose was to lure buyers, for drug arrests: to the Cherry Patch). Don’t walk up to a squad car and talk, unless you want to be punched in the face; there is no record. Serabia shut her up, and worse he left her there, with a green light, for his ‘good time’ dealer’s customers to rape. Her crime; Mary was a beautiful school teacher who questioned Serabia’s authority; he lost control; to regain it he kept her raped, beaten, and starved for two years, brutalized and kicked down, back into the undergrowth, while Christian soup-lines, looked on, and admonished, “Oh, such a shame, Officer Serabia told me all about Mary, she just won’t get the help that she needs, and he can’t stop her insatiable demands for sex, from anyone who happens by, so, I says to him I says, listen Officer Serabia hows about I take her to the hospital right now, I says, but he says, ‘no, I can’t let you do that, it would be a violation of her civil rights…'” There is something about an accusation, however far fetched, regarding sexual perversion, that causes the listener to buy the bullcrap of cops. As if a guy with a gun who barely graduated from high school has the morals to protect anybody. Why would anyone entrust their safety to some dolt who got a criminal justice night school degree, from any one of numerous crappy state colleges (going under for the third time, or they never would need to hook the working class, with slacker degrees, in fake majors)? We conceive of street people as mentally ill deviates: when a cop reinforces the ridiculous Reagan myth

  23. Chris, If you do not name names, no one will trust you: “As a result of running for school board a couple of times and just generally hanging out in Fullerton, I have at least met the majority of people highly involved in Fullerton politics. To be sure, many of them are so invested in their personal relationships that they are unable to bring themselves to publicly oppose anybody other than Fullerton’s Future and those associated with it.” There are other reasons for opposing Sociopaths of Fullerton: the lack of honesty for one, concealing names for another. Behold honesty and disclosure, it isn’t fatal, and if it is, so what, at least you will have died doing something more interesting than blogging or watching TV.

    Mary… continued: Jamaica would get ‘good time;’ out early, on his next arrest, as long as he divulged who he sold drugs to. It wasn’t difficult, he simply made deals in front of undercover cops; who had Jamaica’s buyers picked up on their way out of the Civic Center, by Corporal Gallo; parked around the corner. Jamaica was given Mary, and advised to use her, to attract customers who would then rape her without being charged: Word traveled fast and brought a lot of ‘easy’ crack arrests. Men came all the way from Long Beach. If Mary talked to anyone or got too close to the periphery of the Civic Center, Doug Barker, a drug addict, who claimed to be a former Marine/CIA/lawyer/PhD, was posted to beat her back into the bushes, like a POW. The Streetwalker Quintette were Doug’s back up. It took me months to get anyone to listen, by then Mary was very close to death. The worse her condition became, the greater disdain the Christians showed her. My life was being systematically threatened, for attempting her rescue. Not just by cops but buy anyone who wanted a favor from the cops, even Dwight anteied in. I had nothing to lose; trapped into homelessness, after taking a leave of absence from Cal-Poly: to write my senior thesis on immigration. I was working at the zoo, as the Aviary Monitor, the police came up behind me, at Saddleback Inn’s phone booth, next to Prentice Park Zoo, which happened to be in the red-light district; two cops and a deputy beat me into unconsciousness and raped me, they abandoned me in the bushes. A year later I was still trying to figure out what had happened: Until I read of an identical incident, reported in the Register: Those officers got prison. Suddenly, Mary’s fate did not seem so baffling to me, as it did to the gullible Christians who enabled her nightmare. If only I had figured it out sooner; then, the next victim, a beautiful Mexican girl, would have been spared. They hand cuffed her to the bed, in one of the Inn’s rooms.

    1. You misunderstand policemisconduct when transparency is to be applied. I am not protecting the identity of somebody who has acted criminally, I am protecting the privacy of somebody who privately shared their opinion. If I were to reveal the name, nobody would trust me. You misunderstand transparency. We are to be transparent in government. Polite people respect the privacy of individuals who are acting reasonably. **gazes upon numerous politeness awards**

  24. Mary continued: My ordeal lasted one night, but, because the cops were emboldened after victimizing me, her’s lasted for two weeks, plus an eternity of nightmares. They coordinated their schedule of raping her, around their work shifts, until the manager walked in on it: But for that, her death would have been a certainty.
    The final chapter of Mary’s nightmare, ended when I went to the Register with a video of Mary, in the Records Building doorway, being raped and beaten bloody while two cops sat back laughing in their squad car: she was taken away, in an ambulance, the same day: newspaper reporters act instantly. Mary was said to have been taken to a mental hospital where she was denounced, or pronounced incapable of testifying about what had happened. Such is life. With one phone call, a reporter accomplished what I could not achieve, in six month’s effort: We live in a hierarchy. My computer was stolen twice: Serabia and Becks. They were furious; they told me, that I was going to be Mary’s replacement (as if I didn’t know). They put a ‘snitch jacket’ on me, with the help of their town-crier girlfriends, they paid each twenty bucks to avalanche me, by screaming, “Nancy fucks the cops.” (The City allocates a C-note for information leading to an arrest: the cop pinches 80 of it.) I was attacked that night, I survived because Pat Adams, a paralegal working out of the nearby law library, appointed himself as ‘body guard,’ he made a loud commotion every time a crack addict tried to hit me, or drag me into the alcove: finally they gave up. The police never gave up, they still attack me all day, every day, everywhere that I go, with death threats, verbal abuse, and vile condemnations, there isn’t anyone who I talk to, in a day, anywhere, who isn’t instantly informed by Civic Center Patrol that I’m hands-off dangerous. My pen? It is mightier than their bullshit, too bad that they are the last to know. The soup-line Christians still believe that Mary had killed her own dog:

      1. I don’t know quite what it is, but it is very violent. or I just don’t understand plot.
        I’ll go back to watching “White Christmas” it’s much better.

      2. The reporter was in an office of the Register that is in the Police Department in SA, and the only reason that she called the ambulance was so that Mary would disappear and not cause the PD any ’embarrassment.’ But her panic was Mary’s gain, and probably saved her life, if she is alive. No one ever saw her again. I suspect that she was killed for obvious reasons.

    1. If you have proof, I’ll take it up. But I demand proper paragraphing. I also create logic charts. I ask a lot of questions and I will quickly determine the limits of your personal abilities.

  25. I gave up listening after 20 seconds. It’s obvious someone emailed her a script right before the meeting. My question is, does she even believe what she’s reading?

  26. I can tell a lot by your indifference to Mary, after all, it’s a true story, I was there, and by the way that you reconstruct it as preposterous I surmise that you are perpetrators of similar events. The best way to cover crimes is to label them implausible isn’t it?

  27. Good guess, it’s an excerpt from a book, Reality, and there is video and stills of the actual events, as well as tapes and affidavits, also it appears in a fed case, as evidence, so there is no hope of the players claiming that it is not the public record. The entire account is thousands of pages. Slither out of that one, snakes in blue.

  28. I agree with pretty much everything Chris said. I really don’t dislike Bankhead or Jones because of their age. I dislike them because they’ve allowed complacency and indifference to take the place of the values they once stood for and claim to still believe in. All talk and nothing to back it up.

    This is what happens when you serve part-time in a committee role for 15 and 23 years with nobody holding you accountable.

    1. Vernon, nobody dislikes people just because they are old. But advanced age brings with it physical and mental issues that are inescapable. Jones, Bankhead and McKinley all seem to be suffering from some stage of mental deterioration. Ditto McClanahan. This is my own observation, and since i am not a doctor take it for what it’s worth.

      We tend to equate age with wisdom. In comparatively rare cases that’s justified. In more instances we will get truculence, intellectual rigidity, sanctimony, forgetfulness, irritability, dementia, etc.

      Then throw in complacency and indifference and you’ve got a pretty bad combination.

      1. Hey, I’m old and I can tell you that Molly’s little speech was the same sort of nonsense she used to talk twenty years ago.

    1. Thank you! And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.
      Now, it’s time to bring on the cookin……We have been cookin all week……worth a least 4 lbs..

  29. Anonymous, thank you for sharing that. Merry Christmas to you and everyone else as well as Happy Chanukah, Happy Yule, Kwanzaa, Eid and anything else I’ve missed.

    1. You missed Tet, but that’s OK because it’s New Years and Christmas rolled into one, and technically it’s the Chinese New Year. But for Americans from Saigon, it’s Christmas too, so we can get an early start on festivities. Any excuse to light fireworks and get snockered. Buddha’s birthday comes much later.

  30. Joe Sipowicz :
    Vernon, nobody dislikes people just because they are old. But advanced age brings with it physical and mental issues that are inescapable. Jones, Bankhead and McKinley all seem to be suffering from some stage of mental deterioration. Ditto McClanahan. This is my own observation, and since i am not a doctor take it for what it’s worth.
    We tend to equate age with wisdom. In comparatively rare cases that’s justified. In more instances we will get truculence, intellectual rigidity, sanctimony, forgetfulness, irritability, dementia, etc.
    Then throw in complacency and indifference and you’ve got a pretty bad combination.

    Almost all of the criterion you listed can be brought on by arrogant, narcissistic tendencies.

    Let’s not forget that before they ran for office, all three thought very highly of themselves, their careers, and their perceived importance to the community.

    More to the point, Bankhead and Jones ran for office the same year they retired. I think they were terrified to death of losing the “audience” they so desperately need. McKinley ran at the next opportunity he could.

    See the pattern? It has always been one-hundred percent about them and nobody else.

  31. Merry Christmas to you FFFF and all you commenters on this finest blog…
    Because of the Kelly Thomas murder, I learned about FFFF. Because of FFFF, I learned a great deal more about the Kelly Thomas murder and all other corruption going on in Fullerton. Thanks to your blog and the support by your readers, the protests in front of FPD on Saturdays and all the people attending the council meetings letting the city leaders know we won’t stand for this, it appears justice is on it’s way. Thanks also to the photo that Ron took of Kelly in a coma and forwarding to FFFF when no local media wanted it, this brought world-wide attention to this incident.
    As I and many others have stated previously, every city should have a blog like FFFF. It is a great way to keep a city in check. You guys are brilliant as well as many of the commenters on here, which is why I have become somewhat addicted to this blog. In fact, I have never ever blogged before.
    Once again, a Merry Christmas to all of you; yes even you ‘Swinetrolls’. We know you have voices too and FFFF is good enough to let you in and say what you wish, so Merry Christmas to you too.

    1. Wrong Guy, You don’t think that what you just wrote is very strange? Or that it sounds drunk and malevolent? I mean the entire blog reads like the product of drug abuse. Seriously. Slap happy soliloquies galore. There is no excuse for these sorts of hate blogs. None. The only reason why the FBI doesn’t shut it down is because they are flushing out conspiracies with it. Yikes, it’s very creepy. This blog gives people the rope that they need to hang themselves. Carolyn Phillips knows Helen, (AKA Crazy Mary) which is why Carolyn was so disdained and rudely batch filed into the category of malicious capitalist / abusive mentally ill derelict by Ron. Helen claims that Ron takes her into his home periodically and gives her the key to a storage area where he rapes her and beats her, she flees abandoning her belongings. Helen tells her story on an endless loop, and has been for years: Helen is a cross-eyed, prostitute, homeless woman, her story appears to be just that: every prostitute has one. Anyone who gets too close to Helen gets arrested. I met her when she pinched a Chanel jacket off of the back of my chair while I was in the restroom at Car’s Jr., when I asked for it back she told me her sad story of abuse by Ron. I asked her why she keeps going back. (Maybe because it’s just a ‘pity poor me story,’ and it never happened.) When I told the police about it, they went off on me and arrested me: Maybe it did happen.

        1. I can’t help but wonder if policemisconduct is the same as Carolyn Phillips and Carolyn Phillips is the same as policemisconduct….Hmm?
          Your comments are very Andy Kaufmanish. Why don’t you try doing Elvis impressions.

      1. OK Policemisconduct AKA Carolyn Phillips-you just outed yourself.

        Im going to be nice, as its christmas which is more consideration given to you than you have given in this ccomment of yours.

        First of all you are entitled to your opinion-ridiculous as it is, but so am I and so is everyone else-even if you dont like it and it sounds funny to you.

        I think the only strange writings are yours-you poor thing,
        you’re the one who sounds less than lucid and “under the influence”

        This blog is a blessing and has only been a blessing and many thanks to the entire writing staff and overseer, for bringing things to light that would have been covered up otherwise.
        It’s BECAUSE of these courageous, kind individuals who sacrifice alot and have to put up with lying hatefilled gossip like yours,
        that some helpful changes can, at last, be considered for Fullerton.

        One of the purposes of this blog is to bring people in the Fullerton community into awareness about things instead of folks like you wandering around like uppity. spiteful, devils henchmen, spewing out abusive. deceitful propaganda and pure unadulterated, lies.

        oh and happy holidays

        1. You do not have any education at all do you? Indicated by mindless pontifications like, ‘the only strange writings are your-you poor thing…” That is an attack, not an analysis, and I have to conclude that you are driven by lack of education, ignorance and hormonal imbalances. The rampant blessing of people who are not part of the discourse is perplexing? Are you Catholic? “…uppity. spiteful, devils henchmen, spewing out abusive. deceitful propaganda and pure unadulterated, lies” may mean something to you, but it has no meaning to me: I get that it’s a denunciation by someone who is too lazy to be bothered with discerning the facts and just prefers to spew vitriol. Are you proud of your efforts? Maybe Stanford will put you on their panel. For your in-depth analysis of my work. I don’t understand why you have not been blocked. Maybe if I just throw that out there the way you spatter your ‘blessings,’ someone, of your many blessed will tell me what exactly they consider the advantage, of having you here, to be. Is it the tactful use of flames “BECAUSE.” I guess it’s no “sacrifice” at all for them to put up with your flaming diatribe. I’m not going to come right out and ask you how you came to be so stupid, but seriously where did you go to school?

  32. I find the phrase “emotional mischief” very peculiar.

    Does it mean she thinks the recall is about playing around with somebody’s emotions? Whose? Which emotions? Anger, fear, joy?

    Really what she is saying is that she resents someone causing tremors in her safe little world order. An order in which she is content to babble nonsense about “body politics” and souls of towns. The sad part is she really invests belief in these empty abstractions that mean nothing except to restate her opposition to letting go of the trappings of authority.

    I agree with Old Timer. It is easy to dismiss her as an old clucking hen – but I bet she has always thought like this.

  33. Your smug head-in-the-sand self righteousness, justifies your endless vile attacks against me, and enabled Kelly’s murder you are exactly what is wrong with this picture. While you are stupidly cozying up to the nearest white hat, he is using your stupidity for permission to rape and murder anyone who his god like ego (thanks to you) tells him that it’s OK to victimize. I have been spending my Christmas at Carl’s Jr. hoping that Helen will show up and can at least get a statement from her for the FBI. I tried getting her some help via MHA, a while back, but they booted her out, I’m guessing because she knows too much. Here is something for you to call a rumor; without bothering to investigate. Officer Becks, as homeless liaison officer, posted body parts dealers at the doorway of MHA, and if the intake officer, a counselor named Laura, determined that the Becks’ ward had no family or affiliations, she was whisked off to her death. Rumor? Is it? Why, is that? Is it because you are attached to your cosy little life of snuggling up to white hated men who are in fact pure evil? You live in a very dangerous world, they want to keep it that way, you make sure that they do. Are you are cop, I wonder because you seem to be a part of their code.

  34. marijoe, wrong guy, and Anon, Rant This: You people walk the walk and talk the talk, but you don’t have a sincere bone in your entire being. Carolyn handed you the facts on a silver platter and you defamed her in a steady stream for it, sight unseen. The book that you burned is a masterpiece (according to Stanford; they claim to know about such things), but you know better on your couches from whence you do nothing, but call her “crap,” and pontificate.

    #86 by Wrong Guy on December 21, 2011
    merijoe had this to say in a previous comment: “Anon-You really know how to contribute to an intellectual discussion. Not every homeless person wants to be homeless-oh compassionate, classy one
    and not all abused women stay in bad situations, Oh great and knowing buddha
    I stand by my comment,and let me add this, your great hero in blue, Gestapo Hampton didn’t want to get his uniform all bloody with Kelly’s blood so he moved away, instead of doing something to stop the beating, he physically moved away so he wouldn’t get his costume soiled-doesn’t sound like Kelly was getting any help from the Nazi regime, but I can guarantee if it was a normal person who had some compassion that was in the middle of this, CiCi would have been knocked away from Kelly -blood or not.”

    –marijoe, can’t you see that you are THAT Nazi, are you blind!– I don’t want to be homeless, but what choice do I have since you hippocrates won’t do anything but denounce any legitimate attempts to alleviate homelessness, from your couches. I have to stay out here because you ‘kind’ people won’t.

    On the same page: In response to merijoe wrong guy had this to say: “I recall that inside informant on KFI stated that the Cicinelli guy is really Big and other officers fear him and don’t like his heavy-handed tactics. I saw him at the pre-trial, stood next to him, asked him how good it felt bludgeoning a defenseless drifter to death, got no answer of course, but what I noticed is that he isn’t much over 5’11′ and looked a lot slimmer than in these recent mug shots. They must fear that distorted upper region of his face, with the fu’d up eye. Just a pussssssy to me. I also think that suck-ass in the red long-sleeved shirt at last nights council meeting is related to him.

    policemiscontact has something to saw about the above drunken diatribe: You also asked me how it feels, and you would have asked Kelly how it feels as you denounced him too, you worthless grandstanding bastard. You people like to read yourselves sounding profound, and your think that your hate is definitive, when in fact you are the personification of stupid hippocrates: without you Kelly could not have been murdered. Merijoe, if you gave a rats and you are not all talk, ‘oh self professed intellectual,’ why couldn’t you be bothered to read a book before you burned it and vilified it’s author. The Punch Line Is: you know that the author is homeless, but you couldn’t bother to treat her like a human being much less patronize her work to help her get on her feet: you enjoyed condemning her. You just sat there on your butt and impugned her. Nice Nazi work marijoe, you must be very proud. Her work is good enough for The National Gallery, but not good enough for marijoe.

  35. Knock it off Carolyn/Nancy, , you’re not homeless, you’re an opportunist……..look at her book for sale now, she’s posted on the cover that it was banned in Fullerton………


    Also, this is her office address at the top of a letter she sent to her attorney, when Ron Thomas told her he was having his lawyers formally tell her to leave him alone…..

    Nancy Wood OK, I hope I am responding correctly, my email is freetibetbooks@email.com, and my business address is 4918 W. First Street #211, Santa Ana, Ca. 92703 (send me as many of your photos as you can! Any at all is a good start, I love your work! -Nancy Wood

    • Nancy Wood commented on Doing It Homeless.
    Why is it that you imagine you are helping by prolonging the agony of begging? Why do people think it’s OK? Really if you thought about it, would you like yourself for simply throwing more pain in his direction. You can call it giving, but you should rather ask yourself Who Is Benefitting From This. Look, here is a letter that I wrote to my lawyer when Kelly’s family threatend to sue me:Douglasbarker.esq@gmail.com.
    Dear Doug, Maybe you knew the Kelly Thomas family, they went off on me when I offered to give them the proceeds from the sale of the book, The Jabberwocky, so I had to reinstall it on blurb, maybe the preview will be up tomorrow, his picture is on one page, and there is some commentary about him on another, it’s a book about the roots of homelessness, Kelly’s family threatened to sue me, then I found that they never even so much as looked at the cover of the book, to come up with an endless diatribe defaming me, they certainly didn’t read it, some stranger who doesn’t know any of us and has never been to the preview site had been emailing Ron (Kelly’s dad) every day on his blog with long winded diatribes about me, stating that I was exploiting Kelly. I still have no idea of who she is or why she would say all of that. Aside from the fact that she was probably drunk and bored, but what seems sad to me is that Ron got really nasty about it, actually I think that it was Ron’s brother, it definitely was a Thomas, and he definitely had bought a lot of misinformation, but anyway one of them put some really stupid nasty comments regarding my efforts up on his site, not for any reason other than he is so jealous of all of the money he’s making in donations on the Kelly memorial site, that he cares more about that than about Kelly’s memory, he didn’t like Kelly when Kelly was alive, according to Kelly, actually I think that he towed the cop line, regarding the homeless, but now that Kelly is dead, Ron is the most devoted father on earth, harvesting his memory, while accusing me of doing same, sight unseen. What a creep. It’s like a wolves den over there, they are all so vicious and ravenous to get something off of Kelly’s memory. All of the Charities who banned Kelly when he was alive are jealously sucking in millions from his death. Kelly didn’t have anything good to say about any of them when they could have been his benefactors, and now he is their benefactor. Mary’s kitchen had banned Kelly yet they were so happy to accept a donation from Ron’s wife that they had the police escort Mrs. Wyatt off of the property when she tried to tell Ron’s wife that Mary’s had kicked Kelly out. All of these people were meaner than cat shit to Kelly when he was on the street; now that he is in the grave they pat themselves on the back saying they had been his ‘support.’ Anyway it makes me all the happier that I wrote an expose about it. You should email Kathy, ask her about Gloria getting the cops to tell her that Mary’s is exempt from the law, and they would arrest Kathy for telling Ron’s wife the truth. How much further would one have to look for the cause of homelessness than at the commercialization of it by the 501c charities. People are not as stupid as they are greedy.

    1. Ron threatened to sue me through some stranger, one of you, when she lied to him that I had, and he assumed that I had used unauthorized photos. I have no idea why she did that. I responded that making assumptions is stupid, and that threatening a lawsuit is unlawful unless papers have been filed ($700). I said get over yourself, I’m sure we will end up being friends. But Ron is stuck on dollars, so, he assumed that the book is a money maker, and he wanted his cut. Kind of a crass guy if you ask me, greedy too. If someone gifted me a book as a fund raiser for my dead kids memory, I would not have been so tacky, I would have said, ‘tell me about your friendship, how did you know my child.’ But Ron has something that he doesn’t want known; what Kelly’s friends know. What is it? The heading on my blog, reads ‘Banned in Fullerton,’ because it’s funny, get it, who the hell cares about Fullerton. If it said, Banned in China, that would mean something, what kind of an idiot write ‘Banned in Fullerton,’ most people who read that, fall over laughing. Maybe you are too stoned to get it. It’s a very funny book, starting with ‘banned in Fullerton.’

    1. Seer2some,

      You just made me smile. Do you know if people who regularly post seemingly inappropriate comments are ever blocked my Admin? I’ve noticed that several posters toss the word “blocked” around. Of course, I don’t want to regret what I wish for and get myself blocked.

      1. I just wish Reality Is would come back. Boring around here without him. At least he gave us something to debate and provided us good info from the other side. 🙁

        1. I know that’s you in disguise Reality Is! You’re being sneaking trying to miss yourself in front of everyone. The grammar and the frowny face totally gave you away! Lol. I dare you to try and argue with “Policemisconduct”…

  36. I don’t know, , but Carolyn/Nancy sure is a prime candidate to be blocked….. maybe they will act now, as she’s very abusive to people while she’s trying to force things her way………I think everyone has had enough…….

    1. Have you noticed how he or she (in this case policemisconuct) posts 6-7 ramblings in a row and everyone kinda stops talking for a moment. I got really tired about reading her repeated rape Mary stories yesterday; and on Christmas too!

      1. I just wish that you were brighter, snippy crosstalk, which is what you do here, is not very demanding, which is why you like it; you do not have the capacity to meet the demands of anything more sophisticated. ‘Bloody Mary’ was a school teacher, who was whisked away in an ambulance when her brutalization by rapist cops and their cooperatives became a potential embarrassment to the police department. I want to know what happened to her. You the public should want to know why it happened, and concern yourself that it happens in Fullerton regularly. You could start with locating Helen and getting her statement, regarding Ron, into FBI hands. Christmas was not a good day at all for the street people who were abused by cops in Fullerton yesterday. While you were getting plowed on eggnog. You are Friends of Fullerton right? Well it isn’t very friendly to anyone who scratches the surface, maybe you should work on changeing that.

    2. What specific abuse? What things am I trying to force my way? No wonder no one takes you seriously. You are all bravado but no substance. “She is very abusive to people, while she is trying to force things her way.” Specify the abuse, and the ‘things’ that I am trying to ‘force my way,’ which is what way exactly? Tell the sysop, if you want me blocked. Or do you just want to be nasty, because that is all you are accomplishing. Aren’t you even slightly embarrassed that there is a 450 page book, at your disposal, stating who I am with pictures, and yet, you are still perplexed and confused, about my identity. Do you imagine that your readers don’t find that laughable? KFI wanted to review it, because in their opinion it is beautiful and well written. I said no because I have to proof read it, yet, and because you are their audience, and my audience is graduate school art students and public policy think tanks. That our paths crossed, is simply out of respect for Kelly’s passing, which is why I offered Ron the book. But he turns out to be a tar pit, complete with you.

  37. When she first started posting here and just went on and on, , she said that she’s an artist and a writer, and that’s how she creates her ‘art’. I think she talked to some homeless people (I read where she promised them the books profits for their cooperation, and they were wondering when they were going to get paid). Anyway, her bag lady persona is derived from speaking with them, and is the narrator of her book…….

    Frankly, she reminds me of a speed freak that’s been on a two day hoot……..and she does it to get everyone’s attention…..I’m NOT impressed..

    1. Seer, There are no ‘speed freaks’ in museum collections, because, work of the caliper that gets into important collections take skill, and constant work, did you look at my work and conclude that a drug addict could have done it. No you are just making up libelous comments based on nothing. Why do you say such caustic things to demean me? It only disgraces you in everyone’s eyes. How do I “remind you of speed freaks,” your words are meant to provoke a defense, but that comment is really just stupid. Lastly, you ‘attention’ offends me. You can’t imagine that it could be otherwise. You really creepy. The book is gorgeous and elegant because I keep people like you at bay, in order to refine my skills. You must have figured out that people who are accomplished in fine art, don’t hang out with people like you, who constantly burden them with demanding quacking crap requiring attention in the form of demanding a defense. Which I might add is exactly what Ron was doing as well. Tacky tactics. And what he is still using you to do. Pawn.

        1. I also did fine art in undergrad, and my graduate degree is a Master’s of Architecture I. I looked at the link you provided that led me to her “book.” It looks like she learned her typography and layout skills in a Microsoft Paint tutorial…

          1. You are both lieing because you think it makes you seem clever. The book looks like what it is, and the problem for you is that what it is would be over your head and wasted on you. A masters in architecture from what, like a crappy state school? Crappy enough to get you employment where, at the police department?

            1. Gee, , with your Einstein IQ, you would think you’d learn how to spell……….No, , the problem is we know the difference…….your lies only work on people who don’t know the difference….

          2. As you know I have an attorney, and my work has a dollar amount of value. I’m just saying before you get too involved in taking pot shots, keep in mind that libel suits are very very expensive for the libeler. Don’t throw your mock discust around too casually; all that my lawyer has to do is claim that you made public aspersions regarding my work to potential buyers, and bingo the court attaches your yearly income; transferring half of it from your account into mine. I’m serious, grow up for a second and think about kicking down something that has proof of worth. It might come back to bite you. You feel invisible here, but any lawyer can subpeona your ID from the systems operator, among others.

            1. Take your best shot! I know something about this too…….This is a forum for comments and opinions……..I’ll stand by my opinions…….

              The proof of worth is only in your mind……..You took law in school? I think not! Your statements don’t back up what you say your background is….

              1. Policemisconduct wrote: all that my lawyer has to do is claim that you made public aspersions regarding my work to potential buyers, and bingo the court attaches your yearly income

                So, I think that she made it clear that she’s using FFFF to sell her book and NOT to voice opinions or share valid information. Is this site suppose to be used free advertising? What would a lawyer say about that?

            2. Carolyn, I think that between your lawyer’s claim and the court ordered attachment, there has to be something called a “trial”.

              And I remember Fullerton High Journalism teacher Nell Guyette teaching us in the 1970’s that libel was the easiest charge to make and the hardest charge to prove.

              Since you have stated that your work has a defined dollar amount, what dollar value do you attribute to your work, and how do you determine it. (And I ask this as someone who has been paid as much as $3.00 per hour for writing)

              Note also that comments disparaging you on this website can only be used to regain losses if you can demonstrate and compute those lossess to the satisfactin of a jury and a judge. However, on this very thread you have stated that no one cares about Fulllerton and this website has little worth. These are statements that can be used in court.

              Now, would you like to take up my offer of help in paragraphing, which is the excersize of ptting streams of rational thought in to categorized themes. This helps the reader greatly, but helps the writer even more.

  38. Seer, The above quote that you entered regarding photos was in response to Sean Cupp asking me what I want for Christmas. He is a famous wildlife photographer and good friend. I never asked any one for photos of Kelly. Ron’s Lt. Curtis, at Mary’s Kitchen gave me a photo from the paper, I said, no thanks, he insisted. It is the only photo of Kelly in the book, I matched it with some hummingbird photos that I took and with drawings, since the book is entirely written and illustrated by me. Most of what pertains to Kelly in the book asks KFI to stop their hate speach about the homeless. I have been a nun since 1971, I don’t have any money, I am homeless, I have been a bag lady here for 20 years. Every one in the Tri-City knows me, I give away every dime that comes my way to homeless people. I gave Mrs. Wyatt about three thousand dollars and did all of her legal work for her false arrest case. I got that money doing a grading job for Debeers, where I was trained as a diamond dealer. I give bikes to people who need them, and whatever else being a nun affords me the ability to give. It’s all in the book which you burned sight unseen. When people give me money, for example if I sell a drawing, I put it into other people, no one is: as you claim, waiting on promises from me. I always beat them to the punch, because I am mindful of anticipating the needs of others, which is the Buddhist way. What are their names, these people who you are lieing about? These people who you say that I have defrauded with promises, who are they? My picture is on the inside front cover of the books, and throughout. The other pics (Nancy Wood and Carolyn Phillips are of me in the past) My education is in art and law, so, because of that and because my IQ is higher than Einstein’s, the book looks like it cost a million bucks to make, it costs 190 to print, that is what Blurb charges, the other ten bucks goes to Sharon, and John, so far, and whoever else is in it who wants to sign on the account, it just cost me hard work and caring for the people who are in it. I know their stories, not because I solicited them, but because I was there, with them. Serving God is the only job worth doing. Try it some time, instead of impuging the credibility of people who do. I have no hisory of mental illness or drug abuse, I don’t even drink coffee. I studied at the Mygmapa Graduate School in Tibetan Studies under Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, and I practice the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, after Padmasambava, as a simple nun living on an offramp. I spend nothing on myself, everything that I do is for others. That is the Buddhist way.

    1. been a bag lady here for 20 years. Every one in the Tri-City knows me, I give away every dime that comes my way to homeless people. I gave Mrs. Wyatt about three thousand dollars and did all of her legal work for her false arrest case. I got that money doing a grading job for Debeers, where I was trained as a diamond dealer. I give bikes to people who need them, and whatever else being a nun affords me the ability to give. It’s all in the book which you burned sight unseen. When people give me money, for example if I sell a drawing, I put it into

      ******HELP! I’M LOST IN WORDS!******

      other people, no one is: as you claim, waiting on promises from me. I always beat them to the punch, because I am mindful of anticipating the needs of others, which is the Buddhist way. What are their names, these people who you are lieing about? These people who you say that I have defrauded with

      1. I hope she didn’t do her own editing for her book. In the English language, we use verbs, correct tense, and punctuation.

        1. If you enlarge the screen you can read the pages, , she just rants and thinks she’s sounding like a homeless person……….I was bored as it made little sense…..kind of like trying to write what life is like being an Indian, , from talking to a few of them……….

          Some of her posts on here are taken from the book………everyone will give up trying to read it after the first few pages……

          Notice how lucid she sounds when she’s trying to convince us of something?

          1. Lately I haven’t noticed any lucidity in her posts at all. She thinks for some reason I drink eggnog in large quantaties and don’t have a Masters in Architecture.

            1. That’s just part of her bag lady persona rants……she is abusive and hits below the belt to unsettle anyone that may question her….

          2. I just read it too. Ohhhhhh. And I thought she was just a schizophrenic. Wow. Crazy, psychopathic woman in my opinion.

            1. No, , watch how she switches back and forth when it’s convenient for her…….people who have problems can’t do that on que…..

              1. I think I see what you mean. For example on the other blog about the DVD she started commenting about how she got the Samsung joke. Then she replied to Van get it da artiste that she thinks all the sites or blogs should tie back to police corruption. Was she trying to set the stage for another crazy rant and hence plug her book?

                1. Exactly, , look at her posts about contacting her lawyer…….then look at the one where she claims to be a nun and a Buddhist……

  39. Please, , so now you’re a nun and a Buddhist…..is that for my benefit because of my login name? My login name was given to me and comes from my ability and extensive background in financial investments. To some people, I am a seer…….

    You’re a pathological liar and forget that you don’t know the background of the posters on here, , some of us know better and are tired of your BS….

    I stand by my previous comments……….


  41. Sorry, , I disagree….I’m a Parent Advocate of Chronically Ill and Handicapped Children, , and I used to go talk to parents at Brea Neuro Hospital that had suffered nervous breakdowns….

    People with problems can’t turn it off and on at will, or on que…… which is exactly what she does….she will try and bully people as long as she thinks she can get away with it. She has been nothing but abusive to most posters here and I say………….ENOUGH!

    1. A child in my family was at that hospital and had his nose broken when attacked in his sleep by another “patient”. It was handled responsibly and the hosipital paid for the insurance costs not covered by the family’s own insurance.

      Later it was read in the Register that this hospital had 40 lawsuits against them and it closed. What a hell hole.

      Maybe it was another hospital of a similar name. It was some 30 years ago or more. I had almost forgotten about it, but you brought it back to memory.

      1. No, it was a while ago since I have been there…..I’m not a medical person, , just a parent that went to talk to other parents in there…….You’d be surprised at the records of the ‘good’ local hospitals we have now… My point was that people with mental problems can’t switch back and forth at will when exhibiting behavior that’s questionable.

        1. Really? As if a mental problem is “one thing” that you either have or do not have and as if there are no degrees–one is either crazy or not.

          Responding to the world around oneself is tricky in itself even for average people. Why do we make so many big mistakes? It is intelligent people who see more logical contradictions than unintelligent people. Some can’t process them.

          Who is crazy? The hyperactive boy who can’t sit still in the classroom or the people who think that little boys are made to line up and sit still and be quiet all day? If we take that boy, put him in a hospital setting, tell him it is for the purpose of doctors evaluating and helping him, and as part of the process he is attacked and bones are broken, who is crazy? The boy? The other boy who attacked him? The doctors? Or the parents that trusted the hospital?

          People with all sorts of mental problems have responses to the world and can “switch back and forth”. Part of the Kelly Thomas case is Ron Thomas describing how Kelly normally responded to the police. DA T-rack described how Kelly was trying to obey commands and was having difficulty. The whole story is the cops responding to Kelly as if he were a dangerous criminal who they had the right to subdue. So who was crazy? Who was criminal?

          It is not unusual for people of high intelligence to have difficulty relating to the world around them. Their self-perception of themselves as intelligent convinces them that people who don’t see things the same are stupid. They can be blind to the fact that part of intelligence is to learn from other intelligent people, often differing to them, compromising, and building systems.

          From Carolyn’s own testimony, she seemed to have done well learning in schools of intelligent people, but has been rejected when it came to the point of doing the work. Finding herself homeless, she is continuing her work and her ways in that environment. It seems that she views herself as compassionate but has a hostility when her views are not accepted. Then again, that describes me.

          So yes, Carolyn is attracted to this issue and sees it as part of her work. Then again, back in July Ron was out on the street seeking the attention of anyone who would listen. This might not be the forum for Carolyn and Ron Thomas has his hands full without dealing with Carolyn.

          But I do have a question for those on this website who want to be viewed as compassionate towards Kelly Thomas but pass Carolyn off with an insult or an “off her meds” comment. Who is crazy here?

  42. Are others allowed to blog now? Or is the commerial of homeless cazy lady (liar book writer?) still going on?
    For thoughs that live in Fullerton, Please write on.

  43. did you notice that her purse full of cash from the dimwits who persuaded her to make the center piece of her argument the cost of each recall document, was so heavy that her strap fell down her arm while she bemoaned the silliness of a recall? Everything she said was completely arbitrary, and from it you can only come to the conclusion that recalls in politics are malfeasance! Hilarious! Not once did she give specific arguments against the reasons given for seeking recall. Come on Molly!

    1. That’s our Molly. Her entire life has been dedicated to empty liberal slogans; much like other antirecallers lives have been dedicated to empty conservative slogans. Nice fit. Empty is the operative word.

  44. I know you do, , I just don’t find very many mentally ill people tying their illness into making money for themselves. If they have the mental clarity to do that, it makes me question whether their illness is self serving…………and their motives behind using it that way…..

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