Hee-Haw to Saddle Up!

Hmm, we’ve already seen how eagerly council members can run to the trough under the pretense of acting in the interest of our beloved city — remember how Bankhead and Keller each racked up hotel bills at $400 per night on the city’s dime just to stay in the remote city of Long Beach?

$1200?? I didn't even open the mini-bar!

Well, now it’s about to happen again, only it’ll no doubt cost us more money this time around. Renown pit-bull reporter Lou Ponsi posted this in the O.C. Register the other day:

“The City Council last week named Mayor F. Richard Jones as a voting delegate and Councilman Don Bankhead as an alternate to represent Fullerton at the League of California Cities annual conference Sept. 21-23 in San Francisco.”

We're here on important business!

Since F. Dick has been doing such a bang-up job of representing Fullerton lately, I guess we should be grateful he’s willing to go all the way to San Francisco on our behalf. And let’s not forget that Bankhead has his back in case Hee-Haw can’t make it.

Ahh, San Francisco... One of our favorite road trips!

Well, if ol’ Doc sidles up to the hitchin’ post in S.F he may well have an awful lot of explaining to do, because at least in Fullerton, the summer of love it ain’t!

Giddyup! Now open up that Golden Gate, I'm a-comin!

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  1. So if Amy Winehouse’s toxicology report has come back already and she died July 23rd. Where is Kelly Thomas’ toxicology report?

    1. Nobody said Amy didn’t have drugs in her system.

      The report states there were no “illegal substances” in Amy’s system at the time of her death. You can read between the lines on that one, and besides, how would this be known if the test for “drugs” had not been done?

      Save your Lol.

      1. Im implying there was no drugs in amy’s system therefore the results were obtained quicker as oppossed to the known drug user(may he RIP) and thats why the test here “OC” are taking longer bcuz there was drugs in his system…ugh, smh

          1. What you really mean is do YOU a favor, tu sabes. Since he is ten times more intelligent than you and 100 times more articulate, I don’t blame you for wanting him to leave the board. However…

            … with the exception of certain streets in Fullerton patrolled by certain cops, this is still a free country, I think, so SD LOCAL, I enjoy your presence.

  2. And what the hell is up with the constant “saddle up” jive? Who do these turkery think they are — John Wayne?

    Never mind. We already know the answer to that one.

    The “saddle up” bit keeps popping up. I noted it on another thread about an hour ago.

    An anti-Kelly poster argued that we should be thankful to those who “saddle up” to “combat rapists, thieves and terrorists.”

    Combatting rapists, thieves and terrorists.

    Combat. He/she actually said this.

    Let’s review:

    Rapists? Ask those Fullerton PD back seat victims.

    Thieves? Ask that Florida citizen whose I-Pad was pinched.

    Terrorists? Ask Kelly. Ask Kelly, and ask uncounted other Fullerton citizens who are now coming out with their FPD experiences.

    “Saddle up?” Please.

    Stop saying that. You can’t understand this, but you’re embarrassing yourself, if this is still even possible.

    You and your ilk may fancy yourselves as little John Waynes, but donning your body armor, badges, sidearms, pepper spray, tasers, nightsticks, bro-calling radios and all your other deadly trinkets and toys only make you appear like scared little vindictive schoolyard bullies.

    As I said, the cat’s out of the bag, big time.

    We know what you are and what you do.

    Saddle that.

    1. The reference is to the idiot mayor and the way he talks. As for backseat sexual battery you would be suprised what people allege to get out of arrest. Especially tweeker girls from bananas who have done it b4….ipad thief will get fired. Give it time…so saddle up SD Loco ur in for a long ride!

      1. Thank you for the clarification. Seriously.

        I wasn’t referencing the title of this thread. I was noting the tendency for LE to use the term “saddle up” when what they’re really talking about is “starting a shift.” They say it all the time, all over the internet.

        Taxi drivers, pizza delivery guys and the rest of us don’t “saddle up.” We go to work, just like LE.

        Cowboys saddle up. LE starts a shift. The fact that they love to think of themselves as “saddling up” is a clue to how they comprehend themselves.

        Yes, this will be a long ride. These things take time.

        BTW, it’s SD Local. I figure that was a typo. We all make them, that’s for sure.

  3. Maybe he can be a guest speaker. He’d have everyone in stitches. Charge admission to offset the travel costs the City would have paid. He’s a celebrity man…Mayor Hee Haw! Let’s exploit it.

  4. God Damit Peabody, I have already had words with Busula about this, now you!!

    As a card carrying member of the DeadHead community (is there such a thing??), meaning a follower of the Grateful Dead, I hated and protested when you accompany posts about assholes like Ackerman and company under the “Deadhead” section.

    Now you post a brilliant picture of what looks to be Further (the 1939 Bus which Kesey and company took East) and associate that with these two knuckleheads!

    And in the strangest of GD coincidence, I found out that Kenton Hampton’s long lost Father was a security guard in Minneapolis in 1973. You can hear him beat the shit out of some concert goers here:


    Just click Casey Jones, track # 22 and wait for the 2:00 minute mark.

    Otherwise anjoy the show!

  5. And what does Fullerton get from sending one of these recall candidates on a junket to San Francisco? More wasteful spending in a time of financial stress. Let’s just see if we can alert the press that the notorious town of Fullerton, now known worldwide for a brutal police beating is sending it’s cartoon character of a mayor to the city by the bay.

  6. This League of California Cities is basically a front for politician’s that don’t want to part with redevelopment money. This is essentially why these two jackals were chosen. I surely hope that maybe a few like minded protesters and local media in the San Francisco area could sort of pick up the torch for a few days while Doc Hee Haw and Don Blankhead are in town for this conference in September.

  7. I think the Mayor needs to go on his own dime to San Francisco and use the time wisely to get ideas on how other city officials would handle this horrible situation in our town. Something constructive needs to come out of this summit… and if the Mayor is not willing to do that, I would like to see Bruce or Sharon go in his place. (And again, the taxpayers should not be footing this bill) I am thinking that they must have this hooked up as a webinar or a ‘go to meeting’ …and our officials wouldn’t even have to go to SF. Just participate from their office or home.

  8. This is one of the things that irks me. Chris Thompson did the right thing last month when he voted against spending $2000 for the Fullerton School Board to get “Rudy” as a public speaker. If you can’t get fired up about doing the right thing and figuring out how to use that money for the good of our kids…then maybe you shouldn’t be on the School Board. If that was so important to do that, the four FSD Board members who voted for that ridiculous seminar should have paid $500 each out of their own pocket. And the same thing here…if the City Council feels this is so important that Mayor Jones goes to SF, they should be footing the bill. not us taxpayers.

  9. I think that when we finally get to the bottom of this, the real stories about Fullerton government is going to be even more shocking and disgusting than we can possibly imagine.
    How can people of Fullerton and Orange County allow such corruption, abuse, and brutality all these years?

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