Did Fullerton Cops Target Chris Norby?

By the way, who are you and whom do you represent?

Last April I wrote this look back at what sure seemed like monkey business on the part of FPD spokesorifice Andrew Goodrich. Knowing what we know now about the lawless way that FPD operates when so inclined, the idea that they leaked potentially embarrasing information about someone they considered a political enemy is in no way surprising.

Many have wondered how Goodrich, after having failed to tell a single truth at any juncture of the Kelly Thomas murder epsiode, kept his job. The obvious answer is that the City Council, the City Manager, and the Acting Chief think he is doing a good job.

It could also be that because the estimable Goodrich is an officer in the police union they don’t have the guts to take this valuable piece of manpower and put him back on the street.

– Joe Sipowicz

The other day, our Travis Kiger engaged in a comical e-mail exchange with Fullerton PD’s $130,000 per year spokesperson, Sergeant Andrew Goodrich. Here it is:

Read the whole email

Note that according to Goodrich, FPD policy is that the police log book may be perused at the station – but not copied. When unexpectedly queried as to how the Voice of OC(EA) managed to get a copy of a domestic dispute entry involving Assemblyman Chris Norby last September, the good Sergeant noted that it was due to the “constant” requests they had from the media. Hmm. Well, that makes so little sense that we may as well backtrack to review what happened. Something ain’t quite kosher. In fact a smell is emanating from this pile of Goodrich road apples.

Last fall, 72nd Assemblyman Chris Norby seems to have gotten into an argument with his wife. Some sort of delivery person, adventitiously arriving at the front door of Casa Norby, called the cops, who arrived, took a statement, and left. The date of the incident was September 2nd.

The Voice of OC(EA) finally got around to posting about the issue, here, on September 27 – almost four weeks after the fact. The Register followed up with a story a couple of days later. Other than that, general media silence. Wow, Andy, what a feeding frenzy!

Now that we know Goodrich’s excuse for violating FPD policy is nonsense, we are entitled to ask why Goodrich was so cavalier about passing out copies of the log – against policy; and further, we ought to ask how and why the Norby episode came to light at all.

Note that the report posted by the Voice of OC(EA) was time stamped September 20, seven days before it was published. This means that they either sat on the story for seven days, or they received the document several days after it was printed. Hmm. And remember, according to Goodrich, the log is regularly purged.

Although it is possible that the Voice took a week to getting around to publishing its story, is it at all likely that an intrepid Voice reporter came across an FPD log entry in the course of his typical day’s toil? Or is it a whole Hell of a lot more likely that an employee of the Fullerton Police Department, growing tired of waiting for some lucky journalist to discover what would surely be an embarrassment for Norby, leaked it to a pro-union news source?

Mr. Goodrich could help clear this up by sharing his records of media requests for this information, and explain the date on the printout.

Of course it is possible that some other party reading the log came across the item, recognized Norby’s address, and passed it on to the Voice;  but that would be supported by pretty long odds.

In any case, there certainly is an object lesson here for all of us, Friends. Privacy seems to be selectively practiced by the Fullerton Police Department. And mostly it is not practiced to protect the public – but them.

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  1. Can’t trust any of those pesky bureaucrats anymore.

    $130K…What a waste of money. Hell, I am sure someone is willing to even do it for $60K.

  2. “Who are you and who do you represent?”

    I find it very hard to believe that the police union spokeshole has never heard of you or your award-winning blog.

  3. Priviledged access to public information? Selective disclosure? Complete lack of transparency or accountability?

    Yep, sounds like Fullerton PD.

  4. The Register story you link to says that the Fullerton PD sent the information about the incident to the DA for evaluation and possible prosecution. How about a follow up with the DA to find out what they did with it?

    1. Allow me to demonstrate some Google-fu for you:

      October 12, 2010: A spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney’s office said, “We have declined to file that case due to lack of sufficient evidence.”

  5. Of course he knows very well who Travis is and whom he represents. Just a little cheap jack insult from a cheap jack petty cop-bureaucrat. That slug couldn’t chase down a snail.

  6. I’ve been wondering about that whole episode, too. It seems pretty obvious someone in FPD leaked the story and then obliged with an official-looking copy of the log.

    What about it Chief Sellers? How about an investigation?

  7. In follow-up to our emails, I asked the Sergeant to identify who made the decision to allow a special release of the curiously secretive “press log.”

    I did not get a response.

  8. They were awfully mum when it came to Christmas party ’09 and the Dr. Jones sexual Harassment issue so I would agree they protect who they want.

  9. Figures. They fight like hell to protect anything that might make them look bad. Remember the cover up when they raided the wrong house?

    But here the cops are practically tripping over themselves to release a juicy nothing about an official who they don’t like.


  10. I say we try to get all the documentation for the sexual assault and the wife abuse. Let’s hang them both.

  11. I guess Tony is running out of things to write about. Oh the Cops Target Norby. Please. I’ve heard that smoking weed will make you paranoid but I didn’t know it made you paranoid for others.

    The title of this article should be. “I’m running out of things to write about so let me make up some conspiracy theory about something stupid” by Tony Bushalowicz

  12. if anyone needs a lawyer, i know this fat guy who will defend anyone, well anyone with cash of course.

  13. Those pesky rascals of the FPD leaked to the press that I was using Monica’s mouth as a humidor.

    Those guys will get ya everytime.

    Anyone got a mentos?

  14. Its common knowledge that the cops are after Nelson and Tony B. as well. The 3 at 50 pension is so lucrative that the cops will do anything to protect it. The system got turned on its head by dangling that pot of gold in their faces. The retirement package ceased to act as an incentive to do good honest work. Instead the promise of making more in retirement than for working became a winning lottery ticket- its like a whole new life on top of the world. The future fortells decades of wealth, travel and leisure for this privileged class. It is human nature that drives them to do anything to protect it. Public employees now have the motivation to act against the public interest. Such an extreme reward is more than enough to turn a good cop bad.

  15. Mckinley is under FBI investigation for bribery.


  16. FBI (714) 542-8825 no prank calls.
    But if you have, call us for criminal acts only.

    You can e-mail me.

  17. Anonymous:

    Why don’t you post your own true thoughts, as opposed to what McKinley tells you to type?

  18. The selective privacy practiced by Fullerton PD is exactly the same system used in almost every other Orange County PD. Nothing is different. Fullerton PD can now lead the way at making proper changes to its public information. Lets see if the “Consultant” makes any changes. Or is Fullerton PD “Good as Is?”

    1. True. This practice is done USA wide. Nice people that aren’t pricks get information very easy. Assholes don’t get shit. It’s reality. You can try to push all you want but you will also get pushed back. Nice people get nice things. Assholes don’t get shit and get fun in circles.

  19. Goodrich’s email was typed by email using a Droid. Undoubtedly typed while he was driving and enjoying an Ultimate Whopper, on the new Droid Exclude-a new handheld device featuring a sleek, polished Obsidian body, with as laser etched Walrus Tusk Qwerty keyboard. And of course the Manatee pelt carrying case available as an accessory.Only available by application-requirement of a minimum income of 120K per year.

    1. Yep. I’m the nutmeg queen. 🙂

      I have to laugh now that I noticed my typo. Givernment! Kinda fits…..

  20. Reality Is :
    Weed. We just raided the dispensaries.

    FPD needs to raise $$$$ so RAMOS won’t give them up for a deal. The weed will be back on the streets of Foolerton courtesy of the FPD. ENJOY.

  21. 50 Reasons to Abolish The Cops!

    I just found this and not sure if it’s been posted already. The author admits it is still under construction and needs polishing. Here are some of the reasons on the list:

    3. COPS ARE MILITARIZED Flat tops, sunglasses, body armor, hand guns, shot guns, rifles, pepper spray, tazers and tanks. Cops are more worried about how to get the next weapon against us then they are about protecting anyone. They refer to us as “civilians” as if we are in a war zone.

    4. WE ARE THEIR ENEMIES Cops are trained to treat all people as a threat. In their eyes that makes us their enemy.

    11. Cops operate the same as street gangs or the mafia with their blue codes of silence, cover ups, corruption, intimidation, threats, violence, kidnapping, constant abuse and fear. How can we expect to ever be free when we are constantly in fear?

    12. Cops are worse than street gangs or the mafia as they have prosecutors and judges to back them up and juries are routinely and easily manipulated into siding with cops who they already preconceive as heroes, especially since 9/11.

    13. There are no good cops. It is not just a few bad apples. Power corrupts and that is just a fact. Those who crave power over others gravitate towards being a cop. Every bully, control freak and abusive sociopath applies to be a cop. The fact that they cover up each other’s crimes makes them all bad. Just because a cop is nice does not make him good. Mafia members are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, until you don’t do what they tell you to do.

    18. When cops commit a crime, they get paid vacations. We commit a crime we get beaten, tazered, chained, kidnapped and dragged off to a cage where 1 in 20 prisoners are raped and where drugs, assaults and murder are common.

    23. Every time a cop hurts someone and they get a paid vacation, their fellow gangsters with badges circle the wagons and come to their defense. “He followed procedures.” No matter how bad they have hurt someone or even killed an unarmed person, their chief/sheriff stand behind them and their “procedures.”

    24. Cops do not think for themselves. They take orders. Plead with a cop to do what is right and all you will hear is ”I have no choice.” or “Tell it to the judge.” Their mentality is to lock up anyone they can and let the system sort it out.

    33. Bullies become cops, not the bullied. It is those who crave power over others that are drawn to positions of power and more so to positions of violent power. It is the bullied that lash out violently. It is the subjugated that load up and carry out school shootings and fly their planes into government buildings. It is the bullies that drive them to it. If you raise a society with violence and fear, you create a violent society. Those who do not stand their ground are broken and bow down to any cops’ orders no matter how wrong they are. These same broken willed people will warn others that they too must “respect” and comply as if it is the right thing to do.

    34. Cops are trained to treat us like we are all dangerous. They are even told that they must treat elderly women in wheelchairs as if they have a gun and want to kill them. This makes us all enemies to them. To automatically be treated like this is to be demeaned and abused verbally which in many cases leads to provoking people into defending themselves and then the cops to treat this reaction as an attack. It is the people who lose every time. They must either take the abuse or be chained and caged, beaten, electrocuted or shot.

    42. Why do people believe we need armed thugs to protect us from armed thugs? That makes no sense. If you are scared of people having violent power over you you do not create a position of violent power over you. You are just authorizing what you fear.

    44. Corruption is unavoidable. Power corrupts and violent power corrupts absolutely. Cops are above the law and if you have enough money you can be too. Cops are paid off all the time. They steal from drug dealers and accept bribes from the rest. They even accept money right out in the open when they accept salaried positions as security for known high profile criminals.

    50. Enough is enough! We are tired of living in fear and having our rights violated by these bullies with badges! We believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility and will defend ourselves!

    52. (will consolidate with 6) Cops hide and tax (fines/tickets/citations). They sit and wait outside bars and more often restaurants. if someone does not make a full and complete stop they pull them over and hope they get to charge them with DUI for having a couple drinks with dinner. Even though they are fine to drive it doesn’t matter.

    NOTE: “Anyone who defends the cops is or was a cop, has a family member that is or was a cop, has unfounded fears that society would crumble without the cops, makes money from the existence of cops or is scared of guns and would rather believe the myth that cops keep us safe to avoid personal responsibility.”

    More than 50 obviously. And some are repetitive. Otherwise a good list.

  22. We are All One: Wow! If you don’t commit crimes or break the law then you have nothing to fear from the cops.

    Morality cannot be legislated, therefore, we have to have laws to protect us from immorality. From the criminals that do break the law.

    I have been stopped by cops a few times and each time I deserved it. If I had not been speeding or the like, I would not have been stopped. SIMPLE!

    1. “If you don’t commit crimes or break the law then you have nothing to fear from the cops.”

      I have only two words to say to refute your bullshit: Kelly Thomas.

    2. “Wow! If you don’t commit crimes or break the law then you have nothing to fear from the cops. ”

      Oh really? Tell that to Veth Mam, Edward Quinonez, Emmanuel Martinez, and Kelly Thomas.

      Try reading before you write. Also try thinking. It might be tough at first but after a few years you’ll get used to it and possibly even enjoy it.

  23. Fullerton Sgt. Andrew Goodrich is pratically incompetent, lousy liar, and fat politican in blue uniform with cop union behind him
    Fullerton city officials, politicans, and even police chief fear him. Nobody wants to get to his ugly side and you will get burn. Never underestimate Sgt. Andrew.
    Take a closer look at high salary, generous pension, and huge benefits….You are paying more than $200,000/year for this piece of shit that cause so much corruption and pain in the process.

  24. Goodrich will be on the stand in the Federal trial for civil rights violations… his lies and half truths will be his undoing…..

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