Sex and The Liberal OC

Claudio is a little fuzzy on the facts of life.

A few months ago at the NUFF blogger’s forum I was confronted by a near-hysterical guy babbling about anchor babies and who knows what else. I didn’t know who he was or what he was talking about. He was almost in tears.

Turns out he is a slightly unstable fellow called Claudio Gallegos – a Liberal OC blogger who was making stuff up about what he thought he saw on our blog.

Yesterday this odd fellow did a post on the same Adam Townsend article about “The Naughty Teddy” that we posted about.

Of course this Gallegos loon tried to blame Shawn Nelson for being behind the City’s effort to investigate this business even though the Townsend article said nothing about Nelson. He used Townsend’s article to claim that FFFF was collectively harassing the enterprising ladies who operate this store. Another casual lie of the sort that drives the Liberal OC engine.

Did poor Claudio bother to read the original post? If he had he would have seen that it was one person’s opinion and that many of our bloggers and regular commenters were okay with the use. And he would have realized that the gist of the post was an ironic condemnation of 40 years of Redevelopment failure in downtown Fullerton – as conceived by Redevelopment standards themselves! Of course all this presupposes a basic intellectual honesty from this guy, which of course would be a contradiction in terms. He linked to the Desert Rat’s post from yesterday, but not the original post. How dreary.

OC Liberal readers were offered a 20% discount on store merchandise, and I think that’s just great. Now Dan and Chris and Claudio know where they can do their early Christmas shopping.

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  1. The entire topic is completely stupid. That is, the fact that anyone, me included, is wasting bits talking about the Naughty Teddy.

    1. The topic is only stupid if you insist on missing the key point: Redevelopment failure. I don’t give a damn about a stupid underwear/sex toy store.

      I’m going to do a separate post to drive home the real issue.

  2. “Turns out he is a slightly unstable fellow ,,,”

    What’s that saying about the pot and the kettle?

  3. While, I lean decidedly left on many issues, I can’t help but admire (and agree with) the Friends on community issues.

    It is the passion, fevor and TRUE CONCERN for our your comunity that quashed Linda Akerwoman, Elected Shawn Nelson, and SCREAMS out about irresponsible government.

    Meanwhile at the LOC, you have a guy who lives in LA County as it’s main blogger, another guy who writes more often on Red County than he does on his own blog and Claudio, who for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the dude is writing about.

    Concern for ones community is the mark of character, cleary the FFFF hold that principle in high regard, althewhile, the LOC writes about domain name disputes and Girls basketball scores.


  4. The FibOC boys have already made purchases for Tony, Sippy and Travis; word is each of them get the biggest butt plug the store sells and all they have to do is go pick them up.

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