FFFF Quadruple Repeat: Sad. Pathetic. Embarrassing.

Aw, what a cutie pie. Picked out your prom dress yet?

You know, this post is just too good not to keep sharing with the Friends.

It appears that carpetbagging Precious Princess stopped making her ludicrous “Lorri in 4th gear” videos after the first one bombed so spectacularly.

Too bad. The spectacle of a 57 year-old woman doing her little dress-up teenybopper routine really is priceless.

The Desert Rat

Hardly anymore introduction is necessary. This clueless airhead wants to be a County Supervisor. True, the bar has been set pretty low in the past. But this is ridiculous. I’d rather vote for her little dog “Bella.” Too bad Bella is a carpetbagger, also.

Last summer we thought her “cute shoes” comment was indicative of a frivolous, unlikely candidacy. Now we know better. Oh, and by the way – shame on Anaheim for electing this idiot to their city council.

Enjoy, if you can keep your last meal down.

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  1. What is it with these females and their lame “I’m just a cute little girl” routine. Keller does the same damn thing. it’s really pretty annoying.

    I love the shot of her “home.” It looks like a house staged for a real estate sale. Which it probably is.

    1. Galloway suffers from a condition that afflicts many women – not only a mania to appear younger – much younger, in fact – than she actually is, but to revel in a weird, stubbornly determined female teenage mindset.

      And you are correct about that residence stocked with a twenty year old sofa from the Eli Home Thrift Store.

      This is a toxic combination of delusion, ambition, and outright stupidity at work here. Why does this remind me of harry Sidhu who suffers his own delusions of grandeur? And both on the same city council!

      Run. As fast as you can. More of this drivel is coming.

  2. And with a straight face…say policy wonk…is this fool serious? A very sad commentary on those Anaheim voters who elected her to office. Sad

    1. Gustavo, from what I’ve seen, the answer is yes. But she has generally taken to keeping her mouth closed altogether – an excellent quality in a politician. Whether this is through wisdom or diffidence isn’t clear.

      Feminine pulchritude (real or imagined) may be correlated to the teenybopper ditz routine, but is not de riguer. Jan Flory used to try it upon occasion with really lamentable results.

    2. Yes and no Gus. Sharon has a bad habit of voting on things, learning the facts, and then wanting to overturn or re-do her vote. It’s kind of ditzy to not get the facts first and vote second. With that said, quirk is far better than

      She really is on the Anaheim City Council?

  3. Since it’s a YouTube video, don’t forget that you can click through to rate her video and leave your comments — I made sure to do both!

  4. Wow! So much for intelligence being the reason to vote for her. Sounds like she is going to go to the next room and have a tea party with her dolls.

    What an embarrassment.

    1. “Sounds like she is going to go to the next room and have a tea party with her dolls.”

      LOL. I wonder if she’ll be touring the 4th with the stuffed animals from her bed.

  5. Holy shit how did you get an actress thats strikingly similar to a canidate to do this spoof?

    For certain NO REAL canidate for office would appear like this. Jesus I hope not.

  6. “Oh, and by the way – shame on Anaheim for electing this idiot to their city council.”


    And shame on Fullerton for electing the idiots Bankhead, Keller and Jones.

  7. Lori..hunny, I am sorry to say..your dog is dead..or stuffed at the very least and if it is indeed alive, it doesn’t like you bothering its nap..so put the doggie down and leave it be. Seriously, if I saw this on UTube I would expect her to start taking off her clothes after that cute little intro and have some sexy fun with her “guests”…sex sells but it only sells sex..little girl sexy sells to perverts…get real little girl.

  8. Is there anything-scatological left to say about this performance? How many times can one soil themselves on camera?

    I can’t wait for the other liberal village idiot, Rose Espinoza, show a video of the re-enactment of her dog biting the face of a little girl that was attending Rosie’s award winning “Rosie’s Garage.” and telling us how she learned from the “experience.”

    Galloway, good lord. Daly, can you spell “Union Ass Monkey.” Sidu, “MajicCarpetBagger.” Rosie, it takes a village idiot. LOL. Oh Lord I need a drink. Its off to the slide bar to order table bottle service, so I can hear the squeal of Dr. Jones…”ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  9. for kicks i posted questions about her residency that i wanted answered in her next video. there were other questions from other viewers. not surorising to see that all comments are deleted.


    campaign donations from taormina?

    block grants funds from the city to eli home?

    your votes on taormina advocated contracts with the city?

    all open questions

    is your calendar blank like keller?

    the twin dimwitted nitwits–galloway and keller

  10. The second terrifying installment of Lorri’s YouTube Adventure is on the Web. As before, a strong stomach is advised. Some thoughts:

    — The density of the “men on the street” that appear in the video do a lot to explain how it was that Lorri was ever elected to something in the first place;
    — Is someone producing these pro bono for credit in their “How To Use Your Video Camera With Windows Movie Maker” adult-education class?
    — Lorri really needs to learn how to focus on the camera, rather than on her cue cards that are slightly off to one side of the camera.

    1. Biff, I’ve already got it written up. But I figured one post on the airhead per day is all the Friends can take.

      I think you’ll enjoy my pithy observations.

  11. Too bad she stopped making these awful videos. There was supposed to be a new one each week.

    The two she made were instant classics!

  12. I love the furniture in her “home.” Nothing says fake political address like furniture from the Eli Home Thrift Store.

  13. Yikes! 57? She’s five years older than my mom. So what’s with the little girlie routine?

  14. The cutesy eyelash routine will lose effectiveness as one approaches 60 years of age. If Galloway doesn’t win something here, it’s the end of the line for her.

  15. Wow, she’s even older than that crappy thrift store furniture in her fake “home.”

    1. I think you meant to say “dyed.”

      I was wondering where the gray went for a while but I think it’s back.

  16. There are so many women in history, who have dealt the goods in a respectable, serious tone.
    Shirley Chisholm
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Olympia Snowe
    Marian Wright Edelman
    Barbara Jordan
    Condeleeza Rice
    Kay Baily Hutchison
    These are women to be honored. At no point did they ever bat an eyelash or introduced us to their dog.

  17. I don’t understand what’s wrong with the rest of you, but I’d *love* to have Lorri “in charge” of me, if you know what I mean!

    It must be those red pantsuits — rowrrrrrr! Move over, Bella, mommy’s got a new lapdog now …

  18. Dan Dan Dan, will you please take little missy Lorri and keep her out of politics?
    Seriously, she is lucky enough to have good genes and maybe even a little help here and there.. cannot blame a gal for trying..it is the cutsie personality that is more deceiving.. Dan, she would tear you to shreds if you let her.. or so I hear…grrrrrr ..down tiger..

  19. iam here boys and girls. my pimp chissy prevatt is flacking around for votes for bella thedog….However my major effort is to get my pally lorrie elected to the 4th SD of know nothing criminal defense attorney seanny nelson….i suggest that you read our many posting about his quals that I have written with the assistance of my pal gruppen fuerher matty cunningham. we are going to win…
    Dan aka the polish peashooter and picklesucker par excellance ” Chmeowlewinsky……and didnt you readers know that both gruppenfueher Matty Cunningham and I both love blue….check out our pictures from the Nutt festival in Fullerton from several weeksago when my pal Claudio had a case of blue beach marbles that hurt like hell

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