Quirk Screws Silva; La Plus Ca Change…

It happened. As predicted. At the behest of the repuglican puppetmasters that helped put him on the Fullerton City Council, ex-police Chief and $215,000 a year pension puller-downer Pat McKinley bypassed Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva for Mayor Pro Tem. Instead Fullerton’s former top cop and election winner by 90 votes went with the feeble octogenarian, Don Bankhead. Gotta keep that winning team intact, right?

Well, goddamit, the ‘pugs weren’t the only people who helped put McKinley on the council. They had help. As noted previously, many of the the Yellowing Fullerton Observers went for McKinley, too, including folks like Molly McClanahan, Jan Flory and….wait for it…Sharon Quirk-Silva! It cost Doug Chaffee the election.

Two years ago these same people helped put the cracker back in the cracker barrel.

Say, guys, hows that strategy working out for ya?

16 Replies to “Quirk Screws Silva; La Plus Ca Change…”

  1. Why are the Fullerton boohoos so freaking stupid. Every time they get played by the midget and his dopey minions.

    And as Heehaw would say, that’s baaaaaad!

    1. Fullerton’s retired police chief Patrick Mckinley asked Sharon Quirk-Sylva for an endorsement and then kick Quirk-Sylva in the face.

  2. Rudy, you have no idea. This has been going on since 1980.

    Why are the lefties so dumb? I honestly can’t explain it. Public education?

    All I know is that you are ruled by a goofy, big-government triumverate of boneheads and God help you all. I’m glad I got out.

  3. Sweet, iridescent, glow-in-the-dark Baby Jebus: Mayor HeeHaw and Mayor Pro Tem Blankhead!

    It’s a democacy and you get the representation you deserve!

    Next time you see my former mistress be sure to ask her what she thinks of her new councilmember!

  4. Damn! Promote an old man and demote an old man.

    Hell, even a good number of “Grumpier Old Men” wouldn’t pull that crap!

  5. Is there an historian in the house?

    I noticed a bit of ‘fireworks’ last night over this rotation business (for Pro tem) starting with Councilperson Quirk-Silva admonishing (my opinion) the rest of the council regarding ‘integrity’; apparently related to Mayor Pro tem rotation. Councilman Bankhead then retorted with a history of the rotation ‘controversy’.

    Can someone provide a fact based explanation of what happened to get us to this point?

    If I understood the conversation apparently the traditional rotation agreement was not adhered to sometime in the recent past so the selection of major and pro tem got, uh, ‘complicated’.

    Who knows ‘the rest of the story’?

    1. As has been pointed out on another thread, the issue of rotation per Policy #37 was satisfied last night. The policy makes no mention of Mayor Pro Tem, but only “second position.” Second position in Fullerton has traditionally meant Mayor Pro Tem, but this is not explicit in the policy.

      The real point is that in the spirit of Policy 37 it was Q-S’s turn to be worked back into the rotation.

      Unless somebody croaks Q-S will not be Mayor next year, either. The ‘pugs will see to that.

  6. I heard that Pam Keller read aloud an entire chapter from “The Cat in the Hat” as part of her farewell speech. Is that true?

  7. Hey, the Pugs have to make sure one of their own is in charge when Jones goes on cruises or the hospital. I guess they think there is one healthy guy between the two of them.

    Anyone think Sharon Q-S has learned her lesson?

  8. Oh, and Giddyupp! We’re in for a wild ride with Boss Hogg in charge. You won’t even have to write any stories anymore, just runs video of what he says every meeting.

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