“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” Got Lost in Sidhu’s Bermuda Triangle

Harry Sidhu likes to blather on about jobs, jobs, jobs, but maybe he would be well-advised to remember that government shouldn’t be in the jobs business and that lots of things government does destroys jobs. Sidhu should know.

In Anaheim he’s been Curt Pringle’s right hand man in the (over development) of the much lauded, now ghost town like “Platinum Triangle.”

Pringle, Sidhu and Company changed the zoning to benefit the big developer who comes in and clears out lots of businesses who employ people in order to over build monster apartment and condo blocks. Where’s the outrage from Lucy Dunn and the OCBC when their golden boy Curt Pringle led this charge?¬† Who benefited from the loss of jobs, surely not the city of Anaheim.

The fact that Curt Pringle was employed as a lobbyist for Lennar while Lennar was buying up several industrial buildings in the Triangle while Curt and Sidhu were secretly planning to rezone the “Platinum Triangle” does not sit well now that the entire project is a flop, jobs are gone and the property is vacant, or a shit-load of condos are in default. Where’s the outrage Ms. Dunn? Can’t hear you.

If there ever was an example of what not to do in planning and business this is the model project for it.

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  1. Plenty of jobs were created…..City inspectors to watch after the wood fences, landscape and irrigation to hide the Lennar Ghosttown. Also, jobs at the Unemployment office where plenty of hard working people ended up when the industrial buildings were cruntched for the all important A-Town. Let’s not forget the consulting jobs for the new train station to support this eminent A-Town development.
    Certainly City planners to brain-storm on how the world will be better with the A-Town. All these jobs cost taxpayers money!
    By the way, PSG stands for the Anaheim triad of Pringle-Sidhu-Galloway. A gift fron the electoral team of the mayor and his friends.

  2. Thank God that the 4th District has FFFF to bring attention to this type of gross government abuse. Too bad Anaheim doesn’t have any citizens that care enough about their city to expose their charlatan politicians and the self serving bureaucrats. FFFF will never let this bullshit happen in Fullerton. Finally there are some people who have the guts, balls and power to put the brakes on Redevelopment land grabs and the planning and zoning policies that only benefit public employees . Death to Big Government!
    Long live FFFF!

  3. Interesting post Friends.

    By coincidence I spent this past week ALL OVER Anaheim, from the Ball park, to the theme park, to the secret italian joint Lasorda raves about. ALL OVER.

    My tour was’nt limited to Colony’s neighborhood, nor was it “ghetto-centric”, I talked to business owners and residents alike about thier city. Never mentioning a canidate, politics, all very casual.

    A BLIND MAN could paint a picture of a poorly run city. From the debacle at Garden Walk to the Peruvian hookers outside Northgate, it seems like a city with no leadership.

    I can only assume that this is what the “MAYOR – PRO TEM” will bring to the BOS.

    -As an aside, one can easily imaine how this happens when you live in a place with an avairy, and most residents live in one.

  4. Well put. Big Loser Lucy is a worthless Chamber of Commerce hack and a failed lawyer. How apt that her OCBC also was chosen to “audit” the OCTA — whose Board the Curt one sits upon — of course, they found it spotless. Big Lucy’s all gaga about ARTIC too, and the chances of that POS getting built are as good as Pringle holding another office.

    1. You got it! With all of the Council’s insistence on building new housing projects for the working poor, doesn’t it make more sense to help the working poor to become educated, and get better jobs, so that we no longer have to pay to house them? There is something I could put support into. Instead, there is yet another high density subsidized housing project on the Agenda for Tuesday night at Anaheim City Council.
      Meanwhile, the Platinum Triangle remains “land banked” not only due to the economy, but waiting review of the HSR system that stands to boost property values in the area if ARTIC gets built. But of course I am sure that is merely a coincidence.

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