Is Sidhu Telling The Truth (Yet)?

My forte is running for office. That's where I really shine.

So far as we can tell, no. He has already committed perjury twice in his attempt to carpetbag the 4th Supervisorial District where he doesn’t live. We have filed a complaint with the DA.

Okay. So honesty is not Sidhu’s strong suit (whatever that may be still escapes me). So when a Friend from Anaheim sent along a recent Sidhu mailer, I really wasn’t too surprised by one incredible statement. According to Hide ‘N Seek, he claims:

“I have never voted to increase fees or expand the reach of government

Now Sidhu has been on the Anaheim City Council for almost six years. Is he really going to ask us to believe that in this time he has opposed all of the myriad fees that are chronically and habitually passed by city councils? Things like utility rates, park fees on developers, parks and rec charges, permit fees on builders. even the fees to make copies of documents, etc., etc., etc.? And how about on other boards on which he serves as by virtue of being  a city councilman? He states positively that he has never voted for a single one – for almost six years.

Anybody wanna bet?

You know what Harry? I think that’s another lie we can chalk up to you – as fraudulent as your so-called registration at the dismal Calabria Apartments.

Shall we start the investigation?

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  1. I hear ya, Peabody. Those guys vote on fee increases all the time. And he never voted for one? Yeah right.

    That’s one of those things you just throw out there because you don’t think anybody will take the time to check up on you, or even more likely, you don’t care if they do.

  2. Remember “Jobs, jobs, jobs”? That “jobs” fair was put on by the city funded Chamber of Horrors where Harry passed out applications for Pollo Loco. Lie, deception, scam, all inclusive.

  3. I really think this assclown is a pathological liar – one of those people who just lies for the hell of it.

  4. Harry Sidhu has pushed for a tremendous increase in the reach of goverment, and I have the video. Stay tuned.

  5. Its time Harry Answer a simple yes or no question. Did you live at the Calabria apartments when you signed your voter registration there under penalty of perjury? Yes or no?

  6. Petty item, but look at the paragraph above the one you refer to. “Job loses”…now I have been known to let a typo through in a quick blog post, but you would think someone paying big bucks for professional wordsmiths could catch something that basic. That is a pricey mailing to not hit spellcheck.

  7. #9, Yeah, it’s funny how these campaign consultants are so slack.

    That mailer was nothing but cliches with not a single instance of real accomplishment. I wonder why not.

    P.S. – I’m the one who sent it to FFFF.

  8. Good catch, CR!

    Of course the ad piece may have been printed in India where English is definitely not the primary language.

    Regardless, sloppy work signifies sloppy oversight.

    Maybe the word “loses” was a Freudian slip about Harry’s current run for office?

  9. Just another one of Harry Sidhu’s UNETHICAL SCAMS. It’s as if the rules don’t apply to him!

    Harry is caught lying, Carpetbagging, Committing perjury on government documents to run for election, Using other elected official’s titles in their own cities on campaign signs…and we still have 2 months to go.

    HAHAHA, What a joke!

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