Hey, What Gives, Pam?

This picture of our esteemed City Council done by some kid was recently featured on The Fullerton Observer’s “April Fool’s” back page. There was some sort of attempt at a joke that I didn’t get – probably because the Yellowing Observers are not known for their senses of humor. If you read the stuff you’ll see what I mean.

What I really don’t get is how come of all the council members, Pam Keller’s head appears to be photo-shopped on to this picture from a real photo. You can even see the stitching at the neck.

There’s a story behind this pic. Anybody know what it is? Now I’m really curious to see the original picture to see how the artist captured our Pam.

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  1. You can’t see Hee Haw’s hand and Quirk has an odd look on her face. I bet Doc’s doing some groping!

  2. There must be a story behind that image. You’re right JFD. How did a real photo of Keller’s head get stuck on that cartoon?

    And why is Bankhead drunk as a skunk.

    And what happened to Nelson’s expanding waistline?

  3. It could be a worse picture of bipolar skank standing barefoot in front of her bus home with a lice epidemic exploding from her head and WIC coupons dangling from her fingers.

  4. Amazing! A story about Fullerton! Not the usual petty ass score settling with the same four people. What are the odds?

    There’s hope for this blog yet. Now here comes some infantile rant fro
    Joe Assclown!

    1. Hey idiot, what affects OC probably affect Fullerton. Stay tuned you might learn something. Even Assclown Sidhu might learn something.

      1. Hey Joe Assclown — the sun affects Fullerton. How about daily reports on sunspot activity. You’re a such a huge shithead.

          1. No, Joe, I’m guessing it’s not Billy but it might be that Claudio “Big Audio, No Bite” Gallegos kid, or maybe even a Pammette. They sound so agitated that it could even be that Ol’ Doc Hee Haw… Time to run the trace!

  5. This photo depicts 5 of the most useless people in Fullerton!! The cartoon like faces represents the facade of their true intentions. April Fools????? More like the City of Fullerton is foolish for allowing these morons to continue to “serve the public”. Ridiculous!!!

  6. OMG!, I think this is a painting done by editor/artist Sharon Kennedy. This is pathetic.

  7. That must have been done by a kid. But why did the Observer photoshop Keller’s picture on it?

  8. no, Art, again, read the caption in the Fullerton Observer under this drawing. first, it is on the April fool’s page. The wording intentionally gives the wrong impression that this drawing was done by kids for the Fullerton Library. the second sentence doesn’t claim this drawing was done by kid.

  9. A little late here, but I did find out that it IS in fact a painting by Sharon Kennedy that was done when Leland was still in office. She dropped in an image of Pam in Leland’s place. Not sure why anybody would care…

    1. Why was Leland Wilson wearing a dress and stockings?

      Anyway, if you are right we now know why Kennedy failed as an artist. I really believed that picture was done by a little kid.

  10. but what is art? who is anyone to say whether this painting is crude or a masterpiece. art is like a bowl if ice cream, it is sooo subjective

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