Fullerton “Tea Party” Draws Small But Energetic Crowd

Several hundred people showed up for an “paycheck protection” rally yesterday behind the Slidebar in Fullerton’s Transportation Center. The small but enthusiastic crowd got to hear from several state and local political leaders including Fullerton’s pension spiking spoiler Shawn Nelson, pension crisis watchdog OC Supervisor John Moorlach, Assemblyman Chris Norby, Assemblyman Chuck Devore, gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and a very energetic Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly.

The event was sponsored by the Tea Partiers, but the focus was to those in attendance to go out and gather signatures for the paycheck protection initiative that would protect union employees from the union automatically taking dues from the paychecks of their members and use the money to fund political campaigns that might be distasteful the members..

DeVore, who is running to unseat Senator Barbara Boxer, read from old Abe’s famous “four score and seven years ago” speech and then related that to the current cycle of of money and politics that has pushed California and many local governments to the brink of fiscal collapse.

Devore explained the deal works:

  1. Public employee unions take money from their members without consent.
  2. The union then donates money to politicians of both parties.
  3. These politicians enact a pro-union agenda which generally entails richer salaries and benefits and more union members.  The unions increase in wealth and power all at taxpayer expense.

The funnest part of the event was confronting a Harry “Carpetbagging” Sidhu paid staffer who was handing out Harry fliers. I asked him if he knew where Harry lived, at first he gave me a line of baloney about how carpetbagging is a good thing and then admitted that he knows all about carpetbaggers because he worked on Ackerwoman’s scampaign, and that Harry’s probably going to lose, but he needed a job and Harry has deep pockets.

Enjoy some of the highlights of the event:

7 Replies to “Fullerton “Tea Party” Draws Small But Energetic Crowd”

  1. By the force! I had NO idea how incredibly dull Devore was. I almost fell asleep listening to the nerd drone on and on…

  2. Ditto on Devore. Man I support the guy but he needs lessons on how to speak with excitement. No one wants to hear Four Score and Forty years ago.

  3. These men and women are beating the wrong drum. Politicains who tap into unions tap into a gold mine. (SEIU is a disgrace, not a union. )There are credible unions whose members see the excesses within union leadership and are struggling to reform it from inside out with some success. With the help of like-minded politicians, reform may occur if union members step away from its dinosaur leadership and connect with political leaders who know a money tree never existed and the money pit only gets deeper.

  4. Is that Jon Dumitru big bald head. Is he trying to convince voters he is qualified to run for the Clerk Recorder office.

    He is just looking for a job. I’m tired of politicians just running for an office thinking the are qualified but are not.

    The only person qualified is Renee Ramirez. She help me get a marriage certificate at the satelite office in Fullerton and she was very friendly and helpful.

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