Fullerton Collaborative’s Bogus Contract Is Up For Renewal TONIGHT

So what ever happened to the Fullerton Collaborative? You remember… Pam Keller’s non-profit with the curiously convoluted contract with the Fullerton School District that provides payment to herself , all of those nice government benefits but none of that pesky accountability.

Keller is attempting to renew her contract with the school district at the board meeting tomorrow night. The contract allows her to work as a private organization with little oversight while still collecting all the pension and benefits of a school teacher.

Anyone who takes issue with the school district acting as a financial conduit for the shenanigans of a well-connected liberal activist should show up and be heard. If you’d like to review the myriad of conflicts and liabilities that this arrangement provides, start with the Pam Keller Recap and continue to the Fullerton Collaborative archives.

The meeting is Tuesday, July 20th at 5:30PM at the district board room. The Collaborative giveaway is listed as item 2c on the agenda.  Plenty of our Friends will be there!

7 Replies to “Fullerton Collaborative’s Bogus Contract Is Up For Renewal TONIGHT”

  1. Without respect to whether the Director is liberal or not, let’s hope that the board understands that this type of a setup just represents an unnecessary and messy arrangement which all government entities should stay far, far away from.

    1. Actually, the Board likes messy and unnecessary arrangements. That’s what got them elected in the first place. I just wonder why Ed Royce keeps supporting idiots like Sugarman and Ballard. Is is just because they give him money?

  2. keller needs to earn her pay by returning to the classroom. It is our tax dollars that flows into public schools and fullerton school district thumbs its nose at us hard-working taxpayers when it continues to pay this woman’s salary for doing nothing.
    If the fullerton collaborative wants to form an idyllic city , then it needs to volunteer its personal resources instead of digging into our wallets.

  3. Hmm, a showdown!

    With all that money that the school district spends teaching our children how to youtoob themselves, you think they’d be able to figure out how to broadcast the board meetings on the internet.

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