Fullerton City Council Violates Own Policy

On Tuesday the Fullerton City Council split from its own policy and procedures when it appointed Paul Webb to the OC Vector Board – to replace the ever- increasingly brittle Dick Jones.

The City Council’s policy has been to publicly advertise when a position is open for a committee or a commission. In this case, it should have either gone to Pam Keller who wanted to serve on the Vector Board or it should have been selected through an open and competitive interview process. Bankhead, Jones, and Nelson gave the job to Webb after an obvious behind-the-scenes arrangement. Once the obvious fix was in then Keller and Quirk went along for the ride. No bueno!

Anyway just for fun, listen to Paul Webb’s loopy statement about why he doesn’t have a conflict, and decide for yourselves if this is someone you think should represent Fullerton on a County board.

16 Replies to “Fullerton City Council Violates Own Policy”

  1. I suppose it was all very spur of the moment… No back room deal here…

    Dun Bunkhead: “The room behind our council chamber isn’t a BACK room; that’s our FRONT room. We do some of our craftiest work there.”

  2. He does “whatever the client asks”??? Really?!?! Maybe we could hire him… Never mind. Wrong kind of “pest control” I think.

  3. I haven’t seen the entire meeting archive. Did he just happen to attend that meeting or was his presence requested?

  4. Keller was going to take the appointment until this guy stepped up to the mic. It was a lose/lose situation.

  5. But he has passion for it. He even said so twice. The VCB isn’t a committee or commission of the City of Fullerton. Does the same policy apply?

  6. As I recall, don’t we have a non-council member serving on the MWD? I think it is somewhat normal, although it is hard for the constituents to hold those elected accountable for the actions of their appointed.

  7. Where is the city attorney on this. Sounds like a clear conflect of intrest to me or at least somewhat questionable. Also I agree where was the selection process.

  8. #13 its your lucky day, free advise. At the bar, where else.The only conflict is whether a olive or onion in his martini. Decisions, decisions

  9. How is this not a conflict of interest???? Isnt Paul Webb a pest control operator. since he is, how can he sit on the VC Board and impartially vote on what pest control measures the public entity should do and and what he as a private operator should do??? Come on Fullerton City Council, do some research.

  10. Isnt this the same Paul Webb who was on the Vector Control Board some years ago and voted increase our property tax to control fire ants, then gave sub-contracts to all his pest control buddies for fire ant control. BTW no other county in the State spends tax payer money on fire ant control.

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