Fleischman Puts ‘Pug in Repuglican

That's gonna hurt in the morning...

You remember a fellow named Jon Fleischman, don’t you? Well, of course you do. He starred in the now historic 2007 holiday visit video to Dick Ackerman at the latter’s house inside a “secret, gated community” in Irvine.

I still owe Fleischberg for that. Heh heh.

An alert Friend just forwarded a post that was published on the completely hackish blog-for-sale, The Flash Report, of which Fleischman is proprietor. It’s a rousing condemnation of the practice of bogus non-profit, public benefit corporations staging legislative love-ins at plush resorts on Hawaiian islands. The things are bought and paid for by lobbyists who get to corner state legislators at fraudulent “conferences” that are nothing more than schmooze fests, golf and cocktails on the veranda. The Sac Bee gives more info on the latest scams, here. At the end you’ll read about “The Pacific Policy Research Foundation” that just perpetrated its annual scam on Kauai.

Sound familiar? It should.

Oh, no. Not me again.

We reported about the scam over a year ago, here. And the biggest offender of course was the hideous Linda Ackerwoman, bogus 72 AD candidate, who participated in the sham front known as the Pacific Policy Research Foundation that got her and husband, Dick Ackerman, annual junkets to Hawaii. And of course Ackerwoman was an officer of the bogus “charity.”

And to close the circle we have to recall that Fleischman was a big Ackerwoman cheerleader. Ackerwoman. No record, no accomplishment, no residence, no sale. What a difference a year makes.

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  1. Lets step back a minute and accept thast this site believes what it says and says what it believes. “It’s never too late to be smart” is a great motto and in this case I agree.

    Fleischman deserved all the excrement he got from this site for backing the carpetbagger Ackerwoman but lets recognize smart when we see it. If he is calling out all these organizations for being the shams that they are so be it. I say way to go John. Lets see more of it. After all, it’s never too late to be smart.

    1. True, enough. But do you’ll notice he didn’t mention a single name in his post. How about real candor from Jon Boy?

      Most likely he had no idea of the strings leading back to one of his own puppeteers. Otherwise he never would have taken what he thought was a free shot with no repercussions.

    2. Read Fleischman’s post carefully. The harshest criticism he can muster is that the events portray “insensitivity and tone deafness to participating in such events at this time.”

      AT THIS TIME? How about all the time, you dirty ‘pug!

  2. Adam Probolsky went to Cuba a few years ago on one of these junkets. He was seen there hanging out with Jose Solorio. Will Jon condemn his pal Adam?

  3. Remember how fast that video disappeared after FFFF posted it?

    I wonder if Fleischman will be getting a call from former State Senator and OC Fair Swindler Dick Ackerman. If so, I sure hope the Whie Van is in the vicinity.

  4. Yeah, didn’t you guys make a copy of that video? I was looking for it recently, when I was writing on the OJ about my unpleasant run-in with Fleischman at the Costa Mesa Council Meeting.

    I couldn’t believe that video wasn’t satire at first. From the way they were talking – I didn’t know what a kiss-ass Fleischman was – I thought they were on the way to harass Ackerman for some kind of RINO misdeed, and make fun of him for living in a supposed “secret gated community,”

    And gradually with horror you realize how worshipful it all is, that Fleischman is boasting of being in the loop enough to know where Dick lives, and they really do just want to stand next to him and have him say Merry Christmas to all the Flash Report readers. It was amazing and stomach-turning.

    Where is it?

  5. Don’t forget this slug was swimming in gravy as an apologist for the crooked Carona regime.

    Shameful. He ought to just keep his fat mouth shut.

  6. In an ironic sort of way, this is Jon’s way of letting everyone know he really isn’t that important and that no one who is important cares what he thinks.

  7. The mere fact that he pal’s around with a guy who thinks it’s OK to butt fuck little boys and girls, as long as they wear a collar (JUBAL), tells me everything I need to know about this “Law and Order Republican.

    When will people open their eyes to these assholes?

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