FFFF Welcomes “Inside Fullerton” to the Blog Roll

What’s going on tonight in Fullerton? I have no idea. But these guys do:


Inside Fullerton is a new website that posts the latest happenings in Fullerton’s restaurants, bars, shops, theaters and everywhere else you can think of.

The site seems to update once or twice a day. That’s quite a lot of work. In fact, there’s only one other Fullerton site that can pull that off, and it’s us!

Welcome to the world wide web, Inside Fullerton.

2 Replies to “FFFF Welcomes “Inside Fullerton” to the Blog Roll”

  1. Thanks for the welcome and for adding us to your Blog Roll FFFF! We’re honored! And you’re right, it is a lot of work but that’s only because there is so much stuff going on in town (as you already know!)

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