Chris Norby’s Final Obnoxious Vote

What do I care? I'm leaving!

On his way out the door to yet another government job in Sacramento, 4th District County Supervisor Chris Norby paused just long enough to cast a vote at yesterday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting to support the asinine expenditure of $350,000 on some sort of Viet Nam memorial in a little-known Midway City park.

Forget the fact that there are already two memorials to the war and to the subsequent diaspora in the vicinity; and forget the fact that times are tough and the County is in severe budget cutting mode; but ask: why on the Green Planet Earth should the taxpayers hand over a third of a million bucks to some kind of private “community culture and performing arts society” to design and build what is described as an interactive wall/memorial of some sort. This is the sort of thing that is routinely developed and built with private fund raising.

The whole concoction was the brain-child of Supervisor Janet Nguyen, obviously for political capital. The County Parks Director, some guy named Mark Denny, seems to have gone along without a whimper. We found out that he’s a former staffer to one of the other zeroes that voted for this – Bill Campbell – so no surprise there. The other aye vote on the Board was the clueless septuagenarian Pat Bates who, like Campbell,  is not known for adherence to any conservative principles. To his credit, Supervisor John Moorlach voted no.

Which brings us back to Norby, who, at his last Board meeting, could have reminded people what he has always claimed to stand for – and often has. But he didn’t.

Good bye and good….well, you know.

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  1. Norby’s Viet-Nam memorial is his 3 dimensional folly that may be used to throw in his face when he decides to waste hard earned tax dollars on other vain projects. continues signing his

  2. a list of American Vietnamese contributors? Remember he still has to pay Lewis & Holder and he loaned the campaign $40,000.

  3. What a disappointment that there wasn’t a QUALITY candidate to run for Drippy’s seat. Norby’s just another political hack that can’t be trusted. At least his Supervisor’s seat might go to someone decent. We can hope, anyway, and vote for the right guy.

  4. What an absolute waste of tax dollars just so Janet can continue pandering to the Vietnamese community.

    Norby’s excuse for supporting this is an absolute joke. Saying that it will serve as a reminder of the lessons that the Vietname War taught us. Hey Chris there are two other memorials in the immediate area to do that!

    Norby screwed us all on his way out the door. Good job buddy!

    1. “a reminder of the lessons that the Vietnam War taught us.”

      That will certainly be interesting – are they planning, in the form of sculpture, to express the idea of the folly of imperialism, the cruelty of “bombing a people back to the Stone Age?” The impossibility of conducting a counterinsurgency when your supposed governmental partner is both inept and corrupt – that will be a good lesson for today! As will the whole idea of trying to wage a war against guerillas who blend right in with the vast population that supports them. This should be a very interesting-looking memorial. Will it include napalm, Agent Orange?

        1. No takers? Well I admit I’m artistically challenged. Mr. “Rain,” maybe you could help me envision…

          How can we best celebrate, in sculptural form, 3 to 4 million Vietnamese dead from both sides, 1.5 to 2 million Laotians and Cambodians, and 58,159 U.S. soldiers, for what? That’s right, we need to give a reminder of what we learned about the “domino theory” – that all the rest of Asia would turn Communist if we let Vietnam choose its own destiny. There is probably some way we could depict some faulty domino system sculpturally, that would get that across. One thing that did happen due to our involvement there was the genocidal rampage of Pol Pot in neighboring Cambodia. Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge totally need to be portrayed in the memorial somewhere. As well as the Vietcong’s heroic overthrow of them.

          Also can we somehow get across – since we’re discussing “lessons learned” – the complete lack of trust Americans (usually) have in their Government’s warhawk pronouncements? It’s probably a good thing, that the trust has been so breached with a Government so totally owned by the Military-Industrial Complex. The Vietnam Syndrome we have always called it. “Light at the end of the tunnel?” Maybe with a circle and slash across it. Hello? Throw me a bone here?

  5. The Viet Nam War was a big deal to my family and to me. Not the full of shit hippies but the guys who fought and died in it.

    1. If it was such a big deal then you and your family will no doubt be supporting this thing financially.

      You can go down and visit along with the other memorials in the area.

      P.S. Norby was one of those full of shit hippies!

    2. With hippies and commies hiding behind every shrub, the World of Rain is a place of bizzare wonderment.

  6. Rain :The Viet Nam War was a big deal to my family and to me. Not the full of shit hippies but the guys who fought and died in it.

    So Rain how many memorials must the taxpayers fund in Little Saigon area to satify you then?

  7. I can understand the bashing I’m taking over this, but it wasn’t my “final vote.”

    The last item voted on was a performance audit of the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol.

    $6.9 million in OC Park funds are diverted annually to this subsidized AAA-type service to boat owners at Huntington and Newport Harbors.

  8. Chris, we owe you a post reflecting your last vote on the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol Boondoggle, I’ll work on it tonight.

    Congratulations on your victory!


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