Chamber Star: Norby Elevates Self to Statesman Status

Friends, we have just received this communication from our old pal Chamber Star, who, although absent of late, has returned to share some breaking news. Although we can’t vouch for it’s reliability, we reproduce the CS e-mail, verbatim:

Dear FFFF,

I have just learned that Chris Norby, the Republican candidate in Tuesday’s 72nd District Special Election has asked for, and has received, the endorsement of his primary opponent Linda Ackerman.

This is great news! It was a rough and tumble election and a lot of negative things were said on both sides; so it is especially gratifying to see old adversaries patch up their differences and move ahead in unity and harmony.

I know some people on this blog will criticize Chris. They will ask how can he possibly want the endorsement of someone who accused him of so many vile things? They will ask how can he possibly want the endorsement of an opponent that he accused of fraudulent residence and profiteering off her husband’s campaigns? They will no doubt argue that Norby won so convincingly that he does not need Linda’s endorsement at all.

To this I respond by saying that it’s politic to let bygones be bygones; to pull together for the common good; to work together! And let’s not forget that Norby has two more elections this year alone. Norby can only benefit from party unity both in gaining votes and fundraising.

It’s obvious that Chris is being guided by wise counsel and the kind of pragmatism that gets real results in Sacramento. He is following the course of the true statesman.

And I for one, say “Bravo!”

11 Replies to “Chamber Star: Norby Elevates Self to Statesman Status”

  1. Perpetuating “letting bygones be bygones” as it pertains to dishonesty and misrepresentation to the voters is exactly why I hope this is not true. Soliciting and accepting Linda Ackerman’s endorsement is a tacit…if not overt endorsement of her character. A character which allowed her to entirely fabricate her history and even residence.

    1. Chris, you are right. By telling Ackerman Inc. that there is no penalty for lying, Norby brings his own character into question.

  2. I beg to differ. I was very disgusted at Norby’s victory party when he went out of his way to reach out to the hacks who opposed him, while not saying one word of thanks to Tony and the others at FFFF who worked so hard to defeat Ackerman.

    Norby made it clear that he is leaving behind his Libertarian leanings and is now just another Republican.

    I am glad he beat Ackerman, but now John Lewis is going to staff Norby’s offices with his hacks and Norby will just be another Reep in Sacramento.

    Norby could win without these people. That he has embraced them is evidence that he is moving forward but leaving his principles behind.

  3. Aw, who cares? We weren’t fighting for Norby. We were fighting against Ackerwoman.

    And now that Norby has morphed into Ackerman I will vote for Janes Rands just for the hell of it.

  4. Pedroza’s incorrect about one thing. It won’t be Lewis hacks that Norby attracts, it’ll be slimeballs like the Democrat Phil Tsunoda, his current chief of staff, and his worthless brother who used to be his chief of staff (who got another fat job with the county). Nepotism and buddyism reigns with Norby, but at least these turds have been able to keep him from sleeping on the lawn.

  5. You know, Norby was always a hero of mine because of his principled stand against eminent domain. So why has he become such a stooge for SCAG and SB 375 aka the “Destroy Small Cities Act?” It’s getting to the point where I’ve become embarrassed to have said nice things about the guy.

  6. I’m definitely not supporting Jane Rands. Character is one thing and political philosophy is another. I have no knowledge of Rands being anything other than a person of character (I really don’t know much about her), but her ballot statement is enough to make me crystal clear that we don’t share economic or political values. I don’t see the point in voting for a person of high character who supports philosophy which I oppose. Incidentally, I think we’ve all seen that the problem is that winning is what changes people. Chris has changed. The question is, can he change back to what he was?

    1. “The question is, can he change back to what he was?”

      The answer is no. Lewis is his Lord and master.

      You’re missing the point on voting for the greenie. I don’t espouse most of that stuff either but I’ll be damned if I’ll vote for Norby again, and of course that McMurtry guy is obviously a typical Dem trained stooge. Might as well write-in Pam Keller.

      So I sent in my absentee and cast a protest vote for Rands. Petulant? hell yes!

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