Blue County Passes Along Comical Sidhu “Hit” Piece

Ouch. Did it hurt a lot?

Some dude named Chris Prevatt at a blog called “the Liberal OC” has decided to pass along that ludicrous piece of spam mail “hit-piece” we posted about yesterday – sent all the way from India!

It seems Prevatt is taken with the fact that Sidhu’s Mumbai Marauders have discovered the horrible truth about Nelson: he’s gotten three traffic tickets since (gasp) 2003! Prevatt seems to think he deserves his own wing at Corcoran State Prison.

All tentacles and no brains

A little digging uncovers what’s going on here. Prevatt is a County worker who once had his computer taken away for blogging on company time. He is also what is known as a “Jannie,” one of the pathetic creatures that Janet Nguyen discovered under some rock or other and put to work in her PR salt mine.

Here’s the connection: Nguyen has recently endorsed the completely unethical carpetbagging scampaign of Harry Sidhu, fake addresses and all; and we’ve been questioning why Nguyen is putting on additional staff in Norby’s former office where there is no supervisor. The Register’s Jennifer Muir picked up on this and started asking questions. Nguyen is no doubt pissed off at being outed.

Prevatt leaps into the breach by passing along Sidhu’s comically pathetic attempt to attack Nelson for traffic tickets! Hoo boy! Petty and silly? Stupid and ineffectual?¬† Of course. What do you expect?

Say, what is the Democrat equivalent of a “repuglican?”

8 Replies to “Blue County Passes Along Comical Sidhu “Hit” Piece”

  1. Prevatt is indeed a Jannie. And a union shill. Quite a combo.

    He was probably bereft when Daly pulled out.

    BTW, this creep lives in Long Beach! He doesn’t even live here in Orange County.

    And one must wonder how he has kept his job at the OC Health Agency when he has no college degree. Could Janet be running interference?

  2. Thanks for the traffic Tony. I though it was funny and took thing from there. I am not supporting Sidhu, if that is what you’re thinking.

    Go Speed Nelson
    Go Speed Nelson
    Go Speed Nelson, Go!

  3. Does Chris have Downs Syndrome? Nothing negative about that just wondering?

    If so, its great to see him active in the political realm. Kind of a pioneer in that regard.

  4. Tony didn’t do this post. I did. And I didn’t link to your site since you don’t provide us with that simple courtesy.

    I’m sure that you will be supporting the carpetbagging scampaign of Galloway (at least on the surface) and not the carpetbagging scampaign of Sidhu.

    But really, passing along that dumb attempt at a hit piece is pretty lame – even for your blog.

  5. I don’t know much about Privatt but everyone’s comments are pretty negative. Do you know where I can find more info on him? Has he done anything wrong?

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