Birds of a Feather…

…well you know the rest.

Straw man says: With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’, I could be another Lincoln, if I only had a brain…

Here is Mr. Hypocrite J. Cunningham extolling the virtues of Kris Murray, a candidate for Anaheim city council, and heavily promoted by Anaheim’s Mayor-for-Hire, Curt Pringle; some woman he elevated from obscurity to occupy a six-figure sinecure at OCTA:

I, for one, am wholeheartedly supporting Kris. There are several stand-out individuals running for city council seats in Orange County this year, and Kris is one of them. She is smart, conservative, principled and experienced in both the business sector and government. She will make an outstanding member of the Anaheim City Council.

Ah! Smart, conservative, principled, experienced. Smart? Who knows? Her experience is with the big government Business Council and a giant government bureaucracy – OCTA – which is squandering hundreds of millions on Pringle’s slimy insider ARTIC and High Speed Rail deals. Principled? Well, Hell, we know what principle Cunningham and Pringle hold dear. There’s always a  dollar sign in front of it.

Now, enjoy this snippet from the comment thread in which Cunningham extols the virtues of Big Chief repuglican Curt Pringle:

Curt has been an outstanding Mayor of Anaheim, and poll after poll confirms that. He has very high positive name ID in Anaheim, and if he were on the ballot again, he would be overwhelmingly re-elected.

Kris is and ought to be proud to have Curt’s endorsement.

Uh, yeah, right, whatever you say Jerb. Poll after poll? What polls would those be?

'Pug role model

See, for a guy who posed as a social conservative, yet who behind the scenes pulled down mega-bucks shilling for the dopey, big guvment Rob Reiner Children and Families Commission, making a fortune off of government influence peddling, like Pringle has done, is some sort of badge of honor. And of course Pringle may very well hold the key to Cunningham’s economic future now that his 1st Five plug has been pulled.

Nothing wrong there, of course. If Pringle hadn’t latched on to all this gravy some evil, unprincipled Democrat would have scooped up all those simoleons.

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  1. Kris seems like a really nice lady, but there’s absolutely no doubt she’s a Pringle tool.

    Termed out in November, Pringle desperately needs Tait and Murray in Anaheim, and of course Sidhui at the County.

  2. You have to love Pringle. Drapery cleaner, failed Garden Grove city council candidate, and then the rocket ride to king maker! He and his friends will do whatever it takes to make a buck. Thanks for being the only blog in O.C. willing to take him on.

  3. Many thanks to FFFF for having the courage to post articles that no one else has the balls to do.

    Those clinging on to government contracts as consultants need to find a real job!

    1. Council members sit on other boards which have authority in multiple jurisdictions, like OCTA and OC Sanitation. Therefore, the wrong candidate in Anaheim or Orange can have an impact on Fullerton through higher fees and government waste. Remember, Doc Hee Haw say he doesn’t raise taxes, he just passes the buck when other agencies raise their fees.

  4. Well, Fred, it’s like this.

    Kris Murray was plucked from obscurity to a super-high paying “government affairs” job at OCTA, by Pringle.

    She owes him. Now she’s the only one he’s endorsing for Anaheim City Council?

    Now let’s reflect upon the future of the idiotic high speed rail project and the massive Measure M revenue suck called ARTIC, both brain children of Mayor-for-Hire Pringle, both of which will have a negative impact on Fullerton, and both of which rely upon steadfast support from the Anaheim City Council.

    If Jerb is right and Anaheimers really love their Chief Pug, then they deserve to be used and abused by him for his money making schemes.

    We don’t.

  5. Murray is a tool for Big Lucy Dunn, potentate of the OC Business Council. It figures that they’re all in bed together — OCBC “audited” the OCTA for its vendor practices and of course found nothing wrong, even though there have been consistent complaints the OCTA only does business with their friends at URS and Parsons Brinckerhoff and ignore those they don’t care for. Murray was the OCBC’s “transportation expert” and damned if she doesn’t show up working at the OCTA, where of course Pringle is a Board member.

    Do these turds think we can’t figure all this out? Big Lucy’s got it wired, and if she needs anything, Scott Baugh’s office is right down the hall from hers.

  6. Grover –

    Your post has a lot of insider type information (at least from my perspective). If you are ONLY writing to other “insiders” that is fine.

    Unfortunately, I got confused about who was the “speaker” in your post, because you did not use quotation marks or crystal clear lead in sentences, like: “Curt Pringle said of Miss Murray…blah blah blah.”

    Please recognize that the “main stream media” has gotten away with fraud for years, and consequently, “good reputations” and PHONY WORDS like “conservative” have been used and applied to folks who are 99.9999% totally bought and paid for RINOs who are aligned with the big government Communist crowd in the Democrat Party.

    An excellent example of this media created long (phony) record as a conservative (i.e. one who advocates small – limited government, to ensure maximum private property rights and maximum personal freedom) has been Curt Pringle.

    Since the Republican Party has totally squandered and maligned itself with total phony liberal creeps like Scwartzenegger and John “the hero” McCain and Michael Steele, it has become TOTALLY USELESS to rely upon somebody’s supposed “conservative Republican” credentials.

    I hope you will consider your NON-government employee potential readers, as you uncover and disclose and provide insights about local political figures who have basked in the utterly fraudulent “reporting” which the main stream media foisted upon us, before we all CANCELLED our subscriptions and turned them all OFF.

  7. Rain, the direct citations are in italics.

    I believe the point of the post is to show the inter weaving of “insider” interests and how they effect the rest of us.

    Pringle is a conservative so long as there is money in being one.

  8. Every day Chip Hanlon brings more disgrace upon himself by allowing this hypocritical blowhard to blog for him. Wake up!

  9. How does the fact that Kurt Pringle is endorsing her not make her the best candidate for Anaheim City Council? Please keep your stories on Fullerton and stop interfering with Anaheim. Maybe I detect some jealousy on your part that Anaheim will have a candidate who can actually do something constructive than to just show up at meetings and really do nothing to contribute to the improvement of our city. Fullerton has plenty of problems that you might address like graffiti that is never removed.

    1. I for one don’t give a damn who you folks elect – unless it affects us – as the moronic HSR of Pringle does.

      The fact that Pringle supports Murray is an immediate red flag – look how he’s promoted Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu just to feather his own nest. Pringle never does anything unless there’s big buck in it for Pringle. That’s just the way it is.

  10. Now that we know Pacific Strategies is charging Tait for support, the rest of this makes sense.

    Soon, Red County will be (if not already) the HSN of the OC Blogesphere, few original opinions, Paid commentary and little dissention.

    A Matt Cunningham post is like a G.W. Bush apperance you can only go if you post your name, address and phine number, party affilliation so they can beat the shit out of you when they disagree.

    Spare me and just send me the Meg Whitman junk mail hit piece.

    Matt does little to further the discussion of politics in OC because he does’nt want to. He is like a realtor with a COLOR brochure……

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