Another Gut Punch to Pringle’s HSR Boondoggle

Just checked out this article at the new Voice of OC.

"A" is for...

Read Pringle’s quotes and try not to barf. Of course he’s pimping this monster hard, after all, he plans to reap big dividends personally when his Mayorship in Anaheim comes to a slimy conclusion.

Here’s the money quote:

But Pringle said “when the whole system’s up and operating, we’ll have a tremendous operating income” to keep it going. He said specifics will be spelled out in future business plans.

In other words, he has no idea what the operating income is and he doesn’t want anybody to know that. If he can’t give us the facts now he’s just gambling with our money. But the House always wins. And Pringle is the House. Sweet. For him.

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  1. Check out to see how Hizzoner’s own consulting firm will benefit from high-speed rail. Not surprising his staff includes an environmental guy and an ex-BIA (building industry) exec.

    On the other hand, when (not if) this thing fails for lack of money and when everyone understands they’ve been lied to about every aspect of it, Curt’s going to look pretty foolish.

  2. This project is a multi billion dollar effort to feel better and do nothing but spend money. Fullerton will have to deal with the unnecessary choo choo tearing up the city during construction and then spend the next 100 years helping pay for something that cut the travel time from Anaheim to LA from 30 minutes to 23.

    For what its worth, the current travel time from Anaheim to LA could be cut by several minutes with just a few modifications at key grade separations and a curve in the tracks in Buena Park (which also gets to loose their train station that is only a few years old for this project).

    Basically, Pringle wants to make millions spending our billions accomplishing something that has already be done.

    Oh, and dont forget the 190 million in measure M money Pringle wants to spend for a covered train parking lot in Anaheim. I’m sure cities like Placentia and Fullerton dont have any need for this kind of money for rail projects such as grade separations or anything.

    Go get ’em Curt. Obama’s got nothing on you in the willingness to blow other people’s money department.

  3. Most investors and lenders require a “business plan” first – not later on. Only in government is this sort of incompetence/misfeasance tolerated.

    Pringle is obviously in it for himself. And that’s also why he’s backing that idiot Sidhu.

  4. Sadly, the people of California bought this load of hooey when they approved 1A in 2008. Do a quick Google search for AB3034Galgiani, which is the bill that legally set up Prop 1A. In it, they talk about how revenue surpluses will be put into the General Fund, like this was going to be an income generator. So if this is so profitable, how is it that private industry will not touch this thing without a “ridership guarantee” from the State? And in the off case it does generate money in any form, we are still on the hook for the bond repayment, that does not come out of the train, it comes out of our pockets. Time to support Harkey’s AB2121 and pull the plug on this thing once and for all. Please contact Harkey and offer your support, and then contact Norby and ask HIM to offer his support to Harkey.

  5. That San Diego piece was the most outspoken I have ever seen anyone get on Pringle. And dead on.

  6. Something tells me more of Pringle’s “big government” profiteering is going to start coming out.

  7. It’s easy to see why Curt is lining up OCTA Exec Chris Murray for an Anaheim Council seat. She will be his yes vote on any ARTIC and high speed train operations along with Tom Tait as Mayor (and a seat on the OCTA board) and Harrish Sidhu, win or lose in the 4th–got to pay back for Curt’s lame endorsement deal. Curt has been hard at work these last eight years planning his retirement spending taxpayers billions on this project. He will have his hands in this for generations reaping millions.

  8. Hold on Thor. While I agree that Sidhu appears bought and paid for, and Tait is likely to go along with anything Curt wants, I do not know that your assessment of Kris Murray is accurate. OCTA has been standing up to CHSRA, see the LA Times piece that came out yesterday,0,226389.story

    HSR had been designing the system without agreements with the local transportation groups that own the Right of Ways, which is why they kept shifting the width of the takings they wanted, they had no idea how much property they would need. But the OCTA stood up to them, issuing a letter I posted here in another comment earlier. OCTA and MTA told the CHSRA to stop bullying the people of OC and LA, and play nice. That letter will be discussed in San Jose this week. I am attending the meeting and will report in on Red County. But OCTA is standing up to Curt, not caving in, so let’s not pass judgement on Kris Murray, she may well surprise us all. Here’s hoping, because I like her, she has a good head on her shoulders, and I am praying she is not a shill for Pringle.

    1. If you think Kris Murray decided to run on her own you are wrong. She has been hand picked by Curt Pringle for his YES votes–it’s not a coincidence she works at the OCTA CR.

      Do you think she will not be using her behind the scenes connections as an Executive at the OCTA to staff reports and data for Curt’s contracts? Especially after he hands her the keys to the city? Come on…

  9. Kris Murray’s a pawn who brings no serious experience to this or any transportation issue. She worked for Lucy Dunn at her faux pay-to-play Chamber of Commerce that’s just a front group for Scott Baugh and the mainstream GOP.

    The real story here, that no one will cover, is Pringle’s utterly failed campaign to find private funding to build ARTIC (for which big Lucy’s OCBC was worthless). Murray was a player in that and was able to gather not a buck, so Pringle’s has to go it alone — except of course for a pile of Measure M money that he’s arm twisted out of the OCTA for his legacy white elephant train station — money that could otherwise be widening a freeway that could benefit everyone.

  10. Sorry, just saw this. Kris has been involved with politics for 20 something years, in Sacramento and DC, long before she knew Curt. She has wanted to run for many years, but was working too many hours with Lucy Dunn, and could not spare the time until now, when she has the closest to 9 to 5 type job she has ever worked. I am indeed nervous about Pringle’s endorsements, but I think Kris can think for herself.

  11. The names Lucy Dunn and Curt Pringle do not inspire confidence or entusiasm. And OCTA is like icing on the cake.

    If this woman can think for herself she’ll need to prove it apart from her ties to those folks!

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