Who Do You Believe, Nelson or Jones?

Here’s a video clip with two starkly contrasting views of the hush money scheme Fullerton’s Redevelopment lawyer Jeff Oderman cooked up to payoff  the County  in order to prevent a lawsuit against the city’s crooked Redevelopment expansion proposal.

Shawn Nelson rightly identifies the $4,000,000 upfront General Fund payout and later phony lease-back arrangements for what they are: a gimmick and a scam. Dick Jones just can’t let it go at that and interjects his windy summation, again, since he had already had his chance to bloviate over the City’s shenanigans earlier.  

Well, Friends, you decide; “brilliance” or “scam.”

6 Replies to “Who Do You Believe, Nelson or Jones?”

  1. The Mayor should have stopped Jones from blowing his big fat mouth again, he already had his turn to speak. Because Nelson came out with the truth (when it was his turn) that the entire scheme is a “scam” Jones had to have the last word.

    Jones has a BIG MOUTH, he’s UNRULY, STUPID and IGNORANT.

  2. Jones had his turn to speak but it takes Nelson to speak for Jones to really know what he meant to say in the first place? Could we all agree (and you know Norma Jones does) that Dick should not speak most of the time or at least always ask Nelson to go first?

    If Jones wanted to at all avoid looking like his typical confused self I have a strategy to offer. Dick, listen to Nelson speak and then follow him by saying either “I agree” and add NO MORE THAN 3 sentences, or say “I disagree” and add NO MORE THAN 3 sentences. This will make you look as though you listen for one thing and also that you can get direct to the issue and address it.

    Lets face it, Nelson is the only actual conservative by gut instinct. For the most part you agree with him (or at least claim to) so you will look smarter to the audience to go with the “I Agree” approach almost all the time.

    If you disagree with Nelson (usually where you get yourself in to trouble) just briefly say why and move on. The long speaches are usually a repeat of what you say during the question portion anyway. Also you seem to talk beyond what you have thought out and dont ever catch up after that point leaving you and us all confused over what you are talking about.

    Anyway, those are my tips. You should use them.

  3. I took a little time to think about how to address this matter. The actions taken are breathtakingly disheartening.

    I think Mr. Nelson’s critical analysis of the situation was far too charitable, and even left the underlying issue slightly muddled indicating the Council’s action, which he opposed, might in any way be considered “…good for us.”

    Sadly, Dr. Jones clearly and boldly asserted that his vote to create SHAM transactions among several public (governmental) entities was “brilliant” and then Jones tellingly declared such criminal deceit to be “…the way things are done” (among the big government guys, I suppose).

    With these statements Dr. Jones reveals an utter vacuum of morality in his (majority) vote to create a fraudulent transfer “sale and lease-back” transaction to facilitate the payment of a bribe from public funds.

    It is well known there are various legitimate reasons and ways in which private property free enterprise business owners may choose to hold or distribute assets, earn revenues or apply expenses, but the creation of purely sham “investments” or phony “entities” usually signals fraud or theft.

    But in the realm of public governmental property there is never legitimate purpose in any such secretive or convoluted sham property transfers, and such transactions are rightly characterized as criminal.

    The only good I see from this disclosure of deceit and trickery is my (hopefully accurate) understanding that Dr. Jones no longer practices medicine.

  4. Dick Jones, “…that’s the way you do things….it’s just moving money from one pocket to the other…it’s brilliant”.

    Remember Dick grew up in Galveston where they had illegal gambling, open slot machines, and the city was run by an Italian family.

    Dick, this aint the old west this is the new west.

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