Two Peas In A Pod

Today the Friends were amused by the photograph below that came across our wire. Now many things can be drawn from the visual, however, since a picture says a thousand words we thought we would just post it for all to see. Let the picture do the talking for itself sort of thing.

Pam Keller with Pelosi
Our staff Opthamologist has suggested a little trick while observing the photo. Stare straight at the photo for thirty seconds while repeating the words from Pam Keller “I am a fiscal conservative” over and over and see if your eyes go crossed.

9 Replies to “Two Peas In A Pod”

    1. Of course it is non partisan. That why she has built he resume supporting such fical conservative stalwarts as Barak, Sanchez, Haluza, Kitty Jaramillo. We can all agree it is folks like this that will save us from giving away the farm to public employee unions right?

      Keep it coming Pam. We’re falling for all of this bull.

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