The Sidewalk “Gizmo”

A new addition to our public sidewalk
A new addition to our public sidewalk

A friend just emailed us this image of some sort of gizzmo that has recently appeared in the front patio of Roscoes “Famous” Deli. We are not quit sure why anyone would have made a decision to put the gizzmo on a public sidewalk in downtown. It’s taking up space that could also be used as sidewalk dining. For some reason, this doesn’t seem right.

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    1. Judith, “It is Public Art! of which we have very little in this town”. I believe I know why we have very little appreciation for art in this town.

      Here’s a quote from the Fullerton Observer’s endorsed candidate Dick Jones: “Some people like Salvador Dali, nuh ha, not me, I don’t want to hang those in my house, I don’t want to hang those in my city”.

  1. This is what happens when you let staff come up with “solutions” to problems. No doubt this is the ugly remnant of staffs recommendation to the late night bar problem.

    Follow this (its hard to make sense but it is true): Staff requires all restaurants that wish to have entertainment as part of their offering to get a C.U.P. in an effort to crack down on out of control behavior late at night.

    As a result, staff fails to realize the new C.U.P. will actually trigger new standards for occupancy uncluding the need to add fire sprinklers. Of course the clowncil is not told of this until after they vote. Nelson, the only one smart enough to have sniffed out this BS has recused himself due to a loan to Continental owner across the alley.

    Staff requires the new fire sprinklers.

    Staff then realizes the old buildings and equally old water mains in downtown Fullerton do not have adequate capacity to carry the water needed for modern fire sprinklers.

    Staff requires building owners and tenants to comply anyway.

    Building owners and tenants bitch to clowncil that this mandate is unfair and expensive. They cant pay it.

    Redevelopment to the rescue in the form of no interest loans, torn up alleyways.

    Wah Lah! Now you have the beautiful pile of crap sitting on the city sidewalk. (by the way, no encroachment permit).

    So you see, all this because some boob in the PD couldnt figure out that if you want to curb all the crazy bar behavior just require restaurants to serve more food than liquor as their ABC licenses require.

  2. Hollis, “just require restaurants to serve more food than liquor as their ABC licenses require”, that’s all that the needed to do to curb the bad bar behavior?

    In these bad economic times the tax payers foot the bill for something so stupid. We need new leadership in Fullerton.

  3. I feel bad for Roscoe’s and all the other businesses that have to put these things in.
    And do they really have to be that big ? I mean Roscoe’s is pretty tiny inside (not including the patio) and both those fire lines are 4 inches… One is for the expansion of Roscoe’s and might need to be that big but the other services the existing area and is way over sized for whats needed in real life. I heard City Hall has a minimum requirement of 4 inches when a 2 inch system would do the job and look much less intrusive.

    Size does matter…. In this case smaller is better…

    I don’t like the outdoor music at Roscoe’s but I feel for them on this one. The city needs to allow 2 inch fire lines when that’s all that is needed in real life and not in bureaucracy world !

  4. I understand why they placed it, it is a back flow device so that the fire department has access, it is a safety issue, I thought it was a beautiful green back flow device, in fact i was planning on taking a picture of it for my collection. At least it is for the public’s safety not like some restaurant owners who encroach and steal sidewalk space from the community.

  5. I think it looks great, it adds to the character of the downtown.

    That’s a great little patio to hang out on too out on Commonwealth–not sure anyone else has a patio on that street where you can drink a beer and watch cars go by…

  6. Hey, at least it’s inside the fence. I would have expected them to drop it in the middle of the sidewalk.

  7. Hats off to the removal of the enclosures on the sidewalk along W. Commonwealth in front of Joe’s (formerly Table 10) and Roscoes. The sidewalk is once again a sidewalk 🙂

    Anyone know who made that happen?

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