Sugarwoman Sides With Deceit; Uses FSD e-mail To Do It!

My husband Dr. Sugarman is rich

Since we at FFFF like sharing so much, I thought we would share this email with our Friends.  I wonder if it ever occurred to Hilda Sugarwoman that her old pal Linda Ackerwoman moved to Irvine a long, long time ago. It’s been 10 years. Maybe, just maybe, Hilda lost track of time? You know… being so busy with all her laptops for all the kids programs and critical school stuff like that.

Did you notice how she used the school’s official email address to send out a political message? Sorry Hilda, but that sort of thing  is a no-no – although FSD officials mixing work and politics has a long and noble history. It’s all about the children, right? Anyway, enjoy:

From: Hilda Sugarman <>
Subject: Linda for Assembly
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 9:35 PM

Dear Friends:

Today I received an Absentee Ballot regarding our open Assembly seat.  That prompted me to share with you my reasons for supporting Linda Ackerman.

I have known Linda Ackerman for over 25 years. We started as PTA Board members together.  She has evolved into an experienced, knowledgeable leader through the years.  When her husband, Senator Dick Ackerman went to Sacramento as an Assemblyman, Linda moved with him.   She has been at Dick’s side in support of our community.  Linda knows Sacramento, elected representatives and how to accomplish what needs to be done within the system.  Her knowledge and experiences will enable her to make the right decisions.  She is equipped to step right into the job.  She is the best qualified candidate for the job.

Please join me in support of Linda Ackerman.

Hilda Sugarman

9 Replies to “Sugarwoman Sides With Deceit; Uses FSD e-mail To Do It!”

  1. Minard, what do you have to say for yourself now, and don’t tell us you didn’t know now that Linda 19% Ackerwoman DID NOT live in our district?

  2. Note that there isn’t a single, quantifiable thing in that e-mail to support Sugarman’s contention that Ackerwoman is “the best qualified candidate for the job.”

    The only thing she can say is that Ackerwoman is married to Ackerman, and somehow that’s supposed to be persuasive.

    A perfect school board member. No wonder the union loves her. And no wonder there’s no accountabilty at FSD – she’s as clueless as a sack of doorknobs.

  3. “Linda knows Sacramento, elected representatives and how to accomplish what needs to be done within the system.”. WTF does “what needs to be done within the system” mean Hilda?

  4. For her to say she accidentally used a publically funded/sponsored email account wouldn’t even be close to plausable.

  5. Around here we call that “Improper officeholder conduct” aka sending mass campaign mailings at public expense.

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